Yellow Fin Tuna & Tiger Sharks DEEP SEA FISHING With The Boys (Part 1) - Ep 203

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So much happened before the boys could even get the deep drop rigs in the water! Part 2 coming soon.
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Wayne Schickerowsky
Wayne Schickerowsky - 10 dager siden
Why do you call it an eski, isn't a cooler
Chris Rube
Chris Rube - Måned siden
Make a mission on tune and make a poke bole mate. That will be mint👌🏻
TTsKO - Måned siden
13:44 what is that song? i cant find it anywhere?
Kevin Radu
Kevin Radu - Måned siden
Where is the other boat or did he get a newer one... Thanks if someone answers
Kano428 - Måned siden
Love Jacko's shirt!
HeScreamsEpic - Måned siden
Anybody know the song at 12:18?!
Instantly obsessed.
ebery english
ebery english - Måned siden
English guy here living in Canada. You guys are awesome. Love to see how happy you are and appreciative of your life. 😃😃😃😃😃😃
Tyler Boen
Tyler Boen - Måned siden
What's the length and make of the Voyager??
lucas stolf
lucas stolf - Måned siden
Tim Frederix
Tim Frederix - Måned siden
The quality of these videos are just insanely good!
Mr Deadpool
Mr Deadpool - Måned siden
tell us where we can find that mud you put on your face, especially us in europe..:P
Peter. Hatch
Peter. Hatch - Måned siden
What is the length of your boat?? And model
JeDi Riss51
JeDi Riss51 - Måned siden
Loving the Jacko with wife and daughter part
your dream
your dream - Måned siden
So funny and crazy,,, go with me in a states kingdom Brodie,,,
your dream
your dream - Måned siden
your dream
your dream - Måned siden
I'm liked it
william neill
william neill - Måned siden
Ocean bogens A heart!! I want that hoodie!
william neill
william neill - Måned siden
God those flys!!
Australia Homepage
Australia Homepage - 2 måneder siden
I want to move to wherever you live!
Henrique Mar‡alo
Henrique Mar‡alo - 2 måneder siden
0:27 The man atracts more flies than a pile of poop
S W - 2 måneder siden
Where the hell is my group of mates like that 😢
Joshua Zeegers
Joshua Zeegers - 2 måneder siden
Great videos! God bless you in Jesus Christ. Hopefully, I will be doing the same thing soon.
nicklas bogar
nicklas bogar - 2 måneder siden
whats the mud for
Herte - 2 måneder siden
whats the song at 12:10 ?
Hasse Gullmarsvik
Hasse Gullmarsvik - 2 måneder siden
Wonder how long the trailer keep standing the saltwater ?? Do you need to repair the bearing every year? Or do you have RF down there?
Ryan - 2 måneder siden
you should do a catch n cook on a shark
King Kanz
King Kanz - 2 måneder siden
Over here swishing flies like it’s in my face too 🤣
Jellyman - 2 måneder siden
do you guys have two of the same boats? Or is one company (mates) and one your personal (the grey one) ?
Certi Bantz
Certi Bantz - 2 måneder siden
Such a blessed life....
Best visuals
daviti GEORGIA
daviti GEORGIA - 2 måneder siden
Danny S
Danny S - 2 måneder siden
story time ...a few years ago my father ripped his eye out from the handle flying off while he was winching in the boat. true story...
jay_gee - 2 måneder siden
Jacksons misses's coral trout was the best part of the video. Rest was boring n average. Sorry to a downer, Go back to doing what every1 loves.... spearfishing
Peter Freeman
Peter Freeman - 2 måneder siden
Where is strada?
Mathilda Rose
Mathilda Rose - 2 måneder siden
Yewwww YBS!! Sick vid boys
Johnny Putman
Johnny Putman - 2 måneder siden
What year and make is that boat?
Julius Hoon
Julius Hoon - 2 måneder siden
jason jimenez
jason jimenez - 2 måneder siden
Broski ur nuts
lambisi buto
lambisi buto - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone know the length of their boat.??
OEM Dirtbike Parts
OEM Dirtbike Parts - 2 måneder siden
Mates the fish scale shorts, I want em!
Paul Burton
Paul Burton - 2 måneder siden
Was the flies at the beginning only bothering me ? is that normal in Australia where ever u are ?like I’m in Miami and flies don’t gather at the beach like that unless there’s lots of food and garbage but they were just swarming
raed zaidan
raed zaidan - 2 måneder siden
What ocean is that??
Harry Buswell
Harry Buswell - 2 måneder siden
Jacksons family are so cute
JJlinrockx - 2 måneder siden
Paul Burton
Paul Burton - 2 måneder siden
JJlinrockx except them flies bruh that’s the most flies I’ve ever seen on a beach like that like what are they out there looking for ?
Pavle Kopcok
Pavle Kopcok - 2 måneder siden
Please, your what type of boat is thatl? tnx
Connor McGhie
Connor McGhie - 2 måneder siden
Gotta say, so jealous of people who hav boats right now, gotta luv when the squid come to you. :)
Also are u guys close to Esperense or based north of perth
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 2 måneder siden
Poor Sammy ya guys picking on him, and he didn't even flinch when ya smack dat ass(Eminem voice)
edc - 2 måneder siden
Where is this??
David Bee
David Bee - Måned siden
Secret Cove, Southern Hemisphere
matthew Ferguson
matthew Ferguson - 2 måneder siden
For f..k sake Brody... you had no idea about that Tiger ...hungry? tired? injured? no idea of its temper... why tempt fate that way mate..
Georooney - 2 måneder siden
Who launches a boat off a trailer without securing a bow line first?
Georooney - 2 måneder siden
The saltwater bath is going to do the truck's brakes and wiring a lot of good.
Zac Charville
Zac Charville - 2 måneder siden
It's a ute ya goon
Merv ALLAN - 2 måneder siden
Where are most of these videos shot?/
KING MACISAAC - 2 måneder siden
Where’s STRYDA ?!
Emerson Melin
Emerson Melin - 2 måneder siden
What is the face mud at 14 minutes? Regular sunblocks get in my eyes and sting
Dreaming Motorbiker
Dreaming Motorbiker - 2 måneder siden
It's a shame Strider didn't get to come.. well as always stay safe and keep making the good content it puts a smile on my face and takes away the bad things in my mind so thank you very much for that.
this name is invalid
this name is invalid - 2 måneder siden
Why is there flies on his head
Alec Uchiha
Alec Uchiha - 2 måneder siden
Why aren't you afraid of the shark attacking
Tucker Jean
Tucker Jean - 2 måneder siden
Those r some pretty nice feet u got there mr Youngblood
DeSeer - 2 måneder siden
LORD would I kill for a day like this! Done with the local catfish ha!
donnecheli 27
donnecheli 27 - 2 måneder siden
If only you could like more than once for great videos like these
Dillon - 2 måneder siden
2:41 holy adhd
farland789 - 2 måneder siden
Somehow your videos are boring compared to deermeatfordinner