Why The Tide Kills So Many Animals SEA TURTLE RESCUE (Sea Snake & Giant Mud Crab) - Ep 183

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A video of Brodie rescuing a helpless turtle stuck on remote barren mudflats recently went viral on Tik Tok. Brodie goes back to the exact location and explains how and why the turtle was stuck there, also why the tides are a big killer around remote coastal Australia.
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Oskar Tonkinson
Oskar Tonkinson - 12 dager siden
How do you avoid salt water crocs
Sven Hinrichsen
Sven Hinrichsen - 18 dager siden
Haters are gonna hate man! Keep doing you bro!
Spence1002 - Måned siden
Hey awesome work man, check out marinelife.org, it's a sea turtle hospital in Florida that's doing amazing work.
Tyler Laverick
Tyler Laverick - Måned siden
Does anyone know what kinda water shoes he has?
jill Carlisle
jill Carlisle - 2 måneder siden
Your life looks amazing 😉 no people, no haters. Pure bliss 😉
Hookyold Yip
Hookyold Yip - 2 måneder siden
Turtle yeh Brodie !!x
Julian Stier
Julian Stier - 2 måneder siden
I can see why people think you planted it, because YOUTUBE IS FULL OF FAKE PEOPLE looking for likes. But everyone who knows you and your videos know what a thoughtful, inspirational, nature-loving guy you are! Your channel is pure gold! Keep it up!
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow - 2 måneder siden
YBS 👍👍🍺🍺
Mavis Law
Mavis Law - 3 måneder siden
People so jealous of his life and had to say he planted it there. Seriously get a life
e kin
e kin - 3 måneder siden
Brod, just ignore comments that are negative unless they are helping, else don't waste time on them. Haters are going to hate in whatever you do.
Lukzorg - 3 måneder siden
I think we need to try and make a community to try and help thies animals
The man who Took the road less traveled
When you and Brinkley going to make it official?
MegaUrbanlover - 3 måneder siden
I’m assuming there are no saltwater crocs around because you only had the one video I saw of them but you were at a remote camp. And I’m from Canada in the province of Ontario so I don’t see shit like this but I love your channel
chyna white
chyna white - 3 måneder siden
Bro that turtle was spongbob when he needs water in sandy's dome lmao
Daijon Puertollano
Daijon Puertollano - 3 måneder siden
those people are haters
FunkiestOyster - 3 måneder siden
Great experience!
When Eco's Collide!
Arenia15 - 3 måneder siden
It was that exact tik tok that brought me to this chanel. Quickly watched his other tik toks until i found out he was a youtuber too. Now been watching episode after episode for 2 weeks now. Brodie you are honestly amazing, its people who don't understand our country that would think you put the turtle there. And it is very clear in just watching your episodes how you could never be the type of person who would even think of that idea
Benjamin Wolf
Benjamin Wolf - 3 måneder siden
BRO , your one of the most genuine guys I've ever watched on youtube....All successful youtubers have trolls
oliver mccarry
oliver mccarry - 3 måneder siden
The aquatic Steve Irwin
El dorado
El dorado - 3 måneder siden
Your savings more then turtles with your videos
nick j
nick j - 3 måneder siden
Good on you mate
No Nonsense Johnson
No Nonsense Johnson - 3 måneder siden
That murky water looks like crocodile territory. Terrifying.
cordellscott - 3 måneder siden
I like Toitles
gheee Mhaaale
gheee Mhaaale - 3 måneder siden
course it went viral, save the turtles bro
Bori Ben
Bori Ben - 3 måneder siden
Thank God I get to enjoy this through a screen those flies would’ve drove me crazy 😂
boucif ben
boucif ben - 3 måneder siden
Hey bro please get a wind breaker for the mic love the videos btw ❤️
DayDay 2x
DayDay 2x - 3 måneder siden
The flies must suck!
NKolakovic - 3 måneder siden
you should fly your drone over to see some of them
Vincent Aguilar
Vincent Aguilar - 3 måneder siden
Amanda Cerny commented some hearts on that tik tok, big power move
Boomer- Subtome
Boomer- Subtome - 3 måneder siden
I liked that tiktok
Charley Kenyon Smart
Charley Kenyon Smart - 3 måneder siden
Someone able to tell me what the song is that's used around the 15 min mark ?
EBSweat - 3 måneder siden
That’s a lot of bugs
Brit1900 - 3 måneder siden
Hey I love ur vids keep it up with the amazing content and cheerful personality love u so much 💖. Hope you and everyone are safe and have a wonderful day. 💖💖💖
TeamPoop BGS_YT
TeamPoop BGS_YT - 3 måneder siden
I wanna ask you this why people kill animals Huh
Rhaegal - 3 måneder siden
Stryda is living his best life
Cooper shaw
Cooper shaw - 3 måneder siden
My mans got Amanda cerny to comment

You my friend have made it 😂
Angel Velez
Angel Velez - 3 måneder siden
Brodie gets enough likes without making up shit.. he has no motive to lie. I believe you mate.
connorkfeucht - 3 måneder siden
how do u get a car on the island??
Caio Moura
Caio Moura - 3 måneder siden
Hi I’m a sea turtle
J. Bellamy
J. Bellamy - 3 måneder siden
I have to live thru Brodie because I'm deathly afraid of everything in Australia lol Except him of course
Boogie Man
Boogie Man - 3 måneder siden
Stop doing shit for like like placing turtles in the middle of the heat for likes and views
Sam Man
Sam Man - 3 måneder siden
Dude watch the video
Emma Ross
Emma Ross - 3 måneder siden
Blank the shallow gelousie mate, that's all it is with the haters they are green with envy of your lifestyle. Keep killing it bro from North East England!!!
Pirate AU
Pirate AU - 3 måneder siden
I saw this on tiktok like if did too
Stefan Dubroja
Stefan Dubroja - 3 måneder siden
If you look closely at exactly 2:23 you will see a heart shaped weed forming... what a beuty, i LOVE our planet!
ayyy lmao
ayyy lmao - 3 måneder siden
I’m sure if they watched a few of your videos they would know ya wouldn’t of put that turtle there for clout
Connor Hall
Connor Hall - 3 måneder siden
What happened to the ford ranger?
rick - 3 måneder siden
You're amazing my man! Absolutely love the drone footage 🙌
TajWitDaDrako 4KT
TajWitDaDrako 4KT - 3 måneder siden
Seen your TikTok and just seen your vid now. No wonder that’s where I’ve seen you from before
InDaHouse - 3 måneder siden
When I'll grow up i want to be an Australian.
The most crazy and awesome people in the world!
ACE Cl - 3 måneder siden
I mean Australia is obviously one of the most beautiful countrys/ continents in the world but those sharks and these spiders kinda kill it for me
Kolar522 - 3 måneder siden
The drone shot alone explained to me perfectly how turtles get stranded there.
What the hell we gon do now?
What the hell we gon do now? - 3 måneder siden
You are an amazing person, some people on tik tok just don’t think about what they’re saying
Holden Blair
Holden Blair - 3 måneder siden
" I think it's a brown snake... highly poisons" as he's holding by the tail.
J Cheezy
J Cheezy - 4 måneder siden
I would have slapped my face so many times cause of the flies i don’t know how he does it
Cassandra Boughton
Cassandra Boughton - 4 måneder siden
Kids nowadays really don’t have common sense. Thank you for everything you do! I know Iv commented this before but for real you give off major Steve Irwin vibes, he was my childhood hero, still is actually. We definitely need more people like you in this harsh world.
I hope that even makes sense, I’m running on little sleep.
Kronk Mcnasty
Kronk Mcnasty - 4 måneder siden
You don't have to justify yourself Brody. Anyone who's watched your videos knows how much you love the environment and the animals that inhabit it. There's always going to be haters, fuck them. Even Jesus has haters. Keep doing what you're doing, no need to explain yourself.
EXAM1NE - 4 måneder siden
I feel bad for Brodie one of the first videos I watched of his was when he encountered the emus while making a fire and
I fell in love with his content since watching that and if only people watched his videos they would see how much he loves animals and what a great person he is. If I saw that tik tok I would never think that he placed the turtle there. Anyways keep making content love the videos bud
C. A. Riley
C. A. Riley - 4 måneder siden
Brilliant man. The content, your presentation, your passion for wildlife and living off the sea. Big Fan here wishing you continued success.
DAVI D. JONES - 4 måneder siden
Mate on the real I really tried to watch this video, the flies on your face threw me off. I still hit that thumbs up. Much love from the U.S.
Tim Potteiger
Tim Potteiger - 4 måneder siden
Honestly, to me having watched 30 or 40 of your videos since I ran accross your channel last week, I would have to say you are one of the most responsible and nature loving fishermen/person I have seen. Anyone saying you planted that turtle is clearly a troll or just someone who doesnt watch your channel and happened across the video. I wish youtube would take away dislike and I wish people wouldn't post stupid comments accusing you of planting an animal in harm's way just for likes. I really wish the oceans and gulfers were all inhabited with people just like you. Very few fishremen catch 1 or 2 fish and leave them biting becuase they only take what they can eat within the next day or so. I love and respect the hell out of you for the way you treat our water and environment in general. You don't get invovled in sitcky scientific discussions or political discussions over conservation or climate change, you just stick to common sense and considerate treatment of natural habitats.