Welcome To MOSSLAND - Ep 225

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Welcome to MOSSLAND, come take a tour Brodie Moss style!
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LJMpictures - 11 timer siden
5:52 Eyy i open my beer that way too! (anything canned i twist the pull ring to the left so i know its mine)
surifatalkiller - 4 dager siden
the legend himself ..brodie❤️🥇🏆
That Kid
That Kid - 6 dager siden
Congrats brother on your success! You deserve it thats for sure. Keep those vids coming!
Laura Morrin
Laura Morrin - 6 dager siden
You're such a legend. I'm a zookeeper/vet nurse and i just think you're amazing!
Aww when you said pity it's just you and stryda dog 🥺 Look I'd be out there in a heartbeat if you'd have me mate! Lol 🖤
Ig: vet_nurse_with_wings
Fred Rampjump
Fred Rampjump - 7 dager siden
marcoprivate tours
marcoprivate tours - 7 dager siden
Can you tell me which part of Australia you are ?
Simon Glenn
Simon Glenn - 8 dager siden
Wear your helmet bud makes sense one fall could be the matter of life?..no someone who tripped and actually died from a bleed from the impact!!..that's only a trip your on a bike at speed!!..be safe
fishing with Harper
fishing with Harper - 8 dager siden
hey bro just wanting to know what song is? (ep 225)
adisbern - 11 dager siden
Nassy Ben
Nassy Ben - 13 dager siden
We don't have fish in metditeranian like this, u r very Lucky, u must be very healthy as u don't eat méat... Keep things like this way, Bisous..
Nassy Ben
Nassy Ben - 13 dager siden
You man you r completly tok tok... La joie de vivre... Please keep your smile forever and don't take à lot off risks... I enjoy looking at vidéos, i laugh alone like à mad... Crazy... Bisou bisous from Algeria... Love you guys... A+
Thành Nguyễn
Thành Nguyễn - 15 dager siden
Đa~ qua'
a Glimpse of Africa
a Glimpse of Africa - 18 dager siden
Bruhhh 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
TooMuchPooter - 21 dag siden
Hair cut good!
Heinrich Pelser
Heinrich Pelser - 21 dag siden
The guy is a real bushwacker. Love it.
Newton Simpson
Newton Simpson - 21 dag siden
I'm pretty sure you would have no problem finding a nice young gal or dude whatever your into, I'm not mad at you either way. What makes you happy that's #1. Be safe and put those toe protectors on with that helmet and thanks for all the awesome videos you put out for our entertainment. Thanks from the USA!
joselyne vallejo
joselyne vallejo - 22 dager siden
Saying hello from NYC , I absolutely looooooove your videos honestly. I feel like I get transported, and I come back when the video is over so thank you ! 🙂🙂🙂
Aaron Seach
Aaron Seach - 24 dager siden
The only thing you are missing out there is a Telescope/Observatory. Those skies look breath taking I can only imagine how beautiful it is at night
Jordan Cullen
Jordan Cullen - 25 dager siden

Ben Mccallum
Ben Mccallum - 26 dager siden
I'm a bit behind did U buy ya own place or just rent a new house great video keep it up
Arturo Gatti
Arturo Gatti - 26 dager siden
Hi from Russia man)
Alexander Loschert
Alexander Loschert - 26 dager siden
Wow, I cant believe your channel is almost at 2 million subscribers. Congrats man!
SOUTH - 27 dager siden
this man living his best life
Dr Mash You Upp
Dr Mash You Upp - 27 dager siden
Work hard to build a truly epic YouTube channel. You do very well being yourself hence why ive wathed everything you have uploaded. You have a great life and you deserve it bro...
Cory Pfitzer
Cory Pfitzer - 27 dager siden
how much did you get your land for
Ricky Adams
Ricky Adams - 27 dager siden
4.50 dolphin jumping out of water @YBS Youngbloods
nathanael perry
nathanael perry - 27 dager siden
I do a lot of dirt biking but always full gear and I don't understand how you shift and ride with no shoes aren't the pegs sharp?
William McMillan
William McMillan - 27 dager siden
Maddd intro
Michael Bacile
Michael Bacile - 28 dager siden
Wait, you get demonetized for using heavier music in your vids? I love metal music 🤘🏼. Or did I misunderstand?
Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez - 28 dager siden
That’s tough, having to move out of town because people don’t respect your privacy. Maybe get a big gate!
Ivan Saracino
Ivan Saracino - 29 dager siden
Bellissima la fine del video ✌🏿
adaire13 - 29 dager siden
Class intro bro 😂
Lawson Fanney
Lawson Fanney - 29 dager siden
Poor stryida just wanted to eat the drone 😢
Eddy Kuz
Eddy Kuz - 29 dager siden
Hey its brit and squid! I used to work with brit 😇
Jeremy Gallant
Jeremy Gallant - Måned siden
Congrats on the compound mate!
Kirk Ruck
Kirk Ruck - Måned siden
I love how Brodie just doesn’t care and uses demonitisable songs and is fine with it 🤙🏻
Camilla - Måned siden
This is the coolest start of a video ever 😂
Bob Apulu
Bob Apulu - Måned siden
Bridget Polk
Bridget Polk - Måned siden
Man I wanna live there!! ❤️🙌🏼
trialnterror - Måned siden
What are all them round orange things in the water while your fishing?
trialnterror - Måned siden
No shoes riding the bike? Your nuts bro!
Harleys Sick stuff
Harleys Sick stuff - Måned siden
why the dislikes?
Forza Labour
Forza Labour - Måned siden
And this video put me on a path to find out where you live. Found you, evil laugh. Hahahaha, wish i could also stay there.
Kris Parkvil
Kris Parkvil - Måned siden
Finally a good choice of music! Loving it!
I know you use that pop shit for the majority of people watching, but man this was awesome.
Also, I love when you use silent music underwater instead of the pop techno thing..
Cheers! Love ya
Ayana Cole
Ayana Cole - 17 dager siden
>new bmth >Good Pick one
RagnaRoans - Måned siden
You're awesome. Your videos have been getting me through some tough days lately. Thank you.
Drew Dodd
Drew Dodd - Måned siden
Am I the only one that thinks the start of the video was awesome
Zayde Carfantan
Zayde Carfantan - Måned siden
man it makes me cringe when you get on the bike with no shoes. i’m honestly scared to see you come off your bike and yeh i don’t know how you can ride without shoes. head up man, love your content 🤙🏽🤙
Anthony Stewart
Anthony Stewart - Måned siden
Intro on point! 🤘🏼
Nelson Medina
Nelson Medina - Måned siden
We're going to invade you like Area 51
Callum Duffield
Callum Duffield - Måned siden
Ye bloody oath BMTH
Sweaty Cinq
Sweaty Cinq - Måned siden
Wanna come to coral bay???
mikhael theo
mikhael theo - Måned siden
I respect this man. Literally like, he's full of joy and positive vibes. Never seen anyone on youtube who's more thankful and enjoying for this amazing world. You're amazing 👊🏻
Pilbara Adventures
Pilbara Adventures - Måned siden
Awesome motor bike mate hope to see more vids
Sami Bachir
Sami Bachir - Måned siden
Drone video was amazing!! The quality is perfect
Chris Rube
Chris Rube - Måned siden
Mint spot boy 🤘🏻🤘🏻
RustyEllington - Måned siden
I like this dude and his videos, hell of a lifestyle, I could only dream of doing every day. But damn $46 for a teeshirt. lol
Seaf Halabi
Seaf Halabi - Måned siden
Good day m8 , I remember when your channel was as few at 60k sub and now you just shy of 2 mil that makes me very happy , you must be very proud, more vids please :)
Zoo Look Fishing
Zoo Look Fishing - Måned siden
You are right Brodie! Opened with a proper banger!🙌🏻
GiGxY rapeephan
GiGxY rapeephan - Måned siden
Elton Goy
Elton Goy - Måned siden
Love that ending song brodie!