WE MADE THE BEST DIVE KNIFE EVER!! Crayfish Catch And Cook With Mum & Dad - Ep 145

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YBS Jacko dive knifes drop in a few days time!!
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 8 måneder siden
Our dive knifes will be available on our website in the next couple of days, I will let you all know on IG as soon as they become available follow me @brodiemoss cheers ya bunch of legends!
Frank Ropeyarn
Frank Ropeyarn - 8 måneder siden
What is your site to buy one of your Wetsuit
00Mindi00 - 8 måneder siden
Dude it's so cool when your parents are in episodes
Jamaine Boudville
Jamaine Boudville - 8 måneder siden
I Love you
Lost Vault
Lost Vault - 8 måneder siden
What about your sunshades . What aree THOSEE. i need a pair lol
schnellerfuchs13 - 8 måneder siden
Disappointed. It's US $ 115.-. It's a no for me then.
Synixx - Dag siden
I’m soo getting this
LJMpictures - 5 dager siden
Couple of hours to the NEXT town? joizes
Scott Thoma
Scott Thoma - Måned siden
Brodie sees all. lol
Jack Walkom
Jack Walkom - Måned siden
That cray shot at 5:36 was so sick!
Ben Mulcahy
Ben Mulcahy - 3 måneder siden
That clip at the end tickled me hahaha
Dawn Blanch
Dawn Blanch - 3 måneder siden
Your dad is still a bad a—.
Omg your parents house is wetsuit central!
Matthew - 3 måneder siden
1:17 addirittura potremmo essere famosi per produrre coltelli wow ahahah
aaronbix89 - 4 måneder siden
ohhhhhh i heard you with post and young thug! so glad to have found your page...watching from the beginning cause you absolutely SEND IT! be well, be healthy, keep doing you!
Retz - 4 måneder siden
You've inspired me so much, I've never really known what I want to do with my life but now I know I want to get a job somewhere up North (I'm in Perth) so I can do stuff like this myself. The city life aint for me, I would much rather live in a small town with a lot of sea life and be out fishing every day.
Robert Badger
Robert Badger - 4 måneder siden
Your old man is a legend Brodie. Love his trash can
Spectre44 - 6 måneder siden
Will you be getting these back in anytime soon? I would love to buy one
Random Rachael
Random Rachael - 6 måneder siden
I love the connection he has with his mom and dad :)
Joshua Brissenden
Joshua Brissenden - 6 måneder siden
We call that algae bloom red tide where I’m from because it kills the fish
LIONEL PUBG - 6 måneder siden
Frank Brown
Frank Brown - 7 måneder siden
Your Mum gave you her food …. and you took it !!!
Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly - 7 måneder siden
Willem power fish 0409636106
Ask for will.
CamiCazzi318 - 7 måneder siden
come to lombok pleaseeee, i’m english and we can accommodate you for free! we are on air bnb, can do all of these things over here :)
Z Sherz
Z Sherz - 7 måneder siden
Love the videos with the old boy. He’s the man! Keep killin it Brodie
Ashton Erasmus
Ashton Erasmus - 7 måneder siden
Legit the most down to earth family on YouTube.
Love your videos bro
Leon Wall
Leon Wall - 7 måneder siden
I know this is an old video. You shouldn't give your dog anything with GARLIC in, it's part of the Onion family and can be really bad for them. Maybe even kill little Strada.... Love the video's one day I will visit your beautiful country.
Bill Starr
Bill Starr - 7 måneder siden
I go a lot of places and only leave foot steps. Awesome.
Daniel Cox
Daniel Cox - 7 måneder siden
Huge love to you and your family for Christmas! God bless you mate and may 2020 be a year of success, health and happiness for you all! ❤️
1.10ths - 7 måneder siden
Do a episode with ur dad i recan that would be cool
DaReXifiy - 7 måneder siden
Oil slick color
A J strong
A J strong - 7 måneder siden
saludos, los videos son geniales ademas la naturaleza i el mar es demasiado lindo. sigan así éxitos
dziadziole - 7 måneder siden
HOW COME KNIFE IS ALREADY SOLD OUT ... come on man .... !!!
John Lauren
John Lauren - 8 måneder siden
You have amazing family ❤️ ybs for lyf
Gucci D’Mario
Gucci D’Mario - 8 måneder siden
The knife was made in Ireland
Danoz direct
Danoz direct - 8 måneder siden
You boys are clones of ya dad
What a life you have had
Yobert Kando
Yobert Kando - 8 måneder siden
Hey Brody what’s the brand of those glasses ur wearing..
daviti GEORGIA
daviti GEORGIA - 8 måneder siden
Darrin Ramcharith
Darrin Ramcharith - 8 måneder siden
Awesome Beautiful Youngbloods 💯 %amazing content 💖 it 👌 👍 👃.
Morten Raun
Morten Raun - 8 måneder siden
Where's Stryda?
rain best
rain best - 8 måneder siden
are you Aus or nz I'm Aus [:
lachie stewart
lachie stewart - 8 måneder siden
Good content
Quick2scope - 8 måneder siden
I always write you bro but I never get a response. I know your busy but I just want you to know I love your videos!!!!!
Robert Badger
Robert Badger - 4 måneder siden
Jesus bro. He has over a million subscribers. Get a life. LOL
David Hawkes
David Hawkes - 8 måneder siden
awesome knife awesome fishing what can i say awesomness lol keep up the good vids love em ;)
James Anderson
James Anderson - 8 måneder siden
Nice I need a new fish sticker, dropped my last one in the surf... lost fo ever
Fishing-Frenzy - 8 måneder siden
Love the way yous are with your parents!! It’s beautiful. Keep it up mate!!
KINGTUTTURNER - 8 måneder siden
Watching you and your father together is time travel
UnReel Fishing
UnReel Fishing - 8 måneder siden
catch that cray!
fred1star - 8 måneder siden
Best knives made in Italy.... 🤔. Switzerland or Sheffield in uk best knives....
Thăng Thắng
Thăng Thắng - 8 måneder siden
Helo YBS
Hewo 16 Beast
Hewo 16 Beast - 8 måneder siden
Cameron Darko
Cameron Darko - 8 måneder siden
Can't wait to get one diving suits 😍🤟👌💯
Krisjun - 8 måneder siden
Would love to have one, maybe I’ll get a chance to own one ☝️
Steve Dittman
Steve Dittman - 8 måneder siden
Hey! When are you mates going to make the Youngbloods barbi edition?
My channel
My channel - 8 måneder siden
like for parents!!
mlminto - 8 måneder siden
Looks like a nice knife, but no, not all the "good" knives are made in Italy.
Spearfast - 8 måneder siden
You want people to buy into you, learn how to spell and speak. The dive knife looks too thin, half way between a fish knife and a dive knife.
Jeff Small
Jeff Small - 8 måneder siden
Spearfast you’re a pussy
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - 8 måneder siden
Let me order cryfish..you always make me hungry Brodie..Amazing vedio!
TheArashAz - 8 måneder siden
Jacko took after your dad
Christine Brown
Christine Brown - 8 måneder siden
U know what, not only is his YouTube channel entertaining it’s so educational and I have learnt so much things and he has inspired me so much
Shandrene Wallace
Shandrene Wallace - 8 måneder siden
Such orsum parents..
Negro Rangel
Negro Rangel - 8 måneder siden
Hey I love your Chanel , but I think you should make some YBS Boat Flags I would love to fly one on my Boat
Killercam1247 - 8 måneder siden
What drone do you use?
chenoa morony
chenoa morony - 8 måneder siden
your parents are so cute 😘👏
B.P.S Bajo Presión Spearfishing
Awesome dive knife looking forward to perches one of you blue wetsuits we dont miss any of you Ep. All the family Big fans of Youngbloods...me casa su casa .. B.P.S Bajo presión spearfishing baja mx
Sean Morris
Sean Morris - 8 måneder siden
Where is stryda?
Paul Pence
Paul Pence - 8 måneder siden
@Sean Morris Jarrrad and Jackie live with him, pay attention to what he states in the episodes!!!
Sean Morris
Sean Morris - 8 måneder siden
Paul Pence how do you know ?
Paul Pence
Paul Pence - 8 måneder siden
at home with Jarrad and Jackie...