WE FOUND TREASURE UNDERWATER!! (Venomous Sea Snake, Whales, BIG Sharks, Turtles) - Ep 245

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Join Brodie Moss and Stryda dog as they meet some mating turtles and whales along the beach with the drone. Brodie and neighbour Vicky go on a Jetski adventure where she swims with a venomous sea snake and Jarrad joins Brodie on a spearfishing trip but they FIND TREASURE instead!!
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Runtime: 13:38


Z_O_Z Gg
Z_O_Z Gg - 11 timer siden
pete jones
pete jones - 5 dager siden
I think Stryda needs a life jacket [if she doesn't already have one] too, oh love this channel bra....
Scadster's World
Scadster's World - 5 dager siden
That's really neat to find reel and rods like those. And the sea snake and other animals were neat to see.
Scadster's World
Scadster's World - 5 dager siden
Happy birthday to Reuben (Not sure if that's how he spells it).
Francisco V
Francisco V - 6 dager siden
Is it like seeing a green screen or an infinite landscape! where in the world is there? is a salt lake a bay?
Chettha Makkapan
Chettha Makkapan - 6 dager siden
i wanted to kill shark so much.a sharkfin is very good delicious
Michael Green
Michael Green - 7 dager siden
Meanwhile. Back to logging on to my computer job lol. Great vids
David Clayton
David Clayton - 9 dager siden
paradise thats for me if i win the lottery
Big eye Tuna
Big eye Tuna - 10 dager siden
What do sea snakes eat
DYNABIKE1 - 10 dager siden
I think Ms. Vickie is sooooo glad to be Your neighbor - ->>>>
Riley Belgarde
Riley Belgarde - 11 dager siden
Keeper - 12 dager siden
Brodie, you remind me of Steve Erwin (RIP)
HighCurrent11 - 12 dager siden
I'm here for the Vicky footage... That said, quality sites like this are more often getting my attention over the crap you find elsewhere (netflix etc)... Great content, beautiful locations, fun people, ....the "new" tv.
Juchan Lee
Juchan Lee - 13 dager siden
Damn I love this channel, thanks bro
Justin Evans
Justin Evans - 14 dager siden
Hey, Ted I just got back into your videos as of late. Glad to see you're finally starting to get the kind of ass only money can get you. Well done. 🤘🤘
Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture
It is indeed a nice content!!!! good job!!!
TheGuyYouKnowFromSomewhere - 14 dager siden
She's gonna get his venomous sea snake
Phillip Brewster
Phillip Brewster - 14 dager siden
Isnt that like the third time you have found that rod? Or is this the third time I've watched this vid?
Phillip Brewster
Phillip Brewster - 14 dager siden
From the looks of it the treasure was all ready on the jetski
Messi Jesse
Messi Jesse - 16 dager siden
Happy birthday Rueben!! 😌 even though it was 3 weeks ago now lol
Lisa Paul
Lisa Paul - 17 dager siden
Happy Birthday Reuben and hi to your sister ❤ thanks for sharing your wonderful life with us Brodie! One love brother 🙏😇
jacqui larwood
jacqui larwood - 17 dager siden
When your swimming and forget to put the anchor down
Daran Obrien
Daran Obrien - 19 dager siden
Running out of legs .
Time is near and we will say who
Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell - 22 dager siden
Can you collab with chubsey1995 on tiktok I reckon it would be killer!!
Caleb Lim
Caleb Lim - 22 dager siden
11:20 looks like a blue shark to me...anyone else know what it is?
Alek Faulds
Alek Faulds - 23 dager siden
Falconer Hawker
Falconer Hawker - 24 dager siden
Happy birthday 🥳
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - 24 dager siden
Raz Zelda
Raz Zelda - 25 dager siden
very epic
Secret Admirer
Secret Admirer - 25 dager siden
Love Jared 🥰😘
dedatchie - 26 dager siden
I can see why your channel gets so many views, awesome scenery, clear footage, and great editing, looks great man, I guess everyone wished they could be there essentially, good luck
Kurt Camacho
Kurt Camacho - 26 dager siden
동까스 - 26 dager siden
재미나게사신다 부럽네
Veronica Jimenez
Veronica Jimenez - 27 dager siden
reminds me when bucks called his girl "assistant"🤣
Fess Parker
Fess Parker - 27 dager siden
Should have put 5he reel in an ultrasonic cleaner, only cost about $60.00 & would clean it up like new
jack black
jack black - 27 dager siden
turtles having a 3 some haha
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway - 27 dager siden
That girl 🔥.
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - 28 dager siden
Jarrod the legacy..Happy Birthday Ruben
Albert5522 - 28 dager siden
Happy 8th birthday Ruben! Only 2 till double digits!!!! Have a nice 👊
Peter Waller
Peter Waller - 29 dager siden
White shark?
Nathan Kane
Nathan Kane - 29 dager siden
I think u live in the most beautiful place in the world
Randy Lasister
Randy Lasister - Måned siden
Happy Birthday Ruben
No Hate Just Love
No Hate Just Love - Måned siden
9:22 thats mine broodie
Tristen Bentley
Tristen Bentley - Måned siden
Better cuff that
Nasryth Funes
Nasryth Funes - Måned siden
Shes so beautiful I'm ngl
MaxMillion - Måned siden
How can you hate on this man? He is pure joy and energy. He is on level with bob ross, Mr. Rogers, and Steve Irwin.
Fishing W Cp!
Fishing W Cp! - Måned siden
Huge NOPE on that snake!!!
Gav Hirt
Gav Hirt - Måned siden
As we call it a green card. But she is trapped for now
Joseph Tibon
Joseph Tibon - Måned siden
Treasure wooooow😍i like treasure
hzrd - Måned siden
how does nothing bite or come at him its like everything in the ocean is his friend
Pablo Chong Herrera
Pablo Chong Herrera - Måned siden
How deep is that water?
Movie Fan
Movie Fan - Måned siden
What town is this in?
ROBERT SCOTT - Måned siden
Hope you don't throw the rod out, what a great conversation piece.
wingrovedl - Måned siden
I'd be willing to bet, that the rod & reel will work again !
Joe Shields
Joe Shields - Måned siden
Looks like you tube has been really good to you and all of your toys. Right on. I seen a lot of your older video's of spear fishing. That was some bad ass stuff. You have the life bro. Peace of mind is a great feeling to have.
asds908 - Måned siden
Yum melons
SoTanhFilms - Måned siden
Zoo Look Fishing
Zoo Look Fishing - Måned siden
Shimano baby💪🏻
Doug Villis
Doug Villis - Måned siden
now that is a keeper not the fish
Maharlikang Buhay TV
Maharlikang Buhay TV - Måned siden
That sea snake is RARE
Huynh Minh Nguyen
Huynh Minh Nguyen - Måned siden
Anyone knows the song at the beginning 😅? Thanks
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - Måned siden
3:41 your welcome boys
Kissable Whisper
Kissable Whisper - Måned siden
9:00 for the treasure 13:38 for the best bit
Been Poppin
Been Poppin - Måned siden
vikki is the real treasure
Please sub for no reason
Please sub for no reason - Måned siden
I love your content
Jon - Måned siden
Brodie definitely smashing 😎 👌🙌🔥
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - Måned siden
Take me there before I die
Quoccuong Nguyen
Quoccuong Nguyen - Måned siden
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva - Måned siden
Parabéns sou do Brasil e fico assistindo todos os vídeos junto com meu filho de dois anos ele também adora parabéns.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - Måned siden
You could fix that rod up and then sell it in a live YT auction on here for charity 🤙
Nikki Sims
Nikki Sims - Måned siden
Wow cool. We lost a big rod n reel years ago off the coast of Port Headland. Bought back some memories. Thanks. 👍
VinTech - Måned siden
i wonder where he lives
Rafael Gaming
Rafael Gaming - Måned siden
they should preserved that thing and not to restore heheh
dcoog anml
dcoog anml - Måned siden
I pulled up over $1500 usd in gear this weekend that was down for a month. I tore down everything and cleaned and greased all back to new function. Then I posted all over
BK - Måned siden
Geez if I'd lost that Talica and rod, you best believe I'd be right behind it to fetch it. That's a bloody expensive reel and a great surf reel for sharks.
BK - Måned siden
* Tournos. Happy Birthday Reuben!
C M - Måned siden
Happy Birthday, Rubin!!! 🎂🎉🎁
Ross Vickers
Ross Vickers - Måned siden
Shimano sponsorship loading!! 🤣🤣
MyDyingBride - Måned siden
Hey did you see the whales in Tasmania : So Sad 😞
Richards Tanks
Richards Tanks - Måned siden
The waters beautiful
Daran Obrien
Daran Obrien - Måned siden
Gday .
Watched vids for sometime now.
1 do you guys eat beef and sausage. Bbq.
2 the wraps you use for lunch and t .
Get them to sponsor you .
2 million viewers? 1/2 will try $$
Austin Nisar
Austin Nisar - Måned siden
2JR18EC002_AKASH - Måned siden
Take me there before I die
Uber Steve
Uber Steve - Måned siden
R u mating Brodie ? ( hanging out with mates..ha ha )
todd tulk
todd tulk - Måned siden
Bro get rid of those ear buds. They are radiating your head!
Robyn Stone
Robyn Stone - Måned siden
Hi Brodie why am I blocked ( now ) on your Instagram? 😞
Jonjon Mercado
Jonjon Mercado - Måned siden
Literally could watch the Youngbloods crew allll day!! Honestly gives me sooo much strength and courage to just go out and explore when I can!! 🙌🏼🤙🏼🙌🏼
TheSpectre - Måned siden
Amazing how ignorant people can be. Just because their small minds don't understand how it could happen they accuse you of doing something like that. Disgusting people
Joshlin Taylor
Joshlin Taylor - Måned siden
Keep your good work up Brodie
Colin Gotch
Colin Gotch - Måned siden
Whens Jared getting his own chanel?
Andrew Yanke
Andrew Yanke - Måned siden
I pulled up over $1500 usd in gear this weekend that was down for a month. I tore down everything and cleaned and greased all back to new function. Then I posted all over social media and found the owner so I could return his gear ready to fish! That rods been down 6 months or more though so gonna be harder to restore than all the gear I found from a turned over yak.
Kamal Pathirathnalage
Kamal Pathirathnalage - Måned siden
You are adventurous also got very big heart about nature and animals..I love it..please buy a bigger boat with bed room and kitchen need more adventure 👍👍🤣🤣😂
twostime - Måned siden
Great show, glad the kids got a look in.
TheMorganMonroeShow - Måned siden
Way sick. 🤙🏽
BD Swan
BD Swan - Måned siden
Hello I’m you’re biggest fan I’m from dubai and I watch you’re videos all the time and I just wanted to tell you that what you’re doing is amazing and peace
KindaJammy - Måned siden
Happy Birthday Ruben!
jimmy2minutes - Måned siden
I was in Barbados with my girlfriend. I was out snorkeling. I shouted out " come and see this!". She waded out, " what is it?". " a sea snake!". I've never seen anyone run in water before! 😆
Sailing Let's Enjoy Life
Sailing Let's Enjoy Life - Måned siden
Hi, make some great videos and shoot wonderful places, I will definitely take a cue from you for my future videos.
Jubeidono2012 - Måned siden
Noce of you to hang out with your fans.
Happy Birthday Reuben!
FinalOpportunity - Måned siden
Happy Birthday Rueben!
fishing is us
fishing is us - Måned siden
Wsp Brody love your videos it would mean so much to me if you would respond :]
mtown pyro
mtown pyro - Måned siden
i found treasure in the thumbnail..hence the click
_rix_ - Måned siden
"aww the check meat that's my favorite"