WE CAUGHT A NEW SPECIES OF GIANT GROUPER Scientific Report, Age And Eating Quality - Ep 158

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Join Brodie, Jacko and Jarrad as the go deep sea fishing and jig up a monster grouper as a by catch! The boys don't normally target large cod species but unfortunately due to barotrauma, it didn't release and was taken back to the YBS house for cleaning, processing and of course science with marine biologist Jarrad. The results are back from the lab so watch the video to find out more! Also the winners from the instagram completion are drawn.
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Runtime: 23:21


YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 7 måneder siden
What should we name this new species of grouper?? Comment below.. (also instagram competition winners announced near the end of the video)
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones - 22 dager siden
Stryda cod
Leith Garretty
Leith Garretty - Måned siden
That looks like Bar Cod mate.
claudius peterson
claudius peterson - 2 måneder siden
The Jackod !
maeve lane
maeve lane - 3 måneder siden
dadbod cod
Mitchell Rigney
Mitchell Rigney - 4 måneder siden
1.10ths - 29 minutter siden
I do love watching these videos wish I had this freedom and be able to do this stuff
Josh Ford
Josh Ford - 13 timer siden
The josh cod or strider
Sidney Leibson
Sidney Leibson - Dag siden
Easy easy… The Youngblood grouper! Just saying
Sidney Leibson
Sidney Leibson - Dag siden
I was sitting here thinking about the incredible soup you could’ve made with the remains… My mouth is watering as I write this
Ernestas Paplauskas
Ernestas Paplauskas - 2 dager siden
"Youngblood Cod"
Lendogs Salter
Lendogs Salter - 2 dager siden
UselessFrankyBroadcasts - 2 dager siden
Cause fish swim sideways 😂👌🏻on top of water...
Daniel Paponjak
Daniel Paponjak - 3 dager siden
DadBod Cod cause it was your bro that caught it
Claudio Sgorbati
Claudio Sgorbati - 4 dager siden
name it jacod
gingerwimbledon 1
gingerwimbledon 1 - 4 dager siden
Just call it BIG FUCKING COD. or it's latin name Biggus fucking Codis😀 Great vid again,keep em comin👍🇬🇧
Reaper1986 Reaper
Reaper1986 Reaper - 4 dager siden
I think this is Goliath Grouper... It can grow more then 200kg...
shauna cohn
shauna cohn - 4 dager siden
So that grouper wasn’t a cod? I know nothing about fishing - is this a deep sea fish? Why were it’s eyes like that?
Michale Sinclair
Michale Sinclair - 5 dager siden
Awesome video guys
Ronnie Zino
Ronnie Zino - 6 dager siden
Codzilla! was a third fork too much trouble to bring along? lol
Nathan van buuren
Nathan van buuren - 6 dager siden
Fanny grouper
chris muratore
chris muratore - 6 dager siden
I know this was a long time ago because it's the third time I've watched it but you gotta call it a Stryda cod!
Harry Willis
Harry Willis - 7 dager siden
Call it Youngbloods Grouper
jamesdgb1 - 7 dager siden
Name it after your dog. Strodder cod. Dont know the dogs pronunciation.
grey ghost
grey ghost - 7 dager siden
Looks like a Haphoka
Texas Teacher2019
Texas Teacher2019 - 7 dager siden
Jacko with two new Cod species!!
alcatraz rider
alcatraz rider - 7 dager siden
"youngbloodicus australopticus" for the species name
kakadodldo - 8 dager siden
Stryder cod because your dog .ps i dont know how to write it
Lachlan Wilkie
Lachlan Wilkie - 8 dager siden
Weird eye
Simon Glenn
Simon Glenn - 9 dager siden
Strada Cod
oscar goodger-mcgrath
oscar goodger-mcgrath - 10 dager siden
Zach Carlisle
Zach Carlisle - 10 dager siden
Dud great channel my brother showed me your channel and now its my favorite
Lucy Honeywell
Lucy Honeywell - 11 dager siden
donky doole cod
Dirt bike god 85
Dirt bike god 85 - 11 dager siden
Popeyed cod
Pandit - 11 dager siden
wow man
Here we Go Again
Here we Go Again - 11 dager siden
God Bless you Brody and Stryder and Crew!
Here we Go Again
Here we Go Again - 11 dager siden
Your videos take us to some amazingly tranquil places. Keep doing what you do! (Huge fan recovering from major surgery finally at home after a month in the Hospital)....Appreciating the day i can walk again and get back to my active lifestyle! AND do some fishing!!!!
poke mo canfan
poke mo canfan - 11 dager siden
KIDD TURF KENZIE STRANG - 11 dager siden
Stryda cod
Chris Guillen
Chris Guillen - 12 dager siden
The stryda
WAKE AND BAKE INC. - 12 dager siden
Tracy Cochran
Tracy Cochran - 13 dager siden
JACKO COD BALLIN ! New Boat is sick
Baker Boi
Baker Boi - 13 dager siden
Name it Youngblood
Diego Rayo
Diego Rayo - 13 dager siden
Silver grouper !!!!!!!!!!!
Trevor Martin
Trevor Martin - 14 dager siden
God cod
jayden nicholls
jayden nicholls - 14 dager siden
dad bod !! cod
Mehdi Jaadi
Mehdi Jaadi - 14 dager siden
Its 17 years old right,how could it be a new species?
Mehdi Jaadi
Mehdi Jaadi - 14 dager siden
But if i could give it a name i would name it yōkai
Peter Pan
Peter Pan - 15 dager siden
King Cod
Edward Medaris
Edward Medaris - 15 dager siden
Catches new species of fish. Youngblood’s proceeds to eat it
Erik Granath
Erik Granath - 16 dager siden
Big eye
Erik Granath
Erik Granath - 16 dager siden
Fish name, nog eye
Cherry Tech
Cherry Tech - 16 dager siden
Pater Corporis Cod
tbabashoff - 16 dager siden
Looks so good!
charmaine schuler
charmaine schuler - 18 dager siden
The cod father
Eden Thomson
Eden Thomson - 19 dager siden
Fat boy cod
The virgin clan Lee
The virgin clan Lee - 21 dag siden
Wow, how could that fish have such big eyeballs?
Yael Alvarado
Yael Alvarado - 21 dag siden
Avatar fish
luk0pal 1
luk0pal 1 - 22 dager siden
Dad bod cod
Lg F
Lg F - 22 dager siden
I love this channel
Lg F
Lg F - 22 dager siden
the bentred grouper
Won Mind
Won Mind - 26 dager siden
Call it the Dad Bod Cod
Won Mind
Won Mind - 26 dager siden
Jarrod is really good at filleting. I know my comments change lives
max dartnell
max dartnell - 27 dager siden
youngblood kod
Ashley Alexander
Ashley Alexander - 27 dager siden
ybs cober
Nick Will
Nick Will - 27 dager siden
Blood Cod