WE CAUGHT A NEW SPECIES OF GIANT GROUPER Scientific Report, Age And Eating Quality - Ep 158

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Join Brodie, Jacko and Jarrad as the go deep sea fishing and jig up a monster grouper as a by catch! The boys don't normally target large cod species but unfortunately due to barotrauma, it didn't release and was taken back to the YBS house for cleaning, processing and of course science with marine biologist Jarrad. The results are back from the lab so watch the video to find out more! Also the winners from the instagram completion are drawn.
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Runtime: 23:21


YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 9 måneder siden
What should we name this new species of grouper?? Comment below.. (also instagram competition winners announced near the end of the video)
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones - 3 måneder siden
Stryda cod
Leith Garretty
Leith Garretty - 4 måneder siden
That looks like Bar Cod mate.
claudius peterson
claudius peterson - 5 måneder siden
The Jackod !
maeve lane
maeve lane - 6 måneder siden
dadbod cod
Mitchell Rigney
Mitchell Rigney - 6 måneder siden
Michael Prichett
Michael Prichett - 23 timer siden
I think the fish should be named Youngblood
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - Dag siden
Annelise Rademan
Annelise Rademan - 2 dager siden
Big eye cod
de Jeep
de Jeep - 2 dager siden
Strydacod, YESSAH! BLESSAH! , Aloha, {
Shane Beaudrot
Shane Beaudrot - 3 dager siden
That fillet looks like a side of beef. 57.32 lbs
Reece Farrell
Reece Farrell - 4 dager siden
Triple tail and mangrove jack would be my favourite fish
Brody Poolman
Brody Poolman - 7 dager siden
Deep sea cod
Jumar Jerusalem
Jumar Jerusalem - 8 dager siden
I think i just saw a pearl on that fish?
Am i right? Or not ybs?
Jumar Jerusalem
Jumar Jerusalem - 8 dager siden
I think i just saw a pearl on that fish?
Am i right? Or not ybs?
Ant Cichlids
Ant Cichlids - 9 dager siden
wish I had a small boat to fish on with my kids only a dream
Aaron Newhill
Aaron Newhill - 9 dager siden
Popped eyed cod
Bobby - 10 dager siden
those blown out fish eyes are too comical throughout the rest of the vid.. lmao
Johnny Baz D
Johnny Baz D - 10 dager siden
Secret Sauce Grouper XD
WolfricLupus - 11 dager siden
When I first clicked on your channel I was skeptical & thought you might be all gung-ho about it, but now I have seen you are totally respectful of sea-life and all that it can offer, but also its limitations. I love that you sent the organs and stuff for analysis, and everything else. I don't have an offer of a name for the species, but respect where respect is due. Dudes.
Brock Alistair Reid
Brock Alistair Reid - 13 dager siden
It is called a bass, we get them in New Zealand
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee - 15 dager siden
Look at that fishes head. Fantastic if cooked in curry with Okra, Brinjals and tomatos...
CXNTRIC - 15 dager siden
the shladucken cod
Trevor Gooch
Trevor Gooch - 16 dager siden
Really late commenting on this vid, but hey...why not. Here on Prince Edward Island, when we get cod in the summer its usually got worms too. We use a really bright light on the first fillet for a few mins on the cutting board, the white pin worms will literally crawl out of the fillet if there's any. Just means cook em a minute longer ;) Love the videos. Great work with the drone. I'll binge my way up to your current stuff in a few weeks. Subscribed ;) Cheers!
Sherrie Corral
Sherrie Corral - 17 dager siden
Wow Jared is smart and sexy! I have a big crush on him.
nikoloz khodeli
nikoloz khodeli - 21 dag siden
cavet cod is a cool name
Natalie Liversidge
Natalie Liversidge - 22 dager siden
Cavet cod
Just Me
Just Me - 24 dager siden
3 blokes... 1 plate... 2 forks... hell yeah for great mates...
Bryce L
Bryce L - 25 dager siden
Call it the Googly-Eyed M-F-er
XHD velden
XHD velden - 27 dager siden
Danes World
Danes World - 28 dager siden
young blood cod
Driftless 1
Driftless 1 - 29 dager siden
Love the Science with Jared segments.
Adam Forman
Adam Forman - 29 dager siden
The older the fish the meat can get weird, but cod fish is always good and here in so cal it's a endanger fish an we can not fish them...your dinner look superb, cheers friends,...😎✌🍕
Michael Frank
Michael Frank - 29 dager siden
Youngblood Cod
Robpan1960 - Måned siden
Ya call it the Coral reefer cod because I'm sure some reefers get passed around at times living your good life
BeN RiTcHeY - Måned siden
i know im super late but if i came on time i would name it the big eyed cod
Ian Worley
Ian Worley - Måned siden
The Stryder Cod
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor - Måned siden
Moss Cod
cg info
cg info - Måned siden
Fishy Mac fishface
Jonathan Ferrell
Jonathan Ferrell - Måned siden
pop eyed fish
David Eggleton
David Eggleton - Måned siden
I'd call it the YBS grouper (or "young bloods grouper") -- it should refelect the team effort IMO :)
Grady Ingersoll
Grady Ingersoll - Måned siden
Brody cod
max harris
max harris - Måned siden
why do the fish die when they come up from 300m?
Allan Mee
Allan Mee - Måned siden
It should be called a “king cod”
Baylee Chetcuti
Baylee Chetcuti - Måned siden
Henry Zayas
Henry Zayas - Måned siden
UGLY !!!
Henry Zayas
Henry Zayas - Måned siden
joshua strong
joshua strong - Måned siden
love the dog too
joshua strong
joshua strong - Måned siden
fish name: ybs cod
wow!! i did not know how long it took but that is a massive catch well done guys!! YA YEET. piece out bro
joshua strong
joshua strong - Måned siden
i agree we got same name ha
Doug Bourdo
Doug Bourdo - Måned siden
Dad Bod Cod for the WIN
Lenard Whyte
Lenard Whyte - Måned siden
Luca Diflorio
Luca Diflorio - Måned siden
The Dad Bod Cod
Aaron Wells
Aaron Wells - Måned siden
The Banded Brodie Cod
weird thing
weird thing - Måned siden
Bro's did you ever fishing in river in jungle?
John Wood
John Wood - Måned siden
Good job. It look good. Stay safe
Mr ExPoSeD
Mr ExPoSeD - Måned siden
It should be Brodie cod
Smash Turtle
Smash Turtle - Måned siden
You should call the moss cod.👍👍👍
RJP Par3737
RJP Par3737 - Måned siden
How about strata cod
Steph Sherriff
Steph Sherriff - Måned siden
Dad bod cod and Brodie’s nickname is ddd bod dugong
Steph Sherriff
Steph Sherriff - Måned siden
Looks like a hapuka
Mythic jc
Mythic jc - Måned siden
Big boi name
Michael Badami
Michael Badami - Måned siden
What kind of trauma? Why did the fish die?
Matthew Atoigue
Matthew Atoigue - Måned siden
dad cod
Coco Chan
Coco Chan - Måned siden
what kind of dog breed is Stryda?!
Carol Douglas
Carol Douglas - Måned siden
Popeyes grouper
シunified - Måned siden
brody is so lucky
- sighting a baby sail fish
- successful
- this
Miilhousee Woow
Miilhousee Woow - Måned siden
What how the fish die in the water ? did it drown or?=
Arandor Thinnorion
Arandor Thinnorion - Måned siden
Strider Cod
timon lekker spelen
timon lekker spelen - Måned siden
Deep Popeye Cod
Landon Lafreniere
Landon Lafreniere - Måned siden
Deep runner that’s the name
J S - Måned siden
Was trying to remember the biggest fish they caught on YBS and believe this is it. If someone has a bigger one link it up
Anthony D
Anthony D - Måned siden
The Younger Grouper
Tashfiq Mannan
Tashfiq Mannan - 2 måneder siden
yo i was wondering, isn't it risky having stryder go into the water so freely, with sharks and all
Tashfiq Mannan
Tashfiq Mannan - 2 måneder siden
Richard Bourne
Richard Bourne - 2 måneder siden
What brand of zinc do you guys use? 🤙
Camelle Ali
Camelle Ali - 2 måneder siden
This looks like a goliath grouper
Marco Decastro
Marco Decastro - 2 måneder siden
Young bloods for life. Respect
Marco Decastro
Marco Decastro - 2 måneder siden
One blood
Scarlet Begonias
Scarlet Begonias - 2 måneder siden
Zak Murphy
Zak Murphy - 2 måneder siden
what kind of glasses are those???!
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson - 2 måneder siden
Did you ever name this fish? If so what did you name it? We thought of Dad Bod Cod. Ha ha. Keep living the dream! Love watching!
Robby Mewhorter
Robby Mewhorter - 2 måneder siden
i know this is a little late but i think the fish should be called a yb jacko
So_Kenon - 2 måneder siden
badams 13
badams 13 - 2 måneder siden
Strawberry cod
Dennis de Ruiter
Dennis de Ruiter - 2 måneder siden
Where is this ?
Roger Roger
Roger Roger - 2 måneder siden
Fire Cod
The Cross Road Demon
The Cross Road Demon - 2 måneder siden
Why do call them cod then they are GROUPER
robert Batham
robert Batham - 2 måneder siden
I would call it , "Dadbods Cod after the one that caught it!.
Gordon Tucker
Gordon Tucker - 2 måneder siden
Needs to be named dad bod cod
XZY - 2 måneder siden
So do these die instantly when they come up, cos of the pressure change basically?
I'm Bored So I Vlog
I'm Bored So I Vlog - 2 måneder siden
Does Jacko have a YouTube?
rossiuk2009 - 2 måneder siden
dad bod cod
il caglie
il caglie - 2 måneder siden
Youngblood cod
Gavin Stanton
Gavin Stanton - 2 måneder siden
The slok
scott hinkle
scott hinkle - 2 måneder siden
YBS Grouper. Name it after you all.
JDav - 2 måneder siden
Look at Jacko 22:30
Braedyn Wolner
Braedyn Wolner - 2 måneder siden
the dog is my fav
ENEMY SPOTTED - 2 måneder siden
Quincy Johnson
Quincy Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Jacko Cod all the way
Brandon Laiti
Brandon Laiti - 2 måneder siden
Youngblood cod
MOBYDICK ADVENTURES - 2 måneder siden
Awesome fish but cant measure around a bend, tape measure needs to be flat to get it right, keep up the vids love em
Darryl hunts West
Darryl hunts West - 2 måneder siden
Name if the Peoples Cod.....
Saral Sethi
Saral Sethi - 2 måneder siden
Your videos are so relaxing absolutely love it!
david peters
david peters - 2 måneder siden
Name it “Dad Bod Cod Austrailius”!
1.10ths - 2 måneder siden
I do love watching these videos wish I had this freedom and be able to do this stuff
Josh Ford
Josh Ford - 2 måneder siden
The josh cod or strider