VENOMOUS SEA SNAKE Bite Could Have Killed Me (Stuffed Squid Catch & Cook) - Ep 227

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Interacting with dangerous animals doesn't always go to plan. Join Brodie, his dog and family out in the boat as they catch some monster squids and Brodie cooks stuffed squid at his new house.
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Runtime: 18:49


nainoa spragling
nainoa spragling - 23 timer siden
Keep doing these videos bro! The catch clean n cooks are 👌🏾. But then again, so are all of your videos.
McSlave - Dag siden
Y’all want me to leak his secret sauce? My mom buys it all the time
kuesdav - 2 dager siden
Brodie, buy a decent chef's knife. Cutting veggies will be a lot easier, then practice! Cool video, thanks for all you do, always entertaining and the ocean is stunning.
Laura Morrin
Laura Morrin - 3 dager siden
I just love how much of an absolute messer you are 😂 Amazing energy 🖤
Vincent Moore
Vincent Moore - 3 dager siden
Brodie: So heres some badly cooked rice lol.
TooMuchPooter - 3 dager siden
Instant kill no pain.
Simon Glenn
Simon Glenn - 5 dager siden
Anyone know what the secret sauce is?..looks really tasty!!
Simon Glenn
Simon Glenn - 5 dager siden
The suns out? And it's cold?..come to Belfast haven't met cold yet!!..I'll swap your cold for mine
Hannes Engelbrecht
Hannes Engelbrecht - 6 dager siden
Subscribed 3 days ago, no regrets. Great energy, great respect for the creatures in the ocean, yet not to the extreme of not being to enjoy the great meals they provide. All about balance. Respect
tonypotts Tonynot teevee
tonypotts Tonynot teevee - 7 dager siden
sir good morning nice cap... how can avail that?
DARK FAMESS - 8 dager siden
He didn’t sell me on the part that the food was good lmao 😭😂😭 he would have tore that up if it was at the end it looks like it’s was having a hard time going down
M22ate - 9 dager siden
that squid looks absolutly phenomenal
biggy484 - 9 dager siden
That "how to put a squid to sleep" tutorial was so cool. Never seen squid change colour like that before 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
BUSBY DEFENSE - 11 dager siden
Ain’t no way I’m swimming in the deep blue no shark getting my digits
Big pp
Big pp - 11 dager siden
Well I ain’t gonna live life to the fullest :(
Preston Chapman
Preston Chapman - 11 dager siden
AshJ No Commentary
AshJ No Commentary - 12 dager siden
Where in Aus do you live? Incredible videos!
Steve J
Steve J - 13 dager siden
Love It Do More!!!!
Steeevo 01
Steeevo 01 - 13 dager siden
"I don't really know what I'm doing in the kitchen". Knife stabbed into chopping board, dirty foot up on food prep area, followed by a dog. Naaah . . . . you got this man :-)
Tobias Lea
Tobias Lea - 14 dager siden
Brodie: Safety first Then proceeds to run off with the stove still on
Miss Dog Lover
Miss Dog Lover - 15 dager siden
It looks like heaven.
Ziles_wxvy - 16 dager siden
Mate you have the best life
God bless
Aiishwin Muraliy
Aiishwin Muraliy - 16 dager siden
ok but did he just use fishing line to help him cook? is that even safe lmao
Robert B.
Robert B. - 16 dager siden
You def need to buy something other than a fillet knife haha.
Harvey Gaming
Harvey Gaming - 16 dager siden
Anyone know what he’s using to record ? Go pro8 ?
Alex Chow
Alex Chow - 16 dager siden
If anyone wants to know the secret sauce is Japanese mayonnaise
Kye Hickson
Kye Hickson - 16 dager siden
hay man after this viures leaves can u take me out for a spin and show me a great time agin
Noah Harju
Noah Harju - 16 dager siden
Dude you’re killing it. Keep the videos comin and I dig the indoor cooking tutorial. Epic and hilarious!
Courtney Fitzpatrick
Courtney Fitzpatrick - 17 dager siden
You can also thicken it up with some corn flour - 1 tbs flour - 1 tbs water and mix. You can add.more but thats the ratio and it will thicken it.
Courtney Fitzpatrick
Courtney Fitzpatrick - 17 dager siden
For your capsicum and spring onions
Capsicum chop in pieces then layer them ontop of each other and cut them in slices again and do it again and you'll have smaller pieces.
Spring onions you actually use alot of the white bit as thats where the flavour is. So don't throw that out. Then you can actually replant the bottom and they will grow. You can also regrow those capsicum seeds. If you youtube it they'll show you how to regrow from scraps :)
Heinrich Pelser
Heinrich Pelser - 18 dager siden
Brodie, DJI Mavic Air 2? Or should I get the pro?
jerick garlejo
jerick garlejo - 18 dager siden
BG Music is lit
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - 18 dager siden
Amazing BRODIE the master chef
Youssef - 19 dager siden
name of music in 1:38 ? please
maeranni - 19 dager siden
You're calling squid fish?
Filip Svendsen
Filip Svendsen - 19 dager siden
10:29 for his wiener 🥰
CCllaannccyy Dooog
CCllaannccyy Dooog - 19 dager siden
did Brodie get an editor?
none non
none non - 19 dager siden
I might of? :P
joey scicluna
joey scicluna - 19 dager siden
Good to see you cooking in the kitchen! Can't go wrong with a beach fire though.
D' Excellence Kitchen
D' Excellence Kitchen - 19 dager siden
ohh man..that is too much of oyster sauce hahaha...but if it taste good..why not ya...nice Brodie...suggestion,next time you add in an egg into the stuff mix before stuffing it in the squid...cheers mate..
Diablo's montages
Diablo's montages - 20 dager siden
11:20 its Way to scary, bitch you swim with sharks wym thats scary
Aqua Life
Aqua Life - 20 dager siden
deff don't use fishing line to sew up food lol, it can melt into your food and also not safe to consume....
hugeKingKibbleFan 69
hugeKingKibbleFan 69 - 20 dager siden
This is winter in Australia, btw, just to put how beautiful north Western Australia is
Isiah Giles
Isiah Giles - 20 dager siden
I love this guy so much some times it gets so weird tho
Shawna McCormick
Shawna McCormick - 20 dager siden
Is this Australia's winter...... like Tahiti? My tattoos are all sting rays and my dream is to live life like Brodie
Shawna McCormick
Shawna McCormick - 20 dager siden
One clip showing the fish in the water please and then one on a black table on the boat to show off all of those goregous colorings. Maybe even black plates at the end when you are all feasting!
Shawna McCormick
Shawna McCormick - 20 dager siden
Jenn-Air refrigeration has an obsiden black drop interior for all the fresh raw food mmm delicious
Shawna McCormick
Shawna McCormick - 20 dager siden
Those beautiful fish need a nice black back drop. I was thinking how much prettier foods (COLOR) looks against a black background than white. I would definitely like to see a black table on the boat.
return_to _menu
return_to _menu - 20 dager siden
You are truley living the dream
Shane O
Shane O - 21 dag siden
Fishing line has so many toxins you don't want in your food or on your pan. Flourocarbons are carcinogenic(cause cancer) and Mono has polyurethane and polypropylene which are also carcinogens. I assume braid does too but that wasn't braid. We know you (Brodie) don't know much about the cooking, but you don't want plastics melted in your food for sure.
Motox11222 - 21 dag siden
I have you secret sauce lmao
Jennifer Joubert
Jennifer Joubert - 21 dag siden
were do you catch the squid
neptuneP2V7 - 21 dag siden
your knif isn't adapted for do like you want as cooker chef the iron need to be more large and after done and easy
SN TN - 21 dag siden
Shame it
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan - 22 dager siden
Ur livin the dream mate,so gelous
Kaylhaem Kelly
Kaylhaem Kelly - 22 dager siden
U should do more crayfish cooking
MrPoundfopound - 22 dager siden
Can’t help but be so jelly of this dude! Man what a life it’d be to do this all the time! Makes you realize how much of life your truly missing out on 😞
HSomeone - 22 dager siden
Min Su
Min Su - 22 dager siden
What is the name of the song at the beginning of the video. please !
Dillon White
Dillon White - 22 dager siden
Damn man but aye do a solo beach camp!!!
Jerry Warner
Jerry Warner - 22 dager siden
Brodie, your using a fillet knife to cut veggies. You need to use a vegetable knife Mate. Your going to loose a finger!
xboxis_crap - 22 dager siden
Brod’s “ Dada’s on to a monster. Don’t squirt anyone” Dad “Yep Mums heard that one”