Tiger Sharks & Summer Family Fun CRAYFISH Spaghetti Catch & Cook - Ep 163

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Join Brodie Moss, Jacko and Sam as they go hunting for a crayfish on the jet skis. The boys whip into some waves and make the most of a hot summers day. On the way back they get the drone up and film a big tiger shark as she hunts for turtles along the beach. Later they meet the crew down at the beach and cook up mums crayfish spaghetti (kind of) and Brodie gets his car bogged!
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 9 måneder siden
Got to love the Australian Summer! Where are you from?? Leave a comment below ya legends, cheers
Samuel Daniel
Samuel Daniel - 6 dager siden
Horn island
MyHobbyIsFishing - 12 dager siden
@Ali Johnson You have a realy cool jetty to fish
MyHobbyIsFishing - 12 dager siden
YBS Youngbloods Germany 🇩🇪
Joe Harrys
Joe Harrys - 26 dager siden
Eyda Lengleng
Eyda Lengleng - 27 dager siden
Malaysian 🇲🇾
Menard Antal
Menard Antal - 28 dager siden
living in my dream. i wish i have your gears here in the Philippines ill make Yougerbloods videos haha
Adam Martin
Adam Martin - 29 dager siden
Love ur videos man keep up the great work and never stop having fun and fishing love you
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - Måned siden
Todd Boddington
Todd Boddington - Måned siden
Where was this?
in cognito
in cognito - Måned siden
Stephen Zamulinsky
Stephen Zamulinsky - Måned siden
Unbelievable amount of flys always around...would drive me nuts
Kingship LLC
Kingship LLC - Måned siden
Awesome the life I wish I had
Dylon Swiatek
Dylon Swiatek - Måned siden
The Murphy Family
The Murphy Family - Måned siden
Awesome. I just love it
Authentically Kaehill
Authentically Kaehill - Måned siden
Gotta LOVE ...LOVE...LOVE the family adventures!!! 🤟🤗
Freak Box
Freak Box - 2 måneder siden
0:18 where can i get my own YBS crack pipe?
Ire - 2 måneder siden
on my marathon from episode 1....and while watching i just noticed YBS just got 2 MILLION SUBS! GRATZ BRODIE
Aggelos Vamvakaris
Aggelos Vamvakaris - 3 måneder siden
Where is all this happening?
BNMonkey- - 3 måneder siden
What year is your car??
H H - 3 måneder siden
Hahahahah I couldnt stop laughing when Brodie was baging Dad bod then he goes hes thinkin about mums spagetti tonight hahahah fk me funny dude
Black Sky
Black Sky - 3 måneder siden
You could use your keys
Pillidog - 3 måneder siden
and all these fake comments lol...
Pillidog - 3 måneder siden
What a massive narcissist.
Bali ink Yogi
Bali ink Yogi - 3 måneder siden
Take enjoy bodie
Filo tuttofare
Filo tuttofare - 4 måneder siden
Filo tuttofare
Filo tuttofare - 4 måneder siden
È bellissima la tua nipotina❤❤❤❤❤❤
Filo tuttofare
Filo tuttofare - 4 måneder siden
Spettacolo l australia e i tuoi video sei un grande👍👍👍👍💪💪💪😘😘😘
lunar0dolphin - 4 måneder siden
Wow what amazing footage of the scenery!! LOVE IT!!!! Hello from Quebec, CA !
Ely Foo II
Ely Foo II - 4 måneder siden
This is one of my fav vlogger ever. Watching from philippines mindanao bro.❤👌
Adar Padilla Gonzalez
Adar Padilla Gonzalez - 4 måneder siden
Subtiles in Spanish pleace
Anna504 Tokyo
Anna504 Tokyo - 4 måneder siden
Always be careful cooking next to ur car pls!god be with y’all !
Pietro DL
Pietro DL - 4 måneder siden
man i know that now is too late, but please next time u have to make boil tha water first and then put in the spaghetti. I'm italian and it's important to me lol
KonvoyGaming - 4 måneder siden
Who's down to group up and live near him? We can make a new channel and hang out lol
Matthew Manton
Matthew Manton - 4 måneder siden
Gold Coast at the seaway and it is pretty good. for spear fishing
Tony Almond
Tony Almond - 4 måneder siden
Are we not going to question the air freshener he has on his mirror? " Sex wax " haha
Bud Jai
Bud Jai - 4 måneder siden
Use a anti-skid belt for the tyre’s mate... we got fire baby 😆
Lenni Saunders
Lenni Saunders - 4 måneder siden
Very x.
Lenni Saunders
Lenni Saunders - 4 måneder siden
I’m such a mini you I’m 10 years old I go out chasing big fish I have my own boat and I am a professional surfer
Lenni Saunders
Lenni Saunders - 4 måneder siden
Can you air????
The_Waze - 4 måneder siden
Why is there barely no sharks?
Ameen Faizal
Ameen Faizal - 4 måneder siden
Love u bro from india
mal dova
mal dova - 4 måneder siden
If your car gets stuck in the sand and you are alone try to make the sand under the tires mud by pouring a lot of sea water over it and push the accelerator very slowly. Just a simple note in this very beautiful family atmosphere, thank you.
hi - 4 måneder siden
He really likes his crayfish eh?
Rhendis Adimas
Rhendis Adimas - 4 måneder siden
Enak.e tenan kampimg ngunu sak kluarga
Nuri cann
Nuri cann - 5 måneder siden
I wonder what he does when he has to pee😭😂😂
Ripoll Chen
Ripoll Chen - 5 måneder siden
waht's the song at 11:15 pls?
Logan Smailes
Logan Smailes - 5 måneder siden
At 2:02 sex wax yeah the boysssss
Logan Smailes
Logan Smailes - 5 måneder siden
Brodie is a great bloke 🔥
bornfisherman - 5 måneder siden
what tipe of beach are you at.
Mark Weston
Mark Weston - 5 måneder siden
can we get your mums COMPLETE recipe please.!!
Gmfc Rv6
Gmfc Rv6 - 5 måneder siden
I’m not sure if this video is old but Lancelin west Australia is a good spot out far
hjde6332 - 5 måneder siden
lovemytunes kristian
lovemytunes kristian - 5 måneder siden
thanks again helps.
POTTER Tv - 5 måneder siden
Best drone view bro... horizone gaisss... full hd
Nqbl. - 5 måneder siden
17:24 in the background
this is exactly why women do kitchen stuff mostly haha
Arjay M
Arjay M - 5 måneder siden
Thank you for taking me with you on my lunch break👍👍👍💪💪💪💞💖🤣😂😎
Andy Griffiths
Andy Griffiths - 5 måneder siden
why do fisheries like you to remove tails?
Matheus Barbosa
Matheus Barbosa - 5 måneder siden
Matheus Barbosa
Matheus Barbosa - 5 måneder siden
Wow! Thank you!
Eli Ragsdale
Eli Ragsdale - 5 måneder siden
anybody know what brand of suncreen that is he puts on ?
Tenille Jensen
Tenille Jensen - 5 måneder siden
At the sunny coast
Tenille Jensen
Tenille Jensen - 5 måneder siden
Come surfing with me
Tenille Jensen
Tenille Jensen - 5 måneder siden
I live near Townsville and live near the beach and chase all sorts 🤘🏻
Mary Raines
Mary Raines - 5 måneder siden
"lucky we had butter"
Mary Raines
Mary Raines - 5 måneder siden
I've never seen so many epic fails!! LOLOL
Roberto Carlos Alfonso
Roberto Carlos Alfonso - 5 måneder siden
Where us Strider?
Raymond Ibrahim
Raymond Ibrahim - 5 måneder siden
Brodie you r de best!!! :)
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow - 5 måneder siden
15:50 🤣 bog 🤣👍👍🍺
The Weber Clam Shell Grill
you cannot go wrong PERIOD
Erion Himaj
Erion Himaj - 5 måneder siden
Its so funny how u keep on mocking him for his dad bod ( i know its meant jokingly )
ahmad bodi
ahmad bodi - 5 måneder siden
Just love the way you enjoy your food
Rose Reber
Rose Reber - 5 måneder siden
Love the music love that your family helps u. Love your dog ..and your excitement
pinswade - 5 måneder siden
I love and miss my islands but man do I NOT miss the mosquitos and flies. Idk how you act so casual with them flying around. I’m too busy doing a slap dance.
DILLON HENNESSY - 5 måneder siden
bali mate great for surfing
Billy Bass
Billy Bass - 5 måneder siden
Where can I find the Zinc cream you use? Thanks man 🤙🏼
Christian Howard
Christian Howard - 6 måneder siden
I just saw a hermit crab the other day using a small conch shell as its shell. Biggest one I'd ever seen too. Usually theyre tiny lil things in sea snail shells. Down in the florida keys btw
Palindr0m3 me
Palindr0m3 me - 6 måneder siden
My youngest daughter who is 11 years is named Isla!! Great name.
James Moran
James Moran - 6 måneder siden
WHERES STRYDA !!!!!!! Only time I’ve not seen her 🐶
Thomas Mylrea-Lowndes
Thomas Mylrea-Lowndes - 6 måneder siden
Love the episodes - and your sustainable ethos - one suggestion (and this is not a criticism, just a tip), I use non-chemical biodegradable liquid to wash my mask before I dive. Have you thought about swapping out the baby shampoo as the chemicals in it can kill the reef? Thanks and keep the episodes coming :) [Tom from the UK!]
Niko Geogio
Niko Geogio - 6 måneder siden
Hey @13:44 what’s the song called that you played sounds amazing!
Aidan Gibbs
Aidan Gibbs - 6 måneder siden
Capatola, California has some amazing waves
pickle fork N wiggles
pickle fork N wiggles - 6 måneder siden
Looks like you can stick air - reverses. I was stoking for a second. lol.. more surfing please.
natureza selvagem
natureza selvagem - 6 måneder siden
Isaac HONEY - 6 måneder siden
you can go surfing at bondi beach
Zack V
Zack V - 6 måneder siden
adam smith
adam smith - 6 måneder siden
He reminded me of Steve Irwin when he was talking about that Hermit Crab haha, what a guy man so jealous of your life dude
Ilirian Disha
Ilirian Disha - 6 måneder siden
Why do you have to rip it's tail?
Jalen Lowdermilk
Jalen Lowdermilk - 6 måneder siden
I’m so happy he showed himself putting the zinc on his face because I legit thought he had a skin discoloration issue for the longest time
Daniel - 6 måneder siden
i love these people.
Alpha Ωmega
Alpha Ωmega - 6 måneder siden
Do flies just not bother you? Boy I'd swatting left and right.
Robot Overlord
Robot Overlord - 6 måneder siden
22:28 🤣
Mike234311882 -
Mike234311882 - - 6 måneder siden
Why’d they rip the tail off? Tag me in the reply’s so I’ll see it later
Jeff Redman
Jeff Redman - 25 dager siden
Mike2343118882 To mark it as recreationally caught instead of commercially
GoodVibes - 6 måneder siden
stop scratching you butt :D
Seth Bolin
Seth Bolin - 6 måneder siden
So is it a lobster or a cray fish because when he says crayfish I think of Louisiana crayfish n shit lol
Tony Loechte
Tony Loechte - 6 måneder siden
Gees Bro you are keeping 1/2 of the country sane at the moment.
Rock on.
luke - 6 måneder siden
how come they rip the tails off straight away? it doesnt bother me at all just interested
33gate1 - 6 måneder siden
WOW, what a moment 17:12 :)
Anjali - 6 måneder siden
Wow what a life
Rylun Bazinet
Rylun Bazinet - 6 måneder siden
Anyone know what he was putting on his face ?
Sir Scravy
Sir Scravy - 6 måneder siden
Surfer Surfer
Surfer Surfer - 6 måneder siden
good times!! thank you......paducah kentucky usa spring here now
N Y - 6 måneder siden
Wow coming in hot😃🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈
Mark Rothenberg
Mark Rothenberg - 6 måneder siden
I love the little girl (niece) and Brodie together saying, “we got fire baby.”
BLITZ3N - 6 måneder siden
21.37 stryda just chillin looking at the ocean
White Tequila
White Tequila - 6 måneder siden
talks about mums spaghetti and listening to eminem, coincidence? I THINK NOT.
(eminem song at 8:02)
Drone x3
Drone x3 - 6 måneder siden
I usually just stab my tire with a reasonably large knife. It works just as good
_aks1_ - 6 måneder siden
19:45. 💀💀