THIS WILL MAKE YOUR SKIN CRAWL My Biggest Achievement In Life So Far (Emotional) - Ep 175

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How long could you handle this before going crazy?
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 7 måneder siden
Doing a competition on my instagram @brodiemoss if you guys want to win some free YBS gear!!
sonny pars
sonny pars - 2 måneder siden
hope i can taste one of your wrap what it taste like... mate
Sam Richards
Sam Richards - 7 måneder siden
Bring back the rashies
chantelle bamber
chantelle bamber - 7 måneder siden
Hell yeah!
Darren Jones
Darren Jones - 7 måneder siden
I am currently editing and managing content for Key West Waterman. I have followed you since the liquid cinema days. I would love to edit for you
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia - 7 måneder siden
YBS gear for dogs baby!!!! They need fire 🔥
AMAS Channel 2
AMAS Channel 2 - 12 dager siden
Are there no fly repellents available in Australia?
CJ Boyd
CJ Boyd - 14 dager siden
what was the phone call? what was the achievement?
BudaKhan - 15 dager siden
Spitting all over myself trying to spit out Brodie's flies
Eden Garden
Eden Garden - Måned siden
My biggest achievement is..... nothing. And i am 32.
Riomar Martina
Riomar Martina - Måned siden
Funny part when u talk wht sryda😂😂
doronazl - 2 måneder siden
"2020 going to be my bitch"
Covid19-"hold my beer"
quieromicubita - 2 måneder siden
You should have an enterprise number to offer "adventure, fishing and tourism" to locals and foreigners.
Would that work?
Kevin S
Kevin S - 2 måneder siden
Hold that a drop ceiling in this dudes house!? Game changer
Ire - 2 måneder siden
"cough cough...just swallowed another one(fly) ..cough...YEAHHHH!!!" I love this guys spirit.
Ire - 2 måneder siden
PsyQo KLVNConcepts
PsyQo KLVNConcepts - 2 måneder siden
try non copyright songs & look for other ppl doing this videos and chance some stuff into the edit
Kolin Soots
Kolin Soots - 3 måneder siden
Can someone answer if he puts on insect repellent and those flies are still that bad or does he only have sunscreen on?
Anchor Down Boat
Anchor Down Boat - 3 måneder siden
I would love to help you edit videos, I’m learning fast. If you ever want any free help!
Incognito Friberg
Incognito Friberg - 3 måneder siden
HAHA! how the fuck can you stay positive while swallowing flies, haha...
Tony Clark
Tony Clark - 3 måneder siden
This is my favorite channel on youtube at the moment. Please keep up the absolutely amazing content!!!! Anyone know what kind of sunglasses he is wearing in this episode? I rrrreeeaaalllly want a pair... :) Thanks for sharing brotha!
JeDi Riss51
JeDi Riss51 - 4 måneder siden
Do you no longer live with Jared?
DaBurritoMan - 4 måneder siden
That part where you checked over the ski is that because of what happened that one time 🤔🤔
only say that because its happened to me and i do the same every time now hahahaa
Vibe Official
Vibe Official - 4 måneder siden
another one another one another one HAHAHAHAHA
Wally - 5 måneder siden
why the fuck there are so many flies at aussie beaches? Here in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) they are not commom.
Lee Rainford
Lee Rainford - 5 måneder siden
I'd rock a ybs rashy 100% be adding one to my basket if you go ahead with them
Esteban Mars
Esteban Mars - 5 måneder siden
e kin
e kin - 5 måneder siden
What if you get a fly zapper racquet, will it lower the population?
777z - 5 måneder siden
bob is such a dumb dog
Stan VP
Stan VP - 5 måneder siden
The fish seems so small down there, but once you get to the surface together, it's waaay bigger than expected!
Chaditude Fitness
Chaditude Fitness - 6 måneder siden
My anxiety could not handle the flies section. I had to skip over it.
MyLifeRSC - 6 måneder siden
Sorry mate but I had to reply around the 7.10 mark so many times when you tell Stryda to run like he's never run before. Damn near in tears laughing hahaha
Rob Boggess
Rob Boggess - 6 måneder siden
Editing...hmmm... I'll help
1) ride on the boat
2) record
3) fish
4) eat
5) drink beer
No worries. No sick days here! I'll be to work daily! 😎
Kordian - 6 måneder siden
OmG what a massacre with those fly's....
Max Weber
Max Weber - 6 måneder siden
Max Weber
Max Weber - 6 måneder siden
Iam not living on the ocean, but why there are so many flys out there ? craaaazzy
Bison Reigns
Bison Reigns - 6 måneder siden
Rashies are a YES
bella stram
bella stram - 6 måneder siden
bob didnt listen and we all suffered for it
Masonovich 5991
Masonovich 5991 - 6 måneder siden
“Go Stryder!” *chokes on flies*
Ahhh another one!
Muath Alharbi
Muath Alharbi - 6 måneder siden
I die laughing when the flys attacked u 😂😂😂
Hayley Eggins
Hayley Eggins - 6 måneder siden
the sounds when he goes under water sounds like my belly after i just ate chipotle
gavin kenny
gavin kenny - 6 måneder siden
Go Brodie Those dunny budgies are good protein 8)
Matthew Mendoza
Matthew Mendoza - 6 måneder siden
Branded bandana for the face bruv. I'd buy one.
Ross Patterson
Ross Patterson - 6 måneder siden
You know your life is good when you can’t even say failure😂🤣
JustJosh - 6 måneder siden
I would edit the shit outa ya stuff
Richard Austin
Richard Austin - 6 måneder siden
Good thing you don’t fish like you mow.
jacob womach
jacob womach - 6 måneder siden
how do your ears not hurt underwater
Tony Loechte
Tony Loechte - 6 måneder siden
I feel so flyolated.
Z Sherz
Z Sherz - 6 måneder siden
Alyssa Da Silveira
Alyssa Da Silveira - 6 måneder siden
Did I miss the achievement? I'll keep watching the vids I guess
TxhGamingGTZ - 6 måneder siden
2020 is going to be my Year
2020: Pandemic Covid-19
Harvey - 6 måneder siden
I can definitely help with your editing) if your interested maybe you can message my Instagram bro @_hrvy17
scott sheppard
scott sheppard - 6 måneder siden
Yeeeew ,,,,, ! Thanks for entertainment !!!
Danny Lage
Danny Lage - 6 måneder siden
When he runs like a 3 year old into the water. Hilarious.
Surfer Surfer
Surfer Surfer - 6 måneder siden
omg those flies, not good times, and i pray to god your big surprise isnt a sex change........just kidding, its probably strada is having bobs puppies!!! thank you
Dcoy TV
Dcoy TV - 6 måneder siden
David Puris
David Puris - 6 måneder siden
Me: see's brodie with a torch
Brodie: looks back at the camera
My brain: catch on time catch it on time!!!
Me :we got fire baby
Brodie two seconds later:we got fire baby
Me : :(
James Jackson
James Jackson - 6 måneder siden
That music sounds like a fallout game when you hunt
Soul Taker
Soul Taker - 6 måneder siden
you need to make a line of hats with netting on them so you can pull it down over your head to get away from the flys lol
gatheringflamess1 - 6 måneder siden
Um no explanation why you were in literal hell with all those flies? Like why were there so many?
James Tiefry
James Tiefry - 6 måneder siden
I would rock 1 every day Brodie hook a brotha up!!!
James Tiefry
James Tiefry - 6 måneder siden
Hey I have a great editor if you haven’t found 1 yet....we are starting a Chanel also soon help us help you brotha 🤙
Mark Rothenberg
Mark Rothenberg - 6 måneder siden
The safest and most efficient way to thaw fish or meat is to submerge in cool water. Leaving fish or meat out on the counter to thaw via air is slow and potentially dangerous. Be safe mate
Jalen Saunders
Jalen Saunders - 6 måneder siden
Mate I love your vids ur an absolute legend. Hats off to you sir!
Unlysdexia _
Unlysdexia _ - 6 måneder siden
After 6:00, where did his airpods go 😂 I hope he took them out between shots
Demokrat Morina
Demokrat Morina - 6 måneder siden
I was waiting for someone to notice😂
misi lealasola
misi lealasola - 6 måneder siden
This is the best fishing channel ever💯 keep it up 🤝
Connor Wilkins
Connor Wilkins - 6 måneder siden
Anytime he dives I feel like I'm drowning
Ashley Clack
Ashley Clack - 6 måneder siden
It must be a apple sponsor !! You have had those AirPods in all day !!! Lol
fr4me01 - 6 måneder siden
lol @15:35 the best way to mow the lawn, then the hammock is the best way to relax and enjoy after!
Sumira Khan
Sumira Khan - 6 måneder siden
Paul Musgrave
Paul Musgrave - 6 måneder siden
Hi when do you think your guns are going to be on the market and will you be getting any more dive knives soon
love the vids loads
Kate Lightfoot
Kate Lightfoot - 6 måneder siden
Stryda in the background at 6:16 is just so adorable
Bon Quirap
Bon Quirap - 6 måneder siden
Thats crazy flies, man!
Blizs Garage
Blizs Garage - 6 måneder siden
Where about in Australia r u mate? I was in Telfer/Perth for 2 months. Beautiful area I drove the north and south coast. I remember those flies 😬
Jenna Rickman
Jenna Rickman - 6 måneder siden
Exmouth way
legendxmama - 7 måneder siden
Please carry larger sizes.. 3xl rashees! Mahalo!!!
Martin - 7 måneder siden
where in Aus to live?
Joseph Larucci
Joseph Larucci - 7 måneder siden
Did he get spounserd
Joseph Larucci
Joseph Larucci - 7 måneder siden
I hate when they get in your ear like the bzzzzz
Hi my name is Connor
Hi my name is Connor - 7 måneder siden
Hire sive off PewDiePies channel
Tactical Foregrip
Tactical Foregrip - 7 måneder siden
I’ve been watching strider and you for nearly 2 years now what ever you earned you completely deserve it 🤟🤟
Brown Town
Brown Town - 7 måneder siden
Where do you live? It's so beautiful
Te watene Bill Emery
Te watene Bill Emery - 7 måneder siden
living the life
Scottish LifeTM
Scottish LifeTM - 7 måneder siden
FAR TOO SHIINEY on the rasheys
Robbie Duffy
Robbie Duffy - 7 måneder siden
Anyone know what that beach and area is called in Australia that Brodie basically lives in
Kat - 7 måneder siden
Lol l love all the people nominating themselves as editors:):):)
Alsimal Abdurajik
Alsimal Abdurajik - 7 måneder siden
Shelley Mason
Shelley Mason - 7 måneder siden
What's up with the flies geez😬
Alexander Kurtin
Alexander Kurtin - 7 måneder siden
I don’t like all the screaming which is new for you, still the best you tuner out there
Robert Badger
Robert Badger - 7 måneder siden
Corona flies
Robert Badger
Robert Badger - 7 måneder siden
Pissed myself laughing at Brodie with the flies. Still wiping the tears.
Garrett Garcia
Garrett Garcia - 7 måneder siden
I definitely think you should totally make those rash guard shirts for sure!! I would totally buy a couple of them for sure!!! Sick as hell!! Love it
Derek Hewitt
Derek Hewitt - 7 måneder siden
Olive free video editor is a good one
Ocean_is_lyf - 7 måneder siden
Sitting here watching this, and I swear a fly flew in to my mouth.......😬
HPSXC7 - 7 måneder siden
Interested in editing videos for your channel I’m currently taking a video editing class in 8th grade. I haven’t been editing for years but I would find it SUPER COOL to be able to edit for such a cool YouTuber such as yourself
Aqua Life
Aqua Life - 7 måneder siden
To buy his parents a new home!
Skinnyhoops - 7 måneder siden
Come on bob get out the way 🤣
Valuable Luda
Valuable Luda - 7 måneder siden
hes having an baby
Mike Live
Mike Live - 7 måneder siden
Hey Brody I love the video's man. I truly am inspired by what you do. I live vicariously do your videos. By myself have an Australian Shepherd. I live in Florida near the ocean(not as pretty as your ocean) I just need a nice little boat. Lol. One day hopefully,.... One day. Keep up the great content your life is amazing and we see your truly humble by what you get to do on a day to day man. "" WE GOT 🔥 BABY!!"
Stranger - 7 måneder siden
LandRoverLife - 7 måneder siden
Rashie would be sweet ive been trying find one for a whie now
Tapeworm - 7 måneder siden
put that down as a faylor, a fayor.......i cant say that word. aww man good times sounds like me
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson - 7 måneder siden
Love the ol' rashies brother!!..bring em on!
bastian heekmann
bastian heekmann - 7 måneder siden
Hey mate, let stydas teath be cleaned! Its important for healthy little stryda
Parker Walton
Parker Walton - 7 måneder siden
You got a beach house?!
Maeve McDougal
Maeve McDougal - 7 måneder siden
I’d definitely wear the rash guard
Ryan TheSavage 360
Ryan TheSavage 360 - 7 måneder siden
2:33 eel