THE FISH OF A LIFE TIME Best Day Ever - Ep 237

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We send it for our friends birthday and then catch the FISH OF A LIFE TIME with the boys!
Part 1 -
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Shane Beaudrot
Shane Beaudrot - 9 timer siden
You know what they say;
It's not fun until someone gets hurt, then it's freaking hilarious 😜😆😅😂
Amanda Enochs
Amanda Enochs - 6 dager siden
i can imagine you have been asked this question before but what is the secret sauce ???????
Bo Burwell
Bo Burwell - 6 dager siden
Your boats dank af mate. Still impatiently waiting for my contender.
Marcanthony Contreras
Marcanthony Contreras - 11 dager siden
Great vids but please put fire on the tortillas pls 😑
Redouane Blida
Redouane Blida - 13 dager siden
Thank you, my friend. I wish you an abundant catch.🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈
luke 1276
luke 1276 - 13 dager siden
The type of fishing I can respect.... Only keep what you need.
Salty dreams Life
Salty dreams Life - 14 dager siden
Best video too 🙌🏼🤙🏼 cheers mate
Alexander Ishere
Alexander Ishere - 14 dager siden
Whenever you are in the water with a speargun... I hope you don't shoot them. especially in this one were you already had a huge one for food.
Ken Beckman
Ken Beckman - 28 dager siden
The area is total eye candy and your narrative and being is so living life to fullest. Just what I need during COVID. You have stiff competition; your dog rocks!
Dakoda Chatfield
Dakoda Chatfield - Måned siden
I love your videos and you inspired me a lot and I’m doing mostly everything I can aford to do
4y0u - Måned siden
how can you dislike this awesome video
Mufasa XD
Mufasa XD - Måned siden
wicked video !! SONG NAME @ 11:45 pleaseplease
Hayden Simpson
Hayden Simpson - Måned siden
where doyou film i would love to go there
kishore kumar
kishore kumar - Måned siden
Jared...tell me d truth..r u glenn maxwell's brother ? I need to knkw
Divyan Chamunda
Divyan Chamunda - Måned siden
whats the song at 11:45
Minh Tran
Minh Tran - Måned siden
Awesome boat mate my uncle wants that boat mate
Peter. Hatch
Peter. Hatch - Måned siden
Miss Emily
Jack Galloway
Jack Galloway - Måned siden
Good stuff. Best.
Gareth Fearn
Gareth Fearn - Måned siden
Wtf...yahoooo!!!!!! what a nuts wahoo!!!!! , sick boys , that was so epic and much respect for the release 😎🤘🤘🤘 yewwwww!!!!
Eva Beullens
Eva Beullens - Måned siden
Bega (as in Bega cheese) is literally a 30 minute drive from where I live.
73crazylady - Måned siden
You are living my dream.
DJ Alfaro
DJ Alfaro - Måned siden
“And I’m in the middle just enjoying life right now” SO good
monkey see monkey do
monkey see monkey do - Måned siden
I hate these vids, My life is such shit in comparison
Todd Justice
Todd Justice - 2 måneder siden
I know what the secret sauce is!
Ayoob abraham bolma
Ayoob abraham bolma - 2 måneder siden
Nice dog 💙🐕‍🦺
brc51o72 - 2 måneder siden
Jacko gets mvp for being a DaD. 👌 nice.
Ryan Heath
Ryan Heath - 2 måneder siden
Wahoos/ Spanish Mackerels are my favourite fish to eat. So good to see you guys have so much fun.
SC H - 2 måneder siden
Truly dudes that know how to appreciate so much fun and excitement, the crew knows how to do it!!
SC H - 2 måneder siden
Holy shit double hook up killer wahoo!!
Leo Phillips
Leo Phillips - 2 måneder siden
Another epic vid legend!! I love too see big girls like that going back as there such a rare occurrence in the ocean these days 💯
Anthony D
Anthony D - 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or does D-Man look like Steve-O!!! You guys rock!!!
Jt - 2 måneder siden
Great video man ihad a bad day to start this helps
Mark Johns
Mark Johns - 2 måneder siden
Love that D man chose to let it go!
James Westhart
James Westhart - 2 måneder siden
Magnificent Wahoo! Kudos for releasing him back into his realm. "He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day"
Pacific Boys Fish and Dive
Pacific Boys Fish and Dive - 2 måneder siden
nice fish man! much love all the way from Hawaii, its almost lobster season here I'm getting pumped!
#Explore 4 Life Adventures
#Explore 4 Life Adventures - 2 måneder siden
Ya kicking big goals legend. Love your vids, charisma and attitude on life. I’ll get back home one day soon and would love to meet ya and wet a line together. Keep keeping it real brother 🤙😎
Smoothy - 2 måneder siden
10:55 brodie looks sooooo much like jacko
jackie whalley
jackie whalley - 2 måneder siden
Congrats guys... beautiful fish !!! Come to the North Carolina coast and deep sea fish... you guys would love it and we are known for true Southern Hospitality. Not to mention our excellent Southern cooking... be safe and keep on your amazing path
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins - 2 måneder siden
Brodie you need fish for some marlin or swordfish
A Clarky
A Clarky - 2 måneder siden
Man what an incredible video guys! Awesome vibes & action packed the whole way through it👌 hope your man had a good birthday bash ( forgot the name lol ) such an inspirational bunch of guy's to the viewer's & hey you show the people that fishing is good fun & life by the sea is the life to live 👌 remember guys ybs cleanup worldwide, do us all proud ybs fans!🤩 keep up the great content Brodie
Elijah Gardener
Elijah Gardener - 2 måneder siden
Share the party bro!
dstick1 - 2 måneder siden
The Matthew Pavlich Lure is destroying Fish! That Dman Woo was a ripper, close to 30kg I recon. So much fun, thanks for the smiles and sharing the excitement! That boat is so doing it strong!
Ziqryl Haqim
Ziqryl Haqim - 2 måneder siden
What's the music at 1:55?
Patrick Coates
Patrick Coates - 2 måneder siden
What do you use for sunscreen? Is that a zinc?
Noah Schurman
Noah Schurman - 2 måneder siden
Brodie: SHARKS
Половинец Олег
Половинец Олег - 2 måneder siden
Братва, вы счастливчики
Wayna's 4wd Adventures
Wayna's 4wd Adventures - 2 måneder siden
you are the best YouTuber ever from Ashton
Leadreviewer - 2 måneder siden
Good stuff guys awesome action catch and release, keep some for supper..
Check out this sailing guy Sailing into Freedom you may even know the guy.
Sven Hinrichsen
Sven Hinrichsen - 2 måneder siden
Happy birthday tiny Tim! Looks like a great time man!
Jack Hansen
Jack Hansen - 2 måneder siden
Oscar Mollenhauer
Oscar Mollenhauer - 2 måneder siden
Great to see the Sea Stryda is getting used again. Awesome boat.
Tim Potteiger
Tim Potteiger - 2 måneder siden
You guys are awesome, no one ever gives up their biggest catch to keep the smaller catch, so as per usual you guys and your conservation minded approach to fishing is awesome. Huge thumbs up!!
Mike Sarten
Mike Sarten - 2 måneder siden
Epic what a day, thought we had a good day out last weekend but this slays it. Thanks for sharing
Felipe Giraldo
Felipe Giraldo - 2 måneder siden
Didnt know Steve-o liked fishing!!
Dick Gibson
Dick Gibson - 2 måneder siden
Super duper way way kool men!!!
Keep em comin...................
Vinchino - 2 måneder siden
what's the secret sauce?
Chisan - 2 måneder siden
These videos make me so happy 😂😂
Radu B
Radu B - 2 måneder siden
What speargun are you using ?
J R - 2 måneder siden
So much positivity, powerfull video thanks ☘️👊
scott Larsen
scott Larsen - 2 måneder siden
gumballer9 - 2 måneder siden
You could start a fishing charter business. Fishin with Brodie! lol
Fishing North Florida
Fishing North Florida - 2 måneder siden
I would love nothing more than to fish with Brodie and the boys and just hang out at Mossland
Silent ACE
Silent ACE - 2 måneder siden
Put It In Slow MO
ruschane - 2 måneder siden
Nothing compares to the boys😌😌😌
Micah Williams
Micah Williams - 2 måneder siden
Way to go guys!!! What a day!!
I have to exspierence that one day
Floridatude - 2 måneder siden
Ever thought of buying a gaff?
Seb Grillo
Seb Grillo - 2 måneder siden
Wow big fish
Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker - 2 måneder siden
Dude you have all these sponsors, two massive boats and the list goes on. Where is your BBQ instead of that little camping stove?
Tex 21133
Tex 21133 - 2 måneder siden
Brendan Maruyama
Brendan Maruyama - 2 måneder siden
bro sammy reminds me of david spade lol ! good vid
Buddy Army 4 ever
Buddy Army 4 ever - 2 måneder siden
I just can feel the awesomeness and enjoyness even from watching it. What a life. Im so jealous when im full of busy at work. 😀
Edward Hewer
Edward Hewer - 2 måneder siden
Great episode. Only whinge...wraps again?..geez you aren't creative enough to invite some WA based YT cook to do something different for you guys? To get some cross subject matter love going between two channels? Epic fishing tho. Thanks for the spirit lift again.
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Lol I never knew these guys were gay! 🤣
AHKtoong BAYbi
AHKtoong BAYbi - 2 måneder siden
Sammy is the best. Absolute ace.
Thomas Seibel
Thomas Seibel - 2 måneder siden
Man, I love your lifestyle! Chasing dreams, working hard, and sometimes playing a little harder! Cheers mate, from California!
Kai Marshall
Kai Marshall - 2 måneder siden
That Ep what so good, love the work boys and the Edits where the best!
Michaela Pacyao
Michaela Pacyao - 2 måneder siden
Love you Youngblood’s the energy and the videos bro keep it up
Mark LaRue
Mark LaRue - 2 måneder siden
How can anyone ever give a thumbs down to any YBS video???
Citizens Rights
Citizens Rights - 2 måneder siden
🔥 ✨2.2 Million Subscribers✨ 🔥
Quinn Besser
Quinn Besser - 2 måneder siden
How did you meet all your boys?
catusg - 2 måneder siden
Just doesn’t get any better than that...
DW 96734
DW 96734 - 2 måneder siden
Where is the fish of a lifetime? Love the vids, but hate when a title is misleading.
Francesco Iadicicco
Francesco Iadicicco - 2 måneder siden
Some of the luckiest guys in the world. Ciao. ;)
PuR3 CoBaX
PuR3 CoBaX - 2 måneder siden
2 milllllllllll
Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter - 2 måneder siden
Can you please start showing all the big fish you catch up close and say what kind they are
X-X Farms
X-X Farms - 2 måneder siden
Hey Brodie it been a while since you did some toastier??
Bushido Warrior
Bushido Warrior - 2 måneder siden
I’ve been a devoted subscriber to your channel. It’s very disappointing to have to watch drinking games.
Бамбарбей Киркудуич
memory foundation
Conor Barrett
Conor Barrett - 2 måneder siden
Watching from Victoria :(
Julian - 2 måneder siden
Those fishs were like I'm fast as fuck boyyyy
Mary Elges
Mary Elges - 2 måneder siden
Love your show so much. I have learned so much about the area you live in. The free diving you guys do is amazing.
Ynech - 2 måneder siden
Great video.
Leny Amparo
Leny Amparo - 2 måneder siden
Why did they let go of the fish?
Kade 09
Kade 09 - 2 måneder siden
You have inspired me to fish 🎣 love you videos please keep up the amazing work btw i have watched you for three years love ya work
Food Outdoors With Me
Food Outdoors With Me - 2 måneder siden
Keep it up, your channel still interested,longtime no see you
Kuhlan Toki
Kuhlan Toki - 2 måneder siden
He’s an actor ay. U see glimpses of him being short,stubborn or rude. But he knows how to sell the videos 😂 Great content but y can tell he’s nearly always faking it 🤦🏽😂
Cam's Gone Camping
Cam's Gone Camping - 2 måneder siden
Pull throughs grow up wankers
Levi Laurenson
Levi Laurenson - 2 måneder siden
Just awsome dudes, question for ya, havent seen a drink in ya hand yet mate, are you able to drink anything since you got crook? Cheers mate, keep it up, happy for ya
ATHARY - 2 måneder siden
Love it❤️❤️🌄🌄🌄🤘
Amazing life🙌
Tony Minadeo
Tony Minadeo - 2 måneder siden
Where’s the girls ou I forgot you guys want to stay free