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Join Brodie Moss in a crazy week of wild emus fighting at mossland, teaching neighbour Vicky to drive the buggy, glass off afternoons with his brother, taking the new jet boat out rescuing a whale stuck in a crab pot and surprising his best friend with his dream camera!!
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Shane Beaudrot
Shane Beaudrot - 3 dager siden
Dude, I took a picture of you guys sitting on the back of the boat together.
It was a great photo op that I couldn't pass up.
You guys are my fantasy friends. You guys know how to have fun and how to do the things I'd like to do if I had friends like that.
Party on guys👍
Tassy Devil
Tassy Devil - 4 dager siden
Is it legal to drink alcohol on a boat where u r? Id never ever go out with any of u
Jake Craft
Jake Craft - 8 dager siden
Can we get a join button Boys? I wanna be able to support these legends in every way possible! Love everything they stand for! Pure Aussie Spirit and the respect for the land and animals is something we don't see often in our local areas. More of us need to make an effort so we can actually change what is happening. It starts with us. YBS is Life!
Simmokidboi - 8 dager siden
It's a good call that he's filling the void that Steve Irwin left behind, with amazing videography, respectful contact with nature and a sprinkling of hot ladies. It's understandably a popular formula, who else in Aus has 2 million subs and is creating this amazing content......
geroumz - 13 dager siden
HOLY FFF ! that was so bloody prestine and beautiful !
Things like that make my day...
Jody Chadd
Jody Chadd - 14 dager siden
Your a good man bud , and deserve all of it , pleasure to watch you and the boys
tommy Benton Cadle
tommy Benton Cadle - 14 dager siden
Shovel Nose Sharks Are Such Great Eating !!!!!!!
Just Me
Just Me - 21 dag siden
5:28... walk the plank mate
Mika Kuhnke
Mika Kuhnke - 24 dager siden
U guys are amazing 😍😍😍❤️ much love from Germany
Omar A
Omar A - 25 dager siden
Your videos always cheer me up when im feeling depressed. Thank you Brodie and friends
Nicholas Maressa
Nicholas Maressa - 25 dager siden
What song was that he was playing on the boat
mike watts
mike watts - 28 dager siden
You lucky lucky fella !! 🙌just amazing!
Rohan Richardson
Rohan Richardson - Måned siden
Shit hot present to give to one of the mates!
baxter2036 - Måned siden
how friends should be. so nice to see people appreciating each other. thanks for the content YBS fam
rhadz Karay
rhadz Karay - Måned siden
Ybs. Big fun. I'm always watching here in Philippines.
Merle Tight
Merle Tight - Måned siden
00:55 makrel? what fish is that? :)
FlyMeAirplane - Måned siden
That whale and dolphin video was epic!
Iris the bus
Iris the bus - Måned siden
Some wonderful friends!!!
Harry Helm
Harry Helm - Måned siden
What was that stingray sharky thingy? They look insane
james Andthegiantpeach
james Andthegiantpeach - Måned siden
You lost a fish with a spinner in it ? How’s that no leaving shit in the ocean 🤛🏻
Danny Jets
Danny Jets - Måned siden
bra such sick footage!! unreal
jacob Downey
jacob Downey - Måned siden
yewww yeah the boys
James Sudek
James Sudek - Måned siden
Capt Bob Esquire - Aviation Adventures
Didn’t get to see the camera bro 🙁
skye iris
skye iris - Måned siden
I love the hoodie huhuhu hoping to have that one ❤❤
jacob spalding
jacob spalding - Måned siden
When dad bod they’d to flip a 40+ pound cobe😢
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - Måned siden
Salute Brodie..
kimmyrusso666 - Måned siden
Lol at how calm he was when the line snapped. Am just curious can you not eat sea snakes? If one had to for survival reasons.
kimmyrusso666 - Måned siden
Hope you can get insurance on it. I would be nervous everytime I used it. It's so nice to know a photographers.Due so many just go digtial now.
Aldous Hunter
Aldous Hunter - Måned siden
Less twerking/music I like watching video's with the volume up 😁
Jacob Rosenfeld
Jacob Rosenfeld - Måned siden
Anybody notice that was like the first episode with a commercial
Matt Blais
Matt Blais - Måned siden
Love it Alll ! cant wait to making to STRIALA! After this SHIT! cheers mates from CANADA !!
Matt Jordan
Matt Jordan - Måned siden
congrats to both of you, d man is a legend!
Kiweedians - Måned siden
Brodie any tips in keeping the handle noise down on the GoPro?
Or do you edit in post?
Dariush - Måned siden
Just talk and silly guys , no fishing no action ,no good
تحيا مصر TAHIA MASR
Is this piece of papaer the new camera u meant? 📸🎥🙄
Francis Dolosa
Francis Dolosa - Måned siden
I hope a'm gonna meet you in person someday. This is the first time I drop a comment but i always watch your videos. I hope your YBS products are available here in the Philippines.
Sebastian Flores
Sebastian Flores - Måned siden
Iced_out _HELLO
Iced_out _HELLO - Måned siden
I swear you capture some of the most majestical moments of sea life activity. Those dolphins and whale playing around with that music😍😍thats David attenborough material
Adam - Måned siden
Doubt you’ll see this but, have you ever tried reeling left handed and holding the rod with your right (dominant hand)? It’s so much easier. Been fishing that way since I was a kid with caster and spinning reels both. It looks super awkward to do the difficult work of holding the rod and working the lure with the weaker arm.
Henry Gardner
Henry Gardner - Måned siden
So beautiful to see the whales then so sad to see the next one in the rope. That just sucks ass.
Boat Fishing South Wales
Boat Fishing South Wales - Måned siden
Man love your channel ...but your lucky to live wher you have such clear water bless
RGMG - Måned siden
You get the most insane footage! You're like watching the Nature Channel. Cheers!
Monkey News
Monkey News - Måned siden
We get it there’s a pandemic the world is poor and your splashing cash every week
Constantin de Lussac
Constantin de Lussac - Måned siden
Can't believe you are over 2 million subscribers already, congrats, you deserve it
Gaetano Lascala
Gaetano Lascala - Måned siden
Legend Brodie!!! Ur an awesome role model (doin what most of us aspire to do). Thanks bro u r an inspiration.
Not to mention a great photographer and vid editor. Plus ur a funny bugga and the way u & da Boyz entertain everyone around the world (promoting marine conservation) while being yourselves.
I have watched u since b4 200g subs and congrats on all the success. Also love how ur bringing everyone up with u!
Davi Silva
Davi Silva - Måned siden
Even gangsters like dis channel bruh😭
Yo Aj
Yo Aj - Måned siden
Jacko , Sammy and D man should start there own channel hey!!
claudio guanes doldan
claudio guanes doldan - Måned siden
Ur a good friend brother!! God bless!!
German Haimovici
German Haimovici - Måned siden
James Woods
James Woods - Måned siden
Awes9me brother always remember who your friends are brother great job
Garrett Horton
Garrett Horton - Måned siden
What song is that at the end??
Sean Binns
Sean Binns - Måned siden
Whales and dolphins playing is probably first time ever on camera
Mikaele72 - Måned siden
Very touching Brodie, you got a big heart. It's all about the family and friends. Aloha
Paul Horton
Paul Horton - Måned siden
Excellent 😂👍🏻🌊🌊🌊you guys are great !
Big J
Big J - Måned siden
I swear if I see one more person grab the line 2 feet from a giant fish. I mean come on!!!. Otherwise great video
TheTimp1665 - Måned siden
The e
TheTimp1665 - Måned siden
Need more check out The Nomeads
dahner laurence
dahner laurence - Måned siden
Ryan Curtis
Ryan Curtis - Måned siden
Takes care of his family and friends. Good man right here!!!
CALI HUB - Måned siden
we tried to repair an old boat for us to fish on sea far from shore
CALI HUB - Måned siden
im a fun of yours, thats why im inspired here in philippines, keep it up
Fishing-Frenzy - Måned siden
That’s really nice what you guys did for dman!!!
T_C_tv - Måned siden
Man, you experience ‘once in a lifetime’ kinda shit every other day. Pinch yourself. Stoked, so awesome, good on you!
brc51o72 - Måned siden
Great friends. Awesome to see that. Thanks
Droflux J
Droflux J - Måned siden
The Emu brand beer is the most Aussie thing I have ever seen in my life
Dale Powers
Dale Powers - Måned siden
The things your eyes have seen, for most are only in a dream!
Aaron Escobar
Aaron Escobar - Måned siden
How do you always hold your breath soooooooo long I can only hold mine for like 7 to 10 seconds some times when moving
Amanda Matthias
Amanda Matthias - Måned siden
Loved this channel for ages but I'm unsubbing....sick of seeing his new house, jet boat, jet ski etc. Go check out Willem back to his community constantly and sure as shit isn't doing as well as Brodie financially
kosmo spacejams
kosmo spacejams - Måned siden
GIVE IT UP FOR D MAN!!!!!!!!!! What a lad!!
Da Bluntamentalz
Da Bluntamentalz - Måned siden
She's stuck in australia and that's how love stories are made
Da Bluntamentalz
Da Bluntamentalz - Måned siden
Your new neighbor is the one for you bruv
Da Bluntamentalz
Da Bluntamentalz - Måned siden
Thank you for another video. Congrats on the property bruv. And you will find that wife and family soon just how you have found yourself touching all of our souls. Btw BMTH IS THE BAND
gRosh08 - Måned siden
Over the Top!
krisby55 - Måned siden
Submit the Dolphin and Whale to some Marine Biologists, I bet they would be fascinated!
mellzbellz82 - Måned siden
like seriously!!! whales n dolphins.
jon mag
jon mag - Måned siden
hey brodie , you should go back and check on coral you saved in episode 103 . give us an update how its doing . cheers seattle USA
Ernesto C. Salcedo
Ernesto C. Salcedo - Måned siden
Cheers boys #blessandstayblessed
oceanstar5000 - Måned siden
Brodie have you met Andy from Andy’s fishing? I think he is so awesome. He is how I found you. He needs a shot out cause he helped me find your awesome channel. Please check him out. He is a pilot too! Flys in to fish and mud crab. Love to see you guys. Fish together !!!!! And I’m a world away...
Ash - Måned siden
Dman, you deserve the camera (and so much more) you're such a great dude!! 😉👍
The 1 And only KK
The 1 And only KK - Måned siden
That’s how you secure tattoos for life lol
JayrseyshoreGardner - Måned siden
The whale and dolphin footage was phenomenal..
Badduck outs
Badduck outs - Måned siden
brodie how does that jet boat do in the slop?? have you had it in 2-3 footers yet?
Sonam Topden
Sonam Topden - Måned siden
Lol I was just waiting to see the expensive camera tho 😅
Quinn Besser
Quinn Besser - Måned siden
You can tell that you did this because of true friendship and not just for the views. Cheers for that. Congrats D Man
Max Johnston
Max Johnston - Måned siden
Does he read all the comments
emilio mills
emilio mills - Måned siden
The dolphins was like
Ayup mannn😂😂
Casey Cockbain
Casey Cockbain - Måned siden
You boys need a net to land those bigger fish! Stops them snapping the line when you lift them in!
Justin In
Justin In - Måned siden
Yes to drone scuba diving
Fedd X
Fedd X - Måned siden
first song was straight fire!!
Joseph Iosefa
Joseph Iosefa - Måned siden
Mate this channel turning to hollywood for me
linnea randolph-lopez
linnea randolph-lopez - Måned siden
Thank you brodie!!!
Alvin Ray
Alvin Ray - Måned siden
Good man, Brod!
Sten - Måned siden
What is the song name on the end?
Kevin Z Stewart
Kevin Z Stewart - Måned siden
thisss dude just made his neighbor his girlfriend...hell ya!
Wardaddy Collier
Wardaddy Collier - Måned siden
Sendin love from Canada! Keep it real YBS. You guys are so wholesome. Absolute friendship goals!
Suhil Shah
Suhil Shah - Måned siden
Poor fish will die with the lures in its mouth
Johnny Stob
Johnny Stob - Måned siden
That’s so awesome! What a good friend, Brodie
sharkeyist - Måned siden
Brodie, have u heard about 4wd247 2in2out? Poss collab on the rubbish fight? 👍🇬🇧👍
Michael H
Michael H - Måned siden
I like how you are always helping your wingers out!! working as a team!