Spearfishing Is The Most Sustainable Way To Harvest Food (We Made Our Own Spearguns) - Ep 236

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Selective and sustainable, spearfishing is the best way to harvest food. Taking only what they need the boys go hunting for dinner with the new YBS spearguns now available online. The guns have taken 2 years to make and test!
Part 2 - noburn.info/id/video/mn2oZMuen4mSjoI.html
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Jemma Odonohue
Jemma Odonohue - 23 dager siden
tagoni - 23 dager siden
Why did you do these ough noises at the beginning when he was deap down
Dougy Miller
Dougy Miller - 28 dager siden
The pressure would explode my ears, they are going super far down
Mohd Al Anwaarulhaq
Mohd Al Anwaarulhaq - Måned siden
If I could get the fish heads that you always throw away, can cook it in fish head curry. Popular in Singapore and Malaysia.
Even the fish bones can be made into soup or fish porridge. Use a spoon to scrape the meat from the bones.
blackbart99 - Måned siden
I'm sure the sharks say the same thing when they see you jump in....; >Love the vid's
keep 'em coming.
Linda Tsiokas
Linda Tsiokas - Måned siden
This is cruel stop this
TheRealKillingTheory - Måned siden
Quick scoped that damn fish 😂🌚
Paul Abolafia
Paul Abolafia - Måned siden
just wondering, why didn’t you keep that cobia? they’re great eating
Lucas /
Lucas / - Måned siden
Love ur vids woul love to visit Australia someday
Fuck U Good
Fuck U Good - Måned siden
I VI - Måned siden
Just remember to spend 1 month every year to make GoPro, rubber, boat, fuel, metal, salt, and so on, and then, be Sustainable.
Brian Morris
Brian Morris - Måned siden
I can’t believe you put the Cobia back. Might be my favorite eating fish. Thank you for all you do.
Valentin - Måned siden
Sustainanility with a buggy and a boat.... lol
galaxystar - Måned siden
Interesting and such great technique stunning video makes me wanna go try my own hand at it and do it this way. The vibes, wakes my instinct I wanna go, setup a playlist with Metallica and Delta Parole and go off into my own world soon.
David Skubb
David Skubb - Måned siden
You spin me right round baby right round
lucas stolf
lucas stolf - Måned siden
E D - Måned siden
12:07 is that fisching ??
Josh 69
Josh 69 - Måned siden
Finally smthn that only ships to aus instead of everything being in god dam America that doesn’t ship to aus😂
Mike Chavez
Mike Chavez - Måned siden
14:12 peep stryda in the background being a good sea pupper
Lukas Brodérus
Lukas Brodérus - Måned siden
how is that in any way sustainable?
ilhami özer
ilhami özer - Måned siden
türkiyeden izliyorum seni hayranım.
Brandon Fisher
Brandon Fisher - Måned siden
Song name when they’re diving
Tuấn Trần Iron Man
Tuấn Trần Iron Man - Måned siden
Thank you, great video I didn't miss any episode
Artur Leonel
Artur Leonel - Måned siden
Kk legal
Fedd X
Fedd X - Måned siden
nice music!
S. W. NAM - Måned siden
Best Photobomb at 14:08 hahahhahah
Josh Franklin
Josh Franklin - Måned siden
I thought you hooked the manta ray at first
THEDEAD Lost in Minecraft
THEDEAD Lost in Minecraft - Måned siden
Felipe DeAlmeida
Felipe DeAlmeida - 2 måneder siden
what sunblock do you use in your face?
Keenan Yurong
Keenan Yurong - 2 måneder siden
You spotted a fish then...
You aim at it then...
You'r at full focus
You shoot
-----> -> fish ------>

-> fish

But you missed...
Oscar Jones
Oscar Jones - 2 måneder siden
Hey fo u know what wood u used for the guns
Gang gang Eshay
Gang gang Eshay - 2 måneder siden
Is this in Australia
Jxno - 2 måneder siden
i got seasick just from watching the boat jiggle
Papasmurf Gaming
Papasmurf Gaming - 2 måneder siden
When he said “that’s a rap baby” and hit the camera with a wrap. 👀
dailysweatlife tan
dailysweatlife tan - 2 måneder siden
Hope.. i can have one of your speargun for my birthday..😍😍
As a gift..😇😇
Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon
Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon - 2 måneder siden
great vid but most sustainable way to harvest food is have a garden tho..
Summer Federer
Summer Federer - 2 måneder siden
Yo why they let the cobia go
Bunga Mawar
Bunga Mawar - 2 måneder siden
Corey j
Corey j - 2 måneder siden
Idk how these guys hold their breath that long. I can't hold my shit for over a minute and a half. His sunscreen always looks so funny lol
Alex Sam
Alex Sam - 2 måneder siden
Is everyone holding their breathe when they go down? Or is there oxygen coming from the snorkel?
Jessica Mitchell
Jessica Mitchell - 2 måneder siden
Hey question?? The grunting while diving dose it attract the fish or is it a ahhhh fook I'm running out of air thing lol I'm assuming it's not the air thing
Jeremy Tole
Jeremy Tole - 2 måneder siden
There's no catch and release though so you better be eating what you catch. And if you get speared by a marlin, just know it's fair game
Larry B
Larry B - 2 måneder siden
The government should ban all these activities as it poses certain danger to other divers and swimmers.
Leo The annoying dude
Leo The annoying dude - 2 måneder siden
Pls make a compilation of you saying we got fire baby
Adnan Guen
Adnan Guen - 2 måneder siden
What if a shark is coming to attack you and you can't shoot because of the safety? It's not a safety anymore lol
Trent Davis
Trent Davis - 2 måneder siden
Are there American reds were you are
TheBOSSVincent5 - 2 måneder siden
14:08 strider just rolling in the sannd
Silent ACE
Silent ACE - 2 måneder siden
Put It In Slow MO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gQaD-ivBrI
Semen Yemashov
Semen Yemashov - 2 måneder siden
Broadie, come on. Ship your guns worldwide - I would order one to KZ straightaway 👍
Kealan Pritchard
Kealan Pritchard - 2 måneder siden
What is the gulping sound you make when you get to the bottom. Is it a free-diving technique or is it to attract the fish or smtg?
Kane: - 2 måneder siden
Why do people dislike your videos you literally do nothing wrong
Serena Words
Serena Words - 2 måneder siden
AB C - 2 måneder siden
What was the song playing around 4-5 mins in?
Yosuke Tobe
Yosuke Tobe - 2 måneder siden
Jacko just pu-
Xxcryptic- VenomxX
Xxcryptic- VenomxX - 2 måneder siden
It’s crazy how he progressed bro gj on 2 mill was really cool back then now u got all this cool stuff! All I wanna say is congratulations on your 2 mill 🥳(I accidentally unringed the bell)
Xxcryptic- VenomxX
Xxcryptic- VenomxX - 2 måneder siden
It’s been 2 years since I started watching him
Sven Hinrichsen
Sven Hinrichsen - 2 måneder siden
Well done Jacko! Dad bod cod at it again! Keep up the great work everyone!
charles young
charles young - 2 måneder siden
Aye, where can I get a pair of those shorts you wear?
Jamie Peckitt
Jamie Peckitt - 2 måneder siden
Amazing footage
Hosea Masius Official
Hosea Masius Official - 2 måneder siden
So great friend...
If you want... come back view my channel too. Thanks.
Yeah Nahyeah
Yeah Nahyeah - 2 måneder siden
Why did you let a cobia go? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ this man thinks trout or reds are good chewing yet throws back something twice as good
Max loves cake
Max loves cake - 2 måneder siden
XD when you got a fish it just did a front flip
Australian Survivalism
Australian Survivalism - 2 måneder siden
How about some Aussie bush survival knowledge?
raquel palos
raquel palos - 2 måneder siden
Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum - 2 måneder siden
what spear gun should i get for small fish like flathead and estuary fish?
Connor Eiserman
Connor Eiserman - 2 måneder siden
Hey Brodi, I've been watching your videos forever and I was inspired to buy my own spear. I went for the first time yesterday and I've never had more fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Echo Yeeter
Echo Yeeter - 2 måneder siden
7:00 I’m always watching Brodie looking the complete other way
IRL BOYS - 2 måneder siden
Get a girlfriend man it would be so 😎
Luka Pearce
Luka Pearce - 2 måneder siden
Love the videos so much keep the fantastic work up!!
Luka Pearce
Luka Pearce - 2 måneder siden
14:10 Stryda in the background ahhahahahahahah sooooo cute
Cooper Trisley
Cooper Trisley - 2 måneder siden
Stryda in the back at 14:07
Cooper Trisley
Cooper Trisley - 2 måneder siden
Stryda in the back at 14.07
JJ C - 2 måneder siden
I think Brodie has said it before but what type/(breed) of dog is stryda?
Zhicong Zhang
Zhicong Zhang - 2 måneder siden
Can speargun protect you from aggressive sharks? I saw you pointing your speargun to a lemon shark before when Stryda fell into water.
Toby Cholerton 12
Toby Cholerton 12 - 2 måneder siden
will you ever livestream on twitch or youtube?
RJ - 2 måneder siden
You should make your own snorkel
RJ - 2 måneder siden
This man just hit 2 mil in a few years, I can see why so many people like you bro
GlassOpper11b - 2 måneder siden
I'm from Hawaii,, and I can tell you,, it's not sustainable at all.
Not with the way it's being done, because it's become the new "thing" for many people.
And, many of them, do not know how to properly harvest.
They're killing everything, just for a selfie opportunity.
So please,, tell your viewers, leave the young alone.
And, only take what you need to eat, filling a cooler with juvenile fish is not impressive to anyone that knows better.
WhiteCloudGroovin - 2 måneder siden
I absolutely love cobia fishing off the rays. It's so much fun. So good to eat too. Thanks for another awesome video
nestor pagayon
nestor pagayon - 2 måneder siden
idol! greet from philippines
Steven Nycek
Steven Nycek - 2 måneder siden
Brodie, have you considered uploading uncut footage for Members Only videos? You've got some really entertaining stuff and what must be a literal ton of footage! I'd pay for access to all that footage.
Christopher Franks
Christopher Franks - 2 måneder siden
Hell Yea!
Chingpai Konyak
Chingpai Konyak - 2 måneder siden
New subscriber from India.
What’s Poppin
What’s Poppin - 2 måneder siden
Where do you get your swimmer fins at ?? They’re beautiful and I don’t see them anywhere on your website
Justin Belling
Justin Belling - 2 måneder siden
My friends would warn me saying *shark bait hoo hahah*
Mark Chapman
Mark Chapman - 2 måneder siden
I love these episodes when you give us information about the gear you guys use!
Elliot’s Trading
Elliot’s Trading - 2 måneder siden
We don’t all have clear seas like you Aussies try coming to the English Channel 😂
Marty Ma
Marty Ma - 2 måneder siden
Holy Mackerel
Holy Mackerel - 2 måneder siden
Hi, Brodie, could you do an ocean sights and sounds video of the beach at night?
You don’t sleep much and it would help others and yourself relax and sleep.
Holy Mackerel
Holy Mackerel - 2 måneder siden
If you do one with a camp 🔥 on the beach it would be 🥰
MyUrban Farm
MyUrban Farm - 2 måneder siden
Wow fish look so different under the water to out of the water. Looked white and red in water and then out it is fully red!
Jax Teller
Jax Teller - 2 måneder siden
Respect brotha🤙🏽
Hair to the Air - AirP
Hair to the Air - AirP - 2 måneder siden
big fun!
Aaron Kameric
Aaron Kameric - 2 måneder siden
I love you guys but that was a terrible product review for someone who’s never spearfished haha.
Zach’s Cooking
Zach’s Cooking - 2 måneder siden
I would get a speargun but my water is to murky I can’t see anything
Ya Boy
Ya Boy - 2 måneder siden
Fell asleep with youtube on auto play and thought my name was being called hahahahah, kept saying Cobia
Jr. Dario Torres
Jr. Dario Torres - 2 måneder siden
Me encantan tus videos, son el momento relax de mi día.. ver tus videos.. Te escribo en español por que me gustaría escucharte hablar alguna frase en español hahahha seria divertido, Saludos desde Republica Dominicana
Jr. Dario Torres
Jr. Dario Torres - 2 måneder siden
hahahah el minuto 12 es lo mas frustrante cuando me sucede eso
RoSeak Primitive skills
RoSeak Primitive skills - 2 måneder siden
fly bird bird
fly bird bird - 2 måneder siden
just agario other games
just agario other games - 2 måneder siden
Love the vids! Keep the greatwork up.
Moody Jr
Moody Jr - 2 måneder siden
Why doesn’t he dive no more??