Spearfishing For Food On Uncharted Remote Islands Living From The Ocean (Part 2) - Ep 202

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Jack Pitts
Jack Pitts - 11 dager siden
This Channel is awesome there is nothing that can compete keep up the good work
MrFokdieANC - 2 måneder siden
Absolutely enjoy the shit out of your videos and all your fam and friends are awesome. Cheers from South Africa 🇿🇦
Juan Aguilera
Juan Aguilera - 4 måneder siden
Why don’t you heat up your “tortillas”?
Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan - 4 måneder siden
@14:25 is that the secret sauce? That he had to pull a fresh seal off?? 😯
Sam Aten
Sam Aten - 4 måneder siden
Love this song.. dreams are not same for me.
Uniquorns - 4 måneder siden
people are dying and we are here realizing we have not lived to the fullest yet
Aidan is dope
Aidan is dope - 4 måneder siden
Are they able to open their eyes underwater because when I swam in salt water it burned but I was just guessing they were used to it.
sdeluen - 4 måneder siden
Enjoyed the vid as awhole but man that fucken oil slick from ya boat is no good yo.
Connor McConkie
Connor McConkie - 4 måneder siden
D man is an organized fellow, he puts the cheese first so it doesn't fall everywhere. I do the same thing at my house xD
Ronjohn Batalla
Ronjohn Batalla - 4 måneder siden
What is the title songs please? :)
Mr. SjD
Mr. SjD - 4 måneder siden
What sauce was that on fish tortilla?
Danial Hazman
Danial Hazman - 5 måneder siden
he makes me hungry everytime he makes that wrap
F P - 5 måneder siden
Which part of the world is this?
Xadea Green
Xadea Green - 5 måneder siden
Whats the sauce he’s always using and how do I get it?!
Conrado Balobal
Conrado Balobal - 5 måneder siden
Can i have ybs 1sets fishing rad
brir katheer
brir katheer - 5 måneder siden
how does he stay under water for so long ????
TONELOWthaWRITER - 5 måneder siden
Is that you singing?
Alexis Rotairo
Alexis Rotairo - 5 måneder siden
I love this kind of livinggg... Just chilling 'n in the sea, wake up in the sea... Ughh!!
SaltyLife - 5 måneder siden
14:20 - how do i use this damn thing??? hahahahaha
animeMTG roe
animeMTG roe - 5 måneder siden
What song is that that plays right after the pelican island?
Justin Evans
Justin Evans - 5 måneder siden
You opened part 2 well. Good job, Clifford. Keep it up!
Will Gambino
Will Gambino - 5 måneder siden
aidan lather
aidan lather - 5 måneder siden
Dude I love your vids and think what you boys have created is amazing. However your food etiquette sucks how many pieces of fish can you put in a wrap leave some for the boys bro lol.
ENTERTAIN ME !! - 5 måneder siden
Maybe use a little more imagination on your titles yea
Gamze’s Advice
Gamze’s Advice - 5 måneder siden
What drone do you use?
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 5 måneder siden
Always cool to explore stuff ya haven't been before...and the commentary as well🥳 load up o fish while you can for the freezer!
Coleman Dukes
Coleman Dukes - 5 måneder siden
Where does YBS live
Big Bopper
Big Bopper - 5 måneder siden
More wraps WTF ?
Asijah Jett
Asijah Jett - 5 måneder siden
I reckon
Joey Bonarrigo
Joey Bonarrigo - 5 måneder siden
This man reminds me of Steve erwin sm be easy on me I'm American lol love your channel big dog
James Flynn
James Flynn - 5 måneder siden
What was that song at the start?
galaxystar - 5 måneder siden
Interesting and such great technique stunning video makes me wanna go try my own hand at it and do it this way. The vibes, wakes my instinct I wanna go, setup a playlist with Metallica and Delta Parole and go off into my own world soon.
rashad knowles
rashad knowles - 5 måneder siden
i got a new dog and i named her stryder
Еда на берегу
Еда на берегу - 5 måneder siden
T H - 5 måneder siden
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't look like your secret sauce is a secret, only a mystery!
-1:41, that's a manufacturing seal being removed, which would indicate it's a store bought sauce!
Great vids!
Emmy Lou
Emmy Lou - 5 måneder siden
Y'all found an awesome new spot. My family enjoys everything that y'all do. Stay safe sweet peas, we appreciate everything that all the YBS team does. Much love and blessings from Texas.
HookNLineHarrison - 5 måneder siden
do you eat something other than wraps
George Napoleon Mawkhlieng
George Napoleon Mawkhlieng - 5 måneder siden
It looks sad at the last moment the lady on the back wanted to have some too but roll or the base was finish ...though the fish,cheese n the veg was still their ....that lady wanted it so badly I can see in her eyes .....guys u should have share it ,😅😅😅😅
The Joker
The Joker - 5 måneder siden
What’s the title of that music @1:40????
shin khor
shin khor - 5 måneder siden
I like your song..
Stevie Wright
Stevie Wright - 5 måneder siden
Love watching all your shows here in Scotland. Your a very lucky man to live, every day, in such paradise!
Ozzy tunes are shit though🤣👍
NOMIS - 5 måneder siden
1:40 my favorite song atm, sick vid as always brodie!
6Twisted - 5 måneder siden
What's the song at 1:50?
NOMIS - 5 måneder siden
A certain shade of blue - Paper Twins
Brendan Organ
Brendan Organ - 5 måneder siden
What’s the s sludge in the water?
duncan - 5 måneder siden
I have just recently subscribed to YBS, one of the best channels on YouTube right now keep it up brody
Loic Doledec
Loic Doledec - 5 måneder siden
Nice content!
Omri - 5 måneder siden
Hi mate what song is this??
Imran Mohammed
Imran Mohammed - 5 måneder siden
Ladies always 1st!!!
Marcus Mahliaire
Marcus Mahliaire - 5 måneder siden
What is that sauce?
Funny meme Tiktoks
Funny meme Tiktoks - 5 måneder siden
My mission in life is to live in AUS and be this happy...
Paleis Heuwel
Paleis Heuwel - 5 måneder siden
Did you say D Man or D mon?
Wesley House
Wesley House - 5 måneder siden
It really bugs me that you don't heat up your tortillas
Blaz _
Blaz _ - 5 måneder siden
Adopt me! I will be your chef, I will turn anything we catch into a mouth-watering mediterranean specialty that will look unreal on photos and videos.
xv6brandon - 5 måneder siden
3:10 what song is that?
Emrah Öz
Emrah Öz - 5 måneder siden
i like how you are natural on the film guys! you r so great.
Devin Hunt
Devin Hunt - 5 måneder siden
I always thought you made the secret sauce 🥺
Joseph Pizzati
Joseph Pizzati - 5 måneder siden
Love that these guys see this amazing water and sunsets all the time and never once take them for granted!
Frozenblitzalphagaming - 5 måneder siden
159 dislikes from triggered flat earther's , your thumbnail shows curvature!
Bailey Schneider
Bailey Schneider - 5 måneder siden
Is that a new tat??
Diana Purdy
Diana Purdy - 5 måneder siden
That's a pretty good video.
Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones - 5 måneder siden
How often do you get a steak down your gullet ,???? Or a bbq chop, just drooling on the flipside ,you’re channel is some thing else dude
The King
The King - 5 måneder siden
What sauce do u put on the fish
The King
The King - 5 måneder siden
In the tortilla
Snoop D go double g
Snoop D go double g - 5 måneder siden
Bro how can I have a career like this?
Glen M
Glen M - 5 måneder siden
79 series Brody and get the boys at PDP to trick it up for you
Frankuss - 5 måneder siden
These videos are better than sex
Benhill1372 Yooo
Benhill1372 Yooo - 5 måneder siden
Love the vids man. Keep up the good work
Pablo Benito
Pablo Benito - 5 måneder siden
7:00 whats in the water? Pollution?
Anthony Traga
Anthony Traga - 5 måneder siden
The pecking order in the end, Alpha always goes first.
SamieGeorge - 5 måneder siden
When is the full boat tour ep coming?
apples 88
apples 88 - 5 måneder siden
anyone know what drone he uses?
John Paterson
John Paterson - 5 måneder siden
Kanye: One of the best thumbnails of all time!
lylle girasol
lylle girasol - 5 måneder siden
Going to uncharted places is a dream of adventurous people.....Escpecially me :3
MADxPR3DAT0R - 5 måneder siden
Living the dream👊
Stuart Tamblyn
Stuart Tamblyn - 5 måneder siden
Self isolation is his life... love it.
Jimmy Carbonel
Jimmy Carbonel - 5 måneder siden
He really livin everyons quarantine dream rn......
darbie7 - 5 måneder siden
What’s that song during the drone footage. That’s an awesome chill song
Rever Homme
Rever Homme - 5 måneder siden
What is that song at 11:50 called?????? Love it
Rever Homme
Rever Homme - 5 måneder siden
@izzydog0 Cheers mate, added to my playlist haha
izzydog0 - 5 måneder siden
Pressure- Candelion ft. Le June
Citizens Rights
Citizens Rights - 5 måneder siden
😂 Great play by play when the boys dive. lol
If I’m ever reincarnated I hope I come back as an Australian. In Canada it is freezing cold. 🧊 Frost warnings. 😔 It snowed in May. 😩Twice !! 😭
snipe2die - 5 måneder siden
keep it upp man
Lucas Breeze
Lucas Breeze - 5 måneder siden
1;13 massive squid m issed.
Rafay Mughal
Rafay Mughal - 5 måneder siden
Anyone know the name of the song at 1:40?
Dylan Vella
Dylan Vella - 5 måneder siden
LOVE The vids Brodie keep up the good work
matthijs - 5 måneder siden
Name song at 3:15 ?
bubs Nadeau
bubs Nadeau - 5 måneder siden
Sweet song who sings it?
Mit Arokis
Mit Arokis - 5 måneder siden
Man who else wishes Brodie had a 24 hour feed just like the Truman Show lmao 😁😉
Tribal Harmony Sound
Tribal Harmony Sound - 5 måneder siden
Song: A Certain Shade of Blue
J- Simple
J- Simple - 5 måneder siden
What is the white sauce?!!!!!!!!!!!
Doozy - 5 måneder siden
I love how there are no toxic comments ever under his videos. Everyone just enjoying and dreaming. I hope we all achieve our dreams and live life to the fullest ❤️!
robbin hood
robbin hood - 5 måneder siden
7:10 what is leaking in to the water?
Sanday Sunday
Sanday Sunday - 5 måneder siden
Those dang cliffhangers!!!🤣
benny xy
benny xy - 5 måneder siden
Its kind of lifestyle and random activitis.......just simple like that, but i luve that, its funn......i wannabe there dude....join evrythings u do.....god bless u
Santino Soriano
Santino Soriano - 5 måneder siden
I can't really understan why u allways are killing the fish and u have an enourmous love for de sea and his animals
Önder Alkan
Önder Alkan - 5 måneder siden
Victoria Shockley
Victoria Shockley - 5 måneder siden
Let me get this 6,000 stimulus check a month and I’m moving my entire family away from the USA and we are going to live off grid and live the life you have!
frank james
frank james - 5 måneder siden
guess the obvious unasked question is, whats up with their faces and accents
Alexander Payne
Alexander Payne - 5 måneder siden
add me to ur squaddddd i have a dog.i will dedicate my life 2 u
fr4me01 - 5 måneder siden
At the end listening to you guys talking was as entertaining as almost anything else in the video :) Your YBS family are all wholesome people. Thanks for sharing with us Brodie!
Ma mood K
Ma mood K - 5 måneder siden
Great video!! Man I really can't tell trout and groupers apart..
Clemente Guevara
Clemente Guevara - 5 måneder siden
Richartt LV
Richartt LV - 5 måneder siden
Are you guys make a fish burrito every time you cook fish? Lmao