SOLO Remote Island Boat Trip With NO FOOD Living From The Ocean - Ep 239

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Part 1 -
Brodie Moss and his dog Stryda go explore the remote islands on their boat packing no food and living from the ocean.
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Ryan Dabelstein
Ryan Dabelstein - 8 dager siden
the secret sauce is kewpie and it is delioucus and can get it at woolies
Tala Hamon Srimee
Tala Hamon Srimee - 14 dager siden
secret sauce is just kewpie mayo right ?
Alasdair Tacon
Alasdair Tacon - 16 dager siden
mate what is your secret sauce made of?
Ari Burley
Ari Burley - 28 dager siden
Where are these islands?
Perth Freediving
Perth Freediving - 29 dager siden
Brodie: doesn’t bring any food and is hungry
Also Brodie: tries not to catch a fish
Big Mac
Big Mac - Måned siden
Clovid is just the yugest bummer mate!!😉😎😎
Татьяна Лощинина
Броди,ты супер умничка ,умелец,собака твоя такая потрясная
Chloe King
Chloe King - Måned siden
Pretty sure the secret sauce is Japanese mayo, like what they use on okonomiyaki
Chi Chi Bang Bang
Chi Chi Bang Bang - Måned siden
What a cliffhanger! Neighbor and emu, then blank
Eric Castro
Eric Castro - Måned siden
Big Brain Brodie
Robert Rusnak
Robert Rusnak - Måned siden
The beginning eating those bait fish is funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤢🤢🤮
Austin Nisar
Austin Nisar - Måned siden
Sarah El-Rachidi
Sarah El-Rachidi - Måned siden
Addicted to your shows !!
Austin Scott
Austin Scott - Måned siden
Taking social distancing to a whole new level!
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned - Måned siden
Im sorry Brodie but you had Stryda along so technically you had food available.
JOESTER863 - Måned siden
Who knows the secret sauce?
Roman Stott
Roman Stott - Måned siden
What is the secret sauce lol
Mr Bubble Gum
Mr Bubble Gum - Måned siden
Your content is so much fun I love it so much. The place you live in is beautiful and I'm sooooo jealous
Sufyan Jeb
Sufyan Jeb - Måned siden
Hes so underrated man
Riley Jackel
Riley Jackel - Måned siden
Hey Brodie just want to let you know that you are a legend and the vids are amazing. I reckon you should show a bit more of the filleting of the fish. All the best yah LEDGEND!!!!!!!!
Rick York
Rick York - Måned siden
Classic Brodie !
Ana Simunovic
Ana Simunovic - Måned siden
The secret souse is called cupi
Raqn - Måned siden
Brodie be out her talking to the fish
“how’s it going everyone”
I think he’s been out here alone for too long 🤣
Benlux - Måned siden
For some reason when he catches them cooks it then eats it is just so satisfying anyone else??
Itsyourboy Pro
Itsyourboy Pro - Måned siden
Please stop killing fish
João Seromenho
João Seromenho - Måned siden
What??? I thought wraps came from stingrays
fantastic l
fantastic l - Måned siden
Missed watching your vids... x
SC Psycho
SC Psycho - Måned siden
Brodie Says But a bit of Green shit
Also him: Places absolutely loads!
firm1z - Måned siden
I definitely need me a Vicky from Argentina type of girl.
sabbir hossain
sabbir hossain - Måned siden
next time please dive with a whale mate
Jordanne Kanei
Jordanne Kanei - Måned siden
Brodie how many times a day do you eat??
Sir Daltonix
Sir Daltonix - Måned siden
how much would a boat like that set me up?
Megan Wetzel
Megan Wetzel - Måned siden
Can you release a rash guard like the black ybs one you're always wearing? PLEASEEEEEE.
tri jugyfjukhijl
tri jugyfjukhijl - Måned siden
Making these videos by yourself in the oceans got to be the biggest challenge, luckily you got stryda helping
Zac Cowling
Zac Cowling - Måned siden
Wish I lived it as good as this guy😪
ToonarmY008 - Måned siden
Where in Australia is this guy. I have just moved here this year and he is living the dream whilst I am in blummin lockdown :(
Bart_Less_One - Måned siden
What's the song you play at the beginning?
Alan Ismay
Alan Ismay - Måned siden
Love all your videos dude. I found some secret sauce in the supermarket 😂 I sent you a picture through Instagram
B adams
B adams - Måned siden
I have to try a trout wrap, looks delicious.
Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson - Måned siden
"Sorry i was late home, there was a whale in the way" loooool
David Eife
David Eife - Måned siden
I know about keeping your distance from the whales and don’t want to disturb them but man it would be cool to see some in water footage of them
Bear - Måned siden
I'm the only one whos by dying to see more of Vicky🤣
Jim Stone
Jim Stone - Måned siden
House is 15 minutes away. LOL But, still fun.
David Hawkes
David Hawkes - Måned siden
Go on BRODY love the head banging
ZIggy Darling
ZIggy Darling - Måned siden
What I love the most about Brodie is his genuine love and respect for nature and animals. so many YouTubers do things just for clout and don't really give a fuck. He could be catching heaps of all these amazing fish but he is sustainably minded, he could hang about to bother the whale but he tries to be chill about heading off. I'm Australian and live very similarly on the South West Coast of WA and it is just so awesome to see someone real repping on this platform and leading with such a positive example. Lovin' it mate!
jon mag
jon mag - Måned siden
people are wondering . you buy these two boats ? or are they sponsored ? asking for a friend lol
Adam Brossman
Adam Brossman - Måned siden
What is the title to the rock song in the beginning of video?
Diesel 2o9
Diesel 2o9 - 2 måneder siden
Everyone go sit subscribe top Field Days he makes content just like this and it would be his dream to get him to 100k so plz go drop a sub
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 2 måneder siden
Brodie you have such an amazing aura and energy and beautiful soul inside and out and it beams through the airwaves can only imagine what it would be like in actual person.... after watching a video I am always happier
CraZyLoggyDawgy - 2 måneder siden
1:11 your welcome
Rafinesse - 2 måneder siden
Had such a great laugh man. Love Brodie.
Gaming XP20
Gaming XP20 - 2 måneder siden
I wonder how many kilometres the shops are from his house (in the middle of nowhere)
Paul Le Roux
Paul Le Roux - 2 måneder siden
What tape of dog is stella
Bryant Cox
Bryant Cox - 2 måneder siden
About time a good one bro. Lol. Jk
5pb tv.
5pb tv. - 2 måneder siden
the only way i will ever kill a fish is his way he is the only youtuber that is humane woth animals of nature man its beautiful
Creed Dobbs
Creed Dobbs - 2 måneder siden
Watching from Texas, seeing grow from 100k all the way up to a million is insane. Love you bro❤️😄
your dream
your dream - 2 måneder siden
You complete all funny moments here
Ciaran Brennan
Ciaran Brennan - 2 måneder siden
Where does he do this, like what state of Australia?
Дмитрий - 2 måneder siden
Where are you man? We really miss!
Jemuel Fishing
Jemuel Fishing - 2 måneder siden
nice video bro im here always support you, hope you support my small house someday im gonna be Hppy for that,, QLD here
Jack McCourt
Jack McCourt - 2 måneder siden
Mitch S
Mitch S - 2 måneder siden
Must be nice dude.. rest of us jobless broke af
glen price
glen price - 2 måneder siden
To the 178 people who misclicked 😤😤😤😤
JIN - 2 måneder siden
Should give a subscriber a chance to have one night doing all that
Gregor Garoa
Gregor Garoa - 2 måneder siden
New here and liking the videos and the random actions you guys do. Love spearfishing myself as a hobby...keep it up YBS team. 👊😎
Godlike -_-99
Godlike -_-99 - 2 måneder siden
No bev???
M Chef
M Chef - 2 måneder siden
Not posted in 4 days... busy with the neighbours 😉
Thomas Prewett
Thomas Prewett - 2 måneder siden
All I can say to this is beautiful not in a weird way or anything but you live a beautiful life and it brings me joy just to see you enjoy making these videos and how cool it is thank you so much
Haades - 2 måneder siden
Great stuff man
Hagger19 - 2 måneder siden
what’s the song called at the beginning??
vblxze - 2 måneder siden
Jagadish Arjilli
Jagadish Arjilli - 2 måneder siden
Nice video
Darrell Wulliams
Darrell Wulliams - 2 måneder siden
Man what’s going on with YBS we used to get videos every 2 to 3 days now we lucky if we get one a week I think he might have too many toys now
team_HYP Qlutch
team_HYP Qlutch - 2 måneder siden
I just bought your merch
my name
my name - 2 måneder siden
i really like your videos you are such a good men
ben creighton
ben creighton - 2 måneder siden
I personally hate fishing, but I love your vids and how you care about the environment. Even though your hobby is killing stuff, it's totally cool because you take what you need, do it as humanely as possible, and clearly care for the ocean in other ways. I dont like hooking the fish myself, but I can totally respect someone as classy as you. bloody legend
Alson - 2 måneder siden
Watching for the second time! Long wait for the new upload.
Quintin Clasquin
Quintin Clasquin - 2 måneder siden
Awesome lewe dude jy moet my nooi tot by jou Dan werk ek da asbf Kan jy my help asbf ek moet weg Kom hier in South Africa
that_ challenger
that_ challenger - 2 måneder siden
Dont get how you can dislike this video 😂🤦🏼
Kenny Higa-Thomas
Kenny Higa-Thomas - 2 måneder siden
Cant wait til you guys are able to ship jackos spearguns worldwide
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet - 2 måneder siden
lovely video! my husband and I are living on our sailboat, preparing to sail around the world. Stay safe out there
Caleb Pokai 24
Caleb Pokai 24 - 2 måneder siden
Does strider ever get close to falling off?
Andy Wu
Andy Wu - 2 måneder siden
You’re not ybs fan if u don’t call veggies green shit ... haha
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet - 2 måneder siden
Magic Mike
Magic Mike - 2 måneder siden
That Imu named me think of that great Imu War back in the day, lol.
Pascal Düe
Pascal Düe - 2 måneder siden
Can you Upload more videos from Jarrad and Jackie ?
Rafal Len
Rafal Len - 2 måneder siden
What is that intro tune? It's just superb
Jamie Casey
Jamie Casey - 2 måneder siden
where does your dog pee
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet - 2 måneder siden
probably a pee pad, a lot of sailors have green patches for their pups if they are unable to take them to land
Kissable Whisper
Kissable Whisper - 2 måneder siden
Yeahh boi!i old skhool Brodie sik content
Seth Alegria
Seth Alegria - 2 måneder siden
What is that cream on his face
Kelsey Wigg
Kelsey Wigg - 2 måneder siden
Where id Jared and Jackie...bring back the science bro
Eric Castro
Eric Castro - 2 måneder siden
Nice dab
pommy pom
pommy pom - 2 måneder siden
i know its dead flat and all, but your by yourself, where is your lifejacket? arnt you suspoed to wear it all the time or is the law different over their?>
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet - 2 måneder siden
.... no. you are not required to wear it all the time. you are required to have enough flotation devices for the of people on board. if you are under 14 you are required to wear one.
Nigel Taylor
Nigel Taylor - 2 måneder siden
*" Nice work .. keep it up fellas ... capice ! "*
OnYx Cobra
OnYx Cobra - 2 måneder siden
Back from work, straight onto YBS channel :P
Dylan barber
Dylan barber - 2 måneder siden
Where does brodie live in Australia?
Thomas Rubie
Thomas Rubie - 2 måneder siden
Try Toasting a Wrap on the pan for a melted cheese and fish wrap 😁😁😁
Jaxon Ryan
Jaxon Ryan - 2 måneder siden
Paul Burke
Paul Burke - 2 måneder siden
When are we going to see the jet boat in action..........GET THE JET WET at the moment its $250000 driveway bling.
TopPhoenix - 2 måneder siden
mate your living my dream
Sailing Avocet
Sailing Avocet - 2 måneder siden
chase those dreams! Life is too short!
Matthew Anson
Matthew Anson - 2 måneder siden
how many times have you fallen asleep with zinc all over your face to wake up with it smothered on your pillow 😂