SOLO REMOTE ISLAND BOAT TRIP Living From The Ocean (Fishing Lure Challenge) - Ep 176

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10 types of fishing lures to catch 10 different fish in one insane day on the remote islands and the sharks are really hungry!
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 7 måneder siden
Hope you all enjoy the longer episode!
Henry Zayas
Henry Zayas - Måned siden
sonny pars
sonny pars - 2 måneder siden
sure mate
tripletripleman - 4 måneder siden
it's me kohhop ;
KING MACISAAC - 5 måneder siden
You’re the best mate !
Rens Benders
Rens Benders - 5 måneder siden
You got me nervous swimming back to the boat with those big sharks around..... wtf man.....
B1aZe Clipz
B1aZe Clipz - 3 dager siden
Stryda’s soo cute!!
Gareth Fearn
Gareth Fearn - 16 dager siden
That's it..... got some lures and i am off for a solo mish too :) :)
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - 23 dager siden
Cedrik - 25 dager siden
Dude that little island is literally paradise 🌴 😍
Rixster 222
Rixster 222 - Måned siden
Dip the !ures in beer Brodie
Henry Zayas
Henry Zayas - Måned siden
Henry Zayas
Henry Zayas - Måned siden
Henry Zayas
Henry Zayas - Måned siden
weerasak chompoopong
weerasak chompoopong - Måned siden
Asif Yani
Asif Yani - Måned siden
Lose the mouth piece
Sector6_Gaming - Måned siden
Good catch mate love ya vids. The biggest fish I’ve caught is a flathead I never really get to fish 😔👌🏻
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin - Måned siden
You're on the boat so much wouldn't be difficult to rig up a couple cameras here and there. Would make filming different angles a lot easier
chez aldo
chez aldo - Måned siden
Awesome videos as always mate, what a good life and passion in what you do.... Love it strada is defenetly in sync on the boat with you always runs to the edge when you have hooked something keep it real brother you rock!!! 👍👌👌✊
KickingCabin - Måned siden
Without doubt one of your best vids! Living the dream as always...
ishedolewz - Måned siden
Awesome. I want to do this all day.
Sol Fily
Sol Fily - 2 måneder siden
I don't know what I like the most. Gazing at the ocean or watching Stryda gazing at the ocean lol.
CHRIS HARAWAY - 2 måneder siden
By far one of my absolute favorite episodes
Tín Trần
Tín Trần - 2 måneder siden
OMG..những con cá mac bạn câu được.đó là những con cá rất ngon..hihi..bạn lại thả chúng trở lại đại dương ...cảm ơn video của bạn..tôi người Việt Nam thích xem cuộc sống của bạn..thật tuyệt và nhiều thú vị..ok
matheo schoutteten
matheo schoutteten - 2 måneder siden
you are living my dream life
octad gaming
octad gaming - 2 måneder siden
He just straight up proves you dont need anything more than a gopro
jake owens
jake owens - 2 måneder siden
Nothing like a man with his dog to make good wholesome content:)
beanstacker exc
beanstacker exc - 2 måneder siden
Dude you should do filmed chartered fishing/camping trips and try get a few celebrities on the channel with you
Lliam’s life
Lliam’s life - 2 måneder siden
I had just got back to the boat ramp after a good days fishing and saw someone wearing your merch ( in Townsville)
Alberto MAcosta
Alberto MAcosta - 2 måneder siden
Happiest man on earth 🤟
Jim Chiro
Jim Chiro - 3 måneder siden
Those paid are good luck, you catch alot of 🐟.
Julian Placias
Julian Placias - 3 måneder siden
how did 350 people dislike this video
Alex Dakin
Alex Dakin - 3 måneder siden
What a bloody video mate!!!
adisbern - 3 måneder siden
ALL this time, Brodie is eating UNCOOKED WRAP! I was wondering why the wraps are so white. @38:21
adisbern - 3 måneder siden
This is an amazing FREE advertisement for HALCO. Most if not all of the lures worked well!
Hjdjd Djdhjd
Hjdjd Djdhjd - 3 måneder siden
Alexis Ibarra
Alexis Ibarra - 3 måneder siden
Alguien que me pueda decir en que parte del mundo esta o en donde se encuentra : ( pliz
Jordan Distefano
Jordan Distefano - 3 måneder siden
why does he say to always keep an eye out for sea snakes
Aklilu Mehari
Aklilu Mehari - 3 måneder siden
You are living your best life man!
David Brimelow
David Brimelow - 3 måneder siden
I hope ur happy brother 👍
Daniel White
Daniel White - 3 måneder siden
Has to be the best, hands down , no doubt , most enjoyable, exciting , solo fishing trip video I have ever seen. Friend, you are truly blessed. You know when someone says " I'd trade my left nut to be that dude"...... I say castrate me now , I'm moving to Australia, lmao..........
Hernando De las Bárcenas
Hernando De las Bárcenas - 4 måneder siden
Amazing vídeo
josephine young
josephine young - 4 måneder siden
Do you use some of the part you don't eat to feed stray animals ?
Scott Thoma
Scott Thoma - 4 måneder siden
This guy is a blast.
Scott Thoma
Scott Thoma - 4 måneder siden
Where is this?
Scott Thoma
Scott Thoma - 4 måneder siden
I had a dog as cool as stryder so this hits home,
Janelle Jackson
Janelle Jackson - 4 måneder siden
Nothing like solo fun!
Begench Soyunov
Begench Soyunov - 4 måneder siden
I genuinely advise you to wear sunscreen not just on the face but the whole body. Otherwise you might have high risk of getting skin cancer.
brendon matuka
brendon matuka - 4 måneder siden
what is that Dog thinking....
Steve Ledbetter
Steve Ledbetter - 4 måneder siden
This guy is the happiest guy on earth. Good for him. I’d love to be there.
Paulo Ricardo
Paulo Ricardo - 4 måneder siden
my first time here
what place is this? austrália?
Natty SuperSoldier
Natty SuperSoldier - 4 måneder siden
probally nice being rich being able to do shit like this and not worry about finances :)
Niels VELDHUIZEN - 4 måneder siden
dude get a headcam the mouth thing is not working
Maxattack8 - 4 måneder siden
Where can I get these Leuers ?
Fall Pape
Fall Pape - 4 måneder siden
Thanks you
Sam Bishton
Sam Bishton - 4 måneder siden
@YBS Youngbloods your boats is rod setup is absolutely mint
auldspider52 - 4 måneder siden
Love this challenge you did today..I learned a lot really and I'm no fisherman..Great effort loved it!!
robert white
robert white - 4 måneder siden
What is the brand of sunglasses Brodie is wearing? Anybody know? Need a pair to wear fishing on the Delaware river in Philadelphia
Lily-Mai Cantin
Lily-Mai Cantin - 4 måneder siden
Omg i get so excited!!!! WTH!! IM ALMOST AS EXCITED AS YOU!!! from where im from we can only fish in the st-Laurent (Québec, Canada) which is so cloudy that you can't see more than a meter or half a meter in the water if its a nice day. This is crasy! Just being able to see the friggin fish and choose from the boat! WOW
Federico Sana
Federico Sana - 4 måneder siden
Hi Brodie, could you please put the link of your Shimano baits box that you use in this video? I love your videos. Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹❤️
Yatta Garcia
Yatta Garcia - 4 måneder siden
Beautiful waters and good fishing . Looks relaxing
Eternal_Vizion - 4 måneder siden
THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isaac Blank
Isaac Blank - 4 måneder siden
What would you do if you caught a shark on the line? Can you even try to get the hook out to help the shark or do you just have to ditch it and cut the line?
Bud Jai
Bud Jai - 5 måneder siden
This guy loves fish burrito’s
Guntur Rafsanjani
Guntur Rafsanjani - 5 måneder siden
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough - 5 måneder siden
Nice long and exciting fish action. Well done Brodie. Who ever makes those lures should be paying you big bucks to showcase them that well. I know I'd like to give every one of them a go. Thanks.
Mary Ann Sunga
Mary Ann Sunga - 5 måneder siden
Because of this man I started to dream to have a yacht and live there for good 🤣
Josh Phinney
Josh Phinney - 5 måneder siden
How much does the gasoline for a trip like this cost?
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson - 5 måneder siden
Wonderful life
MOGUL - 5 måneder siden
0:10 thought he was wanking for a second
Frans - 5 måneder siden
Suggestion, put your aerials up when going out on the boat as it increases your signal range if anything was to go wrong.
Aly Degarcia
Aly Degarcia - 5 måneder siden
Brother, your life is a dream for many of us, Australia is a paradise, blessings!
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 5 måneder siden
25:01 hahaha What the fu---
чеслав досеев
чеслав досеев - 5 måneder siden
Mohama - 5 måneder siden
Anyone kno the name of the gold and silver lure and where I can find it in the USA or something similar?
Krishendeo Lal
Krishendeo Lal - 5 måneder siden
Awesome 👍 real amusement man. Great ending 👌.
Mpk - 5 måneder siden
great video
Pretty Smitty
Pretty Smitty - 5 måneder siden
Watching this guy's videos gives me positive vibes!
littlelordywordy - 5 måneder siden
i feel SO sorry for you!!!!!! you look like you have such a CRAP life!!!!!!!!! Haa!!!!!!! just how jealous do ya wanna make us all feel!!!! WICKED BRO!!!! keep living the life!!!!!!
long bui
long bui - 5 måneder siden
Hi everyone, can you tell me where this country is ? I’m from VietNam ❤️
ดุง ดุง
ดุง ดุง - 5 måneder siden
Ryanzera rd
Ryanzera rd - 5 måneder siden
Só eu de brasileiro que assisto ele
Amazing Nature
Amazing Nature - 5 måneder siden
amazing work guy !!
KyleRen - 5 måneder siden
37:04 0_0
Eltonjohn Calagno
Eltonjohn Calagno - 5 måneder siden
Hello I’m your fans now
Donni Maghi
Donni Maghi - 5 måneder siden
Hope this another yallaa...... :) :) this is awesome mate
Lee Langford
Lee Langford - 5 måneder siden
Man you are so lucky to be living that life👌🏻
Michael - 5 måneder siden
Amazing love your videos
sobeast44 - 5 måneder siden
where is he?
benny xy
benny xy - 5 måneder siden
Morning too dude.......have are great day....
Carson Keller
Carson Keller - 5 måneder siden
Proud of you Brodie!
D Murray
D Murray - 5 måneder siden
Good man warning people against free diving alone. My best friend died free diving under a yacht full of people. A couple even knew he was down there but nobody was with him. After half an hour someone asked "Has anyone seen Joe?" Then it wasn't where's Joe? More let's go find his body.
Ryan Hamann
Ryan Hamann - 5 måneder siden
Challenges, even if you make them up are a great Idea. Can do more no sponsored but also great way to get sponsored. Also maybe challenges day out only trying to catch a certain fish, to eat. If you dont get it go back home and eat kind of thing.
Jamie Martin
Jamie Martin - 5 måneder siden
what size is your rod brodie?
Ryan Crowther
Ryan Crowther - 5 måneder siden
I want his life!
Birger Karlsson
Birger Karlsson - 5 måneder siden
Inspiring lifestyle ! Greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪
Jeffrey Beyer
Jeffrey Beyer - 5 måneder siden
This happened to me a big bronzie took my red and popper.
GrindhouseGaming - 5 måneder siden
Honestly, there's nothing in the world id rather do than this. Unfortunately i was born in the wrong part of the world, so i cant enjoy the crystal clear warm waters. I live in eastern canada where the atlantic is cold on the best summer days, with nowhere near as diverse amount of species off our coast. This just looks so beautiful, even if it wasnt a job of mine, just as a hobby to be able to take a boat out into your oceans on a day off work id be so grateful. Unfortunately not in this life but maybe the next. Cheers from Nova scotia Canada, love your videos man. 🤙
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow - 5 måneder siden
Kicking ass and taking names,,,WOW! Intense Insane Fishing😲😲
38:37 🤣🤣👍
Tristan Rhodes
Tristan Rhodes - 5 måneder siden
Is he a fan of Bring Me The Horizon cause I see their album cover of happy song on his hand
Malena Pérez
Malena Pérez - 5 måneder siden
Camaro Jay
Camaro Jay - 5 måneder siden
Where is this beach?
Liz Morgia
Liz Morgia - 6 måneder siden
Who cleaned your house Brodie? 😏😜😂
Liz Morgia
Liz Morgia - 6 måneder siden
When Stryda did not listen to Brodie!
Wissam Soultan
Wissam Soultan - 6 måneder siden
Top show, love how you catch and eat the the fish.