SOLO REMOTE CAMPING WITH NO FOOD Plus My Fishing Gear & A Lemon Part 1 (Stone Fish) - Ep 214

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After almost losing his life to a stone fish, Brodie Moss and his dog Stryda travel deeper into the remote Australian coastline where there is no reception, no other people for miles, amazing weather and lots to explore. Brodie sets off on foot to catch dinner, the scenes from the drones will amaze you then to cook up the fish on a campfire by the beach.
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oscar mccluskey
oscar mccluskey - 19 dager siden
You are better then David adembrer
Josh Call
Josh Call - 22 dager siden
Brodie I thought i was the only one who called pliars tweezers on accident
Harry Russell
Harry Russell - 24 dager siden
does Strider know to leave stone fishes alone? or does he hope she doesnt step on one?
Tackleboys - Måned siden
your drone footage is just so so epic! thanks for sharing boys
Kevin Radu
Kevin Radu - Måned siden
You should get your dog little booties to run around in the ocean. Those stone fish are nasty
sebbe - Måned siden
You should give the doggo some boots, don't want her to step on some stonefish!
Eric12 - Måned siden
Is that something camouflaging in the water at 10:20 or just a rock? lol
Eric12 - Måned siden
On the left hand side
Pagan Mosa
Pagan Mosa - Måned siden
That ending 😂
Kevin Michiels
Kevin Michiels - Måned siden
Are you not scared of your dog stepping on a stone fish
Tamir Abushouk
Tamir Abushouk - Måned siden
Man back to spearfishing and diving please
Paulo Furtado
Paulo Furtado - Måned siden
Thats the life!
Jordan Veitch
Jordan Veitch - Måned siden
release this shirt, thanks
Rman Vids
Rman Vids - Måned siden
living the life !!! epic video !!!
George Rojas
George Rojas - Måned siden
What happens if strider steps on the rock fish
TheDEADstar01 - Måned siden
Best channel ever on youtube
LordRobson - Måned siden
Which GoPro do u use?
Uzi avliŠ
Uzi avliŠ - Måned siden
Instrumental at 15:12?????
Pannalal Gangwal
Pannalal Gangwal - Måned siden
John Evan's
John Evan's - Måned siden
Dude your hilarious u sure u ain't lost the plot bro speaking to a horse😂 only joking I speak to my self that's worse😂
Liam McKenna
Liam McKenna - Måned siden
Ha at 10:18 he sounds like Darth Vader
0ffwhite - Måned siden
what kind of drone?
Connor McConkie
Connor McConkie - Måned siden
Does anyone know what part of Australia Brodie lives in?
Tuner Fun
Tuner Fun - Måned siden
everything you ever do is "solo no food" boring
Harold Jolly
Harold Jolly - Måned siden
Doing the david attenborough voice when presenting stradaa
DCFanatic7 - Måned siden
Makes me nervous that he lets his dog roam like that. She seems like a smart dog but I keep thinking she’s gunna drink the water and that wouldn’t be good 😬
Logan Womack
Logan Womack - Måned siden
Pls collab with rokkit kit!!! I really love both of your channels, I could only imagine the vids you guys could make if you were to!!
1 life Entertainment
1 life Entertainment - Måned siden
This cheers me up so depressed at the moment in life everything's ruined the uk doesn't have these beautiful things I wish it did so I could just take off n do this I would save every penny just to do this
Fishing Mystic
Fishing Mystic - Måned siden
Brody please when you camp, try fishing at night with bait! :(
Dillon Hilger
Dillon Hilger - Måned siden
Is it just me or do other people wonder when Brodie is flying a drone if the sea turtles are like Meteor is coming right at me and get scared?
Ertuğrul Gazi
Ertuğrul Gazi - Måned siden
Well this video is actually next level man.
Jip Muller
Jip Muller - Måned siden
How dare you not counting stryda as a person (SOLO remote island)
Freddγ !
Freddγ ! - Måned siden
Guys what are those places??
Holger Jens Kõrkjas
Holger Jens Kõrkjas - Måned siden
10:40 EAT HIM
Ty Jacobs
Ty Jacobs - Måned siden
Mate your so humble and I love the vids. Dreams to live that way too in future 🙂
ethan wilson
ethan wilson - Måned siden
How is everyone not afraid of stepping on a rockfish in Australia I feel like ever since I saw a rockfish on the discovery channel years ago it’s all I can think about
Harvey G
Harvey G - Måned siden
Yano when you had a bad day, this guy is the guy to watch
Thor Gary
Thor Gary - Måned siden
Right on Brother
DistantWILLOW - Måned siden
Did anyone else sh*t themselves when the stone fish flinched?? I almost kicked the dog off the bed...
Alex Tuccillo
Alex Tuccillo - Måned siden
What rod are you using? I’m hoping to know what Model, power, and action. Thanks.
Lav77 - Måned siden
Living the dream ma man 👊🕶
Owen Jackson
Owen Jackson - Måned siden
This guys drone shots are just phenomenal.. I'm in awe.
Itz Rad218 YT
Itz Rad218 YT - Måned siden
had to re sub cause of yt i was wondering why i didnt see your content love the vids keep it up brotha💙
Kazi Rahman
Kazi Rahman - Måned siden
What rod and reel combo do you use to catch fish on your boat? Btw AMAZING videos. Love the angles and the scenery!
Guinife - Dream
Guinife - Dream - Måned siden
Not sure if you're aware but skip jacks have a tendency to have worms in their meat. I firs saw the worms on Deer Meat for Dinner when he filet the skip jack.
Kenny Klein
Kenny Klein - Måned siden
if you eat a lot of Garlic and onion it'll help keep the flies, nats, mosquitos away. just a little trick from your friendly Native American...
Kai Finch
Kai Finch - Måned siden
Yeh so it's all good for I live in fucking worthing
K9Tvz - Måned siden
bro when the stone fished jumped, i jumped higher.
Harry Hughes
Harry Hughes - Måned siden
brodie: how did you get up there stryda
Stryda : I jumped up with my leds how else would I get up
X-Und3rOath-l -
X-Und3rOath-l - - Måned siden
Hey man I just want to say I love your videos and I have a lot of friends in Australia, I'm in Canada and I can't wait to go there some day and do some fishing and diving cause of you
HindyLabs - Måned siden
Me when a dog tries eating my food 17:43
Youie Nichols
Youie Nichols - Måned siden
Watching the beautiful Australian weather compared to British ‘summertime’ like......
benlyons83 - Måned siden
same shit again
Nyoman Witastra
Nyoman Witastra - Måned siden
Hello greetings From Indonesia👐
2014NTF6 - Måned siden
One of the best glass offs I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a few!
itsmeP - Måned siden
Hey brodie can you buy some doggie shoes for stryda she might step on something dangerous ya know?
potato - Måned siden
I dont know about u guys but I see some nice wallpapers
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - Måned siden
Brodie don't apologize for being who you are, we all have issues and are broken in some way. I love you just the way are..When you were talking about trying not to run around like a crazy person then keeping your thoughts and actions under control, it broke my heart a bit that you feel you can't be yourself and enjoy the moment of happiness and joy your experiencing at that time. The last few videos you have mentioned those moments and saying sorry for your actions, so I'm assuming that somebody has said something about your squirrel, ADHD moments.... you do and be you! I love watching everything that you and Stryda do.. the fun and love you guys have for the outdoors and each other and all the cool stuff ya find n how excited ya get... thank you for sharing your life with us and taking us along on the journeys, just want you guys to be safe out there all alone. 💗💚💙
Heebleeh Nabaghda
Heebleeh Nabaghda - Måned siden
What if strata steps on a stonefish
Jake T
Jake T - Måned siden
5:00, why not run around like a crazy guy? Its pretty fun i tell ya
alderton _
alderton _ - Måned siden
Brodie Attenborough 😂
Mac Entertainment Official
Hey Brodie. Do you recommend using telescopic fishing rod?