Solo Living From The Ocean Eating What I Catch (New Bike & Amazing Whales) - Ep 229

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There is never a dull moment following Brodie Moss and his dog Stryda around his new home on the remote Australian coastline - MOSSLAND! Brodie refuses to go back into town to the shops to buy food due to it being so busy at the moment so its living of the land and ocean from here on in. Brodie buys a new motor bike for mossland, goes spearfishing from the jetski and gets an amazing whale interaction on the drone. Enjoy!
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Western Tides
Western Tides - 8 timer siden
Should do an episode on some big game fishing, wahoo, Dollies, sailfish, tuna, Marlin, Mackie's 😁👌
Krystal Richardson
Krystal Richardson - Dag siden
You make me laugh so hard, your hilarious !
Passing Borders
Passing Borders - Dag siden
Man, im loving your Videos!
cooper schmarr
cooper schmarr - Dag siden
Yeah mate more spear fishing
Seth McNamara
Seth McNamara - Dag siden
You should buy a yz450 or a crf450r or a wr450 or a cr500🙂🙃
sonny pars
sonny pars - Dag siden
so amazing garden brodie, watching here in manila ph. #ybs
Jackson Taranto
Jackson Taranto - Dag siden
You should save up for a ktm 500 2020 model
Lucas Giese
Lucas Giese - 2 dager siden
Do a survival trip out there on the water with all the boizs🤣
André Kleynhans
André Kleynhans - 2 dager siden
Get a Huskywarna
Alex Tier
Alex Tier - 2 dager siden
Man WR450F is the bike you want!!
J M - 3 dager siden
Whale porn is sick
Austin Lambert
Austin Lambert - 3 dager siden
Can you try catch a marlin for a video
Felix Leahy
Felix Leahy - 4 dager siden
you need to get the new wr2020 450f it would be perfect for you
Spakko TV
Spakko TV - 4 dager siden
Some freediving tutorial with Brinkley would be awesome. Like from beginner to advanced. And maybe some safety rules to 😉
Paul Cauchois
Paul Cauchois - 5 dager siden
I miss the crayfish catches and more land and mangrove stuff with mud-crabs n things.
Josh Kendall
Josh Kendall - 5 dager siden
I reckon you would enjoy a ktm 350exc or a Honda crf450rx, the right in-between a farm bike and a race bike.
WazzaYEET69 - 5 dager siden
suzuki drz400e
Riley Blundell
Riley Blundell - 5 dager siden
Brodie do u make your secrets sorce or do u buy it
Jacob Henn
Jacob Henn - 5 dager siden
I just super respect that he plays his bangers regardless of if it's going to get him demonetized honestly never seen a more just genuine YouTuber. Even when he asks for support he's just kinda like "Appreciate whatever you do, only do it if you wanna". Super respectful hustle my man.
Joe Evora
Joe Evora - 6 dager siden
Sick KTM 450 SXF!!!! so now you have to buy a skid steer and build yourself a track!!!! If you need help, my kids and I would totally come out and get it done lol. I’ll bring my 150SX lol. Congrats man!!
R E - 6 dager siden
you should have a friend or family member that's good at gardening to come and help you weed your garden now and show you where to plant and what the plan certain areas that way you can grow all the veggies that you want and you should probably even grow some fruit trees you can grow an avocado tree in there you can give lemon trees in there don't give up on your gardening I was the subscriber that sent you the link to the tower gardens when he lived in your other place LOL
R E - 6 dager siden
You know there are certain cultures that still eat Wells as part of their diet? I think they're native or indigenous groups that do that but it's becoming really big in South Korea again which is a little alarming
Evolution Film Co.
Evolution Film Co. - 6 dager siden
Husqvarna FE450 or FE501!
Hugh Matthews
Hugh Matthews - 6 dager siden
mad video
Joseph Alaimo
Joseph Alaimo - 6 dager siden
is the secret sauce mayo????
rollinglow1 - 6 dager siden
Love what you do bro wish I could do the same keep it up ......... from Lakeland Florida USA
Kyle Clapsadle
Kyle Clapsadle - 7 dager siden
2020 KTM 250 XC TPI Absolutely love mine. perfect trail bike. Keep the vibes rollin man!
Michael Grenz
Michael Grenz - 7 dager siden
Brodie! fish pro camping on the random islands!!!
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson - 7 dager siden
More catch and cook stuff !! :)
ithadamanandhewaswal - 7 dager siden
I wanna see you get some crayfish. Those were some of my favorite.
Luke Stansborough
Luke Stansborough - 7 dager siden
KTM EXC 🤙🏻 Best All rounder bikes
H ARCA - 7 dager siden
More spearfishing catch and cook videos please! Much respect and wish you continued success B! Cheers from SoCal USA!
Stenshion - 7 dager siden
Love ur vids btw
Stenshion - 7 dager siden
can u do a survive on your boat mission
Rich Warne
Rich Warne - 8 dager siden
I think you may have changed my life with the fish wraps... never even tried it before and now I love it!!
joseph hoffee
joseph hoffee - 8 dager siden
DRZ 400
Maddison Gray
Maddison Gray - 8 dager siden
2 M letsgo
Swifty - 8 dager siden
Magnus Hurst
Magnus Hurst - 8 dager siden
When will Jackos guns be able to buy
Harris Scoggins
Harris Scoggins - 8 dager siden
No question ktm 300 xc-w tpi
Gaming with Tofu
Gaming with Tofu - 8 dager siden
How does it feel to be living my dreams 😔
Willy Warrior
Willy Warrior - 9 dager siden
Amazing my friend from el diablo uruguay we follow you.keep going
Bennett Ronay
Bennett Ronay - 9 dager siden
We need the secret sauce recipe
Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas - 9 dager siden
You NEED to get a KTM 500exc-f This is by far the best enduro bike on the planet!!!!!!!! 🌎
Joanne Palmer
Joanne Palmer - 9 dager siden
Thank you for bringing me the beautiful ocean 🌊 to me I love watching ur videos as I love the ocean but two years ago I had to have a major surgery and it’s left me disabled so can’t travel as much as I could. So thank u 🙏 ur amazing and would live to meet u. When I have money I’m wanting some of ur merchandise. Instagram jojoprettyinpink please message me just saying hi I would so love that ❤️
Kane Scott
Kane Scott - 9 dager siden
I really wanna know where did he shoot these videos, It is so cooool
Willy and tigg
Willy and tigg - 9 dager siden
Brodie on a yz450 yes please
Joey Kolb
Joey Kolb - 10 dager siden
Tbh anything you put out is quality content and just the fact that you are asking for what we wanna see is awesome. Just keep doing what you are doing and I trust your creative mind with your video ideas.😁😁
Sam Everett
Sam Everett - 10 dager siden
He tries his hardest to not dive alone. That's weird. I barely even try and, look at me, I hardly ever dive in the ocean irresponsibly
Darcy O'Halloran
Darcy O'Halloran - 10 dager siden
get a fe450 husky
João Monteiro
João Monteiro - 10 dager siden
Would love to hear more on what's the experience of having the sharks around in their natural enviroment. How do you deal with it? How have you grown to handle the stress, the pressure, the panic etc. From a guy that lives next to the Atlantic ocean those free dives with sharks are just too much adrenaline to handle.
Caiden Long112
Caiden Long112 - 10 dager siden
did this guy just kick over a 450 bare foot?😳....respect
DFWFreestyle - 11 dager siden
Order an aftermarket headlight, a stator, kickstand, and booom ur good to go bro..just google it you got this.
DFWFreestyle - 11 dager siden
Get a husky 701 street legal mate...fucking sick bike you will love it
josab - 11 dager siden
Just get a suzuki
ANTONIO BOODAN - 11 dager siden
Hi Brodie MOSS I just want to say am your follower and I love all your history you shared with the world i believe you changing and making a big impact on people's lives how to do the right things and I want to say always be safe and remember God loves you always right in in saying all that I want to ask you can you please subscribe to my YouTube channel name is ABTONIO BOODAN I jot like thirtysomething subscribers I do gaming video for Kid's the reason why I asked you to subscribe as your bless follower you would make me feel very happy worth living for to do this i don't know but you motivate people man oooh we got fire baby yeah (y) am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter days I'll be so honored to tell my family and my prophet the good things you support and shared and how the love for life you shared with all of people in the world. :)
Paul Tombelli
Paul Tombelli - 11 dager siden
".. maybe they're fallin' in love?!... they're fallin' in love.. and I'm watching them fall in love.. and.. I'm by myself." lol ahaha just a great producer.
Zachario Wyatto
Zachario Wyatto - 7 dager siden
That hit me hard
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald - 11 dager siden
Go out on your boat in formal attire. Tuxedos for you and the boys, and gowns for Amberleigh and Brinkley. Catch and cook with full table setting, champagne. Make it elegant.
Velensor - 11 dager siden
Hey Brodie, what about a Mission like 3 days on the Boat, no Land? Would be Cool :)
Brendan Swanson
Brendan Swanson - 11 dager siden
KTM exc is a great enduro bike.