SOLO Camping With NO FOOD On Isolated Beach | Surprising Some Young Fans (Emotional) - Ep 244

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Brodie Moss meets some fans at the local tackle shop just before a camping adventure. He went back to their holiday house to surprise the kids!! After that his dog Stryda joins him and they go camping on a remote beach with no food. They use the Jetski and buggy plus pack some of the basic camping and diving gear.
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Pro Vapor Fagotti
Pro Vapor Fagotti - 9 timer siden
Ahh fishing sucks... lol 8:20
itstrix xx
itstrix xx - 14 timer siden
When you got it bogged 😂😂, I love ya brodie mate
itstrix xx
itstrix xx - 14 timer siden
From nsw
Shane Beaudrot
Shane Beaudrot - Dag siden
You should get a hammock that mounts to your reece hitch.
Bullgatz - Dag siden
The whale 🐋 footage was sick should’ve went closer
aaron caldwell
aaron caldwell - Dag siden
your a legend mate, just proves a man and his dog can be happy in a world like this, never let anyone take that from you mate.
aaron caldwell
aaron caldwell - Dag siden
Hey guys what was the flint that was used?
IamTx Physicx
IamTx Physicx - 2 dager siden
Why do you have to be 300ft away from the whales? Is it for your own safety or are those laws to protect them?
Patricia Guenzler
Patricia Guenzler - 2 dager siden
Thanks for the video my dog loves the water also double coat it's pure tranquillity at night
Kris Rush
Kris Rush - 3 dager siden
Oh my gosh! I was gonna be one of those... idiots... but... excuse my dots... ugh... freaking amazing! Thanks Brody. Know how lucky you are. And keep fucking owning the beauty of your existence. Haha honestly really liked the fake out (it was genuine on your end, I’m just being an impossible YouTube viewer).
Dominic Brookes
Dominic Brookes - 4 dager siden
14:00 deffo planted it
Patrick Baitman
Patrick Baitman - 6 dager siden
Your dedication to your fans is awesome bro!
Marky mark
Marky mark - 6 dager siden
beautiful...popping in to see that fam.... man I don't know you but are deserving of your new future.. you help me to escape each video🙌
Hoss 3
Hoss 3 - 6 dager siden
30:18 is great man 😂 love to see stryda the goof
Jason Brito
Jason Brito - 6 dager siden
I'm not living my life right.
Michael Prichett
Michael Prichett - 6 dager siden
Can you visit me but I live in New Jersey
Harrison Craft
Harrison Craft - 7 dager siden
I love you Brodie
Harrison Craft
Harrison Craft - 7 dager siden
You are the best YouTube in the world
Piet Kousemaker
Piet Kousemaker - 8 dager siden
Mannnnnn.....if I ever get the chance .... 👍
vo hoang yen vo hoang yen
vo hoang yen vo hoang yen - 9 dager siden
Có ai việt nam không :D
Kay-ar Uy
Kay-ar Uy - 10 dager siden
I'm new! You rock Brodie
MEGAN RAMIREZ - 10 dager siden
I saw one of my teachers wearing a ybs shirt
Crystal D
Crystal D - 10 dager siden
The part where your singing had me dying.lmao I love you man.
Lucas Wilhelmy
Lucas Wilhelmy - 10 dager siden
What breed is strider
ThaSage - 12 dager siden
Love these long videos👌
Karynox - 12 dager siden
the cheek meat thats my fav...stryder yoinks it
Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture
It is indeed a great content!!!! good job!!!
andre fernandes feitoza
andre fernandes feitoza - 14 dager siden
Joseph Turoczi
Joseph Turoczi - 15 dager siden
I have been watching for a bit now and he is definitely a character that’s for sure, full of beans, but must be something about him because I’m still watching and have subscribed. 🤷‍♂️
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins - 15 dager siden
I don't live any of this stuff but I love the channel. I don't fish, boat or any of that stuff and I'm envious. Question though, why are your boats all spotless but your ski looks like hell?
LeBron James
LeBron James - 15 dager siden
imagine if steve irwin was still alive no doubt it would have been the greatest collab of ALL TIME
Julie Velasquez
Julie Velasquez - 15 dager siden
Aye Aye Captain Brodie
Where ever you are, you have a place to be, and give your all to the wonders you see.
Your passion and love for life is evident, when nature is calling, you are most benevolent.
Adventures you make, your viewers will take, if not for the sake of learning, but for the need we all are yearning. May the waves always tickle your feet, and the sandy shoreline always be your seat.
JuliaV. CA/USA 13-OCT-2020
Khai Me a River
Khai Me a River - 15 dager siden
awww man, TAKE THE BEER! Would have meant a lot of them haha
Jim C.
Jim C. - 15 dager siden
Brodie is more popular than father Christmas. lol
George Watson
George Watson - 16 dager siden
Sickest videos on YouTube!
George Watson
George Watson - 16 dager siden
How long did you cook the trout for
Shannon Cochrane
Shannon Cochrane - 16 dager siden
Hey Brodie, (HOT TIP) noticed when you cooked your fish it was a bit of a struggle to get the foil off and the skin all stuck to the foil. If you just pack a can of spray olive oil with you and spray the foil before putting the fish down, will come off so much easier! Anyway love your channel, so cool how far you've come! huge inspiration!
ANDREW MCGAVOCK - 16 dager siden
Weather Balloon crap
Robbie Coutts
Robbie Coutts - 17 dager siden
What breed is your dog??
y so serious
y so serious - 17 dager siden
Hermanator Terminator
Hermanator Terminator - 17 dager siden
He is the most humble youtube i watch
Shawn Collins
Shawn Collins - 18 dager siden
BRO!!! You are NOT a scientist (or anything even remotely close), clearly your government doesn't see those snodes as a problem to the environment. I really like you brodie but you are one of the most entitled people. Those snodes help Australian scientist better understand the environment and take care of the ocean. Meanwhile you prance around on a petrol hungry jet ski and drive your petrol guzzling cars around on the beach and that's ok...I seriously have lost some respect for you. Its ok for Brodie to pollute to make more money than he needs but when the government makes a choice to HELP the ocean King Brodie decides he doesn't like it...just wow brodie.
Osama Redwan
Osama Redwan - 18 dager siden
Shakila Hossainy
Shakila Hossainy - 19 dager siden
What a legend
R E - 19 dager siden
bro another hat idea the scales... with stryder on it... hey pepper pots says high as usual
Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell - 22 dager siden
Can you collab with chubsey1995 on tiktok I reckon it would be killer!!
Gaarhaye Inan soomaal MY 11
Gaarhaye Inan soomaal MY 11 - 23 dager siden
Don't eat fish 🐠 in front of me because I am fisherman hhh
I like how you do this video
Tanks from 🇸🇴
Lucas Mulvehill
Lucas Mulvehill - 23 dager siden
Good vlog, cool experience that normal people don’t get, thanks Brodie
Deluxe Eagle
Deluxe Eagle - 24 dager siden
What city are you in
MAGA Country
MAGA Country - 24 dager siden
1:33 what is brodie’s tat on his shin, i like thst girl
B G - 25 dager siden
It's a weather balloon. They are launched from numerous sites all over the world. It's the best way to get a vertical profile of the atmosphere
kyle collins
kyle collins - 25 dager siden
Hey Brody my father and I watch you most the day 🤘🏼 love what you do brother constantly cleaning up the earth and ocean 💪🏻 ybs for life buddy I just got the GoPro HERO 9 and can not wait to get shooting vids .. my dad wanted to say you should put some add bungee strap on the buggy wind screen to the roof will save you from having to replace the shocks .
SN Phoenix
SN Phoenix - 25 dager siden
Been watching since ep 2!! 2 years ago now still loving it.
Izzy Kalzee
Izzy Kalzee - 25 dager siden
On Christmas we are going to X moth
Tim Sothman
Tim Sothman - 25 dager siden
They look like you all handsome and pretty
Dylan Skripko
Dylan Skripko - 26 dager siden
Awesome video bro! Been wayching for a couple years now. U. R. The. Man!
its jaxonm8998
its jaxonm8998 - 26 dager siden
What a moment right there. A true blue aussie meeting true blue fans.
jack black
jack black - 26 dager siden
they are weather balloons that float at 70,000 feet. and yeah its fucked there isn't a better way to dispose of. maybe have it self destruct in the air....
fish sticking to alfoil cause no oil. other than that NOICE
jack black
jack black - 26 dager siden
Hey mate would you say Strayva is a small, medium or large dog?
Everette - 27 dager siden
this is wholesome content, i love it
Sidney Leibson
Sidney Leibson - 27 dager siden
Your drone footage of the whales Caused me to open we cry. I pray to God what day before I die I could come there to see the whales
Secret Admirer
Secret Admirer - 27 dager siden
OMG ! That poor sweet heart kid was crying 🥰😍 .. I mean I would do the same... and about that australian device you found, maybe you should’ve left it there since it’s a governmental property right ? And it’s meant to be there for a reason .. if not saving the ocean life maybe it’s saving people’s from a meteorological natural disaster..
Sebastian - 28 dager siden
Hey there Brodie, great to see you making a 'real' fire again! I actually started to miss it with all the gas-cooking. However, you should never heat or cook anything in or on aluminum (incl. the foil). When heated, it releases loads of toxins into the food. Many of which are directly linked to cancer development. Stay safe and use the foil only for storage purposes ;)
I wonder, is there a special reason you haven't been hunting mud crab for such a long time? Always loved the crab catch and cooks!
Paul Gerk
Paul Gerk - 28 dager siden
That wasn't Billy coke bottle's or Morton's pet mud crab was it
Drewski - 28 dager siden
30:13 His reaction is HILARIOUS
Alan Miller
Alan Miller - 28 dager siden
Hahaha, Lol... Hilarious no bog drive through...
It's_just_Me! - 29 dager siden
The best part of the video Brodie was when Stryda stole the cheek meat from your hands hahaha I loved it!!!!!
craig kreykes
craig kreykes - 29 dager siden
Tristen Bentley
Tristen Bentley - 29 dager siden
Bro I want to meet you so bad and go on a trip
Fran Dell
Fran Dell - Måned siden
You need a new cam for the afternoon and the night felow.
Look at this fidelity. HDR cam.
By the way.
LOVE your job.
Send You a Hugg from Argentine, man.
Alexander Blackie
Alexander Blackie - Måned siden
27:30 big thonk time
Lochie Nixon
Lochie Nixon - Måned siden
Brodie Irwin
Odas04 - Måned siden
What type of dog do u have
Gary Beck
Gary Beck - Måned siden
Darcy and Shaynas Crazy adventures
Do you no koere mackenze he is my uncle
Mr.M4inEv3nt - Måned siden
FInally u get the tool. I'm sooooo happy u liked it m8!! weeee gooot firrreeee. NExt time i will send u something else that will surprise u again!!! YESSS!
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor - Måned siden
Proper just proper cheers and thanks for having us along what a life
Sam Philipp
Sam Philipp - Måned siden
That trout looks like a grouper.
Sam Philipp
Sam Philipp - Måned siden
Have you ever seen the movie gone fishin with danny glover? The flick is essential
Hristo Mutafov
Hristo Mutafov - Måned siden
hey mate what is this on your face , sun cream?
Dylan Jansen vreling
Dylan Jansen vreling - Måned siden
go to 14:19 and what is that behind him on the right black thing, is it a boat?
MARIANO LOPEZ - Måned siden
Hola como andas estan buenos los videos que haces sobre la pesca Quería saber donde es el lugar donde vivis?
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith - Måned siden
I love you broody
john craig
john craig - Måned siden
Touring around this fantastic country would be so extremely awesome for you.
This is the best country in the world for sure. So much to see and do. And most of the people are pretty cool as well. Keep up the good work mate. Love the show. 👌
Darryl Shannon
Darryl Shannon - Måned siden
Your never gunna survive unless you get a little crazy
You’ve got so much to show take your time
Don’t burn the candle at both ends ,don’t want to see you as a candle in the wind
Shay Wallin
Shay Wallin - Måned siden
Absolutely amazing footage of the whales
gcm747 - Måned siden
OMG! I don’t think for a second two years ago Brodie could have imagined bringing children to tears as their celebrity idol.
Te Family Adventures
Te Family Adventures - Måned siden
Enjoying your content! Keep up the good work. If you have a second go have a browse of my channel 😁👍
Jayden Read
Jayden Read - Måned siden
30:18 haven’t laughed like that in a while
Junior Jr
Junior Jr - Måned siden
Watching your videos of the clear ocean water, jet skis, boats, fishing, and everything else are so exciting.
Wesley Moody
Wesley Moody - Måned siden
What a Legend! best content, best dude
John Burg
John Burg - Måned siden
Where can I buy that flint ???
Chamrong Tith
Chamrong Tith - Måned siden
His dog has to be one of the happiest dog ever
A Duckie
A Duckie - 5 dager siden
I don’t think you’ve heard the song about Larry
Cheryl MusicLvr
Cheryl MusicLvr - Måned siden
Thank you for making my crappy day into a wonderful day.
Sam Forbes
Sam Forbes - Måned siden
How could anyone give this guy hate he is the most loveable guy in the world and is just so interesting
Captain Jack Spearo
Captain Jack Spearo - Måned siden
Epic trip! So fun challenging yourself like that and living off the land! Thrilling!🤙🤙
Elex Beats
Elex Beats - Måned siden
but if you can work a little bit in overreacting it will be great haha
sending love to you guys sky sky - Måned siden
where did you get that cool magnesium striker????
BLACK K - Måned siden
阳离子 - Måned siden
Hi,YBS Youngbloods, I want to cooperate with you
Denzil Burriss
Denzil Burriss - Måned siden
The thumbprint should be a woman if you are going to use the sex definitely do not look sexy.......get real and lose some of that arrogance.