SOLO CAMPING Isolating On The Beach With NO FOOD Living From The Ocean - Ep 200

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No food, no cooking gear, camping with the basics (plus a jet ski) on a very remote Australian beach in the middle of no where! Join Brodie Moss and his dog Stryda as they live from the ocean catching what they eat and cooking it on the hot coals from a campfire.
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Runtime: 36:19


Danny Alberta
Danny Alberta - 57 minutter siden
So for clean clear skin just rub the sand in and let it sit for 1hour? Got it.
Danny Alberta
Danny Alberta - Time siden
Does anyone else think he tripped acid?
ALT F4 - Dag siden
You are crazy, but I like it.
John Vincent S. PANGILINAN
5:16 pet goals
Alberto MAcosta
Alberto MAcosta - 2 dager siden
Amazing ,just amazing🤜🤛
Ethan Hinson
Ethan Hinson - 3 dager siden
Everybody gangsta till the flies show up
49erfaithful - 3 dager siden
The ADHD stuff is hilarious lol keep it up
Alex Genesis Cute
Alex Genesis Cute - 3 dager siden
lul Cloudyy
lul Cloudyy - 4 dager siden
I thought he was alone but I saw someone’s shadow walk bye
Branko Sentić
Branko Sentić - 4 dager siden
Hess fooking crazy 😂
Jethro Cahucom
Jethro Cahucom - 4 dager siden
Can I have a iPhone please for our online class in Philippines please
Follow my IG 5ive_5ebruary
Follow my IG 5ive_5ebruary - 4 dager siden
This guy kinda remind me of Mr.Bean
luke alexander
luke alexander - 5 dager siden
Brodi: I’m going to find a plate Me: where is he going to find a plate. Brodi: finds rock that looks like a plate. Me:👁👄👁
Seth Barinaga
Seth Barinaga - 5 dager siden
Brodie: Fire pls come
Fire: Hey Brodie
Brodie: 6:07
B adams
B adams - 5 dager siden
You are a great funny guy, keep up the great content.
David Schofield
David Schofield - 6 dager siden
A man who loves the simple basics in Life.
Savage Queen
Savage Queen - 7 dager siden
I hope you know blessed you all are. I would give anything to be able to live this way
SAILING into FREEDOM - 7 dager siden
Ahhh Western Australia...I left my heart in WA ......and my boat.....sailingintofreedom
Candice Christie
Candice Christie - 7 dager siden
You have such a awesome dog 🐕😀
TheWaken - 7 dager siden
Best YouTuber ever. Enjoying life to the fullest and entertaining us at the same time. Could watch this channel all day.
Attached - 8 dager siden
no one has a better bond with a dog than him
tacuache56 - 8 dager siden
This is better than ps4
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole - 9 dager siden
Omg I just got chills hearing those flies through my EarPods 🥴
Mikkel Friis
Mikkel Friis - 9 dager siden
7:49 probably cause of that face Palm hahah youre the best
Legacy was here
Legacy was here - 9 dager siden
No best part big fan btw Brodie but when he is like I live for this just me and strider pauses called out “strider@ love it man
Jesse Collins
Jesse Collins - 10 dager siden
You are actully living the dream. How do I get a job like yours 🤣
Philip Hardman
Philip Hardman - 10 dager siden
whats the name of the swag old girl
Samac Tran
Samac Tran - 11 dager siden
haha omg
Imnothappyimgay - 12 dager siden
There’s a lot of flies around u bro jeez u must be stinky
Imnothappyimgay - 12 dager siden
6:10 me when I bust
Imnothappyimgay - 12 dager siden
Man I can’t believe people would dislike this but Brodie I love how positive you are in you’re videos. There’s always people who are gonna dislike you. Keep that in mind guys. They are just jealous
Ambrose BOWERS
Ambrose BOWERS - 12 dager siden
i think one thing: brodie should use his boat more instead of his jetski
tim leahy
tim leahy - 12 dager siden
ive got ADHD too
Kyuru Wolffe
Kyuru Wolffe - 15 dager siden
Beginning song?
Rifat 888
Rifat 888 - 16 dager siden
He is the man living his life
Lennon Nolan
Lennon Nolan - 16 dager siden
This guy is THE best youtuber ever
Aiden Lindsey
Aiden Lindsey - 17 dager siden
All the bugs on the camera made me feel like there was one on me😂
Garth Hooper
Garth Hooper - 18 dager siden
I wonder why you got distracted but have adhd too
Evan Crow
Evan Crow - 19 dager siden
Anyone know the name of the song that is played in the drone shots
Louie Perry
Louie Perry - 19 dager siden
So much sand on his face
NightWolf - 20 dager siden
13:20 maybe clean yourself?
Tony Brown
Tony Brown - 20 dager siden
If your trying to survive outside u got to drag your face in sand and say I love this shit
Jerome de Leon
Jerome de Leon - 21 dag siden
flies flying everywhere, I like how he's not bothered anymore hahaha
Expality - 21 dag siden
Best personality ever
Poor4kie - 21 dag siden
You should add a dog door to your swag
Cheap Gaming
Cheap Gaming - 22 dager siden
you are awesome man , what u do is too natural.
yazi - 22 dager siden
your such a cool youtuber
Mimi Ho
Mimi Ho - 23 dager siden
The mosquitoes ....
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones - 23 dager siden
What breed is stryda
Amused Bouche
Amused Bouche - 24 dager siden
Starting the fire killed me! 😂😂😂
MrBoomie00 - 24 dager siden
Hahahahahaha my dude loves life. Loves. Life.
Juan jose Erazo
Juan jose Erazo - 24 dager siden
Hello Brodye ✌️✌️✌️👍 💯 brother ✌️
Sam Connolly
Sam Connolly - 26 dager siden
How many drugs were you on when the fire started 😂😂
GotChuLackin _
GotChuLackin _ - 27 dager siden
bro i love this guy he's so happy n wholesome
Mitchell Crossett
Mitchell Crossett - 27 dager siden
Brodie reminds me of storm boy making friends with the pelicans
Hunter02 TV
Hunter02 TV - 27 dager siden
10:50 to 11:10 i wish i could be as happy as this man all the time
Jpgundarun - 29 dager siden
Makes fire, dives in sand, jumps over fire, grabs camera, oh there's a pelican over there. LMAO.
Michelle Muller
Michelle Muller - 29 dager siden
This guy is what I aspire to be
Scott Thoma
Scott Thoma - Måned siden
Sand and flies on his face and still happy. lol
DOUBLE CLONE - Måned siden
anyone else cringe when he uses the cutting edge to scrape the flint? instead of the spine