SHOPS SHUT & I HAVE NO FOOD CHALLENGE With My Knife During The Night FLATHEAD Catch & Cook - Ep 172

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I didn't catch anything fishing all day (because I suck at it) and now the local food shop in town is shut so my last resort is to hunt the tide pools at night with a knife that a fan made for me. This is not a survival video but it was a lot of fun.
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 5 måneder siden
20k likes on this video and I will go hunting for a 3 meter flatty
Mickster - 9 dager siden
I was the 20k
ndwolfwood09 - Måned siden
20K likes already!
Jack Oliver
Jack Oliver - 2 måneder siden
YBS Youngbloods you should make you own seasoning and sell it and make it your sponsor that would be sick I’d buy it something a bit hot like you said sucker for hot food
Davi Dù
Davi Dù - 3 måneder siden
in which place of australia you are?
John Strikwerda
John Strikwerda - 4 måneder siden
Gezza Comey is this what I think it means? 🤣
Bobo Yaaas
Bobo Yaaas - 24 minutter siden
Would u ever consider going hunting like deer hunting or something
Zach Lindo
Zach Lindo - Dag siden
Lion fish
Zach Lindo
Zach Lindo - Dag siden
and yes lots of poison
cl6ud - 6 dager siden
"We got fire baby... Kitchen fire"
HostShots - 6 dager siden
Eating a lot of poultry is actually horrible for you
Adam Gunn
Adam Gunn - 8 dager siden
Brodie is the Casey Neistat of the Australia..
Kye johnson Fishing
Kye johnson Fishing - 10 dager siden
I've done it since I was 1 yr old
Tammy Caplan
Tammy Caplan - 13 dager siden
Nice abds.
Emeng Khalifa
Emeng Khalifa - 15 dager siden
Watching from philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭
Derek - 17 dager siden
Strada the sea pup
Hotel Inspector
Hotel Inspector - 29 dager siden
Where is this in Oz?
Nick Jones
Nick Jones - Måned siden
This is the 1st video ive seen you use real utensils haha love your videos!
eli birger
eli birger - Måned siden
Brodie sees any animal: "Im your friend"
Benjamin McCrink
Benjamin McCrink - Måned siden
This guy is fearless, i fucking love this
Zakaria Astaib
Zakaria Astaib - Måned siden
I am happy when a bait sized fish eats my bait
Underwater Mountain Man
Underwater Mountain Man - Måned siden
So... why not spear a fish? no getting skunked!!
Bruce Stowe
Bruce Stowe - Måned siden
The face when you smell that container in the kitchen was priceless!!! Lol lol been there!!!
Vikotnick - Måned siden
You can use melted butter instead of milk to dip before the batter. Not as good, but in a pinch.... Love the videos. Keep it up!
Jozef Cluff
Jozef Cluff - Måned siden
Who else thought he was wearing undies
Megan Gilburt
Megan Gilburt - Måned siden
You and the crew are my fave to watch on here now I have to watch one of your vids just before I go sleep to chill me out, I love fishing so much but I struggle now as I am now a wheelchair user suffering from chronic pain. Thanks Brody for your vids! Hope you and strider are well 😊
Maria Melgarejo
Maria Melgarejo - Måned siden
Can I fly to your spot, just to fish with you for a day ?😉
D S - Måned siden
“I wanna touch you”
“You look poisonous”
*continues touching it*
Haha love that
316SR - Måned siden
I’d love to see you attach a camera to the line & drop it down 200mtrs. Put the light on & see how the fish strike at 200mtrs
ZScopEz Yt
ZScopEz Yt - Måned siden
Top content by far my favourite YouTuber
WhiteCloudGroovin - Måned siden
Time for a fatty mate
الك عاش
الك عاش - Måned siden
Taylor Parrish
Taylor Parrish - Måned siden
robert horne
robert horne - 2 måneder siden
u should rig it up so your dog could dive with u that would be awesome
Simon Chaddock
Simon Chaddock - 2 måneder siden
Are you back with your misses yet
Ryan Dent
Ryan Dent - 2 måneder siden
Anyone know what brand Brodie’s sun ya are!!??
r andrew
r andrew - 2 måneder siden
Which place in Australia is this?
jordabox ⦔
jordabox ⦔ - 2 måneder siden
14:45 I think that’s called fish
lmvx - 2 måneder siden
3:20 Not an expert?
you've been litterally fishing for well over 172 episodes.
Maybe you're not an expert but i think the key to fishing is experience and the feel and those you've definitely gathered almost your entire life.
Celina Lopez
Celina Lopez - 2 måneder siden
I call everything green. Green shit 😭😭it rubbed off from watching ur vids
steven haynes
steven haynes - 2 måneder siden
What sunglasses do u wear been looking for a pair of glasses I mean I love Costas but just shopping around?
Juan Van Niekerk
Juan Van Niekerk - 2 måneder siden
Love ya so much mate. In rehab fighting but you're getting me through it yew❤️
doittoday1 - 2 måneder siden
But she is damn sexy😎
doittoday1 - 2 måneder siden
No air no shit no shower? Overpriced
doittoday1 - 2 måneder siden
Dude I love your boat but no air con and no shitter?
Its Xjods
Its Xjods - 2 måneder siden
Have you ever went to the shop and buy fish
Nick - 2 måneder siden
I wish I was able to live just half of the way you do. Love it!
Colin Roderick
Colin Roderick - 2 måneder siden
You should do a collab survival video with nickfry you guys have the same personality and would be sick together. Like so he can see this.
Ive Sisters
Ive Sisters - 2 måneder siden
“That needs to go in the bin, but I will put it back in the fridge” 😂😂😂
Cody Lawsn
Cody Lawsn - 2 måneder siden
Brodie u should make we got fire baby merch 😛😛
Ng Gaming
Ng Gaming - 2 måneder siden
When he first started fishing he look like a little kid on Christmas Day 😂
Jeff Go
Jeff Go - 2 måneder siden
Watching from italy im a big fan of you’re keep on uploading videos no.1 fan here
Vincent Wilson
Vincent Wilson - 2 måneder siden
Very Scary I Say !
MrQuicky2407 - 3 måneder siden
I understand you want to go fishing, but don't risk your dogs' safety for videos if the weather isn't good.
Tipsy - 3 måneder siden
how do you find all these remote islands like the uk has none wish i could move to Australia but the rules there make it basically impossible
Ben Harris
Ben Harris - 3 måneder siden
He said that him and stryda were getting smashed then it cut to a very calm flat video🤣
Cthulthu - 3 måneder siden
Nature is beautiful. Loved this night time video.
13 Koty
13 Koty - 3 måneder siden
I’m pretty sure that was ah stone fish or whatever their venomous
Jonah Schneider
Jonah Schneider - 3 måneder siden
I love how grateful he is to nature. It’s awesome
Its_ Swifty
Its_ Swifty - 3 måneder siden
When u catch a fish: 😳😳😳
Kye johnson Fishing
Kye johnson Fishing - 3 måneder siden
That's the first time I heard you say fucking send it
califero c
califero c - 3 måneder siden
Him: let me grab my knife and put him out of his misery.
Me: I bet that's what serial killers say to their victims before stabbing them in bed 😳
roboninja saur
roboninja saur - 3 måneder siden
Brodie is one of the only people i know that will say" you look poisonous" and "i want to touch you" in the same sentence.
Jeremy Boothe
Jeremy Boothe - 3 måneder siden
What is the treasure hunt song in this
John Kester
John Kester - 3 måneder siden
You need a Go-Pro head band, then maybe you could talk while fishing!!
John Kester
John Kester - 3 måneder siden
You should put some power poles on the back of your boat it saves you having to use the anchor in shallow water!!