Remote Island Trip With My Brother Living From The Ocean FRESH FISH WRAPS (Part 2) - Ep 191

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Part 1 -
Part two of the island trip after the boys spear some fish for lunch, they anchor and cook some fish wraps. A massive school of big Queenfish show up and the boys get the light gear out and throw some stick baits around for some insane queenie action!
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Tiago Luis
Tiago Luis - 2 måneder siden
man that wraps make me so hungry everytime i see a video of yours awesome !!!
Liam Henderson
Liam Henderson - 2 måneder siden
At 26 Seconds is that a star shaped coral?
Jpgundarun - 3 måneder siden
Gee, if you think Shimano Stradic reels are rubbish you should try my $30 rods and reels from K-Mart. LOL.
George Watson
George Watson - 4 måneder siden
Jacko losing the dad bod! Go on the boy
Lucas Mendes Stolf
Lucas Mendes Stolf - 5 måneder siden
Jill Howen
Jill Howen - 5 måneder siden
Once again, he is so dang humble! He was ecstatic in this video. I mean the ENTIRE time. I would be speechless too if I had his life, asnd was seeing and feeling that beauty!
Tatum Russell
Tatum Russell - 5 måneder siden
secret sauce = kewpie. had to expose
Brian Moore
Brian Moore - 5 måneder siden
Man. Getting so sick and tired of the Fat Dad. Fat T-Rex jokes. Close to unsubscribing just because of that.
Habibi Guff
Habibi Guff - 5 måneder siden
Your graphics are amazing
Mocho Pico
Mocho Pico - 6 måneder siden
Wow 😲 EXCELENTE 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Bilson 00
Bilson 00 - 6 måneder siden
Hey Brodie where are you from?
Pyronious520 - 6 måneder siden
"the fat t-rex" that comment gets me everytime. yep yall r brothers haha
Sly Fox
Sly Fox - 6 måneder siden
Absoloutely nobody. Brodie *SECRET SAUCE!!!!!!!*
erin routhorn
erin routhorn - 6 måneder siden
I rlly wish I’m living ur life rn. Just in the sea, spending time with ur family and the sea. U guys are rlly cool!
RDFoxx - 6 måneder siden
When you want to be like Brodie but Minecraft tutorials is all you can do
Michael Nofziger
Michael Nofziger - 6 måneder siden
What is the secret sause..........
失恋したツ - 6 måneder siden
Were do u live waters are sooo clear tell me please
失恋したツ - 6 måneder siden
Were do u live waters are sooo clear tell me please
HI808AF STATE - 6 måneder siden
It’s amazing how we live in the Pacific Ocean our diet is almost the same. But u guys eat more taco bread type of things. In Hawaii at rice. Which is weird being that u guys are closer to Asia than we are lol.
Andrewgamesonyt - 6 måneder siden
Strider has the best life of a dog he gets to go on so many adventures he is a really lucky dog 🥰
charlie powell
charlie powell - 6 måneder siden
Still baffles me how well trained Stryda is
DailyDublinDrives - 6 måneder siden
Your camera is making the ocean look round, is it just me?
Carrie B Cryptocary
Carrie B Cryptocary - 6 måneder siden
You guys are living the dream! Love watching. 💜
Artur - 6 måneder siden
Why did you stop uploading your vids on 1440p
Niels Brioschi
Niels Brioschi - 6 måneder siden
Where is that ?
Omar Spencer
Omar Spencer - 6 måneder siden
This man has something against shoes 😂
No Pressure!!!!
No Pressure!!!! - 6 måneder siden
Literally watch 3 of your videos and I have got the biggest Urge to do what your doing
Trigger #2k
Trigger #2k - 6 måneder siden
Started watching at episode 12 keep up the great vids thanks for having such a good mood every video
Mo Wa
Mo Wa - 6 måneder siden
Man I gotta get my scuba diving gear with my diving weapons and come to see you !! I use to own boat over in Egypt red sea it was damn fun
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 6 måneder siden
Always cracks me up whe you do Dad Bod Commentary, you could always get a job in voice overs and such
bori81 PR for life
bori81 PR for life - 6 måneder siden
Are the queenies not good eating?
Scarborough 6019
Scarborough 6019 - 5 måneder siden
No crap mother in law fiah.
Richard De wit
Richard De wit - 6 måneder siden
Okay, by now you got me curious about that secret sauce.. what is it 🤔
Ryan O'Mara
Ryan O'Mara - 6 måneder siden
One way to spend quarantine 👍
Juan Tu
Juan Tu - 6 måneder siden
Made me miss fishing 🎣. Nice vlog mate
Otaku Boi
Otaku Boi - 6 måneder siden
Dam I wanna live in Australia cuz of how beautiful nature is
Jesscho - 6 måneder siden
3:30 that is denfitiv animal crossing
mut16rox _
mut16rox _ - 6 måneder siden
Brooooo this looks like he lives in paradise
Freakenlittle -
Freakenlittle - - 6 måneder siden
Idk why I got a notification for this video rn and I’m not even mad cause I love your content
Star Victim
Star Victim - 6 måneder siden
Amazing. Which sea or state or something. Where is this
Tijn Zijn backup
Tijn Zijn backup - 6 måneder siden
You should do a sushi catch and cook!!
smos - 6 måneder siden
secret sauce = kewpie mayo for anyone wondering @2:30
Brendan Taylor
Brendan Taylor - 6 måneder siden
Where do you get your music in your edits?
njy 6933
njy 6933 - 6 måneder siden
Good job cut your videos in half. Lol. Unsubscribing
Brandon Creech
Brandon Creech - 6 måneder siden
He may be one of the top people in the world I’d like to spend time with every day is an awesome adventure!
Arnor Bjarki
Arnor Bjarki - 6 måneder siden
There is so much positive energy around this channel!
Carlos Vega
Carlos Vega - 6 måneder siden
You should at least prepare the wrap for your brother (Jaco) as he is cooking, then both can eat at the same time, bad brother, jajjajajaa.
Steven Rials
Steven Rials - 6 måneder siden
This makes me want to pack up and move to Australia
Jeet Dawson
Jeet Dawson - 6 måneder siden
Hold my beer mate
Jeet Dawson
Jeet Dawson - 6 måneder siden
Wicked my bro ski
catch it cook it
catch it cook it - 6 måneder siden
Support comment
Nikolaj Pjanic
Nikolaj Pjanic - 6 måneder siden
Where’s the location?
shane gard
shane gard - 6 måneder siden
William Roberts
William Roberts - 6 måneder siden
can i come on a trip with u
Mouad GS
Mouad GS - 6 måneder siden
أحسنت يا صديقي تحياتي من بلاد المغرب العربي
Tobi- Ramen
Tobi- Ramen - 6 måneder siden
Are you sure you and you're family don't live on your own private island cause I see no cities
Cømbats - 6 måneder siden
Love u bro live the vids💙
Luc Flaschentrager
Luc Flaschentrager - 6 måneder siden
get this man a new grill
Tiger from Clemson
Tiger from Clemson - 6 måneder siden
I can only fantasize & dream of a life like this 1 day😌
Damian Espinosa
Damian Espinosa - 6 måneder siden
Where is this?
P4atrick_TWD - 6 måneder siden
Hey im new and i realy wanna know were this nice places are
Alessio Dalla Torre
Alessio Dalla Torre - 6 måneder siden
This is LIFE
fouad otmane
fouad otmane - 6 måneder siden
the fact that u put the ads at the ending second of the video is just generous and cool
NLY_YFB - 6 måneder siden
What’s on his face
NorthFace Mane
NorthFace Mane - 6 måneder siden
stryda might as well be a seal
Shocks Nsk
Shocks Nsk - 6 måneder siden
Bro did not look like he was fishin in the middle of the video lmaooo
Yuichiro Hyakuya
Yuichiro Hyakuya - 6 måneder siden
how i wish i have a good relationship like this with my brother
Jeremy Bonanno
Jeremy Bonanno - 6 måneder siden
What's in the secret sauce?
shreck mac
shreck mac - 6 måneder siden
Could be a big blow on the way down mate.
Why? Shadowolf
Why? Shadowolf - 6 måneder siden
Who dislikes these videos.
Jyles the Butler
Jyles the Butler - 6 måneder siden
Thank you for this content, I feel a bit of freedom watching this. Excellent quality!
LC Reactions
LC Reactions - 6 måneder siden
but lets be real what is in the secret sauce
Joll Isidi
Joll Isidi - 6 måneder siden
Cheater227 - 6 måneder siden
You could tell he loves what he does he don’t even ask for subs an likes an I like that about him low-key💜
VXYCRIPTER - 6 måneder siden
Just leave us on a cliff hanger mate😂😂. What happened next?
Ojo illuminado
Ojo illuminado - 6 måneder siden
If I have to live in social isolation like this? Then sign me up :)
cfw Jason
cfw Jason - 6 måneder siden
Jacob Wiley
Jacob Wiley - 6 måneder siden
Jacko’s the best
Tomas Šola
Tomas Šola - 6 måneder siden
Wheres the surf
TheM4 - 6 måneder siden
this dude is living his life.. sitting on an incredible boat with an incredible view. catching fish and eating them
DANE TINSLEY - 6 måneder siden
Would love to live your life man 🤯
Leonard Ortalla
Leonard Ortalla - 6 måneder siden
Hey Mate! Your videos are indredibly amazing👏👏👏 It's a massive help to get by with our current situation due to COVID😔. I'm such a big fan of yours and hope to meet you and join you fishing😍
FrickenDayzz - 6 måneder siden
I don't get how people can dislike his videos.
GoJoe Network
GoJoe Network - 6 måneder siden
Love the vids with Jacko in them!
Greg - 6 måneder siden
Amazing stuff man. This is my dream lifestyle. If you don't mind me asking what do you do for a living?
IEATUPP - 6 måneder siden
he was an electrician not sure any more because he makes most of his income off youtube, patreon and shop
ThatRSguyMatt - 6 måneder siden
where abouts do these videos take place anybody know?
Paulfastbikes - 6 måneder siden
Where's the girl with the fit ass?
MICHAEL SIMPSON - 6 måneder siden
Mate forget u tube, you guys need to get this on tv,Im a deep sea fisherman who does ok on the Deuhies and have watched hrs on hrs of your episodes and i am HOOKED. Keep it up guys!
SNI9ES - 6 måneder siden
Wish I lived there 😕
Grant Daniell - Solo Performer
Grant Daniell - Solo Performer - 6 måneder siden
This channel makes me want fish wraps so bad
hoopgod 14
hoopgod 14 - 6 måneder siden
only came for the fish wraps thats all.
tips for tossers
tips for tossers - 6 måneder siden
What boat is it
xTHEO FN - 6 måneder siden
Where abouts do u live Brodie like Perth or something
Oc vlog
Oc vlog - 6 måneder siden
the dog is very cute,i like your channel,can we be friends
A nobody
A nobody - 6 måneder siden
Why is the top half of his face really white
Diving Fishing Spearfishing
Diving Fishing Spearfishing - 6 måneder siden
Love Your Work Brodie. Your videos are making this horrible time just that bit better. I created my own YouTube channel inspired by you. Love your Vids Man.🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
MrCristian711 - 6 måneder siden
What gopro he use ?
P Bice
P Bice - 6 måneder siden
Hey mate their should be a button on the reel so u can not let it spin backwards
Sanele Luthuli
Sanele Luthuli - 6 måneder siden
I just ate and watching Brodie eat that wrap makes me hungry again! 😪
Robert B.
Robert B. - 6 måneder siden
Seriously, just fucking tell us already whats in you secret sauce.
Waddis - 6 måneder siden
Buy a submariner man !!!