Remote Island Boat Trip With The Boys From How Ridiculous - Ep 222

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The boys from popular NOburn channel How Ridiculous made the trip to hang with Brodie Moss and his dog Stryda on the remote island paradise in the middle of nowhere! Too much went down to list so enjoy part 1 of the series.
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Runtime: 19:40


OB - 09ZZ - Jean Augustine SS (2612)
I have NEVER seen someone have this much fun making videos.
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 2 dager siden
Great video!! Never knew this was a collab need to be done.. y'all had so much fun
Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture
It's indeed a great content!! good!!
Arif AJ
Arif AJ - 3 dager siden
Where is this
Tiffany H
Tiffany H - 12 dager siden
Looks like the perfect way to spend the day. That water is beautiful.
Bogs Bugarin
Bogs Bugarin - 12 dager siden
Whatching from Philippines
Jeffrey Pelletier
Jeffrey Pelletier - 15 dager siden
Strider is the best!!!
Steve Besse
Steve Besse - 21 dag siden
The BA! Man Demas
The BA! Man Demas - 23 dager siden
He's music selection is sooo good always🔥🎶
Sigi Stacey
Sigi Stacey - 25 dager siden
Where are they
lialaine l
lialaine l - 28 dager siden
Cheers from 🇩🇿
Dale Dunn
Dale Dunn - Måned siden
Brodie man just so you know you are a rockstar man !! Your life I envy I love the ocean and I just love outdoor adventures period!! But you my friend my last and dieing wish will be to fish beside you one day my friend my god continue to bless you brother as you are very grateful it shows till I one day meet you my friend thx so much for your videos!! You rock bro!! #bigfishfever
Elijah Fishing
Elijah Fishing - Måned siden
Can you still get copy righted if the singer is died
brice budby
brice budby - Måned siden
Bro what if you spent a night on that unicorn 😂🙌
Dianne Hooper
Dianne Hooper - Måned siden
Dianne Hooper
Dianne Hooper - Måned siden
Dblast ismail
Dblast ismail - Måned siden
Much love from Malaysia Mate. Bless up 🙌🏾
Raymund Tan
Raymund Tan - Måned siden
To much fun on the unicorn, nice one.
Man Tran
Man Tran - Måned siden
Your boat how much??? And name?? Thanks you! Fan From in Việt Nam!
Offroad74 - Måned siden
Unrealistically beautiful. We dream to go there
Kyle Sheard
Kyle Sheard - Måned siden
every. single. fish.
Brodie Moss: This is abosolutely my favorite eating fish!
E B - Måned siden
no one:
Youtube comments:
no one:
vegans watching him fish: ( ̄O ̄)
Jayne - Måned siden
Youngbloods Charters
Katee Matee
Katee Matee - Måned siden
That's why I'm wearing
Katee Matee
Katee Matee - Måned siden
Need a bust up first
Katee Matee
Katee Matee - Måned siden
Katee Matee
Katee Matee - Måned siden
Katee Matee
Katee Matee - Måned siden
Katee Matee
Katee Matee - Måned siden
Nice trev
Katee Matee
Katee Matee - Måned siden
Bet ya a Bitcoin there's a flatty on the rear. Word
Luke Bijl
Luke Bijl - Måned siden
can you film you launching your boat
Matt Norris
Matt Norris - Måned siden
Was the bait really Mac D nuggets???
Daniel Gent
Daniel Gent - Måned siden
love the collab
N R - Måned siden
Unreal footage..... JACKOOOOOoooooooo!
jakie k
jakie k - Måned siden
Homie fr jumped in the drink and grabbed the fish w his bare hands. What a badassssss
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones - Måned siden
His energy...UNMATCHED.
Tim St. John
Tim St. John - Måned siden
Def like the old school boys better! Bring back Jarred and the "OG"
Luke Bratby
Luke Bratby - Måned siden
you must do another solo camping ep only using recycling again
Aaron Starr
Aaron Starr - Måned siden
Epic collab
Lucas Mendes Stolf
Lucas Mendes Stolf - Måned siden
Amzinggg episode
Marcos A.
Marcos A. - Måned siden
in a world of high contrast and color saturation.......
fantastic l
fantastic l - Måned siden
What a different challenge however interesting yet totally EPPIICC Video Guys!!!!
A giant floating Unicorn.. ❤️❤️ How Cool & I want one - with massive slide attached, somehow :p
‘How Ridiculous’ Love your work in every way You guys are so funny and entertaining.
Brodie, Thanks again xxx
Frozenblitzalphagaming - Måned siden
where's the clean and cook part???
Jeff O
Jeff O - Måned siden
Not bad but personally prefer DadBod, Jarrod, Brinkley, DMan and Sam.
Red Jakasaurus
Red Jakasaurus - Måned siden
When are you putting up board shorts in the YBS shop?
Endless Void
Endless Void - Måned siden
It’s a spectacular sight I’m definitely going one day
David Changlian
David Changlian - Måned siden
Does anybody know where he travels?
Toby Mansell
Toby Mansell - Måned siden
you are the best person and the most collest
claysfishingl1fe - Måned siden
Can u plz watch my tik tok video it's got you on it pass Brodie 😍it's claysfishingl1fe
MYRICK - Måned siden
You always seem to bring me out of my troubled mind, and into a state of bliss.
I live in my car and during Coco I don't get to see whole lot sex my steering wheel so thank you for your videos.. you are a legend
Muddy Waters Fishing
Muddy Waters Fishing - Måned siden
Thx for doing what you do bro. You inspired me to create my own channel called Muddy Waters Fishing, hopefully one day I’ll be able to live the dream like you.
mike young
mike young - Måned siden
Yoyoyo Brodie... Mike from New Jersey.... Love all episodes really love to fish and boat like your crew.. have MS so don't get out as much... Ever shout out to New Jersey Mike and would make my day bud... Keep up great work..
FIRSTUBI - Måned siden
Where is this place please
HUNTI - Måned siden
So wierd because I was watching how ridiculous and thinking they both live in Australia they should do a colab with ybs and then I see this video 😂 the same day I said they should do a colab that’s so wierd
Clarence Kamphuis
Clarence Kamphuis - Måned siden
It’s time to get some spear fishing content back. We miss it.
Eric Cheong
Eric Cheong - Måned siden
lol.... and they didn't convince you to do some random shit with them
Kevin Reyes
Kevin Reyes - Måned siden
Hawaiki J's Vlogs
Hawaiki J's Vlogs - Måned siden
I really miss the mud crab hunting
Kyle Vlogs
Kyle Vlogs - Måned siden
Kyle Vlogs
Kyle Vlogs - Måned siden
200 iq
Kevin Beach
Kevin Beach - Måned siden
Living in New York and not knowing what a single one of these fish are is not it chief