REMOTE CAMPING WITH NO FOOD Giant Mud Crab Catch & Cook - Ep 150

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Join Brodie Moss, his brother and dog as they grab the basic camping gear, the tinny and head along the remote coastline of Australia with no food packed. Living from the ocean as they go spearfishing during the day and hunt for giant mud crab during the night to survive on! Enjoy.
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Jim Ruby
Jim Ruby - 24 dager siden
Wow your awesome ybs... So adventurous...
Won Mind
Won Mind - 27 dager siden
Funny as how pumped stryda gets when the drones up hahah she always bolting around
Ja kru
Ja kru - Måned siden
Dog butt 14:17
Degamer_ kalvin
Degamer_ kalvin - Måned siden
Should’ve brought flex tape
Degamer_ kalvin
Degamer_ kalvin - Måned siden
How old is strider
Ross Micale
Ross Micale - Måned siden
Sitting in the lounge
Brodie OMG mud crab OMG
AmpEdition - Måned siden
You need a bluetooth speaker JBL Boombox 2, water proof! Loud and has bass!
R J - Måned siden
I like the catch and cooks!
Bảo Lỷ
Bảo Lỷ - Måned siden
Fezeer Ali-Khan
Fezeer Ali-Khan - 2 måneder siden
create a youtube channel for stryda
auldspider52 - 2 måneder siden
I was salivating watching you guys eat super fresh crab..
Great video guys..
Felix - 2 måneder siden
What a fucking legend. That is all.
Bryant Cox
Bryant Cox - 2 måneder siden
Your dog is Stryda. What is your name even? Lol
Tyrell Lovitt
Tyrell Lovitt - 2 måneder siden
Nice Video
Thomas Graham
Thomas Graham - 2 måneder siden
When u first got in the boat why did u pull start the mercury those new 20 hp mercs have a electric start. It don’t really matter anyway two pulls is fuckin epic
Jai Delamere
Jai Delamere - 2 måneder siden
I’m hungry how dare u jk love the content
Charlie Hopkins
Charlie Hopkins - 2 måneder siden
You inspires me so much that I want to be just like you when I’m older!!!
Totho Kurimao
Totho Kurimao - 2 måneder siden
Nice music and view
nemoszn - 2 måneder siden
Strider so cute man😫😫😫
Marie Sheppard
Marie Sheppard - 2 måneder siden
Hi from Marie in Wales UK , You are making my Mouth Bloody Water with that Crab .
Najo vunidakai
Najo vunidakai - 2 måneder siden
Best life ever bro
Sean Canal
Sean Canal - 2 måneder siden
Btw the crab meat won’t stick to the shell if you use fresh water, salt water makes it stick pretty bad
RebeccaRunz - 2 måneder siden
16.15 don’t bite me I’m your friend! But I’m gonna eat you, so yeah!
Filo tuttofare
Filo tuttofare - 3 måneder siden
Siete mitici ciao da italia
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow - 3 måneder siden
Just Chillen
Just Chillen - 3 måneder siden
21:24 stryda cam pls !!! That dog is chasing something like a got dam Hot pursuit i want to know what it is !! lmao
John Kester
John Kester - 3 måneder siden
He does cus !
John Kester
John Kester - 3 måneder siden
Tinny is really aluminum tin would rust too fast!
BomberDude Boom
BomberDude Boom - 3 måneder siden
Your videos are so relaxing to watch...thx🙏
nazım orhan
nazım orhan - 3 måneder siden
you have money but you are going to kill . you are killer
Sam klien
Sam klien - 3 måneder siden
You should definitely take the wings out of the fish to fry up. Thank get the wings you cut around the pelvic. It's all the muscle for the pelvic fins then you use the fins itself has a handle. And definitely look for some cheek meat that's the most tender and juicy meat on the fish! You really aren't wasting any with your filleting but once you have wings and the cheek meat it makes a great treat. We always cook the wings and cheek nuggets up first for a snack while the main course cooks. for a quick references on how to do it just look up walleye wings and the cheek meat is pretty self explanatory.
The Advanced Microwave
The Advanced Microwave - 3 måneder siden
I caught that cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 reference
Oscar.M - 3 måneder siden
Men on part 4:37 ---- 4:39 it looks like the Mortal Kombat character " Noob Saibot " in the shade
Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker - 3 måneder siden
25:23 watch for like the next like 5-10 seconds i was wondering what that noise walking in the water was turns out just a prancing puppy
Rwaggy - 3 måneder siden
Man I love that you were listening to Bring me the Horizon! You're video's are the best! All the love from UK!
3drenders - 3 måneder siden
those flies will drive me nuts mate!!
Conquer - 3 måneder siden
I’ve learnt so many things watching you man, good stuff! Really enjoying the videos and the vibes that come along with them 🙂
Jordan Thornhill
Jordan Thornhill - 3 måneder siden
Bro watch this shit on shrooms I’m telling you 😭😭😭😭
Jamie Roy Davison
Jamie Roy Davison - 3 måneder siden
3:18 is something out of a horror movie
Patrick Daniel
Patrick Daniel - 3 måneder siden
Brodie : *puts drone up
Stryda : *I am speed*
Bryan DeAnda
Bryan DeAnda - 3 måneder siden
you know your Australian when you dip your mud crab meat in salt water for seasoning
Emanuel Walker
Emanuel Walker - 3 måneder siden
What can you compare fish to in meat terms I have never had it before what’s it taste similar to
FelixResili - 3 måneder siden
When he said "I'm hooked! I'M HOOKED" It reminded me of the Spongebob hook episode
Ronsonn Swandom
Ronsonn Swandom - 3 måneder siden
anyone interested in moving somewhere to live exactly like this? I am hot and sexy like brodie is. We got to get a house and a boat. with 4 people it would be cheap as fk. No ugly people no losers im tired of playing video games. The only thing YBS is missing is legendary classic tunes like neil young, tom petty, dire straits. American version of YBS whos down
Haris Karamaniolas
Haris Karamaniolas - 3 måneder siden
Why is his face White??😂
Troll - 3 måneder siden
Super smart to cook next to your gas tank
Mason Becker-Sikes
Mason Becker-Sikes - 3 måneder siden
You could hold my legs up like that before you eat me!
Jordon Gill
Jordon Gill - 3 måneder siden
14:21 stryda’s tail look like Bigfoot or the Lorax😂
Ducky -
Ducky - - 3 måneder siden
It looks beautiful and warm outside
Grant L
Grant L - 3 måneder siden
Amazing video as usual
Kenne_th - 3 måneder siden
Do you ever see crocs on your adventures?
Peyton Miller
Peyton Miller - 3 måneder siden
J casually says go grab a boat like they are nothing
Eduard Balík
Eduard Balík - 3 måneder siden
5:13 I thought you are rapping lol
Jordano Sessions
Jordano Sessions - 3 måneder siden
What advise would you give a guy who wants to move to Australia from Arizona?
LeyBel TV
LeyBel TV - 3 måneder siden
All ur videos I saw, yoyr dog always run when you do drone shot HAHAHAHA. How cute.
Eli Yadiel
Eli Yadiel - 3 måneder siden
That man loves his dog.
Mina's Gummy Smile
Mina's Gummy Smile - 3 måneder siden
I got hungry watching this
Vocal•Luz - 3 måneder siden
I thought the crab was stuffed with lettuce
Sxlicify - 3 måneder siden
That crab is probably thinking “why’d u throw him back and not me”
Freddie Lewin
Freddie Lewin - Måned siden
Crab be like 👁👄👁
Sofiane Maftouh
Sofiane Maftouh - 3 måneder siden
will don bro love from Morocco