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Still can't believe this happened..
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 4 måneder siden
Not one of my normal uploads but this is way to bloody cool not to share with my YBS fam right away!! I was so stoked haha cheers ya legends
RobloxKrew adventure
RobloxKrew adventure - 24 dager siden
YBS Youngbloods catch it
Burt T. Macklin F.B.I.
Burt T. Macklin F.B.I. - 27 dager siden
Here in the first 3 months. That’s practically day one on the NOburn recommendation time.
Irish BadAss
Irish BadAss - Måned siden
omgoodness it's so pretty! Wow man, super cool! If it wasn't for moments like this caught on camera we'd forget the beautiful badass things that call our oceans home (:
Ailyna Chang
Ailyna Chang - Måned siden
Alex Kuntz
Alex Kuntz - Måned siden
Just because you said that NOburn Showed me it only 2 months later
Daniel Costandi
Daniel Costandi - 8 dager siden
Just reflecting on your content, sucks how a video that you filmed for 1 minute without editing gets over a million views quickly and the content you really put your time and effort into get less. You deserve soo much more. Been here since
Alif Fizriano
Alif Fizriano - 9 dager siden
Organic Growing Melbourne
Organic Growing Melbourne - 13 dager siden
Holy shit mate, you have to be the luckiest guy in Australia.
Ami Stenson
Ami Stenson - 13 dager siden
“This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”
- It was then he knew he fu**ed up.
The video probably ended because his partner chunked the camera into the water with the sailfish! 😂
thiraphut pornboon
thiraphut pornboon - 23 dager siden
oh my god so cute
Scuba Guy
Scuba Guy - 23 dager siden
Mate as a scuba diving I can tell you, you are so lucky to see that beautiful baby sailfish.Absolutely stunning, I'd give my right arm to experience that.
Жанар Сембаева
Жанар Сембаева - 23 dager siden
The Troof
The Troof - 23 dager siden
THIS is the best thing that has happened to you?
Im sorry bro.
Have a child, and you will forget this sailfish probably for long enough for the child to grow up, learn of sailfish, go to college to study sailfish, and have an AWESOME conversation in which your child teaches you something about sailfish and you TELL THE STORY OF THIS SAILFISH!
At that time, this event that you say is the best thing, will be merely the seasoning. The embellishment.
The depth of meaning and the sweetener.
William Mcclung
William Mcclung - 23 dager siden
It's so pretty,unfortunately it will get washed up onto the beach within an hour or two
TooNice Media
TooNice Media - 24 dager siden
Can I keep that
monks 4 Life
monks 4 Life - 24 dager siden
So that’s the color of a sail fish
Efrain Octavio
Efrain Octavio - 24 dager siden
bony fish hatch as millimeter-long larvae, my dad has a one-inch sailfish in formalin. More than a baby that's a tiny adult, but it's still an incredible sighting.
Jesse Mathers
Jesse Mathers - 24 dager siden
RandomFluffKing T.
RandomFluffKing T. - 24 dager siden
Yo honestly who wouldn’t be excited to see that beautiful bb, like look at it! It’s such a beautiful shade of blues and purples, it’s must be so exciting to see one of these beauties irl.
Some kind of mole person
Some kind of mole person - 24 dager siden
"It's super friendly too"
Then it turns around and spears him right through the leg.
Jofah Barboss
Jofah Barboss - 24 dager siden
Avatar 2 on Earth!
Boba Dada
Boba Dada - 24 dager siden
Random Girl
Random Girl - 25 dager siden
damn this is crazy
majikjuggalo - 25 dager siden
I cant believe this is happening to me!
*Takes shirt off in 6" of water
Melanie Carroll
Melanie Carroll - 25 dager siden
Freaking cool!!!
Tom tom
Tom tom - 25 dager siden
Dylan Marques
Dylan Marques - 25 dager siden
I wonder where that sailfish is now
RUBY THE ROAMER - 25 dager siden
I remembered I'm on the beach and i saw kinda similar thing he saw there but what i saw was so fast and i thought it was a mermaid.😐
Lame X
Lame X - 25 dager siden
Aww so cute
angelia andrade
angelia andrade - 25 dager siden
ʷᵒʷ ᵗʰᵃᵗˢ ᵃᵐᵃᶻⁱⁿᵍ!!!!! ˢᵒᵒ ᵇᵉᵃᵘᵗⁱᶠᵘˡ
Marcella Regal
Marcella Regal - 25 dager siden
love those so beautiful blue majestic fish
A Person
A Person - 25 dager siden
It’s… beautiful.
Wildfire - 25 dager siden
Why doas this kinda feels like the lion king scene with the baby lion on top of the rock.
Luh Foc
Luh Foc - 25 dager siden
I dont get how people look at that and want to eat it
Stella Neko
Stella Neko - 25 dager siden
The color on it was so vivid I love it
Michel Dawes
Michel Dawes - 25 dager siden
Ha ha, you need to get out more often! ;-)
TYTTADVENTURES - 25 dager siden
Oh my god
Justin Healey
Justin Healey - 25 dager siden
That was cool..where r u gonna place it a.ongst ur other tatoo works?
Skloomp - 26 dager siden
He laughs like Rafiki from lion king
Myles Bin
Myles Bin - 26 dager siden
rare fish
Jelly - 26 dager siden
if i saw that i would not be in the water
Missy Marie
Missy Marie - 26 dager siden
Aweee, he was so cute!
(The fish was ok too.)
Krown Zee
Krown Zee - 26 dager siden
he looks like he’s using a green screen
TorroneAfro - 24 dager siden
true hahahah
atrocious _ pr0xy
atrocious _ pr0xy - 26 dager siden
why'd ya take ur shirt, dork? bah!
Tewwy - 26 dager siden
its focking babey
grahamyodude - 26 dager siden
The sailfish just wanted to go viral on youtube thats why it swam up to you and showed off
Julian Fleming
Julian Fleming - 26 dager siden
I’ve never seen a baby sailfish on video . Not even a picture.
Chach Cadi
Chach Cadi - 26 dager siden
Hello people who are seeing this five years late because of the youtube algorithm.
Chach Cadi
Chach Cadi - 26 dager siden
I wonder what restaurant it will end up in.
Nancy Villatoro
Nancy Villatoro - 25 dager siden
Aw come man really? 😂
MsCheermom2007 - 26 dager siden
Ihazbestplan - 26 dager siden
In 10 years or so, that guy will become a trophy worthy of the right angler
Hailstorm - 26 dager siden
You look like an old co worker of mine, same reaction everytime he got a free beer
sergio pomarico
sergio pomarico - 26 dager siden
spero che nessuno lo abbia pescato, è una creatura fantastica si dovrebbero rispettare e non sofddisfare la nostra vanità! spero che abbia una lunga vitza libero nell'oceano
Nathan Hobart
Nathan Hobart - 26 dager siden
that sailfish get him high like hes on meth lmao
AngelCnderDreamer - 26 dager siden
That is amazing! The sailfish looks really pretty! Omg! You are very lucky! ^-^ ♥ What a wonderful moment, thanks for sharing this wonderful thing. ♥
adnan - 27 dager siden
this is what corona does for mother earth
Christiano Zanotti
Christiano Zanotti - 27 dager siden
Que coisa mais linda!!! Foi de muita sorte filmar um peixe desse na praia. 😯👍🏻
Petar Vuksic
Petar Vuksic - 27 dager siden
God says go to this man and see that he dont gona kill you
angelina rosetti
angelina rosetti - 27 dager siden
Beautiful bby🥺
Christy Antony
Christy Antony - 27 dager siden
Beautiful fish...
Raven Saint
Raven Saint - 27 dager siden
I've seen little hatchlings of these guys. About the size of a thumbnail and look just like this juvenile. Just in super tiny miniature.
adam tyler
adam tyler - 27 dager siden
This video looks fake
st hui
st hui - 27 dager siden
saturation is a thing
Serpentking789 - 27 dager siden
That fish is the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen.
Aditya Darmadi
Aditya Darmadi - 27 dager siden
Baby shelfish
Flea Flicker
Flea Flicker - 28 dager siden
Wow so beautiful, amazing colors!
Mark Johns
Mark Johns - 28 dager siden
yer i'd be buzzing too.... beautiful fish!
Dr Flame
Dr Flame - 28 dager siden
Damn bro even donkey kong get to ride on it
Elder Pete Price
Elder Pete Price - 28 dager siden
Double Rainbow
Emilio Aguilera
Emilio Aguilera - 28 dager siden
Lot of tattoos, but inside... a man that hypes with all his heart 😉
C - 28 dager siden
It’s beautiful God is great
Laser Disc
Laser Disc - 29 dager siden
I hope this fish will grow beautiful
Nevarre Reeves
Nevarre Reeves - 29 dager siden
My man...
Lay off the acid
Fanática de Idiomas
Fanática de Idiomas - 29 dager siden
This is so wholesome I love this
Shadow - 29 dager siden
He looks a lil selfish
Lin Wong
Lin Wong - 29 dager siden
Beautiful creature! Must feel like seeing a mermaid or something haha.
Sam McDonald
Sam McDonald - 29 dager siden
What a gorgeous animal ! The colors are amazing. 🤭
Kawaii Senpai
Kawaii Senpai - 29 dager siden
Its sooo pretty 😍😍
Denise E
Denise E - 29 dager siden
Beautiful coloring... :) how awesome to witness
Mr BOOM - 29 dager siden
Im just glad he did not take it out of the water and start snapping selfies. Seen too many of those on the internet where the animal gets murdered by selfie hungry people
mike perry
mike perry - Måned siden
Stunning colours a perfect miniature what a fantastic animal and what a treat to see
Duck57 - Måned siden
Is it just me, or does it look like he is using a green screen....
遊-yu - Måned siden
Scott Boyd
Scott Boyd - Måned siden
I don't know this channel, but the Sailfish was incredible. This guy is extremely handsome, which is only enhanced by that sexy Australian accent and his priceless reaction. I love people who aren't afraid to show enthusiasm, appreciation, and wonder.
平田信一 - Måned siden
you are rare monsterhunter!
Rainpelt100 - Måned siden
So precious.
Alfin Hidayat
Alfin Hidayat - Måned siden
why not arrested
TEE TAYO - Måned siden
Gareth Fearn
Gareth Fearn - Måned siden
Mate, that is so awesome to see and just in ya backyard too !!!!
Peter The Large
Peter The Large - Måned siden
Lucky you :)
Faithful-Honest&True. - Måned siden
The sail fish is being chased by a HUGE predator, its not trying to be your friend. 🤣
Ian Bradford
Ian Bradford - Måned siden
That isnt a swordfish, thats a knife fish
Zahra Anugeah
Zahra Anugeah - Måned siden
Ko bisa ada ikan marlin
Mundakkal Shekaran
Mundakkal Shekaran - Måned siden
First i thought u were bear grylls
• Pluvii •
• Pluvii • - Måned siden
Oh no.
*it stabbed my leg.*
Naudy Zahwa
Naudy Zahwa - Måned siden
Noob bad
Cats Foreverss
Cats Foreverss - Måned siden
Dude that things straight up vibing
Rene and Deanna Santiago
Rene and Deanna Santiago - Måned siden
AwWwWwWw xD
Elana Hull
Elana Hull - Måned siden
UnbreakableLAG - Måned siden
He’s a pretty blue
HTFS - Måned siden
The guy: Omg look a baby sailfish!
The sailfish: Should I stab him? Nah that’ll be too sus
Brandon Freer
Brandon Freer - Måned siden
Ninety - Måned siden
пришёл показаться людям какой он красивый
jbs4139 - Måned siden
Wow, amazing!!
GameKillz 247
GameKillz 247 - Måned siden
When you're lost in the grocery store looking for your mum...