PICKLED CRAYFISH Living From The Ocean On A Remote Island BEACH CLEAN UP (Part 2) - Ep 189

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Part 1 - noburn.info/id/video/m4vHfJl4j5Cti34.html
Last episode Stryda dog turns 3 years old! Brodie and his brother go out to the island in search of a few crayfish to pickle. On the way they find a swim through cave which leads them to oyster heaven while hunting fish for lunch. To continue on with the adventure in this episode the boys grab a few more crayfish, cook up some fresh fish for lunch, do a quick beach clean up on the islands and then pickle the crayfish for a sunset feast.
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Drop Coms
Drop Coms - 2 dager siden
Wrap life
Opala picking Swim
Opala picking Swim - 4 dager siden
Good job cleaning up the beach. That bay is even more beautiful now.
Jose Nater
Jose Nater - 8 dager siden
You deserve all that is happening to you !!! You are always thoughtful and grateful for what you have and my man is key.! Keep on enjoying this moment of your life.! You’re awesome and your family and friends too.! Blessings from the island of Puerto Rico 🙏💪🏽⚡️
DMack4rmTheWest - 9 dager siden
Bruh, stryda literally lives a better life than me 😩
Quynh dong
Quynh dong - 10 dager siden
I love you !
Pandit - 11 dager siden
hay r u live in the earth ?
Amarú Duarte
Amarú Duarte - 12 dager siden
Dude love your videos you are living the dream and all of that, now, something i realize that calls my attention is the fact that you eat much more than the others at the time to serve the fish, in other videos it shows more.
Incognito Friberg
Incognito Friberg - 19 dager siden
"A little bit like a fat t-rex" I fucking spewed juice all over mate, haha
cher young
cher young - 21 dag siden
Love the ocean that you choose to video. What a dream life to live. 🤩🤩🤩
sam p
sam p - 24 dager siden
Love the vids but why is his face always white
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan - 26 dager siden
Hey bro iv just started watching ur videos and i think wat u do is so amazing,im from scotland a beautiful place but not as warm as austrailia and i wish i had the guts to do wat u do,like u my best friend is my dog marley he wud love that life,so gelous my friend keep doing ur thing and il keep watching,peace and b safe
jayden nicholls
jayden nicholls - 26 dager siden
So how come jacko does the filleting, preping and the cooking and brodie doesnt even make him or offer to make a wrap for him ?
Lindsey Galloway
Lindsey Galloway - 28 dager siden
These episodes make me so happy. Love that Puppers! Way to be awesome guys and show some of the awesomeness in our world. 💛
xxxMasTerKillerxxx Batistela
sexo na rave pocas
eli birger
eli birger - Måned siden
Brodie: You need to try these fish wraps we make
Also Brodie: SECRET sauce
Brenda Yandeau
Brenda Yandeau - Måned siden
Wow I’m so addicted to watching these videos I even got my daughter loving them too! Now we both wanna move to Australia!! In our dreams maybe 😕. Or if I win the lottery!👍❣️
Mzqyzsh Ray
Mzqyzsh Ray - Måned siden
Watching your video is so drooling. Could you mail me some lobster rolls? If you can, I'll tell you the address
General Shenanigans
General Shenanigans - Måned siden
He wasted so much avocado there, that shit is like 2 dollars each here!! lol.
Johnmar Ejas
Johnmar Ejas - Måned siden
You are do lucky man 🌍
doittoday1 - Måned siden
Save the ocean one peace at a time
doittoday1 - Måned siden
I love you guys, I love how you love your family and the world around you. Keep on keeping on my Brother
Charlie Allard
Charlie Allard - Måned siden
Im watching one by one with my mother and we are always curious on where the islands are and how you go on these adventures would love to know so we could be prepared if we come australia ybs youngbloods be good to get a response peace out.
Lia In Your Area
Lia In Your Area - 2 måneder siden
Good content indeed! It’s as if we are swimming too. Thanks a lot
Jean Gabriel Garita Mata
Jean Gabriel Garita Mata - 2 måneder siden
Ceviche de langosta :P
mysterion - 2 måneder siden
Awesome dog
Ganesh Rao
Ganesh Rao - 2 måneder siden
Bro really love the show m a huge fan and I love the. Sea and. Fishing could you help me get a wet suit and hand gloves ofcoz young blood branded one please post me the price
Loi Lehuuloi
Loi Lehuuloi - 2 måneder siden
Helo viet Nam
gRosh08 - 2 måneder siden
I had my Fish wrap made and ready to watch! Bravo!
Pich PichKp
Pich PichKp - 2 måneder siden
doog bro💖💖💖
Mehdi RH
Mehdi RH - 2 måneder siden
What's that sound crayfish make ?
JoShi Belleza
JoShi Belleza - 2 måneder siden
It's super fulfilling to catch your own food 👌💋
Quangphuc Ho
Quangphuc Ho - 2 måneder siden
Bạn ở nước nao ma nhiều hải sản vây ? Nhìn thích quá.biêt khi nao minh dc qua chổ bạn dc đi giả ngoại nhỉ. . Minh ở viêt nam
ABDUL latheef
ABDUL latheef - 2 måneder siden
Sir which is your camera Please tell me
Hudson Carey
Hudson Carey - 2 måneder siden
I love your vids
Glory Jane Sillo
Glory Jane Sillo - 2 måneder siden
I love your dog
Wagner Maia Mattozo
Wagner Maia Mattozo - 2 måneder siden
Eu quero morar ai....kkkk...
PANTER ! - 2 måneder siden
Simon Bauer
Simon Bauer - 2 måneder siden
Pick up a polarizer filter (nice one) for your camera - will help cut the sheen down from the sunlight when looking at the water
Hudson Camp
Hudson Camp - 2 måneder siden
Plz bring the knifes back to the shop!
C Puzz
C Puzz - 2 måneder siden
I wonder what their Mercury levels are?
carman widdess
carman widdess - 2 måneder siden
Stryda probably thinks this is how all dogs live...lol
Colin Roderick
Colin Roderick - 2 måneder siden
Commenting so Brody doesn’t have to be an electrician again.
krystofer66 - 2 måneder siden
bet the crayfish is great with cerviche syle lime juice jalepeno cilantro and onion salt and pepper to taste
krystofer66 - 2 måneder siden
what is burley?
Bardhi Beluli
Bardhi Beluli - 2 måneder siden
I needed to watch one of his videos today 😐
Dan Goeke
Dan Goeke - 2 måneder siden
Try getting a polarized lens cap for your GoPros so we can see what you're pointing at in the water. Good content though bros, yeet.
Richard Brietstein, DPM
Richard Brietstein, DPM - 2 måneder siden
how do you buy merchandise on your site?
Joshua Twigg
Joshua Twigg - 2 måneder siden
did anyone else see him blow on the crayfish like it was going to be hot? haha
Steve Nospam
Steve Nospam - 2 måneder siden
Probly a fly.
Peter Torbay
Peter Torbay - 2 måneder siden
The yellow gurry is the best part! It's the dipping sauce! The cure you use is fresh squeezed lime juice, then after, mix in the oil is coconut creme and a bit of cayenne powder. And the dipping sauce.
Drew Reeves
Drew Reeves - 2 måneder siden
How they not hit the bottom
Rhendis Adimas
Rhendis Adimas - 2 måneder siden
Waoww i like it
Ig rhendis_adimas
Daulena Catherine
Daulena Catherine - 3 måneder siden
Does that pickled crayfish work the same with fish or only crayfish
Laboritory Upgrade
Laboritory Upgrade - 3 måneder siden
Your life its so beautiful everyday guys...enjoy its 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Keith Balan
Keith Balan - 3 måneder siden
hello Plzzz visit also in phillippines In Bohol
thai phan
thai phan - 3 måneder siden
The guts in the crays head are the most tastiest part....mmmmmm
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow - 3 måneder siden
Those wraps look stupid good,,,, yummy,,,👍👍🍺🍺
Olivers Gaming101
Olivers Gaming101 - 3 måneder siden
brodie and jacko and also master chefs
Emeres - 3 måneder siden
That fluffy pup is living his best fcking life and i'm getting jealous.
Jela S
Jela S - 3 måneder siden
I love wraps and any kind of fish! I have to try that looks good
Muklis Mustika
Muklis Mustika - 3 måneder siden