Our New JET BOAT Full Walk Around Tour (Help Us Name It) - Ep 232

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Join Brodie Moss as he takes you on a detailed tour of the new 8.8m $250,000 jet boat with the boat builders from Genesis Craft! Help us name our new boat in the comments
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 3 måneder siden
What should we name the new boat??
Zonkster - 20 timer siden
Idk if it has a name but if not. It needs to be pier pressure. Lol
Alan Miller
Alan Miller - Måned siden
How about Boaty Mcboat Face! I believe that is the name that was give to a ferry in Sydney. The privilege was given to a young girl whom won the competition.
Haley Warner
Haley Warner - 2 måneder siden
Sea Bobbie
Fishing with Max
Fishing with Max - 2 måneder siden
Name it the sea snake
Big brain Playz
Big brain Playz - 2 måneder siden
Stryda sea jet
MudMaster - 3 dager siden
bobs boat
Janette rasmussen
Janette rasmussen - 6 dager siden
I reckon because Stryda and Bobby are good Mates it should be called The Sea Bobby
Thanks for the Fun Brodie
Janette rasmussen
Janette rasmussen - 6 dager siden
Or maybe Dreamboat
Elijah Pepper
Elijah Pepper - 12 dager siden
The Ferrari
ddavisism - 15 dager siden
Sea Ed
The virgin clan Lee
The virgin clan Lee - 16 dager siden
The first one is better than this new one.
MAD MIT - 17 dager siden
The boat should be call GenesiSea!!!
Jim Stone
Jim Stone - 23 dager siden
It probably already has a name, But if I was you, I would rename it the "Victoria".
wow press
wow press - 25 dager siden
Name could be Sea Moss. Really love the stuff you guys make btw, keep it up! ^^
Nova Burges
Nova Burges - Måned siden
you also should call it "Speedin ED"
Nova Burges
Nova Burges - Måned siden
you should name it " Flamin ED"
Alfie Baum
Alfie Baum - Måned siden
Wonder or the bar
Gareth Fearn
Gareth Fearn - Måned siden
Migaloo....one of a kind white whale , one of a kind boat 😎🤘👍
The Logfather
The Logfather - Måned siden
Don't see a lot of metal hull boats where I live . Mostly glass
SCULLY - Måned siden
Name it jet moss
Lisa Renner
Lisa Renner - Måned siden
YBS The Evolution...seems fitting
Robb Phillips
Robb Phillips - Måned siden
Sea Stryder Jet
Old Timer
Old Timer - Måned siden
Beautiful boat but do you guys own these or are they just on loan.Just come across your channel and love all the footage of the beautiful area and just seeing all the abundance of aquatic life just amazing.But where is this place and what town do you live in just wondering so I could see it one day in the flesh.Im stuck in Western Australia since March from the virus.
James W
James W - Måned siden
Mark Coonan
Mark Coonan - Måned siden
Bad Blood
kimmyrusso666 - Måned siden
Andrew Mackwell
Andrew Mackwell - Måned siden
Jet Stryda
Liam Mills
Liam Mills - Måned siden
Jack Galloway
Jack Galloway - Måned siden
Good stuff. Best.
Gennaro Ambrosino
Gennaro Ambrosino - Måned siden
Sea -
Katie Betts
Katie Betts - Måned siden
Wet dreams
Nevada Smith
Nevada Smith - Måned siden
Special Sauce!
Kingship LLC
Kingship LLC - Måned siden
Scout T
Scout T - Måned siden
I’d name is the Sea Scout. Or The Drifter
Jerry Hornbuckle
Jerry Hornbuckle - Måned siden
" Run Shallow ", SAY NO MORE!
Jerry Hornbuckle
Jerry Hornbuckle - Måned siden
Brodie, Jerry here, I don't even know how to do shit on the net, except watch videos.
But as for a name, how bout
"ReeF RunneR", or,
"Shallow Runner"...?
John Current
John Current - Måned siden
Damn, that thing turns on a dime and leaves you 5 cents change!
graham guy
graham guy - Måned siden
The Bad Boy
West Life Adventures
West Life Adventures - Måned siden
Stryda fighta, moss boss,
Robbie Russell
Robbie Russell - 2 måneder siden
The Sea Brinkley
Jordan Sturges
Jordan Sturges - 2 måneder siden
I think 'WAVE STYDA'
Todd Finzer
Todd Finzer - 2 måneder siden
SS Sea Breath
Sonnel Umali
Sonnel Umali - 2 måneder siden
"Ocean Blur"
Abdullah Mohammad
Abdullah Mohammad - 2 måneder siden
Quick Blood
Abdullah Mohammad
Abdullah Mohammad - 2 måneder siden
Corona Jet
daviti GEORGIA
daviti GEORGIA - 2 måneder siden
Paul Rettig
Paul Rettig - 2 måneder siden
Looks like a "Dandy Diver" boat to me.
Stephen Babine
Stephen Babine - 2 måneder siden
mike richards
mike richards - 2 måneder siden
always last to the party - "Ruby Legend"
Maddie Carter Marshall Xx
Maddie Carter Marshall Xx - 2 måneder siden
buy a sea legs
Aaron Simpkins
Aaron Simpkins - 2 måneder siden
"Thats What Sea Said"
bodyboarder2488 - 2 måneder siden
Isla idler
robert Batham
robert Batham - 2 måneder siden
Name the jet boat,"Enterprise"!. Star trek because it goes like a rocket!.
Cindy Kim
Cindy Kim - 2 måneder siden
If Genesis was available in the US!
MB2 ERA8 - 2 måneder siden
The boat should be named GRATITUDE because u r absolutely living the life!!
Richard Hurlock
Richard Hurlock - 2 måneder siden
Corbin Helvenston
Corbin Helvenston - 2 måneder siden
Unsinkable 2
mattybarramundi - 2 måneder siden
Sea Spearer
Hungry Panda
Hungry Panda - 2 måneder siden
Should name it heart of the sea
Daniel Coyle-Smith
Daniel Coyle-Smith - 2 måneder siden
green shit
LoL_Ramon - 2 måneder siden
John Current
John Current - 2 måneder siden
How 'bout 'Sea Harrier', because it's a jet boat, and the Harrier is (I think) the first VTOL jet aircraft.
Ailee O'shea
Ailee O'shea - 2 måneder siden
Gen send
Ailee O'shea
Ailee O'shea - 2 måneder siden
FULL STEAM as in full steam ahead 👌👍👏😊🌊
Troy Walt
Troy Walt - 2 måneder siden
"Obviously it's not often you are going to use the toilets"
Mate speak for yourself, you'd be surprised
ITSMCKEE Yoo - 2 måneder siden
I’d say call the new boat “fire baby” or “that’s a wrap”
Moos - 2 måneder siden
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez - 2 måneder siden
Am I the only guy who finds him attractive? Just me? OK 🤷‍♂️
Brandon Fourie
Brandon Fourie - 2 måneder siden
Sea sword!! Because she cuts through the ocean. Much love gr8 work!!
Lewis Leach
Lewis Leach - 2 måneder siden
stryda rida!
Tinks - 2 måneder siden
Name it the Stryjet
Mark Keller
Mark Keller - 2 måneder siden
Name it the “Water dog”
danny mascelle
danny mascelle - 2 måneder siden
moos jet
SparkeyyXD - 2 måneder siden
Call it "Sun Stryda"
very original, i know
Kaiden Miller
Kaiden Miller - 2 måneder siden
YBS Spear
james cole
james cole - 2 måneder siden
The Serendipity
Houdine - 2 måneder siden
Stryda Fayr
Deb Wood
Deb Wood - 2 måneder siden
What state do you live in
Rocky Adams
Rocky Adams - 2 måneder siden
The Jet Boat should be Named.. "Fire Baby"..!
William Dawson
William Dawson - 2 måneder siden
Grocery cart; Fishabout; Sea snake; Blood Patrol; Fish Killer; Freebie;
George Piscitelle
George Piscitelle - 2 måneder siden
Jemah Kelly
Jemah Kelly - 2 måneder siden
"Swany", its white and graceful
LJMpictures - 2 måneder siden
I was wondering what the hatch thing on the front of the boat was, At first i thought it was a HUD window. But it's a perv hatch to the toilet LOL
David Reynolds
David Reynolds - 2 måneder siden
What happened to the last boat? It was like $250K and only 8 Months old.
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 2 måneder siden
Brodie you are a special person, so full of life... I've never heard anyone say about 💩.... drop some nuggets 🤪
Janica Zayco
Janica Zayco - 2 måneder siden
Can we name the boat Isla tho
Danny Rowley
Danny Rowley - 2 måneder siden
“Sea Isla “
Ryker Carlson
Ryker Carlson - 2 måneder siden
Or gene jet
Ryker Carlson
Ryker Carlson - 2 måneder siden
Name it hammy cause it has a Hamilton jet
PrincessGalaxy 360
PrincessGalaxy 360 - 2 måneder siden
SEA-cret Sauce should be the name of the new boat
Jagan Kumar
Jagan Kumar - 2 måneder siden
Sea beauty
Ren Pestaño
Ren Pestaño - 2 måneder siden
"Korens" from Ph🇵🇭
Wille - 2 måneder siden
Stryda glyda!!
Zachary Rudd
Zachary Rudd - 2 måneder siden
He was so excited when he shouted

"its a shitta!!!!"
Spencer Mcconnell
Spencer Mcconnell - 2 måneder siden
Name it: mums fanny
Jack Burns
Jack Burns - 2 måneder siden
Jet wave should be the nAme
Brandon Gomez
Brandon Gomez - 2 måneder siden
@11:00 is where the weed stash is kept. Lol
Simon Webber
Simon Webber - 2 måneder siden
Call her Deep Blue
Jackson Murphy
Jackson Murphy - 2 måneder siden
The jet strider
benjamin dau
benjamin dau - 2 måneder siden
White Eagle 🦅🦅 it's a beast of the sea
Theo scoots
Theo scoots - 2 måneder siden
Name the jet boat( Strider's toy.)
Daniel Knox
Daniel Knox - 2 måneder siden
neversurrender15 - 2 måneder siden
Sea spanner
harun1984 - 2 måneder siden
Jet-Shit or Jet-Flush for laughs! Lol
harun1984 - 2 måneder siden
Freedom! Or Jet-Blue!
JNB MUSIC - 2 måneder siden
I reckon 'The Sea Gen'...a nod to it's creators (seems like you've got a good partnership there Brodie👌).
Greetings from London! Keep up the great content!