NO FOOD AND ONLY A HAND SPEAR CHALLENGE My Biggest Beach Clean Up Ever - Ep 156

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This episode went from a no food eat what you catch challenge with just the hand spear, a knife and mask to doing one of the biggest rubbish clean up I've been involved in. We removed about 150kg of rubbish.
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 10 måneder siden
First video of 2020!! Leave a comment below and tell me what you want to see from us this year?? Cheers
Turbochicken365 Fortnite
Turbochicken365 Fortnite - Måned siden
You should go to shark bay
Broc Bolas
Broc Bolas - 2 måneder siden
Ye is it?
Fishing And spearing
Fishing And spearing - 3 måneder siden
Would love to know when spearguns are coming out
Sneha Anjili
Sneha Anjili - 4 måneder siden
Come to fiji
Jennifer Kerry
Jennifer Kerry - 4 måneder siden
Dude! Insane Video.
Connor Peters
Connor Peters - 4 dager siden
ray lowery
ray lowery - 5 dager siden
catch, clean, cook are always interesting videos.................
Lil Chipi
Lil Chipi - 8 dager siden
Who’s watching this in October 20:20
dave cochrane
dave cochrane - 8 dager siden
love your work boys
daniel hamilton
daniel hamilton - 13 dager siden
Would you believe it if I told you 2020 is in store for a global pandemic and it will be called COVID 19? What would you have said after making this video if this statement was posted same day of this video being posted? Anger? Humor? crazy? So what would have thought or said? Curious to know.
Trinidad Corona
Trinidad Corona - Måned siden
Hola 👋 me gusta mucho su video de comidas y pesca saludos 😃😃😋
JAKERNZ MEMES - Måned siden
knife for the shark attack mate..hehe...just kidding
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - Måned siden
fettzyTv - Måned siden
I fricken loves ya brothaaaa
Evan Nakamura
Evan Nakamura - Måned siden
POV it’s 2020 rn
it's hamilton
it's hamilton - Måned siden
More cooking
Lisa Renner
Lisa Renner - Måned siden
Just love your vids. Trying to learn more about fishing so I can fish with my son who is 16. So far, local fishing in Oregon sucks. But I’m a Mom who loves to fish so I’m enjoying your vids. I could use more details on how to do the things you do with fishing in 2020. Thanks dear.
Aaron Escobar
Aaron Escobar - Måned siden
Who's watching when 2020 is the worst year ever
Jackie McHugh
Jackie McHugh - Måned siden
Everyone watching this in 2020 in coronavirus
Pernell Tham
Pernell Tham - Måned siden
Win Bradley
Win Bradley - Måned siden
if only he knew
Kelli Gallicchio
Kelli Gallicchio - Måned siden
Brodie you are an inspiration to me. I am house bound with 2 bad legs and my Drs. Say l might not be able to walk again. I crave the water life here in Maryland and in 1 year l will be putting my feet on a beach in Ocean City, the bay! I have studied Sharks and other marine life, but the sea snakes were the best l have seen on your in water activity. You are great at Life and make me want to chase my dreams to a photographer on Ocean life. In my own words --- a Photo/ Oceangrapher) i!!!🙏❤️😷😉
Nando - 2 måneder siden
Where is this guy located, in which country?
Wakey - Måned siden
he lives in Australia the state is Western Australia
Adrianアニメ - 2 måneder siden
Why did I get recommended this 7 months later 😫
Daniel Irizarry
Daniel Irizarry - 2 måneder siden
You don’t want to link with anyone in 2020 (corona)
milky - 2 måneder siden
start 2020....
Kasper DK
Kasper DK - 2 måneder siden
Solo catch and cook. Not at the beach but at some waterhole or just on land.
Btw... a subscriber since your 3rd video. Fucking love you man - keep it up!
Ian Murasaki
Ian Murasaki - 2 måneder siden
Nice vid
kwok wai shea
kwok wai shea - 2 måneder siden
very good video. 👍👍👍
Brinn Faulkner
Brinn Faulkner - 2 måneder siden
Omg the way he giggled when he saw the crabs!
Noah Lane
Noah Lane - 3 måneder siden
He says this is going to be there new thing in 2020 “zync” little did he know masks are the new thing
myplcrew - 3 måneder siden
Did you say take a lighter to the inside of your dive mask and burn the plastic or the residue off it and that will really help with the fogging problem?
C Salt
C Salt - 3 måneder siden
One mans rubbish is another mans gold
C Salt
C Salt - 3 måneder siden
Quality way to spend a day 👍🏼 great work boys
Josh Paquette
Josh Paquette - 3 måneder siden
Very cool video
adisbern - 3 måneder siden
Survival challenge with MUM and DAD nearby! LOL
doedoebirds1 - 3 måneder siden
well it's 2020 July 16 and still the worst year ever. what we still want from you is to stay alive and stay the fuck away from those sea snakes...
Ashley Alexander
Ashley Alexander - 3 måneder siden
crab cach and cook
Sarah Huntley
Sarah Huntley - 3 måneder siden
Sneha Anjili
Sneha Anjili - 4 måneder siden
Come to fiji ☺☺☺☺☺
Will Boy
Will Boy - 4 måneder siden
Have you ever tried scuba
Robo Bagel
Robo Bagel - 4 måneder siden
Anybody who dislikes this should be ok publicly executed.

This is a joke
Павел Мусиенко
Павел Мусиенко - 4 måneder siden
Hi! I wanted to find out where you can buy the same underwater spear (hawaika) as you have.
darren m
darren m - 4 måneder siden
Collab with Rokkit Kit?
Jay Russell
Jay Russell - 4 måneder siden
When are you coming Stateside? You’re cordially invited to the New Jersey Shore...aka shitshow.
BanshessFail - 4 måneder siden
9:08 whats wrong with ur hand man :O
reezadeeza frits
reezadeeza frits - 4 måneder siden
Anyone else notice how the flys dont bother him? Id soak in raid if i were him xd
Jessica Ford
Jessica Ford - 4 måneder siden
Come on down to New Mexico! World class fishing on our Quality Waters!
FaZeGman23 - 4 måneder siden
2020 is going to be the year
Ty Brown
Ty Brown - 4 måneder siden
He goes “happy new year 👍🤜🖐👍”
Jennifer Kerry
Jennifer Kerry - 4 måneder siden
Make survival with nothing in the rainforest.#germany
Rose Reber
Rose Reber - 4 måneder siden
With his ADHD he forgets things alot it's ok he is a sweet guy. I hope he is really this real. I think he is love Strada love the ocean so beautiful there....
Saler A
Saler A - 5 måneder siden
boy your wrong coronavirus but it is possible
Cory Dean
Cory Dean - 5 måneder siden
I love all the videos and everything you do is cool! I love everything. Love watching the deep sea fishing for Rubies and getting in the water for Crays!
Michelle Bruno
Michelle Bruno - 5 måneder siden
Love your videos.. 🐬🌊🐋🐟
Ashcandy - 5 måneder siden
wear sandals at least....
Check_Point - 5 måneder siden
U must go to lucky bay in Esperance in wa it’s the best thing you’ll ever sea the clearest water trust me do it
leal lazaro
leal lazaro - 5 måneder siden
Lets go diving in Southern California. Just need some drysuit. Spearfishing or catch some lobster/crayfish
Mazi Mazloom
Mazi Mazloom - 5 måneder siden
Proud of you for leaving female crabs alone!
Mike Pyle
Mike Pyle - 5 måneder siden
Road cool to see more
Tim Delong
Tim Delong - 5 måneder siden
A shout out on your channel for focus on the forest is what I ment to ask
Tim Delong
Tim Delong - 5 måneder siden
Tim Delong
Tim Delong - 5 måneder siden
jordabox ⦔
jordabox ⦔ - 5 måneder siden
Crabs are actually water spiders
Kate Gundry
Kate Gundry - 5 måneder siden
You're so strong
r2 spamming
r2 spamming - 5 måneder siden
I know it's been a while but it would be amazing if you could come down to Adelaide and do some fishing
Andy Fair
Andy Fair - 5 måneder siden
Would love to see you camp on the islands more and explore them. Love your videos
Jaxsen Briggs
Jaxsen Briggs - 5 måneder siden
YBS: weeeee. Little sea spiders.
Me: please stop 2020 is worse enough
Rixster 222
Rixster 222 - 5 måneder siden
Hey Brodie, get one of them jet boards!!
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson - 5 måneder siden
Loving the videos Mann
deni alushaj
deni alushaj - 5 måneder siden
Shark catch clean cook?
Tvsaint - 5 måneder siden
Dude I’m from the future. Turn back now 2020 sucks.
Cheese on Everything
Cheese on Everything - 5 måneder siden
It's crazy how ppl r still littering, common guys its 2020
Adam Thornton
Adam Thornton - 5 måneder siden
Would be cool if you were white shark diving preferably free but cage also would be cool ay
Aaron Busuttil Mansueto
Aaron Busuttil Mansueto - 5 måneder siden
Hey mate, been following your videos for years on FB, and now just discovered your Youtube channel, which is great timing with summer rolling about (For us ;) )
Question, how are June, July and August for yous down there when it comes to fishing?
Keep at it mate, you're living the dream so you should enjoy every bit of that, aight take care now.
Lachlan Rathbone
Lachlan Rathbone - 5 måneder siden
2020 is the year
World war 3 (not really though)
Aussie fires
Corona Virus
Kim Jong-un didn't die
This year is the year!
Hi - 2 måneder siden
Locksta now Beirut explosion
RebeccaRunz - 5 måneder siden
No covid-19 in 2020
Chris Chillies
Chris Chillies - 5 måneder siden
This is honestly the best channel on youtube, no clickbait no drama just a dude, his dog and inner peace
Товариш Zauberwald
Товариш Zauberwald - 5 måneder siden
What does he wear on his faceskin? Something to protect him of sun?
T ERRY - 5 måneder siden
Do a video with Robson Green!
Ben Beattie
Ben Beattie - 5 måneder siden
Go to a Different Country
nick bosevski
nick bosevski - 5 måneder siden
Hey Brodie
Just wanted to ask if you could make cheaper wetsuits
Rahul Thukaram
Rahul Thukaram - 5 måneder siden
should've known 2020 is gonna be bad when Brodie left his frickin frypan at home.
Sadface21 ZI
Sadface21 ZI - 5 måneder siden
What kind of speargun do you use?? Hi ❤️❤️
Qisen Mai
Qisen Mai - 5 måneder siden
man this is why I subscribed this channel. The attitude
John Kester
John Kester - 5 måneder siden
swimming away , well your a human they know better you can;t be trusted
Omri - 5 måneder siden
19:30 feeding your dogs any spices can be very dangerous to them just keep in to a minimum please because strider is awesome
J H - 5 måneder siden
J H - 5 måneder siden
Annie Hoy
Annie Hoy - 5 måneder siden
0:45 EW
Chaditude Fitness
Chaditude Fitness - 5 måneder siden
113 Fahrenheit!!!
Liam Maxwell
Liam Maxwell - 6 måneder siden
Where in Australia is that location
Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner - 6 måneder siden
i kinda wanna see you go a day of only catching crabs and octopi
Vebron Chhangte
Vebron Chhangte - 6 måneder siden
This guy is the real deal. Honest as fuck.... Nature lover.. no filter. Haters will hate... Cos they have time for negativity all so much.
Animal 800
Animal 800 - 6 måneder siden
Sorry but 2020 sucks
jstyle3 - 6 måneder siden
This guy's videos are like prozac on steroids!
Golden Videos
Golden Videos - 6 måneder siden
luv the weeeooow btw lol
Mikael Maltby
Mikael Maltby - 6 måneder siden
Myself and the guys at work listened to him talk about his first aid kit and wanted to know if he said Russian Band-Aid? And of he did say that what are they?
Joshua Kratzmann
Joshua Kratzmann - 6 måneder siden
The day before disaster
Luis Gaytan
Luis Gaytan - 6 måneder siden
Rlly only a hand spear then what is that snorcal and that knife click bait
Kaki Bollywood Remixes
Kaki Bollywood Remixes - 6 måneder siden
the sea whishperer - the true aquaman
Ryker thomas
Ryker thomas - 6 måneder siden
1:46 "walk out to the dropp off, thats where the ?bomers? are" what are bomers and is that what you said?
anthony machuca
anthony machuca - 6 måneder siden
Just started watching ur episodes! And I love what u do! I Live thru u
Mark McCreary
Mark McCreary - 6 måneder siden
2:08 is me seeing that no one is in the zoom meeting so I dip out