My Sister Caught Her Biggest Fish Ever Living From The Ocean (Crayfish Catch & Cook) - Ep 180

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From out in the boat on the deep blue with the boys to in shallow looking for crayfish plus Brodie's sister Hannah catches her biggest fish so far!
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 7 måneder siden
Stay safe out there everyone! Hope you're enjoying more frequent uploads from us if you are currently in isolation. See you again soon!
00Mindi00 - 7 måneder siden
Jesus christ fam, Brodies on his way to his second million
SPR Fishing
SPR Fishing - 7 måneder siden
YBS Youngbloods can you visit philippines we can spear fishing together after the corona virus hahahaha
JayrseyshoreGardner - 7 måneder siden
Thanks for the uploads
jimmy bondtwo
jimmy bondtwo - 7 måneder siden
@Jimmy Jay Hey Jimmy, Donald Trump thought the Corona virus was a hoax,he now has changed his mind,surely he didn't get sucked in by the "fake" news? Cheers mate stay healthy.
Curtis Weeding
Curtis Weeding - 7 måneder siden
Loving it mate!
HEYCAR GAMER - Dag siden
victoria es mas linda
Big Mac
Big Mac - 2 dager siden
Don't eat the shells remember the survivors dude that cut his rectum up and had to GO to HOSPITAL!!!!😑😮😨
ginobrun1 - 4 dager siden
Y do they always way over set the drag lol let the fish run they lose so many fish because of that
chris caputo
chris caputo - 5 dager siden
Where is it you take all of this footage in your videos? Obviously from your accent it’s some where in Australia or new Zeland but where abouts? I would like to travel there some day and visit these magnificent places
Dis Count
Dis Count - 8 dager siden
I feel sorry for you ........I could have really helped out with eating all that sea food
Joseph Caulder
Joseph Caulder - Måned siden
Love your videos man not to be crazy but I watched one of your videos were one of your back tires went out and shredded hope it not from your fire baby 🔥 putting weak spots in the tires
Danny Scott
Danny Scott - 2 måneder siden
That slo-mo at 1:46 w/ the Mahi bleedin' out was sick! A bit morbid of me I admit, but it really looked wicked!!! It was the different colors contrasting that caught my attention...
Ire - 2 måneder siden
@5:45 SAMMYS flip into the ocan and brodie's laugh is the joy we need in life.
Ire - 2 måneder siden
and at @6:58
Incognito Friberg
Incognito Friberg - 2 måneder siden
10:37 can be the best german accent in history, haha
LJMpictures - 2 måneder siden
Still new to this channel and trying to figure out the relations of people.
So Jacko is Brodies Brother, dunno the name of his wife
Hannah is his sister and is she with Sam???
Jared and D-man i recognise. No idea if they have partners, then there's the girl with the cupcakes, dunno who she is
Larry Miller
Larry Miller - 2 måneder siden
Putting your bbq just behind your tire to keep wind away? Good move bro. You must have money to replace your damaged split over heated ply tire
adisbern - 2 måneder siden
He fried the Lobster shell on BUTTER. LMAO *make it extra crispy eh? haha
adam price
adam price - 3 måneder siden
Please get Kewpie Mayo in the STATES!!!!
adam price
adam price - 3 måneder siden
Brodie I'll tell you from the US. I just had some frozen OPEN NATURE Mahi/dolphin filets and I will tell you... this frozen brand does NOT cut out the blood line or all of the bones... my last bite I got really fishy taste due to them not cutting out the bloodline... you can see it in the frozen meat. Not only that but I got a small bone almost like a smaller bass/rockfish bone in my mouth I had to fish out. HUGE turnoff when you are eating as a burrito with other ingredients. Please bring attention to this. Also cutting out the dang bloodline. I love your channel bro keep it up from Southern California!!!
Adam Ricken
Adam Ricken - 3 måneder siden
Has sammy ever landed a fish on rod and reel lol
Lisa B
Lisa B - 3 måneder siden
Yummy 😋
Ninja Genjin
Ninja Genjin - 4 måneder siden
nice cray fish.
The man who Took the road less traveled
I would do her
Mcjirde - 4 måneder siden
I love your channel but sometime I wish to see you feed the dog when you eating please
Army Pathfinder
Army Pathfinder - 4 måneder siden
Hannah is a Hottie!
Jay Arjun
Jay Arjun - 4 måneder siden
Alerts! Just be careful; lighting gas stove next to your suv/truck wheel, near the gas tank of vehicle. Was it the wheel that got blown out. Not sure after or before. Still love ya and can’t stop watching! Please stay safe!
Dragon Born
Dragon Born - 4 måneder siden
You're an absolute legend, I so want to come over there someday
Bryant Cox
Bryant Cox - 4 måneder siden
Nice to see the brothers
Peter Andersson
Peter Andersson - 4 måneder siden
Amacing life you have there dude :) Just loved Aussie when i was there in 2012.
عادل الشميري
عادل الشميري - 4 måneder siden
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller - 5 måneder siden
Man you have so much Fun, and Styder too
316SR - 5 måneder siden
My dad always told us to eat the tail 👍
Connor McConkie
Connor McConkie - 5 måneder siden
"Oh my God, fishings dangerous." Lolol
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow - 5 måneder siden
YBS 👍👍
V A - 5 måneder siden
10:35 😂😂😂 🤘🏼😝
Ryan Hamann
Ryan Hamann - 5 måneder siden
Love it, was born in Guam cause Blue Marlin,My dad was a captain, he died when I was 9. Thought the jumping in if you cant land it.....hits heart strings. Thanks man. That's the islander life.
Lana - 5 måneder siden
I want some of that crayfish!
RichyB 7777
RichyB 7777 - 5 måneder siden
Man these guys living the good life
OpTicOwang3 - 5 måneder siden
Whats that cylinder thing at 2:05?
John Kester
John Kester - 5 måneder siden
Crayfish sorry we sometimes call the little fresh water ones that too! You have a lovely sister, keep her safe!!
John Kester
John Kester - 5 måneder siden
Have you ever steam your craw fish
John Kester
John Kester - 5 måneder siden
You call them Craw fish we call them Lobsters, to us a craw fish is about 10 times smaller and has claws
Jared Faye
Jared Faye - 5 måneder siden
You guys need a net with a long pole so you don't keep losing those fish...
James Forsyth
James Forsyth - 6 måneder siden
These videos are amazing can't stop watching
JonnyJ - 6 måneder siden
Which part of Australia are you guys in? Looks absolutely amazing!
Angel Velez
Angel Velez - 6 måneder siden
Help me understand.. who would give any of YBS's videos the thumbs down? What do you call this types of people?.. I don't get it.
I’m Ron Burgundy?
I’m Ron Burgundy? - 6 måneder siden
10:45 I think I figured out why your tire exploded 😂
Adam Hildenbrand
Adam Hildenbrand - 6 måneder siden
I would love to spend one day with this dude!
Gurvinder bawa
Gurvinder bawa - 6 måneder siden
slo-mo shots were great
Calum Mchale
Calum Mchale - 6 måneder siden
Wish I lived there, love the water man.
Detective Mike Varnado
Detective Mike Varnado - 6 måneder siden
keep safe
kratos - 6 måneder siden
where is amberleigh?
Monzer Taha
Monzer Taha - 6 måneder siden
The best videography u ever made in this video 🔥🤙🏼
SHOORTYS - 6 måneder siden
10:00 he nailed it , hahaha
Arda Karaduman
Arda Karaduman - 6 måneder siden
man ... what a life !
Surfer Surfer
Surfer Surfer - 6 måneder siden
stay safe, and will wait for more good times!! thank you
AdwanMan - 6 måneder siden
9:44 when u go in for the high five and get fist bumped 😂🤣
Jay Geores
Jay Geores - 6 måneder siden
What’s in the secret sauce ?!?
N Y - 6 måneder siden
Sooo cool, 🙏 🇺🇸
mraz speaks
mraz speaks - 6 måneder siden
setting aside the sea contents, his content is also about good friendship and family, great bonding as always
doctaGeorge - 6 måneder siden
what is up with your dog? are her vocal cords snipped? she's gorgeous btw. what is her breed?
Destroh -_-
Destroh -_- - 6 måneder siden
border collie
Emmy Lou
Emmy Lou - 6 måneder siden
Thank you Brodie and all of the YBS team. For helping me and countless others through this pandemic and giving us a glimmer of hope. I pray for the world every day and we can all make it through this. If we put all race, religion, and politics aside, we can survive as one nation. Much love and blessings from Texas my sweet peas, and thank you again for what y'all do.
Edison Geul
Edison Geul - 6 måneder siden
This dude is prolly so used to the flies in his face
Edison Geul
Edison Geul - 6 måneder siden
Your life is amazing
Daniel Hanning
Daniel Hanning - 6 måneder siden
I love when his channel just turns into a food review channel! 😂
Daveo L
Daveo L - 6 måneder siden
Are you on the West coast? Or QLD?
Daveo L
Daveo L - 6 måneder siden
Are you on the West coast? Or QLD?
MichreHD - 6 måneder siden
What is the name of your sunglasses?
Jan - 6 måneder siden
Best content ive seen since youtube.... by far the best youtube channel keep em coming bois.
Kikosi Music Group
Kikosi Music Group - 6 måneder siden
My tribe looking at you eat fish without ugali and they're cursing out rytna. Look up what ugali is buddy.
True Greatness
True Greatness - 6 måneder siden
True Greatness
True Greatness - 6 måneder siden
True Greatness
True Greatness - 6 måneder siden
Tom Harding
Tom Harding - 6 måneder siden
your solo adventures are more fun for some reason
Lukas Branson
Lukas Branson - 6 måneder siden
Xbox players. 2:35
Aliff Amirul
Aliff Amirul - 6 måneder siden
Nice video bro
Space Vein
Space Vein - 6 måneder siden
Mahi Mahi!
Spooky Mohammed
Spooky Mohammed - 6 måneder siden
They are much better and informative all the time I try not to miss one this is great thanks guys💯💯🌈💯💯
Brayden Bell
Brayden Bell - 6 måneder siden
Killa video dude. So sick. Ybs
Michael Wojciechowski
Michael Wojciechowski - 6 måneder siden
I vote bob gets more camera time or i will trip you and make you almost fall!
Zander Mcgee
Zander Mcgee - 6 måneder siden
''ohh its abit rough, SWELLY'' lol 🌊🌊🌊 not even brodie. 🤙
Lucas Mendes Stolf
Lucas Mendes Stolf - 6 måneder siden
yeeeeww gretst video
Jacob Heald
Jacob Heald - 6 måneder siden
I would love to do something like this when I’m older
Ben Scheepers
Ben Scheepers - 6 måneder siden
pure love for you my friend
Matthew Restani
Matthew Restani - 6 måneder siden
When are you getting a long handled fish net?
William Moss
William Moss - 7 måneder siden
Hello my brother I think if you keep making fire by the back tire of your truck you might have a bad blow out baby!!!
Chris Tanner
Chris Tanner - 7 måneder siden
Was that a naughty little bum that needed a spanking that I seen when the towel fell down.
Jett Non
Jett Non - 7 måneder siden
9:34 your welcome
Kee-pyor Myndopen
Kee-pyor Myndopen - Måned siden
The dogs tongue at 9:34 though.
Melik - 5 måneder siden
@ValenT 01 actually you're an incel because he pointed out the title of the video
ValenT 01
ValenT 01 - 6 måneder siden
Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon
Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon - 7 måneder siden
anna is so cute
Breej - 7 måneder siden
I LOVED seeing your sister! Stay safe all of you! Keep staying safe through the second wave!!!!
ray bon
ray bon - 7 måneder siden
great catch
Moishe - 7 måneder siden
When are you going to start making wood fires again?
KMT73 - 7 måneder siden
Your sponsor needs to donate a net🤙
Collusion Hoax
Collusion Hoax - 7 måneder siden
Just stumbled on to your videos. Great videos. You lead an interesting life. The waters are absolutely beautiful there. I doubt it but my dream is to live on a ocean beach. Great dog you have. Well behaved and im amazed how dog stays on jet ski. Dog goes everywhere! Thank you for videos. Its a way for people to experience your life conditions....
P-Wigs - 7 måneder siden
Is your sister single? Asking for a friend...
David Maltone
David Maltone - 7 måneder siden
At 11 minutes in…!!!!! Please don’t start your camping stove next to your gas tank of your car… 😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬
Ree George
Ree George - 7 måneder siden
Those dolphins were popping mean staples
dahner laurence
dahner laurence - 7 måneder siden
not for nothin you earn a living squealing like a little girl
D0C70R _57RANG3
D0C70R _57RANG3 - 7 måneder siden
Is Brinkley his sister? Or is Hannah? And who is who? YBS family intro vid?
Mike - 7 måneder siden
Love the videos, but is everyone left handed? Did you know on the spinning reels that you can move the handles over to the other side which most right handed people prefer. Keep them coming. Stay safe.
Yumeng Meng
Yumeng Meng - 7 måneder siden
oh my your life my dream man can i know where is this place?
Hugh Mullins
Hugh Mullins - 7 måneder siden
What happened to ur ute
ASHIRVAD LOBO - 7 måneder siden
Where is amberlieh west
Hüseyin Arin
Hüseyin Arin - 7 måneder siden
Ya olum orda hiç corona yokmu