MY DOG ALMOST GOT EATEN BY SHARKS Question And Answer With Brodie Moss - Ep 136

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Question and answer with Brodie Moss plus when Stryda dog almost got eaten by sharks!
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c Car
c Car - Dag siden
Brodie... you are a modern hero.
I love your perspective on animals, sea creatures and sharks. YOUR VOICE NEEDS TO BE HEARD.
My family loves you, your family, friends, and your vids.
Big T
Big T - Dag siden
Wen are ya gonna marry Amber?that's the big question.
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 3 dager siden
I love the Strada voice
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 3 dager siden
I love how the drones camera is not a fisheyed lense. It's perfect.
Ryan Moss
Ryan Moss - 7 dager siden
You need to have contest for your viewers to win a trip to surf and fish with you! I'd enter in it🤙
David Schofield
David Schofield - 8 dager siden
He provides his own food supply, his friends and family are precious to him, and he cares for the environment. A good man, and a great example.
David Schofield
David Schofield - 8 dager siden
He provides his own food supply, his friends and family are precious to him, and he cares for the environment. A good man, and a great example.
Ron Lobato
Ron Lobato - 9 dager siden
You are showing lots of your junk down hot. You can see the outline of it.
Marco757 - 10 dager siden
Love your adventures and especially the love and respect you show for the ocean.
TheSunRiseKid - 11 dager siden
You got all these fake shark videos on YouTube trying to hype up the whole thing and then you got this guy, with what could have been a terrible situation for his dog, him or anyone in the water for that matter, just telling the story like it is. Wow that was a lot of sharks!
B adams
B adams - 15 dager siden
Wow man that was close. thank God Stryder was ok.
Wayne Schickerowsky
Wayne Schickerowsky - 19 dager siden
Man I've been watching you for a while now and I just love your videos, you are a very genuine person and its nice to see
Scott Abell
Scott Abell - 19 dager siden
Went back to watch this for the first time, to see Stryder as a pup...didn’t think I could love a dog so much that wasn’t mine. 🥺
JNB MUSIC - 20 dager siden
Respect for the Q&A honesty! Another great YBS vid...amazing footage! Keep up the awesome work!
Gabe Davis
Gabe Davis - 22 dager siden
I cried like a baby during the puppy Stryda flashback. I always wondered why she'd never jump in deep water, even when called and with other dogs swimming. I believe she's possibly smarter than me. Thanks for making videos that make me love a dog that I don't even know SO MUCH!
Kaan Kizil
Kaan Kizil - 28 dager siden
Hey Brodie, can you please make a video explaining some of the terms you use in your videos for peeps like me out side of Australia. Like goldfish, busstop etc. other nick names u have for fishes you catch etc. also it would be cool if you had a mini series on youtube for baby Stryder 😜 if you can maybe pull old puppy videos of Stryder.
Guy Wilson
Guy Wilson - 29 dager siden
How can you hate Coriander?
cobbwall - Måned siden
You are what YouTube is supposed to be, glad to see you thriving. Shark answer was spot on, love what you do mate!
Yvette Dale
Yvette Dale - Måned siden
A.D.H.D. or what ever your the best Brodie Moss. I just love your videos & your madness. Carry on being you. Much love from the UK ❤️❤️❤️ xxx
Joe Evora
Joe Evora - Måned siden
Lovin the Q&A. Keep up the good work buddy!
Freddie Lewin
Freddie Lewin - Måned siden
I like how all we do is watch some videos and click some buttons and he gets to live his best life ever. He’ll tell his children later in his life how amazing his life was. So luck y
Plato’s Azores
Plato’s Azores - Måned siden
What Brand is the Zinc Sunscreen, or is it Home Made?
King G
King G - Måned siden
Stumbled upon ur channel bro and it’s truly taking me out of a nightmare and lifting me to my dreams. What a breath of fresh air you all are.
Paulo Francisco
Paulo Francisco - Måned siden
Man, honestly where you live?
RDO clown
RDO clown - Måned siden
"Let's get the drone up in the air so you can see my location"
is in the middle of nowhere
DONKEY B - Måned siden
DONKEY B - Måned siden
DONKEY B - Måned siden
Bruce Stowe
Bruce Stowe - Måned siden
Keep it real!!! Love what you do!!! Your dog rocks!💪💪
gisele stasiuk
gisele stasiuk - Måned siden
Stupid ppl just keep swimming in oceans while kids n pets suffer the consequences of adults stupidity in allown kids n pets to go in. They r innocent parent that allow their kids in ocean n p that allow their pets in ocean should b charged n fined n jailed n kids taken away
gisele stasiuk
gisele stasiuk - Måned siden
Ur a FUKN asswipe
Greg Bridges jr
Greg Bridges jr - Måned siden
Dude that is some freaky stuff.. I have always wanted to visit Australia and have seen a few videos on balls pyramid with guys sky diving it and its beautiful. I'm in north texas in a city called Grand Prairie right between two of the largest cities in texas Dallas and fort worth . There is always noise and something going on at all hours of the day and night. I can only imagine how quiet it is out there sitting on that boat . No air conditioners , no cars , no planes no generators just silence. Must be relaxing af . I can hear someone talking 24 hours a day no matter where I'm at and its sickening. I envy you very much. Your a very very lucky person to have what you have and probably worked very hard for. It's a humungous world out there and hopefully someday I'll get to see some of it. Australia #1!
Robin Baaijens
Robin Baaijens - Måned siden
Dream guy
Svamp - 2 måneder siden
Thank you man for improving my English!
Beefin - 2 måneder siden
30kilo spanish mackarel... holy
That’s What I said
That’s What I said - 2 måneder siden
Are you friends with the glorious Nick Fry?
LAUGH TRAP - 2 måneder siden
Great Channel bro
Nawiel Alexander Gebremeskel
Nawiel Alexander Gebremeskel - 2 måneder siden
imagine disliking
grayfox311 - 2 måneder siden
"This is Zinc, it's just like advanced sunscreen."
I love this man.
Peter Nugent
Peter Nugent - 2 måneder siden
Leave your dog's at home confined boat is no place for a Dog
Fv234pop - 2 måneder siden
your words "as long as you're not hurting anyone or ANYTHING" don't sea creatures count?
David Kirkland
David Kirkland - 2 måneder siden
When is Tesla going to make a boat?
picknngrinnin - 2 måneder siden
What’s this “almost” crap? Try harder!
Natally Mondragon
Natally Mondragon - 2 måneder siden
I been here since you had like 350-500k on youtube and its amazing to see you get so far
Rose Reber
Rose Reber - 2 måneder siden
You are so real I love it your kind remind me of Steve Irwin. You hold your breath so Long. ...I love fish. Yum.
DamagedSoul BrokenHeart
DamagedSoul BrokenHeart - 2 måneder siden
jesus i was sooo scared when i saw the sharks
Fishing And spearing
Fishing And spearing - 2 måneder siden
Ha ha 9:43
peter pan man
peter pan man - 2 måneder siden
dude i honestly hope you get that dream house, glad i found you.. love what you do
Raymond Cox
Raymond Cox - 2 måneder siden
Baily Neill
Baily Neill - 2 måneder siden
The minute you said you hate coriander I knew we could be friends>
Psycho Jokes
Psycho Jokes - 2 måneder siden
Annie O'Donnell
Annie O'Donnell - 2 måneder siden
Do your ever eat sharks? Flake?
Josh Dobis
Josh Dobis - 2 måneder siden
what brand and size is your boat I really like it.
Jesse L
Jesse L - 2 måneder siden
I have a lot of admiration for this man and his dog. In my dreams that’s me and my Labrador Bruce. Travelling the world over the oceans in the great deep (and unafraid). Anchoring anywhere we choose....with a beautiful companion too. Shoreline beach lunches and evening drinks. Morning coffees, no schedule. Weather dependent only. Have a healthy body that can lay in the sun and soak in the Vitamin D...having so few worries that they can wait till you’re back on the main land...because the issues are so viruses. No quarantine’s. No politics, no hate. Only peace and love. Love your channel. I live a bit vicariously through you, your boat, and your sweet doggy. Hope you don’t mind! ❤️
Emre Atmaca
Emre Atmaca - 2 måneder siden
Genuine dude , that makes us watch him all the time!
vulmea - 2 måneder siden
You just really have to be stupid when you know there's wildlife and you just dive in it. If you lost a relative, your dog, you can only blame yourself and nobody will be sorry for you. It's just irresponsible
Tm3_peaks - 2 måneder siden
That is not nice
W0LF Clan
W0LF Clan - 2 måneder siden
Middle of the ocean, not a piece of land to be seen. Living the dream.
Tom Staas
Tom Staas - 2 måneder siden
Just keep doing what you do best... be yourself.
Cheers mate.
AFKIcxy - 2 måneder siden
Here’s your crown king👑
Daniel Michel
Daniel Michel - 2 måneder siden
How long can you hold your breath under water ?
Ryan Trinchera
Ryan Trinchera - 2 måneder siden
What amazing adventure men . I always watch ur video here in the philipines
K - 2 måneder siden
i wish the dog got eaten bro wanted to see it so bad ....