My Biggest Tuna Ever Fishing On The Jetski SHARKS Go Crazy (Catch & Cook) - Ep 182

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Crazy fishing session with Brodie from the jetski! Big tuna chasing bait balls, the biggest challenge was beating all the sharks.
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Danny Scott
Danny Scott - 16 timer siden
Epic mate! Goes without saying, about the tuna and the shark's. But, really enjoyed the exploration of the (tidal lagoon?), the starfish and hermit crab. Would be glued to the (telly?) if you posted more of this! You mentioned Octopus (Octopi?). That would be neat to see. I grew up in the Philippines (Dad was in the U.S. Navy) and I remember my older Brother catching a Blue Ringed Octopus.... we didn't know they were poisonous!!!! Oops. Could'a bit us, but didn't, obviously... as I'm here to tell the tale. Cheers!
E Jenkins
E Jenkins - 20 timer siden
Fish > go pro ... outstanding work sir
Ross Vickers
Ross Vickers - 2 dager siden
As soon as I saw you put it there I knew it was going overboard!!
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 4 dager siden
Maybe there is a pole mount you could buy or make for a camera that could go into one of the rod holders not in use. I knew that Gopro was going in. Lol. Great video!!!
Peeenos - 5 dager siden
22:22 - Am I still on youporn? lol
Peeenos - 5 dager siden
"I'm gonna put this guy out of MY misery" haha too good. Nice stuff up, but so true.
Blake Lawrence
Blake Lawrence - 5 dager siden
22:18 Tuna Hub
KingAcula - 5 dager siden
As soon as you set that gopro down I knew it was going in the drink. Need a mounting spot for that bad boy.
Louie Gie Piyao
Louie Gie Piyao - 5 dager siden
No salt in every cooking i dont thank that's delicious?
evo1video - 5 dager siden
Just buy some super cheap lures and let the birds eat it
Manuel Popović
Manuel Popović - 6 dager siden
CD-Ram Reacts
CD-Ram Reacts - 6 dager siden
A bunch of mixed emotions after landing that tuna.
Joeblow Johnny
Joeblow Johnny - 6 dager siden
I remember when I was a little kid reading a 1950ish field & stream . Remembering that the average Tuna CAUGHT was on an average of 200 pound plus and some were up to 600lb. ..... sounds like those #'s are declining huh ? Speckled trout limit this year is declining from 25 to 20 per person now .
Wxnter - 7 dager siden
rip gopro
ameruddin sabli
ameruddin sabli - 8 dager siden
hahahhaa sharkkkk sharkkkkkk ~
Pat Wilk
Pat Wilk - 8 dager siden
What a cast of characters, Brodie, Astrya, (the sprinter dog), Fred (the bird that lands on his head in another vlog), Brinkley (Brodie’s “friend” a bona fide biologist and diver) and Big Tuna. You can’t make this stuff up. Thanks from a 70 year old in the USA whose living vicariously through you! Right on and keep on, keeping on!
Whooshie - 8 dager siden
13:25 wow you really need to be him to say that after you lose a gopro
AMonkeyBusiness - 10 dager siden
You should attach a string on your GoPro so you won’t lose it next time or build a mount for your GoPro
john laboy
john laboy - 10 dager siden
Has anyone else become fluent in Brodie’s mouth guard language like me?
Patrik Duzda
Patrik Duzda - 10 dager siden
Anyone know the name of song at the start of the vid .x?
TimecLimec - 11 dager siden
The subtitles: *tUnA fiNaL fOssIlS tO dEfInE aPosTlEs tO fiGhT oFf aPoStlEs*
FearCaustic - 11 dager siden
Can someone please tell me where he lives...
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - 13 dager siden
"I never see anyone anyway".. So im not the only one i only see the ocean and my mom 😅
Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris - 14 dager siden
"Your a loser like me!" Too funny 🤣
Commanderdata1701 - 14 dager siden
Maybe attach a balloon on these tripod gopros or something.
Papa Joe
Papa Joe - 14 dager siden
that dog has an amazing life
Joe Mrlaser Thom
Joe Mrlaser Thom - 18 dager siden rakan srtike p.pinang guys..jangan lupa subcribe!!tq
Fearless Dreams
Fearless Dreams - 19 dager siden
I wanna be a dog in his life.
FMFM Films
FMFM Films - 19 dager siden
That ladies and gentlemen is way you by two gopros
Angel Velez
Angel Velez - 20 dager siden
This is such an awesome episode 👏👏👏 there is literally nothing better than catching your own food.. we are built for this
Peyton Ross
Peyton Ross - 20 dager siden
this is why you put floaties on em
Christoper Vezza
Christoper Vezza - 20 dager siden
The Stradic sounds like it may need some oil!! Keep killing it Brodie !!!
Pijuice NoLife
Pijuice NoLife - 22 dager siden
YBS: look at the blood wooww
Proceeds to dip his feet in it
Zach Carver
Zach Carver - 22 dager siden
What kind of dog?
Fishing And spearing
Fishing And spearing - 22 dager siden
They actually might be yellowfin mate look at the back fins
Fishing And spearing
Fishing And spearing - 22 dager siden
Reid Ison
Reid Ison - 22 dager siden
Why is there always something in his mouth when he's fishing? 😂
Reid Ison
Reid Ison - 22 dager siden
Ah its his go pro 🤣🤣
Lyon Alec Fiesta
Lyon Alec Fiesta - 23 dager siden
Brunyou didnt season the tuna
Bobby Sutton
Bobby Sutton - 25 dager siden
Great vid and job landing that Tuna.
theodoros kourtidis
theodoros kourtidis - 25 dager siden
Brother whats the name of your sunscreen????
Robert Rutherford
Robert Rutherford - 26 dager siden
You were always gonna loose that go pro ? I seen it happening from the second you put it out 🤦🏽‍♂️
Jeffery Chavez
Jeffery Chavez - 27 dager siden
Ok why do sound like muffled when you speak sometimes
Jeffery Chavez
Jeffery Chavez - 27 dager siden
“I’m looking at all of you stop eating my lure”🤣
Tim Nye
Tim Nye - 27 dager siden
They call that dish Man in the Boat.
Won Mind
Won Mind - 27 dager siden
You need camera rigs that secure them, including the one in ya gob lol
Phil Lewis
Phil Lewis - 27 dager siden
Masterchief baby
Daddy Dustin Miller
Daddy Dustin Miller - 27 dager siden
YBS hard🍆 cooler mounts!
Daddy Dustin Miller
Daddy Dustin Miller - 27 dager siden
Hard mount mate
John Zulu
John Zulu - 28 dager siden
Another good fishing video! I catch a lot of tuna and learned it is best cooked to be raw in the middle
franky dank
franky dank - Måned siden
Jesus get a head strap for the GoPro. He's trying to talk while the damn camera is in his mouth
KENNYS_ K1CKZ - Måned siden
Gave every bird a name😂
Bill Prosser 1967mustang
Bill Prosser 1967mustang - Måned siden
Strada thats a shark nooooo. Stay in the boat , tuna is a great game fish and delicious too. Good job Brodie . Aloha from Tejas .
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Great content so entertaining
Magnus Mason
Magnus Mason - Måned siden
If Styrda made Vlogs for dogs literally every dog would watch. Must be one of the luckiest dogs in the world just imagine how dope his life is
Shawna McCormick
Shawna McCormick - Måned siden
Hahahaha I love it! I love the chase... best Eva
Austin Nelson
Austin Nelson - Måned siden
YoungBlood, I would love for you to join us in America. I’ll cover all expenses. We’ll go out fishing with some NFL players fishing in Florida and then to Lake Tahoe then to Lake Michigan. Saddle up! Hit me back if you are interested!
GAMEOVER. - Måned siden
U should put a floater anything that can float on your go pro
Omex Habeshawi
Omex Habeshawi - Måned siden
Did he said där inne13:13
Aşkİle Fishing
Aşkİle Fishing - Måned siden🙏🙏🎣🎣
Jay Estores
Jay Estores - Måned siden
I was thinking about your go pro falling when u placed it on your jetski. Buy those floaties and attach it to your go pro next time :) great catch tho!