MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE EVER Remote Island Boat Trip (Whales, Dolphins, Beach Clean Up) - Ep 243

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Join Brodie, Brinkley, Chippa and Vicky on a remote islands boat trip. The boats anchor rope snaps, the weather is amazing, Vicky hooks onto her first ever fish and the crew have the most amazing experience with whales. Brodie and Stryda dog go down to the beach to clean up rubbish but also encounter dolphins and an amazing glassy sunset.
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hahhicks - 4 timer siden
I love the music you play in your videos
Christian Curren
Christian Curren - 4 dager siden
that’s why i want to do the things you do. you see things you’ll never expect and i love it!
KTWilliams - 7 dager siden
aaah tex
aaah tex - 7 dager siden
aaah tex
aaah tex - 7 dager siden
Anna Lena
Anna Lena - 9 dager siden
I want that bikini
Jimmy Y
Jimmy Y - 10 dager siden
Whens the 79 coming
skyler settle
skyler settle - 11 dager siden
What do you mean vicki hasn’t caught a fish? She caught the biggest fish of em all! We call it the Brodie Gil.
LeBron James
LeBron James - 11 dager siden
is the buggy able to be driven on the roads? in queensland possibly?
Patrick St. Germain
Patrick St. Germain - 14 dager siden
You living the life brother!! Thanks for sharing it with the world!! Sounds lame but makes my boring life just a little bit better brother!!
Joseph Turoczi
Joseph Turoczi - 14 dager siden
Wow those whales where epic. 🤘👍🏻
Riley Bryce
Riley Bryce - 17 dager siden
It’s ok to not be ok!!! Thank you Brodie
Robbie - 17 dager siden
When those beautiful whales came up on your boat I was like WOA!! That was too cool...must have been wicked to experience it in person! Cheers!
John Pazzelli
John Pazzelli - 18 dager siden
Omg those whales were so amazing, I can’t imagine being there on that boat and experiencing that, made my heart skip watching it on video. So amazing!!
Osama Redwan
Osama Redwan - 19 dager siden
Manni Daly
Manni Daly - 22 dager siden
That was chippa Wilson on his boat ybs gets to hang with chippa and sexy Spanish girls my guy
Raz Zelda
Raz Zelda - 22 dager siden
wafmeister1 - 22 dager siden
I love all the animals you see and strider I am 7
Solid Snake
Solid Snake - 22 dager siden
@6:35 wowza
Russel Grigg
Russel Grigg - 23 dager siden
Man, Brodie every time I watch your videos it lifts my spirits, thx ybs fam.
Macky Mcleod
Macky Mcleod - 23 dager siden
wow! you're living in a dream Brodie, very lucky guy hehehe...if you wan't i will clean your boat for free always just take me with you everytime you go fishing hehehe...
Robert Hennessey
Robert Hennessey - 24 dager siden
Wow those whales!!! Crazy!
lee churchman
lee churchman - 26 dager siden
Me and my kids just came back from greece and we did a big beach clean up but i never filmed it because my battrey was dead but the kids loved it bro all thanks to you much love ybs fam me and my wife hvae just split and i know what it feels like to be unhappy thanks for these vids bro you have helped me so much YBS for life ❤
Hard Grinders
Hard Grinders - 27 dager siden
"I have to help you 'coz its big" naughty naighty brodie
Frdfg Fyff
Frdfg Fyff - 27 dager siden
Ok you ilovyou
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - 28 dager siden
That was amazing Brodie OMG!
Chris - 28 dager siden
This make me want to move to Australia
Bill Charlebois
Bill Charlebois - Måned siden
a lot of talking and empty water but not much substance to s p e a k of .!
R E - Måned siden
dont forget. these comments where making. I doubt he even looks. Where are the community for him. just show support. where your read or not.
R E - Måned siden
bring the noise
Smiddy - Måned siden
That whale clip is an amazing shot. Wow!
robbie G
robbie G - Måned siden
robbie G
robbie G - Måned siden
TheGoonies410 - Måned siden
Is it me or does bikinis get smaller and smaller like soon you’re just better off being nude
mail phurmy
mail phurmy - Måned siden
how much did you pay those whales
Traditional & Primitive Archer
Look at that dumper
Jordan Montoya
Jordan Montoya - Måned siden
What kind of boat is that
Andy Gomes
Andy Gomes - Måned siden
8:50 Legit the most epic thing ever
George Norman
George Norman - Måned siden
How the heck do you know Chippa Wilson? That dude's insane.
kevin dickey
kevin dickey - Måned siden
Toaster oven.
Tennessee Bassin
Tennessee Bassin - Måned siden
We love hot neighbor vicky
Arturo PRADA-ORTIZ - Måned siden
Litle bitches not needed.
Scott francis
Scott francis - Måned siden
If she came fishing with me I'd definitely want her holding my rod
brent VanGorkom
brent VanGorkom - Måned siden
What song where you playing on this ???
Alex Constable
Alex Constable - Måned siden
Most nicest and kindest and obviously the best fisher in Western Australia
Matias Rodil
Matias Rodil - Måned siden
Where does he film his videos
Sean Castro
Sean Castro - Måned siden
I NEED TO GO FISHING WITH YOU!! Love your channel. when i can afford it i'm buying some merch. crazy right now with the five kids in the house. Your house looks amazing congrats. Keep the positive vibes. your helping me out a-lot keeping my mind at sea
Lasela Wright
Lasela Wright - Måned siden
Good job 👍
Okysborh Lineage
Okysborh Lineage - Måned siden
essas mina australiana deve passar fome kkkk sao secas de mais
William Mason
William Mason - Måned siden
TVB - The Variation Boys
TVB - The Variation Boys - Måned siden
How amazing are our oceans! The whales cruising under the boat is amazing.
Benny Foster
Benny Foster - Måned siden
I say we name the drone
mrxortaroulis - Måned siden
Songs are never random in this channel
robby - Måned siden
That rod and reel combo was at least 700 dollars. What a find.
WhiteDude Music
WhiteDude Music - Måned siden
6:23 we got booty baby !!!
Steve B
Steve B - Måned siden
brodie put a ring on Vicky Mate, dont let that one get away!
Denzil Burriss
Denzil Burriss - Måned siden
He uses women to attract people like you........get on here t o watch naked women.....only reason they are here....who looks at him in a mans eyes? Do YOU? Eye Candy gets h im view...take the women away and he would be nothing. He has no program or format......just naked girls floating around......isn't that why you are here?
Jeff Worwood
Jeff Worwood - Måned siden
You are definitely living a charmed life! Seems like every adventure is a bucket list moment. Thanks for sharing.
sara-jayne Davis
sara-jayne Davis - Måned siden
You and vikki are perfect together but how do lose a Mackrell I catch six at once 😂
Kiwi Manu
Kiwi Manu - Måned siden
Never mind the fish. Look at the arse on that.
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor - Måned siden
Thanx you Brodies cause some are not ok. Champ!
Tony Prout
Tony Prout - Måned siden
PuFfY MaStEr
PuFfY MaStEr - Måned siden
Anybody know the last song name ?
Alistair Grayling
Alistair Grayling - Måned siden
Vicky 😍
The Hamster Wheel
The Hamster Wheel - Måned siden
Why bother wear a bathing suit?
Nopal Familia
Nopal Familia - Måned siden
Victoria is perfection
C H E R C O E - Måned siden
@ 6:37 - Thanks, Brinkley. You admire it as much as all good pervs do...
p jah
p jah - Måned siden
Ass chanel
Joey Adamek
Joey Adamek - Måned siden
Song name at 15:05?👉🏽👈🏽 it’s fire
Hamza Aslam
Hamza Aslam - Måned siden
Your All videos i really enjoy , you make videos beauty of nautre Awesome ❤️
An Hoàng
An Hoàng - Måned siden
so amazing!!!
Ibrahim Msallam
Ibrahim Msallam - Måned siden
My COVID-19 test result showed positive, Today I am on the 3rd day of Quarantine. Brodie, please know that watching your videos is giving me in a way the strength to frighten this deadly virus. I am watching your episodes all day to feel the rush and passion toward the ocean which is already circulating in my blood. In case, I didn't make it and the virus get over me. I want you to know that I love you and you made my life happier from six months before till present. Regards, Ibrahim From Lebanon.
Banjo Baxter
Banjo Baxter - 24 dager siden
Are you still alive ?
Matthew BradFord
Matthew BradFord - Måned siden
If you look at all the comments like mine
Jamaluddin Nizamuddin
Jamaluddin Nizamuddin - Måned siden
Stick to ur old crew, they r wonderful
cheekaboo - Måned siden
cheekaboo - Måned siden
Dude you’re awesome. Give me some tips on my channel. Cheekaboo
Big Papi Adventure
Big Papi Adventure - Måned siden
Nice video keep them coming great job
cole riffe
cole riffe - Måned siden
You gotta chunk a lure in a glass off brodie!!!
hardcuremamba metallicmama
Hi friend, i love watching your videos a lot, so waiting you to visit my cooking channel. Thanks☺️
jameson sampley
jameson sampley - Måned siden
9:05 that is a lot of whale tail.
LEFTY_ 2GUNZ - Måned siden
She got some cheeks
RAH Capital
RAH Capital - Måned siden
8:52 thats unbelievable. ok, its confirmed, Brodie is creating this fake content in his garage. no way this dude is living this fantasy life he putting on youtube. c'mon mate, time to come clean. the law will go easier on you if you admit the fraud. defrauding millions of people on this channel is over the top. hehe
RAH Capital
RAH Capital - Måned siden
7:37 "i'll just get it up and then........."
Dan Little
Dan Little - Måned siden
Tokyo. - Måned siden
Was that a humpback whale?
Murphy Del Rosario
Murphy Del Rosario - Måned siden
We all know what everyone is really looking at
Jjay - Måned siden
Dudes hair is dry when he pretends he brought the anchor up get real
Shadow Lightning
Shadow Lightning - Måned siden
You must not watch this channel that much
- VBN -
- VBN - - Måned siden
Try not to smile while watching him it’s impossible
Keith Campbell
Keith Campbell - Måned siden
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - Måned siden
Bro, you are such a positive dude. This episode was wildlife heaven. Next level whale encounter ! Take care from N.Y.
Royal Palm
Royal Palm - Måned siden
Tbh you never want someone else to fish with your rods 😂
bjybhs8 - Måned siden
Daaamn neighbor Vicki
Austin Mcfadden
Austin Mcfadden - Måned siden
7:00 flattest ass in the world
Chris Slaten
Chris Slaten - Måned siden
Amazing what you are doing. One day, I'm flying down from GA USA, dream trip! Keep it up, bro!
Mike G
Mike G - Måned siden
Just subscribe a few days ago, awesome channel. That must be the happiest dog on the planet, every video I have seen looks like he enjoys everything, lol🐕
Wilbert Collante
Wilbert Collante - Måned siden
Does he have a swing condition or is he's face half tanned?
macbong01 - Måned siden
I watch the videos for the butts!
TheLastManStanding - Måned siden
Thanks for sharing brother!! You’re doing a good thing. God bless you man!!
Brian Tran
Brian Tran - Måned siden
Shorty got a ohatty no cap
Hayden Robinson
Hayden Robinson - Måned siden
Hands down this guy is living the dream every single day💯
Lambis - Måned siden
what drone is that?