Looking For Great White Sharks With Brinkley Davies (AMAZING WEATHER) - Ep 230

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When Brodie and Brinkley get word of a 5m Great White Shark just off the coast they drop the Jetski in and go searching for it. Greeted by amazing weather and clear water, they encounter venomous sea snakes, humpback whales, dolphins and big tuna. Enjoy!
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Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - Time siden
Stryda wanted to chase that drone soooo badly, she minds so good when ya told her to stay... Brodie I just luv ya, you always put a smile on my face and my heart, I've had a bad last few days and right now I'm actually smiling... you have such an awesome aura and soul that lights the way for pure joy.. the way you talk to Stryda like she might actually answer you back someday, she does but in real words.. she is so happy at your side no matter what ya doing... you guys really are living your best lives..
Teresa Hadida
Teresa Hadida - Dag siden
World happiest men
Patrick Palacio
Patrick Palacio - 2 dager siden
Only thing that came to mind when you didn't know what to say about the beautiful scene which you were blessed to be a part of was "Thank you Heavenly Father for another day to show the world your perfect work". Stoked on your videos as usual 🤙🤙
ParaYT - 2 dager siden
Man this episode was so special, just beautiful.
This one bring tears to my eyes. So much happiness in this video
Thank you
Gooner through and through
Gooner through and through - 2 dager siden
“It’s not usually this poo brown”
Bro I live in the UK and the best sea water I’ve ever seen over here is the same colour as a heavy rain cloud.😂😂
Loving the vids as always tho
Narendra_ 5 Aulia
Narendra_ 5 Aulia - 3 dager siden
Wait what tic tac snack ahhhh wtf is wrong with people in my country
Jimbo Saul
Jimbo Saul - 3 dager siden
man this guy has no shortage of stunning babes on his channel. who are they all.?? this one is Brinkley. theres an Amberleigh? some other babe brunette on another. WTFH ?!? lucky dude. go man ! great channel. living the dream
Jeanphy Player
Jeanphy Player - 3 dager siden
Hello YBS Yongbloods, I'm French, i leave in new caledonia Island. je regarde touts vos vidéos elles sont magnifiques !!!!!
vous êtes des personnes avec de très belle âmes et un grand respect pour l'océan, c'est la première fois que je commente une de vos vidéos,
belle continuations à vous, belle vie, soyez toutes et tous heureux et bénis .
New Calédonia :)
Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart - 4 dager siden
I want your life. I want those glassy warm waters. Invite me brer, we don't get that in Scotland.
LukaW. - 4 dager siden
Get a room u 2
chubb - 4 dager siden
Places we roam and people we meet
Some connections are strong
And some of them are weak
1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or maybe 5 or 6 or more
Strong as the roots of a big old gum tree
And we'll carry them through
To the next life we see
The westoz Prospector
The westoz Prospector - 4 dager siden
Yewww .. awesome vid mate 👌
Xvaller - 4 dager siden
where is this
Kyle Grieve
Kyle Grieve - 4 dager siden
I don’t know how old you are but you’ve definitely found your calling thanks for the great footage and the positive influences thank you Brady Moss #Cancel out the bad noise keep the good
Sean Binns
Sean Binns - 5 dager siden
Almost like the snake was blind
Sean Binns
Sean Binns - 5 dager siden
U can hear the whales .amazing
Freka Douglas
Freka Douglas - 5 dager siden
Ayo lah Indonesia jgn buang sampah sembarangan!
John Fennel
John Fennel - 5 dager siden
No Offence Brinkley, but your eyebrows are way too dark :D We still love Brinkley!! :D :D
Matthew Walters
Matthew Walters - 6 dager siden
Love the whale sounds under water 👌🏻 please put a glove on to hand catch your drone, kinda spoils the vibe of the video when my heart rate hits 170 half way through 😂
Queenslander - 6 dager siden
Dislikes obviously from THOT promotion... EDIT - Brodie needs to stop looking on Instagram for a wife... mate! Try the local Bollo :D
R E - 6 dager siden
I know you say that Brinkley just one of the guys with the nicer ass LOL but I can tell you that girls that are like that make the best girlfriends I know you said not to talk about it anymore but I can't help myself you guys make a great couple you never know person you are looking for might be right in front of you
Panda XCX
Panda XCX - 6 dager siden
no one:
cystal clear ocean:
brodie: "..poo brown..."
marsdog - 6 dager siden
Wtf part of AU is this where there are no waves and you can live a stones throw from the water away from anyone else? This is heaven! Almost every video it looks like this. Im gonna move to Australia.
Kam Ka-Ne
Kam Ka-Ne - 6 dager siden
Nahhhhh the music Brodie be playin when him and Brinkley start having fun is a lil sus. I think my man should just shoot his shot.
Tim Henderson
Tim Henderson - 6 dager siden
u 2 are
pre cute
Neo Fighter
Neo Fighter - 7 dager siden
Novendi Wantono
Novendi Wantono - 7 dager siden
bikin malu. sampah indonesia sampai kesana dong jir
liat laut mereka ,duhh
Via Guitara
Via Guitara - 7 dager siden
Oh no,i'm from indonesia,i'm so sorry for the "tictac snack" ,where this video taken?
Spritzs - 7 dager siden
YBS respond please I go to Exmouth for holidays But I live in perth
Asif Mannan
Asif Mannan - 8 dager siden
Just trained ur doggo to catches the fishes??
Mean Bean-Machine
Mean Bean-Machine - 8 dager siden
Discovery channel pays thousands for crews and cameras, and here's an Aussie with his hand held camera just snapping on a jetski lol 😂
Francis Kelly
Francis Kelly - 8 dager siden
All laughs and fun until you're knocked into the water and then other people have to put themselves at risk to save you
Nick Perry
Nick Perry - 8 dager siden
“It’s not normally this poo brown”
*Points to crystal clear blue water*
Joanne Palmer
Joanne Palmer - 9 dager siden
Brodie I want to say a big thank you to u. Since having major surgery 2 years ago I’ve not been able to travel and one of the things I loved doing was to be in water that’s where I feel at peace. Your videos always cheer me up and I feel relaxed when watching u. Please can you send me a hi to my Instagram jojoprettyinpink please thank you 🙏🥰😊☺️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Maxler z
Maxler z - 9 dager siden
I hope these videos are not colour-graded. I still hope that places like these exist!
Willy and tigg
Willy and tigg - 9 dager siden
I’m 14, before I die I’m living at the beach
dezinetech1000 - 10 dager siden
What camera did you use for these epic shots?
dezinetech1000 - 10 dager siden
Wow that’s some amazing footage man. The glass water and calm animals. Much Respect brotha. Thanks for sharing.
Mac Entertainment Official
Mac Entertainment Official - 10 dager siden
Can I have a drone please? Gift me a drone please
peter c
peter c - 10 dager siden
This guy is living the dream! I wish I could swim with a great white. Its on my bucket list as well as a whale shark and whale. This footage here is amazing from the drone!!!!!
I captain and work on a vessel & I know the exact feeling your having @19:15! Pure bliss no humans to bother you, only you, nature, your baddass dog & the setting sun!
Paul Devine
Paul Devine - 10 dager siden
Hay man so cool . I am heading north soon it would be great to meet. I am just new to youtube that is my chanel.
TooMuchPooter - 10 dager siden
Stryder Rules!!
Epsteins spirit
Epsteins spirit - 11 dager siden
No sharks were filmed. Spoiler alert.
Still a cool video 😛
Nicolas Luginbuhl
Nicolas Luginbuhl - 11 dager siden
What are those glasses mate? :) They look sick!
phil bowers
phil bowers - 11 dager siden
Amazing bro
Darin Martin
Darin Martin - 11 dager siden
Brodie "Great white shark seen in the area, can't find it on the ski so Brinkley and I are just going to go for a swim." haha. what a legend you are Brodie Moss.
william neill
william neill - 11 dager siden
Brodie where is your boat bro?
Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson - 11 dager siden
Awesome!! Beautiful people, in a beautiful place doing beautiful things!! This just made my day! Love how sincerely amazed you are at the wonder of the environment even though you have probably experienced it for a long time.
Merpati Legend
Merpati Legend - 11 dager siden
I am indonesian,I am a faithful follower of your channel..
when looking at the waste from our country arrived there,I felt ashamed and disappointed..
sorry for this incident (junk snacks) 🙏🙏
Hilman zakaria
Hilman zakaria - 11 dager siden
That tic tac snack are from Indonesia
Siman akaJulian
Siman akaJulian - 11 dager siden
Very nice all the best
Ed Kleinstuber
Ed Kleinstuber - 11 dager siden
"...like one of the guys, but with a nicer ass..." very true
Yeet Peet
Yeet Peet - 11 dager siden
Does anyone know where this guy is for like what coast is he on
Asterix Barris
Asterix Barris - 9 dager siden
I think it’s up in Exmouth around that area . But be good to keep it a secret so there isn’t tonnes of people going to his spots
Mrsloppyaussie - 11 dager siden
Brodie u ready to hit two mil😁😳😅
Kuong Nie
Kuong Nie - 11 dager siden
Hello's idol
Hot Linez Tribe
Hot Linez Tribe - 11 dager siden
You are the definition of "Living the Dream", you did 40hr weeks as an electrician and I realized last year that I'm doing the same at the hospital, but work doesn't own our free time! Staying stoked on your vids and filming what I can as it goes along, and I'll keep grinding until I get to your level! Stay Safe Brodie man! See you on the water!
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim - 11 dager siden
Some of the footage you capture of the animals is unfuckingbelievable
Sherry Crutchfield
Sherry Crutchfield - 12 dager siden
Brodie please don’t say GD.... we love watching you and Stryda it brings so much joy to us.... God has truly blessed you and we continue to pray for your safety...... keep up the good work!!
Peace out my friend......
Blue Iguana
Blue Iguana - 12 dager siden
Hey my man, up in New England, they've been all over the place... Any advice on how to stay safe @YBS Youngbloods?
max million
max million - 12 dager siden
One minute she's there the next minute she's gone.....this video was all over the place.