Living From The Ocean For 3 DAYS Hunting For Food With Hand Spear (Part 2) - Ep 170

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Join Brodie Moss as he goes to the remote Abrolhos islands for 3 days! He gave himself the challenge of living from the ocean. Eating what he catches with a hand spear, speargun and fishing rod. It's one of the most unique, rugged and beautiful island groups in the world and Brodie feels right at home!
Part 1
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 8 måneder siden
Where should I go next? Leave a comment below! Cheers for all the support ya legends.
TinaiAnne Tiritabua
TinaiAnne Tiritabua - 10 dager siden
Come to Fiji
Turbochicken365 Fortnite
Turbochicken365 Fortnite - Måned siden
Try shark bay where I live I would love to see u in real life. PS. My mum is friends with Hannah
Subway Gang gang
Subway Gang gang - 2 måneder siden
London England you could find a wild pigeon😂
Mirugia E. Sorel
Mirugia E. Sorel - 2 måneder siden
Jack Preddy
Jack Preddy - 2 måneder siden
Tassie for some abalone mako shark and the king flaty and some yellow fin tuna
My name is nora
My name is nora - 2 dager siden
Go pro?
My name is nora
My name is nora - 2 dager siden
Best life. Beautiful
David Marsh
David Marsh - 5 dager siden
this is what dreams are made of thanks ................debbie not david ..................xxxxxxx
ginobrun1 - 10 dager siden
Why you guys never troll for fish ?
Mr. TONJAY Fishing
Mr. TONJAY Fishing - 12 dager siden
amazing fishing video
Richard House
Richard House - 12 dager siden
Have you tried marinating your fish in franks redhot .
Fess Parker
Fess Parker - 26 dager siden
Might have been a jimble you got stung by, lot worse than blue bottles, very painful
Fess Parker
Fess Parker - 26 dager siden
You know how to live mate, paradise!
I never get tired of going to the Abrolhos, sensational diving & fishing
Turbochicken365 Fortnite
Turbochicken365 Fortnite - Måned siden
Nice job Brodie next time try going to shark bay though
weerasak chompoopong
weerasak chompoopong - Måned siden
Bambo - Måned siden
anyone who dislikes any of your videos is just jealous they can't live as freely
Maddy H
Maddy H - Måned siden
What’s in the secret sauce I wanna try it on fish but idk what’s in it
Jose Montes Jimenez
Jose Montes Jimenez - Måned siden
Hello.One Thread no do damage to the fish?For the thread that you leave in the water.Thank you.
Ana Simunovic
Ana Simunovic - Måned siden
BRU its 2020
Nick Lauder
Nick Lauder - Måned siden
Love the kewpie bud hahahh. Its good stuff aye
efi LAB
efi LAB - Måned siden
Fernando Arnus
Fernando Arnus - 2 måneder siden
someone can tell me what de model of this boat?
Mo Tech
Mo Tech - 2 måneder siden
you are my absolute hero Brodie!! it should be illegal to have this much fun all day.
La'marr Selsis
La'marr Selsis - 2 måneder siden
Is this a custom boat? If not what model and type is it?
Patrick McCudden
Patrick McCudden - 2 måneder siden
Can someone tell me What’s the name and model of that boat
Shr00mZ - 2 måneder siden
Fly me to your place, take me out doing stuff like this. My dream is to get over my fear of deep water, and i want start dive. I love watching ur vids when ur diving and make all that delicious foods :)
Josh - 2 måneder siden
Hey brother what size long sleeves to u wear?
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos
Gets stung by blue bottle
Brodie: “i actually semi liked it”
10,000 Subscribers With No Videos
Who’s here in 2034

Trust me It will get popular soon
Felix - 3 måneder siden
Holy shit your Intro songs are so good. Do you have a Playlist you can drop?
Keep up the good Work
Magnus Møller Eg
Magnus Møller Eg - 3 måneder siden
Song at 21:35 pls?
DungeonSlime - 3 måneder siden
Dang that’s where I wanna b some day. Sailing with the boys over the open ocean, fishing during the day and star gazing at night. Glad I have this to watch till then though!
Easily the best channel I’ve found during quarantine :)
Velgen Enzo
Velgen Enzo - 3 måneder siden
im only 10 years old and i catch a bleubone
KLAV 1N - 3 måneder siden
Keep it up your vids are really good
Jpgundarun - 3 måneder siden
If you ever get stung by a blue bottle, as soon as possible wash the affected area in as hot water as you can tolerate in the shower. It will instantly relieve the pain/itch.
nolann frank
nolann frank - 4 måneder siden
What kind of boat is that?
aditya ka nakam kosis
aditya ka nakam kosis - 4 måneder siden
Who is Emeli ?
aditya ka nakam kosis
aditya ka nakam kosis - 4 måneder siden
You don't have girlfriend ? Whatttt?
King Fisher
King Fisher - 4 måneder siden
Yo bro!!! Content is on point legend. 💪🛥🎣🐠🔥🔥
Kelly McKinnon
Kelly McKinnon - 4 måneder siden
@YBS Does anyone know what their secret sauce is or if it can be bought? If it can they should sale it!
Kelly McKinnon
Kelly McKinnon - 4 måneder siden
What sunscreen does brody use in his face? I'd love to know to get some! Is it only for your face or is it for your body also @youngbloods
Miles Hedley
Miles Hedley - 4 måneder siden
I really enjoy your Style. So enjoyable to Watch. Seen so many of your great catches over this lock down time.
You will be doing this for years ahead.
But please. When your with others. Offer them the catch first and the look on there faces.
The cooking looks so so good. But your friends are great.
This is why we keep watching.
From the UK
Love Aus.
Sebastian Entiroldi
Sebastian Entiroldi - 4 måneder siden
3:03 😂
LeaderOf Lag
LeaderOf Lag - 4 måneder siden
He knows how to fillet a baldy I will tell you that. he*trashing a knife in the fish
Goochy from the NE
Goochy from the NE - 4 måneder siden
I’d live in that boat
Alex Poynter
Alex Poynter - 4 måneder siden
Those cod and the seal in the salt water lake, with the story, hit me right in the feels. Iv only been watching for a month or 2 now, but dude i fucking love you.
Gebakken vet
Gebakken vet - 4 måneder siden
Nobody’s gonna talk about the old school Minecraft background music
Noah lashley
Noah lashley - 4 måneder siden
i think i know what the secret sauce is
Rouie Galagala
Rouie Galagala - 4 måneder siden
jesse van dam
jesse van dam - 4 måneder siden
Drew V
Drew V - 5 måneder siden
just bring Stryda
Brian Sharp
Brian Sharp - 5 måneder siden
Brodie, we love your videos and we want you to be safe. Maybe wear some ear plugs, brother! ✌🏻
Brian Sharp
Brian Sharp - 5 måneder siden
15:17 “Freakin knew it” Brodie must know someone from California 😄
REDZom - 5 måneder siden
Whats the secret sauce
Lizzie Blake
Lizzie Blake - 5 måneder siden
In my English class we had a project to write about an Aussie that inspires you and ofcourse on top of my mind I choose Brodie moss as my topic because I been watching his him since day one until this day.
JuanUbaldo TV
JuanUbaldo TV - 5 måneder siden
Really Love The Uniforms.. Watching From Ph here!! 👌👌👌
David Mitchell
David Mitchell - 5 måneder siden
secret sauce- kewpie mayonnaise
Jonathan WahChai
Jonathan WahChai - 5 måneder siden
Your life is my dream, mate!
Rizki Ovaltino
Rizki Ovaltino - 5 måneder siden
Maaaaaaaannnn!!!! That's the life i want!!!!!❤
puffonxbox - 5 måneder siden
my dream is to live like this
craighaydcore - 5 måneder siden
Catch a few more remote waves. Love your life.
CoCo Boss
CoCo Boss - 5 måneder siden
You can poo and have a view 🤣
fraser glasgow
fraser glasgow - 5 måneder siden
the beauty doesnt expire (;
Dan Goeke
Dan Goeke - 5 måneder siden
Another horrible day.
Abigail Miller
Abigail Miller - 5 måneder siden
Friend- "do you give em to your girlfriend?"
Brodi- "I don't have a girlfriend..."
Ben Wang
Ben Wang - 3 måneder siden
This is the darkest time line 😭😭
Cody Brennan
Cody Brennan - 4 måneder siden
he doesn’t need one he’s a happy man
LX ZOMBFYD - 5 måneder siden
Also I have been a big subscriber from a long time
LX ZOMBFYD - 5 måneder siden
Go to the barrier reef
daniel alex
daniel alex - 5 måneder siden
I srsly think the secret sauce is just some mayo lol
Nataliegh Jessop
Nataliegh Jessop - 5 måneder siden
you should try something new and come to tathra nsw ps we got fire baby
T K - 5 måneder siden
Other cool Aussies ;)
Terry Liu
Terry Liu - 5 måneder siden
what music is this ?
Chance Riney
Chance Riney - 5 måneder siden
You should have an fan come out and you show them around and what you do in a day the oceans look amazing love the videos makes me want to go to Western Australia
Luiz Felipe Guimaraes
Luiz Felipe Guimaraes - 5 måneder siden
Show de Bola. Guys
dat hoang
dat hoang - 5 måneder siden
4:46 What the hell is that fish??? soo biggg
Tim Newman
Tim Newman - 6 måneder siden
Wow, Brodie actually ate a fork
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor - 6 måneder siden
Is it sunscreen why his face is so pasty white?
Barry Rose
Barry Rose - 6 måneder siden
Every time someone says I hit the lottery being born in America...... I have a long hard thought about Australia. Love your country M8
F Tamimi
F Tamimi - 6 måneder siden
15:54 he looks like rod from vlog squad
i RepeaT
i RepeaT - 6 måneder siden
Where does he life?
Alex K
Alex K - 6 måneder siden
Is that sun tan lotion he's wearing?
Muizz Khan
Muizz Khan - 6 måneder siden
Brodie got stung by multiple siphonophores ( the blue bottle) on the face and casually handles it and just says "it hurts" and now says "I semi-liked it as it was a good experience" 😂😂😂. I wouldn't have handled it that well. Bravo!!
Randall Nadeau
Randall Nadeau - 6 måneder siden
Dam, everytime you eat my mouth waters,lol
OddAF - 6 måneder siden
Intro song?!
xLea 59
xLea 59 - 6 måneder siden
How can they hold their breath for so long??
isaiah neff
isaiah neff - 6 måneder siden
He got high from the sting
DOOM GROOM - 6 måneder siden
Caught those tortillas in the drink richies?
Wetzels Pretzelz
Wetzels Pretzelz - 6 måneder siden
Who brought bananas come on
Coersin - 6 måneder siden
I like how he calls them the boys
Brein 98
Brein 98 - 6 måneder siden
On 2:38 siri came haha
Charles collette
Charles collette - 6 måneder siden
Your videos are always incredible💯
Alek Roc
Alek Roc - 6 måneder siden
all i wanna do is say positive things about this guy
Aaron Arocho
Aaron Arocho - 6 måneder siden
ive been got by a couple jellys in my days but never on the face, ouch mate
Iswang RoeRoe
Iswang RoeRoe - 6 måneder siden
captain paul mcartney
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor - 6 måneder siden
Heads up guys. The secret sauce is sushi mayonnaise..
KiLZ msn1fcb1
KiLZ msn1fcb1 - 6 måneder siden
And some green shiiiit
Patato X2
Patato X2 - 6 måneder siden
how many layers of sunscreen do you put on XD
Dayly Mendez
Dayly Mendez - 6 måneder siden
This is inspirational. Look at curry man
Harvey Corah
Harvey Corah - 6 måneder siden
It’s mad to watch this all the way from the uk 🇬🇧
Reyhan PS
Reyhan PS - 6 måneder siden
Does any1 know where is it ?
Ryan Zelinger
Ryan Zelinger - 6 måneder siden
how does he put up with the nats flying on his face all the time
Evan Serrano
Evan Serrano - 6 måneder siden
It's funny because Brody has more knowledge of things on the ocean then the whole charter crew....! 🤷‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤫🤭
Natalie Foster
Natalie Foster - 6 måneder siden
Hiw much does a boat like that cost. I really want one!
Tun Kyaw
Tun Kyaw - 6 måneder siden
How are you able to hold your breath for a long time? its CRAZYY
Jaden Frazier
Jaden Frazier - 6 måneder siden
It’s so crazy how clear the water is