JetSki Deep Sea Fishing GIANT GOLDFISH On A Hand Line With My Dad & Brother (Part 1) - Ep 220

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Join Brodie Moss his Brother and Dad as they take the jet skis deep sea fishing for giant goldfish, Brodies Dad sets himself a challenge of catching a fish in 300m + of water with a hand line.
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GAVIN COOLEY - 26 dager siden
What’s the yellow reel called?
Deborah Rahmeyer
Deborah Rahmeyer - Måned siden
We lost our dad a few weeks ago I would watch your channel w him he luved this !!! I'm having such a hard time with losing him your family i watch alot it has made me smile laugh cry Thank You all your my Sanctuary
Gareth Fearn
Gareth Fearn - Måned siden
good effort on the Alvey!!!!! and a solid ruby , well done mate
Stuart Wilson
Stuart Wilson - Måned siden
What a brilliant experience to share with your father, outstanding.
CFRUE - 2 måneder siden
Rene He1110
Rene He1110 - 3 måneder siden
more videos please 😍
Adam Gunn
Adam Gunn - 3 måneder siden
Those electric reels are fucking cool as shit. Deep sea driving on the jet ski train looks so fun. Love and peace y’all.
Ramsey Person
Ramsey Person - 3 måneder siden
Dudes catching Pokémon
David French
David French - 3 måneder siden
That's some nice bling you're rocking there, Mr. Moss. ;)
Michael Newson
Michael Newson - 3 måneder siden
Love all the vids mate! How about doing a "Stryda dog" shirt?
Turd - 3 måneder siden
Just got a jet skit and fucking love it
Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson - 3 måneder siden
Jumped in Jackson's wee.....LOL
lMrClean - 3 måneder siden
That sting ray pass at 1:25
NZ Fun Adventures
NZ Fun Adventures - 3 måneder siden
So wicked to watch bro....question...what’s your limit for taking on water in from the boarding platform or sides. How unbalanced does the ski get?
Alan Goh
Alan Goh - 4 måneder siden
Catching one of these beautiful deep sea giant goldfish is on my top ten bucket list items before I turn 60, so after watching this episode my son is taking me to Exmouth early August so any tips is welcome besides owning an electric reel. We were two of thousands who turn up to meet you and your brother jacko during this year's Boat Show at Perth Convention Centre.
Noah Harju
Noah Harju - 4 måneder siden
Brodie’s dad, when he has the hat on, looks so much like Anthony Cumia from Opie and Anthony
Adam Crossman
Adam Crossman - 4 måneder siden
Just smashed an order in for the Dad bod cod shirt!!
dominic price
dominic price - 4 måneder siden
niceee bro your a legend
TheEricBaier - 4 måneder siden
Love how ur chanel has progressed!
Forgotmynamelol - 4 måneder siden
Your dad’s not much of a talker eh? Haha still a wholesome man
Cynical Texas Dad
Cynical Texas Dad - 4 måneder siden
Gotta bring daddy Moss along more often...he’s a fish catching machine.
btw2567 - 4 måneder siden
At work, your Dad is a prick............
Christian Poynter
Christian Poynter - 4 måneder siden
#teamwayne all day every day. What a boss.
Mo Doe
Mo Doe - 4 måneder siden
Man it's awesome seeing you having a blast with your old man. I lost my dad to cancer few years ago. Him and I always did adventures together. Seeing your dads big smile and giving you the five just reminds me how much I miss my old man. Good on ya mate for spending the most you can with your old man. Cause you never know what God can do next in your life. Keep them vids coming mate! Love from Vancouver 🇨🇦
Eiso - 4 måneder siden
Which ocean is this
tim ford
tim ford - 4 måneder siden
I thought this video was going to be Dad and Jacko, good blokes
John - 4 måneder siden
2,000,000 SUBS ON THE WAY BABY! 🇺🇸👍😉
John - 4 måneder siden
Maricel casio
Maricel casio - 4 måneder siden
YOU BEAUTY PRODUCTIONS - 4 måneder siden
The teacher becomes the student
The ultimate parental outcome when your kids become the providers that's a job well done Wayne🎣🔥🍴👏👏👏🙏
ahendley3 - 4 måneder siden
Haha! Wayne is a legend!!!
Chicken Nugget boi
Chicken Nugget boi - 4 måneder siden
I saw a sticker on a car and it said YBS awesome ha
Joe Bontorno
Joe Bontorno - 4 måneder siden
Well done Mr Moss, great fish.
Darrin Ramcharith
Darrin Ramcharith - 4 måneder siden
Awesome Beautiful well done 💗👌💖👍🐟.
Shawn - 4 måneder siden
Checkout the Official YBS Youngbloods Music Playlist on Spotify.
Shawn - 4 måneder siden
Tackleboys - 4 måneder siden
Wooohooohooo!! Way to go pops!
Steffen Hinz
Steffen Hinz - 4 måneder siden
A Wunder full day in the office 😂👌🏼👍🏼
Lambert Domine
Lambert Domine - 4 måneder siden
I always enjoy your video especially when you catch some fish and other stuff. You make me happy every day so keep it up legend! We got FIIIIIRE baby!
Aaron j Edwards j
Aaron j Edwards j - 4 måneder siden
That’s bloody awesome boys!!
John Alex Almirañez
John Alex Almirañez - 4 måneder siden
Good catch dad hahaha❤ notice me all the way from Philippines ❤
مهند sanabel
مهند sanabel - 4 måneder siden
ماشاء الله
ikral nemo
ikral nemo - 4 måneder siden
Dimis Hadjidemetriou
Dimis Hadjidemetriou - 4 måneder siden
Where the hell is this paradise
ALEX JOYNSON - 4 måneder siden
this man is the luckiest man alive
LeeCulvers - 4 måneder siden
More Jarrad and Jackie adventures please 😊👍🏻
Harry Morphy
Harry Morphy - 4 måneder siden
Love the vids
T ERRY - 4 måneder siden
just the coolest guy. brodie and dad bod are alright as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mathias Bruggeman
Mathias Bruggeman - 4 måneder siden
I think you have a lot of french people who watch your videos like me😊
So can you make french substitles please ? It can be a good idea
I love si much your work, it’s amazing !
(Sorry for my mistakes)
Th1RsTY - 4 måneder siden
Please never stop with this great content man your such an awesome guy and we always love your videos! Watching all the way from sunny Scotland (not sunny at all) 😂
Kai Jones
Kai Jones - 4 måneder siden
Are you gonna make a video of the new cruiser?
Banya Yasharal
Banya Yasharal - 4 måneder siden
gold fish, don't they live in fresh water?
David Nimmo
David Nimmo - 4 måneder siden
I see a cook out in the future
George Cruz
George Cruz - 4 måneder siden
Hey guys, I see alot of fishing videos on kayaks, but I like the seadoos much better. I'd feel much safer . Luv your channel.
Paul Jooste
Paul Jooste - 4 måneder siden
Cheers dad on the Ruby
Ryan Laus
Ryan Laus - 4 måneder siden
Isn't it like winter in Australia right now?
Pluce - 4 måneder siden
9:50 is when he caught the gold fish
Milton Rivera
Milton Rivera - 4 måneder siden
What sunscreen you use mate?
Kyle - 4 måneder siden
Came across this channel like a week ago and I’ve been binge watching an unhealthy amount of your videos. Keep up the great content
Nicole Quick
Nicole Quick - 4 måneder siden
Sarah M
Sarah M - 4 måneder siden
What GoPro do you use when you’re under the water? Because that is literally literally the clearest I’ve ever seen and I literally want that whenever I do choose to go snorkeling
Chico Skimoni
Chico Skimoni - 4 måneder siden
Well people think Navy Seals are ripped and toned, nope, most of them have Dad Bods so... To Dad Bods everywhere 🍻
Callum Hayes
Callum Hayes - 4 måneder siden
You inspired me to get my boat licence
Loran Wilson
Loran Wilson - 4 måneder siden
Nice! Awesome to watch keep it up ol son!
Ronald Sandoval
Ronald Sandoval - 4 måneder siden
(Sigh) that was awesome bro!
ModoPlays - 4 måneder siden
wouldnt it be better if you guys did a triangle with the jetskis?
TJ Bayless
TJ Bayless - 4 måneder siden
If I were in Waterworld, I’d make sure to find you so you could teach me.
Love your videos man, love your lifestyle, wish I could do these things.
-Your subscriber from KANSAS, USA.
TanZ GimZ
TanZ GimZ - 4 måneder siden
Damn i love to be in one of those waters🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Beautiful waters ,😍😍😍
Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva
His fishing was sensational. Congratulations, this place is amazing, it has beautiful fish.👍✌🎣😉
Fourbie Sessions Australia
Fourbie Sessions Australia - 4 måneder siden
Dude love your channel bro. Keep doing you bro 🙏
Jeremy Ruh
Jeremy Ruh - 4 måneder siden
So awesome to be able to do what you do everyday. I qould just like have one day to experience this. For me its just a dream
nikki ancheta
nikki ancheta - 4 måneder siden
BennyMitchell - 4 måneder siden
Hey brother, you should always tell the depth like you do in many of your videos, much love from Denmark
Henry Gardner
Henry Gardner - 4 måneder siden
From someone outside Australia I cannot believe your ministers are going to industrialize this area. No different to Brazilians ruining the rain forest - they should be prosecuted for trying to harm Australia. They are an embarrassment to Australians and they are a threat to your beautiful country. Let it be know.
Lachlan Kinnaird
Lachlan Kinnaird - 4 måneder siden
You should try an Osmo camera by DJI for strider cam they have amazing camera quality and are very similar to your drone camera and most of all have the best stabilization I’ve seen on a camera which would be ideal for Strider. All the best man love the video👍
Mark Davies
Mark Davies - 4 måneder siden
@62 i take my kids fishing must be doing something wrong .Nah absurdity love it 🚣🛥⛵🎣🎣⛵🍷👌👊
Ceschia's - 4 måneder siden
Need to work on your editing, tarzan.
Scene Epic of Animation
Scene Epic of Animation - 4 måneder siden
Omg i like it
Rich Wright
Rich Wright - 4 måneder siden
Be handy to put a handle on the other side of your dads reel ?
daviti GEORGIA
daviti GEORGIA - 4 måneder siden
lool hahah
lool hahah - 4 måneder siden
Just an idea why don't you put a GoPro on stryder and we will see from her's perspective.
Samuel Fogel
Samuel Fogel - 4 måneder siden
I want to see Brodie with dad hair haha
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman
Abdulhakim Abdulrahman - 4 måneder siden
Nice robiy dad 👍
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen - 4 måneder siden
nOt_YoUr_AvErAgE_GaMeR - 4 måneder siden
I'm going. To tybee island soon so wish me luck
alex frye
alex frye - 4 måneder siden
Jacko cleaned up today
alex frye
alex frye - 4 måneder siden
And so did the old boy , impressive alvey skills , didnt even know they made anything but beach fishing reels
docmlw - 4 måneder siden
Dad is a beast!
Albert Lipardo
Albert Lipardo - 4 måneder siden
Shark Danger Zone😱 stay safe always in your vlog and God bless y all😇
Bob Fast
Bob Fast - 4 måneder siden
Reha Erman
Reha Erman - 4 måneder siden
You guys teamed up nicely! Your dad did it again, the old school style! -:)
Tuyen Phan
Tuyen Phan - 4 måneder siden
Người việt nam 🇻🇳 đầu tiên comment
Drone Footage Library
Drone Footage Library - 4 måneder siden
Love your Channel!! You all having MEGA Fun!! 😁😁😁 😁😁😁 😁😁😁
XZY - 4 måneder siden
Money doesn't buy you happiness, it buys you freedom
TheArashAz - 4 måneder siden
Did you learn your lesson Brodie?
Thats how its done son, says the big Moss man
renz bautista
renz bautista - 4 måneder siden
Solid YBS since then
Emin Omerhodzic
Emin Omerhodzic - 4 måneder siden
You need a haircut man
JT BIKE REPAIRS - 4 måneder siden
Yewwwoooo 👍
Hunter Bendall
Hunter Bendall - 4 måneder siden
harry why are you so gay
Amber Thoroughgood
Amber Thoroughgood - 4 måneder siden
Hi if Brody is reading this I have been watching your videos for a while now and I was wandering if you want to come to New South Wales and fish with me and my dad. P.s my name is Arlie I am 10 and I love your videos
Cooper Brooks
Cooper Brooks - 4 måneder siden
What breed is strider(day 1)
Saifty - 4 måneder siden
I only watch ads for this channel brodie