Isolating In The Deep Blue Fishing For Food Living From The Ocean - Ep 184

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Join Brodie and his dog as they drop the boat in and head offshore to the deep blue to catch food to last the next week.
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Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez - 2 minutter siden
where is this located at?
Josh Potts
Josh Potts - 8 timer siden
Anyone else see the shark?
Kah Amigoh
Kah Amigoh - 12 timer siden
Nice bro.. Keep it up.. God bless you
Antonio Pezzano
Antonio Pezzano - 15 timer siden
How Over would it be for him if he fell off the side at 9:45
Obiwan Kenobi
Obiwan Kenobi - 19 timer siden
This is the real ocean man
Vlad Xi
Vlad Xi - 22 timer siden
Where is this place?
TheVigilante814 - 22 timer siden
What kind of camera setups are you using? Cause the camera quality in your videos are amazing
Black 40
Black 40 - Dag siden
Nice boat man .
S. L.
S. L. - Dag siden
Watch up 9:55
S. L.
S. L. - Dag siden
A man with alot of positive enregy and big balls because he jumped into the water while a shark swimms around him
Peter Lustig
Peter Lustig - Dag siden
where is this place?
Rushel Prado
Rushel Prado - Dag siden
Sir you give me like that rod 😅
Benz Abellana
Benz Abellana - Dag siden
Imagine he dropped in his boat while auto driving
Yeet And retreat
Yeet And retreat - Dag siden
Your give away should be a trip down there to fish with you!
Valerie Nicholson
Valerie Nicholson - Dag siden
This is soooo wholesome
Sub and I’ll sub back
How does he open his eyes in salt water
Justin DiMarzo
Justin DiMarzo - 2 dager siden
My grandpa would tell me always check your fuel tank if you dont have a sail on your boat every three hours and have extra fuel on your boat for storage
Arguur alagara
Arguur alagara - 2 dager siden
Love his attitude.
9bigR 9the 9reble
9bigR 9the 9reble - 2 dager siden
Love this guy🙌💛🤙beautiful video
Elian - 2 dager siden
Dude this is such a vibe, really nice!
Kylon Dabbs
Kylon Dabbs - 2 dager siden
he’s a goat 🐐💯
Uncle Salty
Uncle Salty - 2 dager siden
God this is so magical
Cole Stephens
Cole Stephens - 2 dager siden
Imagine when you were with the dolphins you fell off the front, your boat would keep going and you would be in the middle of the ocean where you would soon drown. That would suck
big_boy_groot 001
big_boy_groot 001 - 3 dager siden
saw ur tiktoks throught id say hi and sub 🤘
Aaron Shardlow
Aaron Shardlow - 3 dager siden
Just a little tip guys really not a good idea to move away from the steering wheel while driving especially walking on the side of the boat because if you fall in the boat ain’t stopping
Epicmen36 - 3 dager siden
I didn’t plan watching this but holy cow I enjoyed this so much
Ethan Hinson
Ethan Hinson - 3 dager siden
What if the fish actually ended up tasting not so good
Linda Islava
Linda Islava - 3 dager siden
This video low key makes me want to leave the city. But I never been on a boat before 😆
Dead Ron
Dead Ron - 3 dager siden
Comment 8858
IamNaitsirk 30
IamNaitsirk 30 - 3 dager siden
And a few bottles of beer.perfect
Chupilo Jr
Chupilo Jr - 3 dager siden
This is soo scary
Mason Grant
Mason Grant - 3 dager siden
Brady is seriously my the happiest person ever his happiness makes me happy he’s just so much of a legend
danYael - 3 dager siden
Dude, that place looks terrible, I mean, it looks completely alone... Imagine if some kind of sea monster come up to eat you, that would be fucking scary
Gucci Raccoon
Gucci Raccoon - 3 dager siden
Why the thumbnail look like GTA 5 and the guy look like Michael
Gabriel Mosher
Gabriel Mosher - 3 dager siden
9:44 imagine if he falls in no getting back the boat
Sam O Leary
Sam O Leary - 3 dager siden
I wish I was this guy his life seems so relaxing
MR JADEN - 3 dager siden
The dolfins plan take him to a school of fish so he won't eat us
erik j
erik j - 3 dager siden
EliteEvo3269 - 3 dager siden
9:44 is probably the purest thing I’ll see all year
Ragnarok Eternal Love
Ragnarok Eternal Love - 4 dager siden
Why does this video has a lot of unlikes? I cant understand
KrizbyToast - 4 dager siden
Totally respect this video !
LTS Nick - xbox
LTS Nick - xbox - 4 dager siden
Im addicted to hus content
Claudio Menna
Claudio Menna - 4 dager siden
All nice. Just a question. When you film yourself on bow of the boat in moving, and you r in balance on It what s happens if you fall down on Sea with Just your dog on board? (could be possible) there's a system which stop the boat?
RGX 3 - 4 dager siden
That scooby doo laugh in the beginning
Brads Feet
Brads Feet - 4 dager siden
Best way to survive in this pandemic is to take a boat stay away from other people.
Jordan Hodder
Jordan Hodder - 4 dager siden
He seems just like the coolest person on earth, someone you would have a real laugh with
Flying Colours
Flying Colours - 4 dager siden
A wonderful person with such good positive vibe and plus there's this good boi(bark bark). Such simplicity and yet living life to the fullest.
GweenBeanGiant - 4 dager siden
From the thumbnail I first thought it was a ocean game-
Richie Rich
Richie Rich - 4 dager siden
How does the dog and him do their poop and pee
Grie Vlog
Grie Vlog - 5 dager siden
The dog is so cuteeeeeee
shekravestraee - 5 dager siden
saltwater in his eyes doesn’t phase him
D.S.S - 5 dager siden
Where is that spot and the island
Maryam Garcia
Maryam Garcia - 5 dager siden
this man just made me want to drop everything and move to australia. i want this much serotonin in my life 😭
skin art addict 04
skin art addict 04 - 5 dager siden
This is one of my dreams!🥰🙏
TTV Felix 1518
TTV Felix 1518 - 5 dager siden
Michael Tryon
Michael Tryon - 5 dager siden
What is his boat?
Joanne Palmer
Joanne Palmer - 5 dager siden
Love u your amazing I would so love to dive with u if I could not sure I could anymore after my operation but I love watching your channel and your TikToks xx stay safe over there xxxx
guzzi man96
guzzi man96 - 5 dager siden
9:45 please tell me that you have a Keyless system that stops the boat if you fall......imagine the boat going with the dog onboard......
Mazz - 5 dager siden
What dog is it?
Mad Max
Mad Max - 5 dager siden
The water is so crystal clear and blue😍😍