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Is Brodie Moss getting off this deserted island or staying 24hrs with no food and no camping equipment..
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 19 dager siden
50K likes on this video and I will do it..
ATMACHA - 16 dager siden
hello from london))
Tapeworm - 17 dager siden
Oh mi scuzi
Luke Granelli
Luke Granelli - 17 dager siden
Food chain fishing challenge please Brodie
slappy - 17 dager siden
Hello from Las Vegas!
Dave Anders
Dave Anders - 17 dager siden
William Craig I volunteer as tribute 💪🤙😎
xc4s4n0vax - 5 timer siden
what is the rod you're using
Jarvis Richardson
Jarvis Richardson - 17 timer siden
Where do you put sunscreen on a dog
yumi - Dag siden
That slo-mo shot 🙏🏼😍
Max Salt
Max Salt - 2 dager siden
Love how your dog is chillin like it’s no big deal. She’s got the best life imaginable! ❤️
Benjamin Patterson
Benjamin Patterson - 2 dager siden
In strydas defence the rock did flicker.
SteveInvests - 2 dager siden
Fantastic work on all the great footage 🤙🤙😎
Alexander Hughes
Alexander Hughes - 3 dager siden
3:41 that’s a good mindset to have, remember this kids
Luigi c
Luigi c - 5 dager siden
"i swear on stridas life" lol
Matju Limoni
Matju Limoni - 6 dager siden
I love your videos man! Keep it goinn💯
Hoistaphillic FPV
Hoistaphillic FPV - 6 dager siden
Have you ever thought of looking at the geology of the islands you visit im sure there’s many treasures awaiting discovery perhaps a episode with the gold monster 1000 ? Let me know your thoughts?
Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson - 10 dager siden
Love the gladiator soundtrack, soooo epic!
Lucas Mendes Stolf
Lucas Mendes Stolf - 10 dager siden
Koi Fishing
Koi Fishing - 10 dager siden
love your fishing video
Nigel Blakey
Nigel Blakey - 10 dager siden
Stryda needs a YBS shirt or bandana.
Russell Madahbee
Russell Madahbee - 11 dager siden
How strong is your fishing line 20lbs?
ray martin
ray martin - 12 dager siden
good on you. that kids smile was special
Redouane Blida
Redouane Blida - 13 dager siden
Thank you, my friend. I wish you an abundant catch.🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿🦈🇩🇿
elemat1 - 13 dager siden
Would have been so satisfying if you caught a fish at the end and cooked it up and ate it just when you were about to give up hope.
614 Financial Woodworker
614 Financial Woodworker - 14 dager siden
I legit love your videos. Good wholesome content just a man having fun showing people how life can be lived!
parker colburn
parker colburn - 14 dager siden
The reason you didn’t catch any more fish is because you caught one the first cast! That’s bad luck!! Also don’t ever bring bananas in the boat or on the fishing trip!
kool shawn
kool shawn - 14 dager siden
Be healthy for a very long time both of you
Mckenna strong
Mckenna strong - 14 dager siden
I love your videos! This one was great!!!!!!!!
Young Studz Family
Young Studz Family - 14 dager siden
Such an inspiring youtuber
J G - 14 dager siden
Love your videos mate👍
markroper79 - 14 dager siden
Brodie, when are you going to man up and ask Victoria to be your girlfriend? You two make such a good team there’s chemistry between you, you can see it all over the videos!!
its jaxonm8998
its jaxonm8998 - 14 dager siden
hoenstly WA is the best place in australia to fish and go to the beach it is so good it sucks here in victoria its really cold all the time I love watching YBS it actually makes me smile.
Trueaussie - 14 dager siden
You are honestly a inspiration
super 420 buddy
super 420 buddy - 14 dager siden
Most the rocks on the island are prob an old coral reef.
Bear7 Bear7
Bear7 Bear7 - 15 dager siden
Bruh what a life...... 🙏🏼👍🏼🤙🏼 Such beauty and natural. The places this guy goes is empty. No one. Zip. Zero. Nada. Gotta love it.
Bo Pijpker
Bo Pijpker - 15 dager siden
Brodie: my feet are coppin' and absolute floggin'
Me: I have no idea wtf u just said
Ian Nakashima
Ian Nakashima - 15 dager siden
My favorite YouTuber Forsure... need to get me some of that YBS gear ASAP
Super Opher
Super Opher - 15 dager siden
catching a fish on the first cast is bad luck.... That's all I'm sayin
Steven Palomares
Steven Palomares - 15 dager siden
11:16..wait 😳what ...
Alexer Alcantara
Alexer Alcantara - 15 dager siden
which part of australia is this or yet where in the pacific
Richard Russell
Richard Russell - 15 dager siden
where do you put sunscreen on a dog?
C .LaFlames
C .LaFlames - 15 dager siden
Dog is living a better life than mines
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith - 15 dager siden
Wish there were more people like you mate.
Evan Thompson
Evan Thompson - 15 dager siden
Build a small house on one of the islands
Demigodz Overlord
Demigodz Overlord - 15 dager siden
shout out from philippines !!! take care always Brodie and stryder ! :D
Bob Guy
Bob Guy - 15 dager siden
I really REEEAAAALLLLLYYYYY hope you're being heavily sponsored with drones/cameras. Dude, you're making tens of millions worth of advertising for them.
--Get paid my dude. Been watching since before you quit your job.
Thotsakanh Lepkham
Thotsakanh Lepkham - 16 dager siden
Lord Vicious Swede
Lord Vicious Swede - 16 dager siden
The secret to success= more Vicky.
Alexander Groh
Alexander Groh - 16 dager siden
Camp on the island !!!
John Teque
John Teque - 16 dager siden
The slow mo shot at 2:40 was bloody awesome mate
Imaginary Friend
Imaginary Friend - 16 dager siden
Brodie Why haven't you asked Victoria to be your girlfriend yet? You guys make a Cool Couple, All the best from Yorkshire, UK
UnizaVlogs - 16 dager siden
Beautiful island wow
Bryan Hicks
Bryan Hicks - 16 dager siden
You should bring a small spear gun to that island, I think it would be badass for you to do some free diving from shore. The geography around that island looks sick, plus all of the blue bone
Lloyd Españo
Lloyd Españo - 16 dager siden
Its okay if no fish got caught atleast you have fun with that island.
Stryda was barking with the rock she taught it was a croc. 😂 well nice video always support your episode god bless 💪🏾 from 🇵🇭
Hassan Saleh
Hassan Saleh - 16 dager siden
9:07 how could 3 fish have a strike at that lure if he caught that cod first cast ????
colpward - 15 dager siden
Hassan Saleh takes time to bring it in
Kigoz4Life - 16 dager siden
2:43 what a shot
tyler york
tyler york - 16 dager siden
Can't say there is another more genuine/ authentic online youtuber out there! love the fishing & island missions!
More Boost
More Boost - 16 dager siden
What a life to live man. This guy is a walking inspiration.
Black Spot Aqua
Black Spot Aqua - 16 dager siden
Thanks so much for putting me into a YouTube video it makes me so happy btw I’m subbed to both of your videos KEEP IT UP👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘🤘
Black Spot Aqua
Black Spot Aqua - 16 dager siden
Channels sorry
Out Of Time
Out Of Time - 16 dager siden
Dang Brody, everytime I see you guys speeding along the shallow shorelines, it freaks me out. I dont know what would happen on the jet ski, but I had a buddy who owned a boat, who was jamming too close to shore, when he went over a higher sand bank, in the water,, which made the back part of his boat, come over his head,, while the front part of the boat stayed motionless and his own boat crushed him to death. Remember you have the whole entire ocean to jam around in, avoid speeding the shallows my friend. I would hate to see anything happen to you cool guys.
Artlagadar - 16 dager siden
I swear on Stryder’s life :D lol
Brodie Woods
Brodie Woods - 16 dager siden
Nice name 😂
robert toto
robert toto - 16 dager siden
Amazing video as always
Elijah Patelesio
Elijah Patelesio - 16 dager siden
Shout out to Stryder, solid name! Love the journeys you guys go on makes for great 👍🏾 content and especially all your quality fishing 🎣 gear ⚙️. 🛥 🐕💯
Rafaelulhoa Ulhoa
Rafaelulhoa Ulhoa - 16 dager siden
Sou fã do seu trabalho,,,, Deus te abençoe hoje e sempre irmão,,, um grande abraço do amigo Rafael Ulhôa Mineiro,,,,,, Brasil,,Minas gerais
Belinda Baker
Belinda Baker - 16 dager siden
Love this !!
Esna Vlogs N
Esna Vlogs N - 17 dager siden
Great guy!
Tyke Bischof
Tyke Bischof - 17 dager siden
i hope stryda knows how lucky she is haha
Tyke Bischof
Tyke Bischof - 17 dager siden
That looked so fun, I gotta get me a jetski!
Cheese on Everything
Cheese on Everything - 17 dager siden
Been fishing for 10 years and that's one of the coolest tin cans I've seen
Jarod Waldman3
Jarod Waldman3 - 17 dager siden
Cheers brodie. Always amazing.
Jason Pearson
Jason Pearson - 17 dager siden
Hey there Brodie.
I love your attitude towards life and how excited you get over the smallest of things.
Keep the vids coming and I'll keep watching.
Love it all.
J S - 17 dager siden
Wow that blue in the mangroves was unreal. Living the life
Vincenzo Coppola
Vincenzo Coppola - 17 dager siden
Bro you're amazing, fantastic video, hope one day I'll be there.
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones - 17 dager siden
Hey Brodie. Check out Pelagic Pursuit. Matty catches Blue Bone on fly. Ya should give it a crack for shits n giggles.
carmela khourie
carmela khourie - 17 dager siden
Love this style!
GUMBALL BREATH - 17 dager siden
In order to be deserted it would have to have been inhabited
Luan Mood
Luan Mood - 17 dager siden
Like the vids
Ash - 17 dager siden
Wow wow wow the canal footage is stunning!! 👌🏼😍
Justin Summers
Justin Summers - 17 dager siden
This has to be the best channel on YouTube hands down
OGEther - 17 dager siden
your vids realy make me want to go to the places you have been to it all looks so beautifull an peacfull
vonguyen truonggiang
vonguyen truonggiang - 17 dager siden
Please make clip about abalone
Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis - 17 dager siden
watching from Panama, love your show
jbs4139 - 17 dager siden
Thanks! Really appreciate your videos during this crazy year!
OrlandoRiveroTV - 17 dager siden
Victoria Makes the vids so much better :)
Spam Food
Spam Food - 17 dager siden
He said that was his first cast and he got a fish..a few seconds later he says three fish had a go at it before he caught that cod. Interesting... hahaha not that it matters but an observation.
Jhallin Habey
Jhallin Habey - 17 dager siden
Where is this ?
Jared Cantu
Jared Cantu - 17 dager siden
I love these videos when your alone just fishing
zWoWz4ever - 17 dager siden
There is a handheld device call beacon ... I don’t know if it’s avail in AUS but we have them here in USA .. it’s only use for emergency situations, it has satellite signal and will send ur SOS to authorities close by along with ur location .. one time purchase no subscription..
Jason Richards
Jason Richards - 17 dager siden
zWoWz4ever called an EPIRB inAustralia and Brodie should def get one
King Kirby
King Kirby - 17 dager siden
Always wanted to visit Australia mate. And deep sea fish.
Derek Kungurtsev
Derek Kungurtsev - 17 dager siden
Days the boys aren’t ready for: the day strider passes
Jason Francoeur
Jason Francoeur - 17 dager siden
I wonder what country he lives in
Tristan Brown
Tristan Brown - 17 dager siden
why have people disliked the video?
SOVANNARA ROM - 17 dager siden
wow that so beautiful in your vlog fishing I like
Jeffery Chavez
Jeffery Chavez - 17 dager siden
“I swear on Stryder’s life”
Stryder: 😳
Reed_ Shaw
Reed_ Shaw - 17 dager siden
It’s insane to think that he’s prob the first human to ever touch those islands
TP Grant
TP Grant - 17 dager siden
I love how you just showed the turtles doing the naughty
Jafromobile - 17 dager siden
This is the very first time I've overheard Stryda ever say anything. Stryda's bee like Silent Bob all these years. Thought she was mute?
South West Spearheads
South West Spearheads - 17 dager siden
"swear on strydas life it was my first car" 10 seconds later " 3 fish had a go at this lure before I landed that cod" lol
999theRaMbO - 17 dager siden
Them turtles be getting more action then me..
Karl Philip Villarojo
Karl Philip Villarojo - 17 dager siden
Like your videos 🖐️🖐️♥️♥️from Philippines
Brian Smiga
Brian Smiga - 17 dager siden
Koni Chiwah
Koni Chiwah - 17 dager siden
love the slow motions shot...cheers from the Solomon Islands mate!
Dawsey - 17 dager siden
We were in his home town last week, my son was wearing a YBS shirt and Brodie yelled out to us to say g day. He is an absolute legend and was happy to talk to us for as long as we wanted. What you guys see on Youtube is the real bloke. Cheers mate you made my sons holiday.
Greg Cockerill
Greg Cockerill - 17 dager siden
Such a cool channel. He is eternally stoked with life.,