I SHOULDN'T HAVE EATEN THAT (Can't Believe She's My New Neighbour)

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Meet my new neighbour! Plus I go on a solo remote island boat trip with no food living from the ocean, part 2 coming soon (Ep - 238 Part 1)

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Giải trí khám phá NTC
Giải trí khám phá NTC - 10 timer siden
Beautiful places . wish im here :(
John Conner
John Conner - 11 timer siden
Mausam Sunuwar
Mausam Sunuwar - 2 dager siden
I feel sorry for dog :D
Michael Trimarchi
Michael Trimarchi - 2 dager siden
You are very lucky to have that kind of experience every day !! God bliss it’s like having a vacation everyday . I wish New York waters were like that .
Jose Armando Lorenzana
Jose Armando Lorenzana - 3 dager siden
Que bella tu compañera !!
Te sigo desde California y ahora que me mude a Guatemala..te sigo viendo..( first lesson for your Spanish jeje) TENEMOS FUEGO MAMI
AKU CINTA PADAMU VLOG - 3 dager siden
From Philippines here
Guys hug to hug here
AKU CINTA PADAMU VLOG - 3 dager siden
Wow amazing love
Mohammed Al Arafat
Mohammed Al Arafat - 4 dager siden
Nice place, but I'm wondering where is this place??
123 456
123 456 - 4 dager siden
Why doesn’t my dad message me about new Argentinian models that have just moved in next door?
SN TN - 5 dager siden
What’s that? Penis?
Shan Jin
Shan Jin - 5 dager siden
i know im being a hater but this is not fair at all to the other man in this world.
FUBAR MOFO - 5 dager siden
Gotta give it to ya u sure know how to create clickbait! 99.9% are guided with the small head and will click on it if it has an almost naked chick. Smart u always switch up the chicks to see fresh bootay
FUBAR MOFO - 5 dager siden
Neighbor?? Lmao yeaaaa suuuurree bud
Not just another side piece but a “neighbor” haha
Next new chick will be “the girl who just happen to work at your bank” then pow chicka pow pow she’s on the ski then bonin in the ocean
Tarcisio chalito
Tarcisio chalito - 7 dager siden
Your videos are inspiring. That’s a wonderful way to live your life. Cheers mate.
JIMBO5444 JIMBO5444 - 7 dager siden
I guess evenings must be very "boring" you lucky devil
Mark Locke
Mark Locke - 7 dager siden
less brodie
Micky Kittl
Micky Kittl - 7 dager siden
This guy has serious adhd
second amendment
second amendment - 7 dager siden
What part of Australia you live the beach is beautiful
Kay-ar Uy
Kay-ar Uy - 7 dager siden
Looks like his neighbour wants a piece of mating season @7:40 LMAO
Craig Hatch
Craig Hatch - 8 dager siden
Use’s the girl to get you to watch but all it is, is him walking around with his shirt off. Good for gay men but not for me.
Chris Goodayle
Chris Goodayle - 8 dager siden
The water is so crystal clear,just gorgeous.
Piet Kousemaker
Piet Kousemaker - 8 dager siden
Man....what a life...so beautiful there 👍
N R - 8 dager siden
They planned moving in next door
Warning Warning
She will drag you Sir
This is a Warning
Ashlee Kereopa
Ashlee Kereopa - 9 dager siden
Weres jarred he's more better looking haha 🤣
James M
James M - 9 dager siden
Maybe if I move to the middle of nowhere I can get a girl like this? Oh wait... I DO live in the middle of nowhere... which is probably why...yup.
James M
James M - 9 dager siden
Love your choice of music!
Jay Chou
Jay Chou - 9 dager siden
Hey I was just wondering where this is?
highup3007 - 10 dager siden
bro, you're an inspiration
highup3007 - 10 dager siden
what's the song for th e intro?
Crystal D
Crystal D - 10 dager siden
Brodie your dog has the best life a dog could ever have. I mean your dog has a more adventurous life thsm me. No joke.
DOit SA - 10 dager siden
another girl?
marvin maggay
marvin maggay - 13 dager siden
Where is this place u at?
Andrew eby
Andrew eby - 13 dager siden
I just came to see your neighbors ass.🤣🤣
Khang Nguyen
Khang Nguyen - 14 dager siden
How many girl friends are you going to get
Kalani Elderts
Kalani Elderts - 14 dager siden
“New Neighbor “
I find it kinda weird he would hangout on the beach with his topless “NEIGHBORS “
Natalie - 14 dager siden
wow just stumbled across this remarkable channel , my eyes are glued really good stuff
Nasryth Funes
Nasryth Funes - 14 dager siden
I love the name of this video with the thumbnail 😂😂😂🍑😋
Dr. Shearin
Dr. Shearin - 14 dager siden
Just bought my first one recently
Dr. Shearin
Dr. Shearin - 14 dager siden
With a gopro is it automatically waterproof or do I need a case or something
Bear7 Bear7
Bear7 Bear7 - 14 dager siden
Drone footage is absolutely the most beautiful camera footage ever. Just can’t beat it.🙏🏼🤙🏼👍🏼
Stephen Wissel
Stephen Wissel - 14 dager siden
Second dog, your there, ha
Jim C.
Jim C. - 15 dager siden
This guys life sucks, poor bloke... ;-)
cher young
cher young - 17 dager siden
I am sure these agentina woman is going after by moving next doors to him purposely! coincident ain't happening! hahah....
rossac93 - 18 dager siden
What was that first song
Angel Duran
Angel Duran - 18 dager siden
Chris Nguyen
Chris Nguyen - 19 dager siden
Water is soooo blue and prestine!!!
Tai Mai Shu
Tai Mai Shu - 20 dager siden
Clicked for the nalgas, stayed for the adventure... 👍🏽
Glenn Arnott
Glenn Arnott - 21 dag siden
Meet the new Alby Mangles LOL
NFFN_OFFICIAL - 23 dager siden
Neighbours my ass 😂
Khizer - 25 dager siden
Good music
bradyfilm - 25 dager siden
This guy is why the rest of Australia do no not like West Aussies!
bradyfilm - 19 dager siden
@MAGA Country I say , I say that was a joke son!
MAGA Country
MAGA Country - 24 dager siden
Tate Heple
Tate Heple - 27 dager siden
This guy is living my dream life
Dustin Clark
Dustin Clark - 27 dager siden
I don't blame you I would've eaten your neighbour to
angel yanes
angel yanes - 28 dager siden
When are you going to reveal this remote island's name???. by the way that Hispanic girl looks at you when you are not noticing it, man you are a lucky bastard, maybe you don't know how much. That land is enchanting. Very good for you from my work office!.ja,ja,ja
Lucas Mulvehill
Lucas Mulvehill - 28 dager siden
You lucky SOB, and your mate stridor
Hunter K
Hunter K - 28 dager siden
ive said it before but this guy has the life
clutchwarriør - 28 dager siden
Bruv what about u and emily
Christian Haokip
Christian Haokip - 29 dager siden
U are thugs
Chris Shearin
Chris Shearin - Måned siden
You go mate, that's what I want, no strings attached!!!
Nathan Kane
Nathan Kane - Måned siden
How lucky ahahah load of sexy girls moving next door
Nathan Kane
Nathan Kane - Måned siden
That water is actually just amazing
DOMINANT - Måned siden
where is your white girl? ;)
harry vosloo
harry vosloo - Måned siden
she loves the camera 100% .....................hahahahah....................nice ass!!
Dado Costa
Dado Costa - Måned siden
what country is this place in
TheWorldsCounselor - Måned siden
Lucky SOB! The envy washes over me!
Derek Xie
Derek Xie - Måned siden
Who’s here after Vicky moved in with Brodie
Roman cole
Roman cole - Måned siden
She did??
petrovnsp Petrov
petrovnsp Petrov - Måned siden
Awesome content! Thanks, man. I like your channel.
eduardo palomares
eduardo palomares - Måned siden
hello ybs we waching you since puerto vallarta mexico we are jealus for your spots there in australia we say thank you for showing us that part of the world..... keep going like that but......show more GIRLS they are awesome
Maxismaximal - Måned siden
The strong sun would be to much for me
Tommy Hammernots
Tommy Hammernots - Måned siden
Blah blah blah awesome, blah blah blah paradise, blah blah blah hot chicks...
Andrei Amerkhan
Andrei Amerkhan - Måned siden
Yeah, Brodie's tapped them already... No doubt there...
Muser187 - Måned siden
Still don't believe that some Argentina girls somehow living in a remote part of Australia HAPPENS to be his new neighbours..... lmfao
Ben Kucera
Ben Kucera - Måned siden
imagine dying and just get called disgusting
Samuel Melvin
Samuel Melvin - Måned siden
Wow absolutely beautiful my friend you have truly inspired me
MARTY S - Måned siden
What was that first killer rock song at the start of the video
Ionut Trial
Ionut Trial - Måned siden
Can I join you please? xD
Chris Young
Chris Young - Måned siden
Titty at 5:03
Tanner Webb
Tanner Webb - Måned siden
I didn't watch the video but I saw the thumbnail, yes you should have eaten that
Jermaine Allen
Jermaine Allen - Måned siden
She is beautiful. Perfect 🥰 match
Michael Tonkin
Michael Tonkin - Måned siden
Michael Tonkin
Michael Tonkin - Måned siden
Blows me away how awesome these videos are. Awesome. Thank you for the content. You guys should offer some sort of hunting trip... I’d pay good money for that
Beauty Chaser
Beauty Chaser - Måned siden
Excuse me, what did he apply on his face?
Doug Jenkins
Doug Jenkins - Måned siden
it'd be the END within 10 years .. irreversable --- needs to speak out against : globalist capitalist -- and they are often dumb outside their motive... lets pull together to wipe them out and SAVE THE PLANET and multiculturism!
Doug Jenkins
Doug Jenkins - Måned siden
its critical for everyone //// look at the leanings of the far right ...! its scary .. we cant have this .. if trump wins again .. we have a HUGE problem and maybe the end of the coral reefs and rain forrests and ice shelves as we know them...
Doug Jenkins
Doug Jenkins - Måned siden
More important... dude, get everyone speaking for the planet but crazy important: ... against Trump in America ,,, we need your help. He is killing the world thru his platform. Please help fight against this , it counts on an INTERNATIONAL BASIS
Doug Jenkins
Doug Jenkins - Måned siden
the great thing = life especially potential and beautiful when we work towards it , the opportunities for beauty on this planet together are incredible ---- why those fighting to give only 1% of the population (the politically elite, much like some in 1938 germany) something that kills the rest is well something we should fight against - we need to work together towords this
Doug Jenkins
Doug Jenkins - Måned siden
oh you bad bad man... lol
Henno3000 - Måned siden
Where is this paradise place?
Moon TV
Moon TV - Måned siden
Where is this place my friend? The water is so clean and blue, it's like heaven
Moon TV
Moon TV - Måned siden
@Ben Lutz yes it's so pretty
Ben Lutz
Ben Lutz - Måned siden
Western Australian coastline I believe
Pam Naylor
Pam Naylor - Måned siden
You guys are so funny! Why does it matter how she came to be there? She seems like a really nice girl.. she’s not loud and boisterous doesn’t seem to be in it for the attention. If I were young again he would be the exact type of guy I would look for or want to meet... with or without money. You can have all the money in the world and not be happy. He is the most thankful, grateful, kind person who loves and respects nature. He just loves life and his family. He’s stable and hasn’t been ruined by all the materialistic things that a lot of people think is what life is about. STUFF! Im sure he’s perfectly capable of deciding the right kind of girl with whom he’ll want to share his life with. But he is a every mother’s dream son-in-law!
Red Wreck
Red Wreck - Måned siden
Man he’s living the life
Jonas // UL Fishing & more
The girl do be hot though
WillPower37 - Måned siden
Absolute legend.
Argon Engineering
Argon Engineering - Måned siden
muiron Island ?
Profy - Måned siden
Don’t u already have a gf or have been gone that long
gherick borges
gherick borges - Måned siden
What happens whit the blonde ???
B - Måned siden
Spoiler: He's referring to the neighbor's daughter.
B 21
B 21 - Måned siden
Hmmm neighbours... Or hired help? 🤔🤔
Blake Brittain
Blake Brittain - Måned siden
Where is that
David C.
David C. - Måned siden
Mating season is the best. Bet it’s year round for you, Brodie