I Have Never Caught A Fish Like This Before BEACH FISHING Jetski Adventure With My Brother - Ep 178

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I've never caught a fish like this before!
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Runtime: 21:38


Pualehua Ka'aiohelo
Pualehua Ka'aiohelo - 3 dager siden
Bro I hope you find your special someone bc you deserve it. ♥️😘💯
Griffin Stitt
Griffin Stitt - 3 dager siden
You should give a vid on you’re setups, rod reel line etc
Kaden Abuid
Kaden Abuid - 21 dag siden
Brodie sell the bed sheets
Jordan Cullen
Jordan Cullen - 25 dager siden
Louie Gonzalez
Louie Gonzalez - Måned siden
That’s cool how you came up with youngbloods
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez - Måned siden
Catch a fish with a drone
scob - Måned siden
13:20 a fly goes up his nose😂
st ryda
st ryda - Måned siden
9:45 🖤
Vasin At-Bangkok
Vasin At-Bangkok - Måned siden
Fantastic Job. Hope you don't mind me Watching. Let's be friends O_O
isabel phillips
isabel phillips - Måned siden
when Brodie said "aw it's a family...i want that" my heart dropped:( He'd honestly be the best dad. He deserves a family of his own. My best wishes.
darren m
darren m - Måned siden
Bobby almost did a doodie on the new bead spread
yuval karpovski
yuval karpovski - Måned siden
what kind of reel/fishing equipment do you use here / recommend?
Giovanni Garbolino
Giovanni Garbolino - Måned siden
Where is this beautiful place ? Thanks
Samie Nash
Samie Nash - Måned siden
Omg wow you listen to the same music as me and I love love fishing and going on random fishing trips
Rápsin zin
Rápsin zin - Måned siden
the dog has a better life then me
im jealous lol
Minty Borro
Minty Borro - Måned siden
O’io in Hawaii. Great for making fish cakes.
WhiteCloudGroovin - 2 måneder siden
Here in the Caribbean it's a bonefish. Cheers brother
Brett Curtis
Brett Curtis - 2 måneder siden
Invest in a ‘chest mount’ so you don’t sound like Frankenstein!!!
Griffin's Wildlife
Griffin's Wildlife - 2 måneder siden
11:44 where are you?!
Frank Palmer
Frank Palmer - 2 måneder siden
In Hawaii its a Moi...reserved for for royalty. Yes, a Pacific Threadfin. Awesome eating!
thebesko 44
thebesko 44 - 2 måneder siden
the happiest dog I ever seen
Jim Davis
Jim Davis - 2 måneder siden
Thanks Brodie. I'm gonna check out your merch for my youngbloods. My boys love fishing in Florida.
bornfisherman - 2 måneder siden
Where are you fishing? Jayden & Jeandre
Ryelee - 2 måneder siden
Whats the name of the shades Brodys rockin
Baba Harpoon
Baba Harpoon - 2 måneder siden
where the hell do u fish man Im jealouss
MTBManiA1 - 2 måneder siden
The 2nd was a basterd mullet
Steve Nospam
Steve Nospam - 2 måneder siden
I think Takeshi nailed it: A Pacific threadfin: large eyes, multiple dark stripes, 4 short fins. Except for one thing: You folks aren't in the Pacific! Ha! I couldn't find a threadfin with those (black) horizontal stripes except for a species which shouldn't be there in your proximity. The mystery continues for me... ; - )
Robert Bowen
Robert Bowen - 2 måneder siden
Love love the drone footage. Aloha.
Robert Bowen
Robert Bowen - 2 måneder siden
That fish you didn't know what it was is called Moi. I only saw them in Hawaii. It's a royalty fish, it used to be only the Royals could eat them, Moi is that fish.
Love everything you do,
CalhounSmith - 2 måneder siden
Jacko loves the drum and bass lets go what a legend
zach waterman
zach waterman - 3 måneder siden
That was a Threadfin Moi, not a Bonefish. They are supposed to be amazingly good to eat. They were reserved for the royal family of Hawaii, long ago.
e kin
e kin - 3 måneder siden
The beaches seem to have lots of flies?
Josie Walford
Josie Walford - 3 måneder siden
What does he put in his mouth when he is fishing
Travis Godfree
Travis Godfree - 3 måneder siden
Respect that you're not one of those people that pretend they thought of something rather than admitting that you got ideas from other people.
My dude.
starrenburg101 - 3 måneder siden
same man he should have that
Majestid - 3 måneder siden
Although the scenery and what you find is great, just hearing you speak about them and their behaviors makes me adore what you do.
Easa Alsharhan
Easa Alsharhan - 3 måneder siden
His dog is having more fun than me 😢
Trumpetboy77 - 3 måneder siden
Is it weird that I feel there aren’t enough of these videos
isaiah neff
isaiah neff - 3 måneder siden
You have a family we’re your family
The best family
Cody Call
Cody Call - 3 måneder siden
You think he knows about sunscreen you don’t have to leave all over your face?
Josh Salyers
Josh Salyers - 3 måneder siden
Not making fun of him or anything, but why does his face not tan?.
Itz Mikeyv
Itz Mikeyv - 3 måneder siden
Remind me of that one guy in ice age 😂
Ronnie zam
Ronnie zam - 3 måneder siden
lmao when the dog fucked up the new bed coverings and how mad u gothahahah
Joe Warburton
Joe Warburton - 3 måneder siden
From UK and I fish a little, even their fucking perch are scarier than ours.
Sterling Diaz
Sterling Diaz - 3 måneder siden
Ur a great guy man ur loving the dream and sharing it with ur fan base 👍🏽
James Gagliardi
James Gagliardi - 3 måneder siden
What car do you have it's sick
jared - 3 måneder siden
man t hose bugs all over my face would drive me crazy
Emma Chaplin
Emma Chaplin - 3 måneder siden
Mate why are there not more girls going for him. i would
stephen okazaki
stephen okazaki - 3 måneder siden
In Hawaii those are called “moi” in old times only the royals like kings and queens of Hawaii could eat that fish!!! That fish is super good steamed!!!! 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
Grant Daniell - Solo Performer
Grant Daniell - Solo Performer - 3 måneder siden
0:21 feels
c.t - 3 måneder siden
20:56 was honestly expecting a credits scene.

*directed by Brodie Moss*
*produced by Brodie Moss*
*Brodie Moss* as himself
stewcold to hold
stewcold to hold - 3 måneder siden
Threadfin fish not a bonefish
stewcold to hold
stewcold to hold - 3 måneder siden
jetter820 - 3 måneder siden
Those bugs buzzing his face would drive me crazy!
Joseph - 3 måneder siden
Somebody please explain to this man that there are head mounted gopros...the mouth cam is really strange.
Joe Spear
Joe Spear - 3 måneder siden
Where are you in Aus?
smorariu - 3 måneder siden
Where are these waters?
Luis Vega
Luis Vega - 3 måneder siden
Omg you’ve become my favorite YouTuber just for that tattoo! Yeahhh Bring me the Horizon!!! And I really love your content anyways hehehe 😅
insomnia - 3 måneder siden
strada is the cutest
Massimo Kontopirakis
Massimo Kontopirakis - 3 måneder siden
How the hell does strider stay in the ski 😂