I had to get the first aid kit out FISHING remote islands with the boys - Ep 181

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A hook through the finger never stopped the boys from having a good time!
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Gordon Hueghs
Gordon Hueghs - 7 dager siden
Is the secret sauce Japanese mayo??
adisbern - 13 dager siden
Tiny Tim is handsome and muscled! I want him please.
Shawn Dcosta
Shawn Dcosta - 16 dager siden
Luv 2 watch ur videos 😍🥰 it’s amazing
Kara L
Kara L - 25 dager siden
Have I missed what the secret sauce is?!?!
Andrew/Heather Wolfman
Andrew/Heather Wolfman - Måned siden
Sam looks like beetle juice
Sebastian Alvarado
Sebastian Alvarado - Måned siden
“Out first 3 way hook up really”
Best line in the video 😂🤪
Graeme Kelly
Graeme Kelly - Måned siden
Discovered the ybs team 2wks ago, have watched around 100 episodes already in lock down.
Kyle Beeming
Kyle Beeming - 2 måneder siden
those fish tortillas look good
Benjamin McLauchlan
Benjamin McLauchlan - 2 måneder siden
Has anyone tried to hold there breath while there underwater??
Liven life with Robin
Liven life with Robin - 2 måneder siden
Bitch slapped by a fish, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious.
jordabox ⦔
jordabox ⦔ - 2 måneder siden
12:35 wtf was that😂😂
Hookyold Yip
Hookyold Yip - 2 måneder siden
Was that a fish finger he caught ....bloody amazing I wondered where they came from 👌👍
Matthew Eversole
Matthew Eversole - 2 måneder siden
Man ... I need friends like that!
Lucas Mendes Stolf
Lucas Mendes Stolf - 2 måneder siden
CraigNewson - 2 måneder siden
i know the pain stood on a fishing hook when running along the beach few years back went straight through my big toe, mine didn't penetrate out the other side so had to physically push it all the way through to be able to cut the barb off, he took it like a champ though!
Courtney Fitzpatrick
Courtney Fitzpatrick - 3 måneder siden
Im just gonna put it out there, you and sam are smokin 😍🥵🔥
Joshua Romaine
Joshua Romaine - 3 måneder siden
who brought the new guy
Kimon Pascalis
Kimon Pascalis - 3 måneder siden
i like this
Pat Locke
Pat Locke - 3 måneder siden
don't you guys have a gaf ?
Catherine Kamoen
Catherine Kamoen - 3 måneder siden
Is ur secret sauce just mayonnaise?
RbandsFN - 3 måneder siden
9:00 it felt like the fish slapped me lolllllllll
chuck lacey
chuck lacey - 3 måneder siden
Oh shit that was funny in the beginning
Marko Popovic
Marko Popovic - 3 måneder siden
watching these videos in isolation while studying abroad makes me miss my best mates!! on the other hand is nice to see that you are having fun mate!! also your videos have the best kind of energy!! keep it up mate!!
your dream
your dream - 3 måneder siden
Sick guys, cool,, thank you Brodie, for the nice feeling view
Bryan DeAnda
Bryan DeAnda - 3 måneder siden
jared is a fucking unit
FlakOMG - 3 måneder siden
6:52 this laugh... 🤣😂
flavius tibu
flavius tibu - 3 måneder siden
7:10 best part
That laugh
Muhammad Sidiq
Muhammad Sidiq - 3 måneder siden
Gurvinder bawa
Gurvinder bawa - 3 måneder siden
this guys is always excited hahah
Aziz - 3 måneder siden
omg u smile so much bro :D :D
Taco Gamer
Taco Gamer - 3 måneder siden
How do you hold your breath for that long
Jax The Reaper
Jax The Reaper - 3 måneder siden
That's why you don't feed a dog human food. Then they think it's ok to eat off your plate.
Suardi Amaruddin
Suardi Amaruddin - 3 måneder siden
Exciting videos 👍
Abdullah Ashouri
Abdullah Ashouri - 3 måneder siden
Surfer Surfer
Surfer Surfer - 3 måneder siden
lmao deff good times thank you
Wyatt England
Wyatt England - 3 måneder siden
Can we get Jareds workout plan?
Keegan taft
Keegan taft - 3 måneder siden
you should post some surfing vids
N Y - 3 måneder siden
I want to catch one and cook it😀
Tail End Customs
Tail End Customs - 4 måneder siden
Htf did I miss this episode... 🤙🏽
Brian Janssen
Brian Janssen - 4 måneder siden
My favorite episode so far. You can tell you fellas were having an absolute blast.
MULAC - 4 måneder siden
I’d do anything to get on that boat with you lot 😂
Tim Potteiger
Tim Potteiger - 4 måneder siden
I love your channel! I have been way crazy busy at work with all this CoVID19 BS, but I try and catch your channel as often as i can. I really enjoy it. the dolphins jumpign out of your bow wake was so cool and I love how into the water and coversation minded you are. The oceans are so vital to making this planet inhabitable, and we need more people that think like you and the boys. I always respect how you never take more than a fish or 2, you often release larger older fish and lobster knowing that they are the breeding stock, and there are so many awesome things you do that i Love. I also am super jealous that I can't live like this all the time. I love being a dad and a husband, but I would love for my job to be go fishing (and edit vidoes, boo) and film it. Whereever you are I can't believe the numbers of fish and marine life just out on open spots and the water out there and especially around the islands is just so beautiful, it's almost too awesome. Keep the vids coming, becuase once work starts to die off from the shutdown, I will need the entertainment and i can't stand watching TV right now and hearing about the stupid CoVID virus and all the crap going on, and it turns out, if you just tune out, things are that bad.
op pat
op pat - 4 måneder siden
What kind of fish is that
Jon M
Jon M - 4 måneder siden
where did you get your tattoo work done?!
Chaudhari Gaming
Chaudhari Gaming - 4 måneder siden
Where are you come from??
Mahdi Paknejad
Mahdi Paknejad - 4 måneder siden
What sauce did they use on burritos?
Manuel - 4 måneder siden
This is such a Australian vibe
Aqua Life
Aqua Life - 4 måneder siden
14:57 stryda the swipa 😂
Eric Jimenez
Eric Jimenez - 4 måneder siden
Today was fun to watch it's always good to have first aid kit witch is very important.
👨🏻‍💻 - 4 måneder siden
Tiny Tim’s got the sexiest body there, let’s hope the rest of him isn’t why he got that nickname 😈 lol
Brayden Bell
Brayden Bell - 4 måneder siden
Duuuude that was so wild. Strydas cheeky as. So good man. Ybs
Pedro Pêgo
Pedro Pêgo - 4 måneder siden
which fishing rods you were
Lost Boy
Lost Boy - 4 måneder siden
coronavirus lmao
Destroh -_-
Destroh -_- - 3 måneder siden
Dannon Siljeur
Dannon Siljeur - 4 måneder siden
How do you decide what fish to take and what to put back?
xxpazexx - 4 måneder siden
How long can you stay underwater for i have just got into snorkelling and powering on im finding equalizing and maintaining a calm and relaxed breathe when deep down give me some tips please brodie
Vaughan P
Vaughan P - 4 måneder siden
Yeah mate time to buy a floating gaff - I use one on my Seadoo here in BNE and as you know its hard to reach down to do the tailgrabs on the bigger pelagics.
Good to see the puppy get the jump on you with the cooked fish !!!! lol priceless
Kyle Russell_BIGTONKA
Kyle Russell_BIGTONKA - 4 måneder siden
Sam at 12:36 😂 haha
Blake Walker
Blake Walker - 4 måneder siden
How’s ya face after getting slapped
John Tehan
John Tehan - 4 måneder siden
Omg.... the way sammy said tweezers. 8:10
Faris Taadou
Faris Taadou - 4 måneder siden
whats that sauce name? u always put into ur rap?