I CANT BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED Solo Remote Island Boat Trip Living From The Ocean - Ep 174

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Join Brodie Moss on a perfect day out exploring the remote islands in his boat with his dog Stryda! You won't believe how he got dinner and lunch, living from the ocean.
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LJMpictures - 17 timer siden
11:20 whats all of the streaky stuff in the water?
Calmm - Dag siden
dont stop making videos man.. love em
Kody Clearman
Kody Clearman - Dag siden
Gave the lil croc fish a belly rub and he was off 🤣
matthomas83 - Dag siden
Get it dude! Live for the rest of us! Love your stuff! Keep it up dude, from your American bro!
Big T
Big T - 2 dager siden
Wen ya gonna marry amber
John Vincent S. PANGILINAN
John Vincent S. PANGILINAN - 2 dager siden
i can see people saying "hE kIlL pHish mE dIsLike huhu"
Gabriel Mosher
Gabriel Mosher - 3 dager siden
Solo remote island dog am i a joke to you
Sims Quaker
Sims Quaker - 3 dager siden
The dislikes are from people that don't eat fish
Lukas04 - 4 dager siden
1:42 obviously, I cannot do this at home 🤣
Robin M
Robin M - 4 dager siden
Beautiful videos
Louie Jiejie Lagapacam
Louie Jiejie Lagapacam - 5 dager siden
Thank you BRODIE!! Enjoy watching your freakn adventure during this pandemic... Make me fell home sick, Half of my life i grew up as an islander.. Your lucky mann!!
Brinn Faulkner
Brinn Faulkner - 6 dager siden
Get u a man who sings to you like he sings to his doggo
Fishing For Israel
Fishing For Israel - 6 dager siden
Great video bro👍🏾
jdenaro - 8 dager siden
You need to make a head mount for a GoPro for Stryda so we can have a Stryda cam! 🙌🏻👍🏻
Bensch - 9 dager siden
8:30 What kind of Zinc is that ? Looking for one but they are all too liquid...
Greetings from Austria
João Monteiro
João Monteiro - 9 dager siden
With so much sharks going around I would be super interested on your thoughts on what is like diving close to them, fishing and what species are common on this WA area, how to behave etc. Your videos are really dope and somehow relaxing. keep on enjoying life.
Bruno Nato
Bruno Nato - 11 dager siden
So awesome 🙂 where is that sea so glass? Thank you
Freak Box
Freak Box - 12 dager siden
13:00 Are all those stringy white things garbage?
G0DLY-Asian- - 14 dager siden
To be payed to do what you love is high key flex and I’m jealous af😭
David shok Tochuku
David shok Tochuku - 15 dager siden
He's a growman and plays like a 10 year old
Austin Dux
Austin Dux - 16 dager siden
Good on you.🤙
Austin Dux
Austin Dux - 16 dager siden
You are so positive about everything that is y I watch you channel 🙏🤙
Tina Benton
Tina Benton - 24 dager siden
"Holy shit!, are you kidding me?!" Lmbo! 💘
Nuclear Team
Nuclear Team - 24 dager siden
What boat do I have
Sigi Stacey
Sigi Stacey - 24 dager siden
What boat does he have
khang khuu
khang khuu - 25 dager siden
OMG I love people like this but was it just me or when he killed the fish with his knife I kinda felt bad for him R.I.P 🐟 we will miss you
Matheus Alves
Matheus Alves - 27 dager siden
Someone you guys can explain me how they can open their eyes inside the ocean water
Pilbara Adventures
Pilbara Adventures - 29 dager siden
How big is your boat
Fleming Baptist Georgia
Fleming Baptist Georgia - Måned siden
Holy****. Really. I enjoy the vids and the visual quality of your work and stories. Language is the only reason I am hesitant to recommend.
Commander Turtle
Commander Turtle - Måned siden
From the title I wasn't sure if I clicked on a RUST video... but it's just this dude livin' his best life
Abhishek patil
Abhishek patil - Måned siden
Hey dude where r u wanna accompany u in ur adventure....
Andy Wells
Andy Wells - Måned siden
Stryda's song needs to be in triple J's top 100 for sure! Love your vibe man, you just made my day bro!
GazuntaiReef - Måned siden
Amazing Brodie. Watching from the UK and wishing I was there.
WBTV - Måned siden
This guy deserves 100 million subscribers
Judicial Investigative Services
Brody, I'm not a big subscriber in general but I hit the subscribe button for your channel.
Scott Thoma
Scott Thoma - Måned siden
I love stryder.
And I like you a lot.
Dhoom Aamer
Dhoom Aamer - Måned siden
I like how you said don’t try this at home like we have a sea an the backyard😂
joseph santiago
joseph santiago - Måned siden
That dog lives a better life then me.
Asia_03 - Måned siden
When he started singing: I’m a little Stryda dog look at me swim 🤣🤣🤣 oh man I died! Sooo cute! Love your personality that comes out through your videos the moment I accidentally came across one of your videos I COULD NOT STOP WATCHING! Love your vibes brother. Blessings to you and little Stryda stay safe 💙
Fred Bux
Fred Bux - Måned siden
4:18 Thank me later haha
Vincent - Måned siden
yeah blud
Bahi sjarif
Bahi sjarif - Måned siden
"Dont do this at home"
stevanstanley - Måned siden
Hi love your videos my name it Steve and my dog Blue and live in the uk
Mitch Pal
Mitch Pal - Måned siden
Hope your ok
Mitch Pal
Mitch Pal - Måned siden
Yes I really hope he is okey
whipit24 - Måned siden
You like fish sticks?
Jay Arjun
Jay Arjun - Måned siden
Love to watch you on your fishing adventures! Please stay safe, and take a little more interest in your pal(dog) from sharks and stingrays. Remember he trusts you completely, and can’t see danger cause he is having too much fun. Every human should live a life like this! Free, Freedom! Instead we are packed like sardines in urban skyscrapers. The system was designed like monopoly. I do hope that the world can start having fun, and being natural, kindhearted and I almost forgot; you even keep the ocean clean. Clean up overturned boat! Thank You a billion times! Love you, your precious family and friends! Good Luck! God Bless!
Joanna Kurdubelska
Joanna Kurdubelska - Måned siden
Jowelyn Guevarra
Jowelyn Guevarra - Måned siden
I so love his childish way
Exploring the mother nature God bless him always.
Liam Quinn
Liam Quinn - Måned siden
What does he rub on his face
Bryant Cox
Bryant Cox - Måned siden
Holy fuck you got a crocodile fish!
Evan Pearce
Evan Pearce - Måned siden
Crazy how connected w nature this guy is
Marie Cudmore
Marie Cudmore - Måned siden
What type of dog is stryda?
lavendeleva - Måned siden
Brodie jumping into the see to say hi to a see snake: don't do this at home
Me sitting on my bed at home: k mate I won't
pabojoe - Måned siden
Is this WA?
doittoday1 - Måned siden
Brodie, awesome vid👍 can you possibly shoot some nighttime sky footage when your on the beach? I can imagine the stars must be incredible 😊
ali coombs
ali coombs - Måned siden
How does Brodie effortlessly catch up to a fish swimming away from him. Quality
finley brogan
finley brogan - Måned siden
I’m guessing that water is salty so how do open your eyes
thijmen meijer
thijmen meijer - 2 måneder siden
25:00 really make me smell during corona and George floyd stuff. your the best!!
TheWarloard123 - 2 måneder siden
Brodie thank you, watching your videos really motivates me to not only find and do a job I love but to work hard and have a wholesome life like yours, I love the ocean and all the fishing, also skiing and skydiving, not sure where I’m going with this but thanks for motivating me to work hard to achieve these in life, but overall thank you for being a good role model, your mindset and character are a blessing to all of us, we need to take notes, you’re a kind and gentle soul and god surely has a home for you in heaven :)
RRR R - 2 måneder siden
Good job 👍