I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED Sunken Boat On Remote Island With Brinkley Davies - Ep 196

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Part 1 - noburn.info/id/video/yZPaadVekoeEcJg.html
Join Brodie and Brinkley as they discover a recently sunken boat on a very remote island for part 2 of their boat trip. They gear up and get in the water to explore it.
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gary zaiontz
gary zaiontz - 22 timer siden
Nice Mackerel!!
Lodovico Franco
Lodovico Franco - Dag siden
Outer banks
DRIVE508 - Dag siden
Привет из России ✊ Отличный у вас отдых!
PRINCE OF PEACE - 2 dager siden
Man, this guy can hold his breath well👍
MO BS YT - 2 dager siden
We all know what happened after the recording
Sam O Leary
Sam O Leary - 3 dager siden
his life is like a movie
Vin Abrahams
Vin Abrahams - 4 dager siden
Yep! Gotta admit...the sea is amazing...diving great and the adventure out of this world!! But I have to admit .. the highlight for me was the black swimming costume!!😎😁
lee brammer
lee brammer - 5 dager siden
All I could think about was the moment Ben Gardner’s head falls out of the boat in Jaws!!
Vancer14 - 6 dager siden
I thought he was standing on his new jet boat in the thumbnail
UK420budz - 8 dager siden
More bum shots please. Thank you
adisbern - 10 dager siden
You can salvage that boat, It looks new.
James Villella
James Villella - 11 dager siden
Wonderful aspirations to clean-up/salvage/return items ~ but the cringes I was having at the thoughts of scratching up your own boat as part of the effort ~ ouch!
Sly Panda
Sly Panda - 15 dager siden
I got so anxious watching him swim in the sunken boat... knowing if it were me id drown
Rooster2628 - 16 dager siden
I like this new "friend" much better than the old one. She and Brodie fit.
صالح نور
صالح نور - 18 dager siden
Pheasant Pluckers son
Pheasant Pluckers son - 19 dager siden
What a beautiful lifestyle you have 🙏 and what a beautiful lady too 👍🏻
Christopher Crowder
Christopher Crowder - 19 dager siden
I had to look away while he was in the boat. :-(
Aiden Bertino
Aiden Bertino - 20 dager siden
Her eyes light up when she looks at you Brodie moss
Dani - 21 dag siden
you're giving us a view that most of us can never experience, this is the last thing i would wanna see before i die. Thank you 🙌
J Debell
J Debell - 23 dager siden
What happened to things with amberleigh,
ΞNTITY - 23 dager siden
who’s the girl in the video?
StarMasterNerd bob
StarMasterNerd bob - 27 dager siden
we all saw that quick peek at 5:57 you aint foolin no one
Happy Funtimes
Happy Funtimes - 28 dager siden
Do you have to ask your girlfriend before you post this stuff?
Pilbara Adventures
Pilbara Adventures - 29 dager siden
How the hel did that boat flip
Alan Heagerty
Alan Heagerty - Måned siden
What type of boat you own? Make and modal?
S R Leeming
S R Leeming - Måned siden
Pretty recent to
Ibrahim Elfeky
Ibrahim Elfeky - Måned siden
from Egypt like for you
ivan chapa
ivan chapa - Måned siden
0:14 beauty
daftmoul - Måned siden
how do u hold your breath so long
TheRazgiem - Måned siden
You should inflate something under it to flip it!!!!
Evans Off-road Adventures
Evans Off-road Adventures - Måned siden
Super cool mate, might need a bigger boat for all this salvage work 😂 good stuff tho world of good keeping gear out of the ocean
Dannylee Brunt
Dannylee Brunt - Måned siden
You should do a barehanded catch and cook on a rabbit
Si Qian Ma
Si Qian Ma - Måned siden
At 0:45 the only explanation is that Stryda is driving the boat.
Zoko 666
Zoko 666 - Måned siden
Real life Outer Banks?? 😂😂
Ynech - Måned siden
Great video.
Kaiso - Måned siden
i love how strada is so interested in the boat when you pull up to it
brian Piston
brian Piston - Måned siden
Phillip Brewster
Phillip Brewster - Måned siden
U can scrapdat aluminum
Jerry P
Jerry P - Måned siden
Turn that boat into a habitat for coral
5w0y - Måned siden
He’s right Brinkley is one of the bro’s but with a nice butt
Waheed Khan
Waheed Khan - Måned siden
Do you guys think they do it in the ocean?
Asif khan
Asif khan - Måned siden
Love from Pakistan
Tim Potteiger
Tim Potteiger - Måned siden
I know you are a very experienced free diver since I have watched you spearfish @18-30 meters, but something about you getting inside that capsized boat was really hard to watch. It's like i was panicking for you even though I know you probably could have stayed another minute or more. I just imagined that boat catching a wave wrong and it shifts and traps you, wow, just scary to me. It could be partially that I was in a boat accident and went under a spillway in a river under a 300 foot tall 1/4-1/2 mile long dam and 2 people drowned with life jackets on and somehow I managed to relax until long enough to have the current take me down stream far enough that I was out of the back eddy current it was creating, so I probaly went 1/2 mile underwater holding my breath praying I would come up. It was absolutely terrifying, so for me diving is hard. I have gone with air tanks and gotten down to like 20-25 meters on a reef but I was not super comfortable, so anyway, I am just shocked at your ability to free dive. I absolutely love your channel though, as a life long angler and lover of the oceans, I enjoy watching your fishing and diving, and I LOVE LOVE seeing the whales and whale sharks, and giant manta rays. Keep up the content!!!
TheRustyPeppers - Måned siden
Those brows though
matej mega
matej mega - Måned siden
How tf is he not drowning in the boat holy shit?????
edyy26 - Måned siden
Ce gaoaza are gagicata
JeDi Riss51
JeDi Riss51 - Måned siden
Not to drag up old memories but I miss Amberleigh
Filo tuttofare
Filo tuttofare - Måned siden
Siete grandi avete fatto proprio un ottimo lavoro a recuperare le cose che potevate e nn lasciarle nel mare bravi👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘
Dave Brittain
Dave Brittain - Måned siden
That is one big mackerel!
New Bie
New Bie - 2 måneder siden
Dude you have an lucky ass life and a thick ass girl keep it up bro!
Aaron Small
Aaron Small - 2 måneder siden
To live like this was my goal. Sadly after being injured in war I spent all my 20s and half my 30s learning to walk, talk, and use all my limbs again...aligned w constant surgeries and rehabilitation. I have saved money and sold all belongings and now have 300k to make my move to the water/wilderness. I have no where to live but no matter that.... Hope I can have something like all this one day soon. God and health permitting.
Ioan Collins
Ioan Collins - Måned siden
Bless you! 🙏🏻
yehezkiel kevin
yehezkiel kevin - 2 måneder siden
Found a couple with same hobby is the treasur of this whole lifee
Orla Day
Orla Day - 2 måneder siden
hi Brodie what size ybs wet suit do you where because I want to buy one
Jay-ar Virgo
Jay-ar Virgo - 2 måneder siden
7:13 ur welcome guys
Yanngaming - 2 måneder siden
thats how we live life he totally understand it lol
Patrick Clarke
Patrick Clarke - 2 måneder siden
This bloke squeals like a little shiela!!!!
Sofhia Crystal Standford
Sofhia Crystal Standford - 2 måneder siden
0:16 whats the song tittle please. Thank you.
Wyld Child
Wyld Child - 2 måneder siden
You guys are awsome for helping clean up the ocean from the capsized boat, great work guys
Your Optimal Lifestyle
Your Optimal Lifestyle - 2 måneder siden
Where are these videos shot? Unreal!! Keep it up man.
Angler Seulanga
Angler Seulanga - 2 måneder siden
Nice Bro.. 👍