I BOUGHT MY DREAM HOUSE ON A REMOTE BEACH (Amazing Hammerhead Shark In Shallow Water) - Ep 240

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I finally bought my dream house on a remote beach! I take you for a quick house tour (full tour on my sub channel YBS Brodie). Stryda dog and I go out to the remote islands and films, drone and swim with an amazing greater hammerhead shark in the clear shallows of a bay. Then the rest of the YBS crew join me for an epic glassy afternoon at the beach.
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G. oxygen
G. oxygen - 10 timer siden
You chase your dreams and i admire that. Wish you the best
siNo - 11 timer siden
Congratulations brother keep it up, only greatness awaits ahead!
Papo Chavarria
Papo Chavarria - Dag siden
Great man Congratulations man wish u the best
Kyle Cash
Kyle Cash - Dag siden
Yo u need to be carful there because u could get bit by a rattle snake at any moment
Brad Thurkle
Brad Thurkle - Dag siden
Congratulations mate you deserve it. I love love the footage you put up hear and you have the best attitude on life. And look. I promise I rock up to ya house ok lol 😝
Jayster Mac
Jayster Mac - Dag siden
There is a difference between flaunting success and inspiring others to get out and make dreams come true
Nadia Vasilenko
Nadia Vasilenko - Dag siden
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Nadia Vasilenko
Nadia Vasilenko - Dag siden
If you would like an organic tip, you can make your own potassium fertilizer by taking an organic banana peel and capping it into a jar of water. Hide from sunlight, make it tight, wait ONE week, and you got free, organic, sustainable, potassium fertilizer :)
If you have a freshwater fish aquarium, you can even take some of the fish water as a nitrogen fertilizer, but I’m not sure if you do?
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SidDaKidIII - Dag siden
I’m sorry, did he say “imagine getting 100k subs in the first month?”
7MG - Dag siden
Where is this exactly?? Anybody know? Please....new to this channel.
JMills - Dag siden
i’m tryna find this on google earth
Max Salt
Max Salt - 2 dager siden
Happy for you man!! Watching your stuff is like stress relief for me
Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones - 2 dager siden
Well deserved your videos are awesome
germican 808
germican 808 - 3 dager siden
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Kristian Kjaer
Kristian Kjaer - 3 dager siden
Nice house Bro!!!! you are so blessed! Should build a carport for the boats????
Razlan - 4 dager siden
It it sun screen that u put on you face or something else? just wonderding
Christian Curren
Christian Curren - 4 dager siden
beautiful house brodie. love it man
Harris Williams
Harris Williams - 4 dager siden
Congrats from india
Christian Davis
Christian Davis - 4 dager siden
Lmaooo I swear dude your life is a whole vibe 😎😎😎😎💯💯💯💯💯
Steven van Hekelen
Steven van Hekelen - 5 dager siden
Fair dinkum awesome.
Martin DuBose
Martin DuBose - 7 dager siden
You SUCK! Just kidding I'm just jealous.......Rock On!
DJ Tomchay
DJ Tomchay - 7 dager siden
Your dog leads the life I want to have. Love your vids mate!
BK Outdoors
BK Outdoors - 8 dager siden
I love the strider cam 😂😂😂
Isaac Mondragón
Isaac Mondragón - 10 dager siden
Love the dog cam 😁
justin mueller
justin mueller - 11 dager siden
Where does he live
blake misch
blake misch - 11 dager siden
I subbed back when you had 25k subs, I always knew you'd make it. Congrats my friend, you deserve it.
Team America
Team America - 11 dager siden
Money talks !
TruSlick - 12 dager siden
This is how I wish every human lived their life not struggling on a daily not working until they’re you’re old with no more room for fun activities like these
MStrickkk - 13 dager siden
What is that song in the opener?
second amendment
second amendment - 13 dager siden
That's not a house it's a compound nice
second amendment
second amendment - 13 dager siden
Now you need a wife with that house
robert s.cardone
robert s.cardone - 13 dager siden
Nice video love your home
Siddharth Satpathy
Siddharth Satpathy - 16 dager siden
That was my dream house too with location. .......but ........
You could afford it ...........I can't. ....
Good Choice. ......May be next life
Drencoo - 16 dager siden
you earned it. Content is 10/10
Brett Smith
Brett Smith - 16 dager siden
Where is this?
Andrew Lineker
Andrew Lineker - 17 dager siden
at 8:12, is that a grow tent?!?! LOL
Kevin Preudhomme
Kevin Preudhomme - 17 dager siden
Show us the floor plan of the house.
GoDzPlays - 18 dager siden
This one of the most inspiring men on the planet right now the way he is enjoying life in the nature and making the coolest videos about I just freaking love it 😍
Crack Tower
Crack Tower - 18 dager siden
🍀🍀 Living the Dream Bro ❤️
Kristin Greco
Kristin Greco - 18 dager siden
Your videos are incredible! Makes me want to move to Australia! Peace and love from Michigan!
Lukas Tsotaru
Lukas Tsotaru - 19 dager siden
what a nice humble home
CAMO - 19 dager siden
Please don’t rock up to my house 😆 I like my privacy 😆😆 WTF
hdjfjchcnsjdkf wjdjbkcndjd
hdjfjchcnsjdkf wjdjbkcndjd - 20 dager siden
Mad how far he has come what a house and location class
Eagles Nation
Eagles Nation - 21 dag siden
You deserve it mate 🤩⭐️
KrisB - 21 dag siden
Amazing to see dreams really do come true!
33rounds - 23 dager siden
Bro he is living life 😩he is my favorites YouTuber of all time I’d love to live there 😩❤️
official ZuZU
official ZuZU - 23 dager siden
Wow man your living the life just away ugh your motivation man just seeing this motivates me to do
0TheSailor0 البحار
0TheSailor0 البحار - 23 dager siden
So you need a beautiful wife and kids now 😁
Good luck
No Limits
No Limits - 24 dager siden
Congratz man!! thats freaking awesome!! Thats a perfect place im in love!!!
Phoe Bass
Phoe Bass - 24 dager siden
Motivation for the day !
Matei Cosmin
Matei Cosmin - 25 dager siden
Put the video on 0.5 speed and pause it at 0:23. That's not looking so good man.
Fess Parker
Fess Parker - 25 dager siden
Congratulations Broadie, getting your own home in such a prize location is living the life, boats, jet skies fishing / diving gear, beach buggies - WOW! Well done
What a fantastic life style, keep up the good times be safe & have fun!
Izzy Kalzee
Izzy Kalzee - 25 dager siden
Like your new house
Xyen - 25 dager siden
I love this man so much dude and he deserves everything he has accomplished, ngl I teared up a little bit during him talking about not being able to do it without us
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow - 25 dager siden
Congrats from Ohio 🇺🇸
Brian Alercia
Brian Alercia - 26 dager siden
Imagine disliking a Brodie video.
Garrett Hodge
Garrett Hodge - 26 dager siden
The drive to town would suck living out that far lol
Zach Galeancu
Zach Galeancu - 26 dager siden
This is amazing man. I am so happy for you I can’t even explain. All the best my brotha!!
Murray John
Murray John - 26 dager siden
Your someone who really appreciates what you have right now good on you mate!
Matty Longjohnson
Matty Longjohnson - 26 dager siden
Im an electrician, i like it still but i definitely wish i was in your position 😂
Lilibeth - 27 dager siden
Holy shit lol
jack black
jack black - 27 dager siden
good on ya man. how far away from beach are you? is it flat land to the beaCH??how bad do you think it could get if the sea levels rise? how long do you think before it floods in??
is there power? or is it solar/wind only??
stryda is so lucky with those sharks. does she get off onto the beach if you tell her ?
Hồng Nguyễn Thị
Hồng Nguyễn Thị - 28 dager siden
I've recently followed your Youtube Channel. It's absolutely amazing, I love all of your fanstatic discovering journeys. When I see your dream of your own house comes true, I'm really happy for you. - From Vietnam with love -
Max Yang
Max Yang - 29 dager siden
Followed you from the early times and am so excited to see your success!
Dusk the Fox
Dusk the Fox - 29 dager siden
A hammerhead in shallow water! I thought sharks only live in deep water.
charli merkel
charli merkel - Måned siden
where is he situated this is awesome
Jacob B
Jacob B - Måned siden
Just love you vlogs 😎🤘🔥
Mark Yates
Mark Yates - Måned siden
Power to you mate! Lots of hard work and being a good person is what makes our dreams come to life.
Mandy Hall
Mandy Hall - Måned siden
Lol omg I love how Stryda had the Stryda cam on the tour of your guyses home.
Hippendalen - Måned siden
Man this is so amazing, you're like an embodiment of the phrase ''living the dream''. I just hope the theory that we are all one being living many lives is true so that i can some day experience your life as a whole. You deserve everything you have and its all thanks to your hard work! Keep on making all of us happy with the awesome content.
Nadine - Måned siden
My sister caught a hammer head smaller than that one with a little bit of squid it was so funny we did not know what to do
Stephen Gill
Stephen Gill - Måned siden
Nice vids beaut!
Denon Reed
Denon Reed - Måned siden
Well done bro
Corin Monteiro
Corin Monteiro - Måned siden
I truly do love your videos ❤️❤️
Corin Monteiro
Corin Monteiro - Måned siden
I subbed, I've loved your channel since before tiktok man. Thank you for bringing me so much joy just by making videos ❤️
Josefa Cruz
Josefa Cruz - Måned siden
Dude u deserve it ur an awesome person Congrats on everything im Sergio but on the profile saids Josefa it use to be my moms phone lol
Sebastián Castilla
Sebastián Castilla - Måned siden
Increíble 😍 Un lugar maravilloso, una casa 🏠 perfecta, Y tus vídeos, me encantan 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Seema G
Seema G - Måned siden
In this strange social media world, its amazing to come through to someone so genuine like you. Love what you say, do and wish you all the best with your dream house and all the things to come. Love this video and the music :)
Jonhy Banjo
Jonhy Banjo - Måned siden
Does anyone knows wich town he’s located aprox.
David C.
David C. - Måned siden
Love the intro. New place is pretty sick too. Keep grinding! That “rona” has been good to a lot of YouTubers. Btw...you really need to do a collab with one of the US guys. Jiggin with Jordan and/or dallmyd would be great. As always, Camera work and editing are some of the best on YouTube! Do y’all know if he does his own editing? Edit: wow, new place is absolutely amazing!!
Argon Engineering
Argon Engineering - Måned siden
hahaha 100% know where this. nice location are you allowed to fly your drone here ;) and where the f did you get 730k from hahahaha
Blake Brittain
Blake Brittain - Måned siden
Where CB is this island it’s beautiful
John Wang
John Wang - Måned siden
We enjoy your content, and are very happy for you. Take care
Rahul sickbubblegum
Rahul sickbubblegum - Måned siden
Brodie mate you deserve it. You picked up a gopro and a drone and made all this possible. Always enjoy the vibe from your content. Good on ya.
jûngchen - Måned siden
honestly ur living the dream would love to do the same for real ^^
Aidan Nickerson
Aidan Nickerson - Måned siden
Brodie you deserve every bit of this thank you for the amazing content
T38WOLF - Måned siden
I really hated the ocean but you made me wanna be like you
KrazedPlayz - Måned siden
Brodie is living everyone dream life
letranger1983 - Måned siden
*I just read on google:*
*« Brodie 'Youngbloods' Moss quit his job as an electrician to become a full-time YouTuber »*
*I am an IT Financial and Business Intelligence Manager in France. I worked in Switzerland, Germany and UK many years. I earn 6000€/month and I could not have the life style that he has*
*I don’t really know how he did to build a big house, boat, jet skis, motocrosses, and living in the desert as a former electrician without winning the Power Ball*
*Something weird in those stories ....*
Shadow gamer
Shadow gamer - Måned siden
really liked stryda cam give me more
KGB КГБ - Måned siden
Really happy to see him being happy!!
KGB КГБ - Måned siden
I approve 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Cpt_ _Hippie
Cpt_ _Hippie - Måned siden
Can I rent the other room 👀😂
Cpt_ _Hippie
Cpt_ _Hippie - Måned siden
Never mind , just saw the end of the vlog 😂🤝👀
Chan Chi kit justin
Chan Chi kit justin - Måned siden
Where is this place xddd??
TrainedDumbAss - Måned siden
Ricardo Marques
Ricardo Marques - Måned siden
you a live a dream life!
Alexander Hokin
Alexander Hokin - Måned siden
Don’t rock up to my house...... famous last words bro!
yusufaustralia - Måned siden
What a beautiful life.
Thought you had a family but
Were is that suburb?
TheMTG - Måned siden
where o you grow grow cannabi? outside our the tent