I Bought My Dad His DREAM JETSKI Amazing Clear Water Catch & Cook - Ep 166

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Brodie Moss surprises his Dad with a brand new 2020 SeaDoo Fish Pro Jetski! Then he goes out into the amazing blue water spearfishing for dinner.
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VX Adventures
VX Adventures - 4 dager siden
So jealous of the family action, my father passed away from a heart attack induced by a stop smoking product at 64. My one brother died in a plane crash 7 months later. My Gf and mother of my child died in a gang attack 4 months later, our son died of a snake bite in Africa 4 months later. My other brother is a dill hole that hates family and people. I am a total family loving guy but I have almost no family left beside my mom who is 79. I love adventure but now I stay home way more to help my mom in life. Boy would I love to go on family and friends outings like this but they are mostly all gone or too busy working to survive in this crazy new economy. I dream of some warm beach days and just bough a new Jet ski for my most recent GF. We were lining up things to go camping and jet skiing this coming summer but last month she passed away in a plane crash with one of my good friends. Keeping living Brodie, I wish I had such times you have.
Sea Dude
Sea Dude - 6 dager siden
Waaaaaay too many flies for me. Cant believe you're so far out and they are all over the place.
BudaKhan - 12 dager siden
After like 8:30 you got flies out in the middle of the ocean?
Dwain Zimri
Dwain Zimri - 23 dager siden
Hey, guys, try and do YBS with jetskis. That would look awesome.
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - Måned siden
Whipperchick Fishing
Whipperchick Fishing - Måned siden
In Hawaii we call those yellow spot papio very delicious sashimi style🤙🏼 I am addicted to your page and how you’re very selective when you dive and only take what you guys need it’s very very nice to see! Sustainability at its finest! Aloha
Lisa Renner
Lisa Renner - Måned siden
I think you got more excited giving these to your dad and brother then when you got your boat.
Sara Pritchard
Sara Pritchard - 2 måneder siden
When you get your new 4WD, I’m open for donation of the Prado 😅🙏🏼💙
Sonnel Umali
Sonnel Umali - 2 måneder siden
Why is there so many flies even in the middle of the ocean??
Mebs Tobise
Mebs Tobise - 2 måneder siden
Why so many flies there?
Thomas Riley
Thomas Riley - 2 måneder siden
Jesus the bugs in Australia 😂 - USA
Vikotnick - 3 måneder siden
I like it when he gets happy and excited. He turns into a man child! hahaha.
Tarash Nostra
Tarash Nostra - 3 måneder siden
How much this sea doo price?
David Scott
David Scott - 3 måneder siden
Brodie, do you clean your goggles with baby shampoo to stop them steaming up?
Channel is great!
Life Of Usher
Life Of Usher - 3 måneder siden
Haha bloody feel good moment, well done man having the resources to do that for ya fam would of been a great feeling. Keep up the good work Brodie brother 🤙🏼
Life Of Usher
Life Of Usher - 3 måneder siden
Haha bloody feel good moment, well done man having the resources to do that for ya fam would of been a great feeling. Keep up the good work Brodie brother 🤙🏼
Bryant Cox
Bryant Cox - 4 måneder siden
Why are there so many flies all the time even in the middle of the ocean?
Haluwazone - 4 måneder siden
Why are there so many flies in the middle of the ocean?
Niccolo Imbrogiano
Niccolo Imbrogiano - 4 måneder siden
Can U get me a sea doo sparrrk
Cesar Perez
Cesar Perez - 4 måneder siden
You are so lucky and living the dream
le prince de la ville
le prince de la ville - 5 måneder siden
This is Australia or america
Till l'Espiegle_Adventures
Till l'Espiegle_Adventures - 5 måneder siden
Starting from 11:15 could not take out my eyes from the nice piece of art birds dropped on the GPS 😅💯
Ralph Mckellar
Ralph Mckellar - 5 måneder siden
What part of aussy is this... amazing ❤️ my bro went to Australia but they had to wear suits to keep away the jellyfish..is that just in one part?❤️jenn
Heta Cook
Heta Cook - 5 måneder siden
Soo good.
Najo vunidakai
Najo vunidakai - 5 måneder siden
Mr.Brown Plumbing
Mr.Brown Plumbing - 5 måneder siden
Buy your subscribers one. Those who gave you this money.
Midwest-kc - 5 måneder siden
11:15 !!! hole shit FLies!! why sooo manyyyyyy in that area !!!
james stevens
james stevens - 5 måneder siden
Have to say after many videos on the Fish Pro, your vids sold me on the purchase. Love it! Keep the vids rollin- @James_stevens
Aidan Stackpole
Aidan Stackpole - 5 måneder siden
What country is this
TheOzturner - 5 måneder siden
Met your Dad the other day as I saw him towing the ski and had been thinking about getting one. Very happy man and lucky to have a son like you. Tells me he hardly uses his boat anymore. Enjoying your channel very much. Great job Brodie you have a tough gig.
Daniel Michel
Daniel Michel - 5 måneder siden
You make diving look so easy! How long can you hold your breath???
李博涵 - 6 måneder siden
How long do you think he can hold his breath?
GoldenFlower - 6 måneder siden
2:15 What a Legend!
James Forsyth
James Forsyth - 6 måneder siden
Love your videos. I live in Scotland and wish it was like that here
Tom Bryant
Tom Bryant - 6 måneder siden
SeaDoo, or Jet Ski? Jet Ski is Kawasaki
Ryan Capote
Ryan Capote - 6 måneder siden
sana all mate 😁
AnnCherie LiCausi
AnnCherie LiCausi - 6 måneder siden
@8:44 Fish on that ice LOL haha that's called a spoonerism, once I said to my Dad ., so you're going to have your own den in the new place so you can have some quice and piet instead of peace and quiet and we both laughed so much at that, that's also called a spoonerism.
I love a good laugh, and that one I said really hit my tickle spot for a laugh ☺
I say if you can't have fun in whatever you're doing, then change what you're doing. If you don't like what you're doing then change so you do.
My late brother used to say if you're standing in red ants later what do you do?
You get out!
So many of you love how Brodie enjoys life so much, well you can do the same , just find what you enjoy.
Peace out.
Matthew Van Emmerik
Matthew Van Emmerik - 6 måneder siden
I can’t believe this dog never falls off!
PSPTSHT - 6 måneder siden
What's with all the flies in the middle of the ocean
InTheZone - 6 måneder siden
How are there that many flies, in the middle of the ocean?
Gianluca - 6 måneder siden
The nature is wonderful. Your videos are amazing ✌🏽
Joel Dowdall
Joel Dowdall - 6 måneder siden
Absolute legend!
C Baxter
C Baxter - 6 måneder siden
I love the Stormzy appreciation from the other side of the world 👊🏽
SOG Submersed07
SOG Submersed07 - 6 måneder siden
Have you ever encountered a box jellyfish?
JuliCarryon - 6 måneder siden
hes not too far from land because of the flies. how the hell does he find flies once he kills the fish? from the ocean? lol
Brad Ferguson
Brad Ferguson - 6 måneder siden
How do you put up with all those flies?
kayak con Marcelo Sammito
kayak con Marcelo Sammito - 6 måneder siden
Do you fron australia?
Beautiful family unity. The Brodie Bunch one could say...🛥️🐟🤙
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia - 7 måneder siden
How are their flies in the middle of nowhere?
francis the dj
francis the dj - 7 måneder siden
Bro. Posted to FB n my 1500 friends your page. Best shit ever. Great on getting your dad a cool ass jet ski. Don’t change bro. Don’t go hollywood. Stay the course man. Stay you. Peace from Avalon NJ USA 🇺🇸
Neil Master
Neil Master - 7 måneder siden
That's a full ski! (2:06)
MANOLO THE 1 - 7 måneder siden
What mottle is the jet ski
Paul Cauchois
Paul Cauchois - 7 måneder siden
those people in the ship were probably thinking how much they wanted your life being out there whenever you want. Great vid mate Love from a New Caledonian living in India, I miss the ocean back home.
Matthew Rodriguez
Matthew Rodriguez - 7 måneder siden
Am I your lost brother too. Lol!!!
Michael John
Michael John - 7 måneder siden
Love your documentary
Joshua Romaine
Joshua Romaine - 7 måneder siden
her flop!!!!!!!!!!stop!!!
Out There Nth Wst. IE.
Out There Nth Wst. IE. - 8 måneder siden
Great show's guy's. Love how humble and appreciative u guy's are. Great life u have. "PURE FREEDOM" Huge respect and much luv to u all from Eire. ♥
Dylan Capper
Dylan Capper - 8 måneder siden
2:57 it might seem like a small thing, but when you talk about your dad and jacko, you put them before yourself in the sentence. It's an often overlooked grammatical rule, but more importantly it's about putting others before yourself. Brodie, you are a selfless man. Mad respect.
Dylan Capper
Dylan Capper - 8 måneder siden
The fact that you gave them jetskis helps too, but it's not a fake-altruistic publicity stunt that so many other youtubers do. That's why I love YBS, y'all are genuine.
Mark Savage
Mark Savage - 8 måneder siden
Where’s that beautiful girlfriend of yours?
Anthony Deluca
Anthony Deluca - 8 måneder siden
Amazing video, so positive and just living life as it goes
BCMSS Davis - 8 måneder siden
This is what you call "Living the Life" so AMAZING!! This would be my dream Life
Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor - 8 måneder siden
Fish at 6:04 lost connection
Emilio Atzeni
Emilio Atzeni - 8 måneder siden
BRAVO, sei un vero artista! Un affettuoso saluto dalla Sardegna. Italia.
thefatblue gary
thefatblue gary - 8 måneder siden
How bout a catch n fuck.
thefatblue gary
thefatblue gary - 8 måneder siden
I can tell this is in WA from the amount of flys.
Conor Smading
Conor Smading - 8 måneder siden
U eat dinner bloody late for it too be pitch black it’s summmer
Medo Elmasre
Medo Elmasre - 8 måneder siden
انا من مصر و معجب جداً بالمحتوى الذى تقدمة I'm from Egypt, and very impressed with your content
Nick Miller
Nick Miller - 8 måneder siden
what type of drone do you use?
jorge rio
jorge rio - 8 måneder siden
Lynch 616
Lynch 616 - 8 måneder siden
How are their flies even out at see?
Gerry B
Gerry B - 8 måneder siden
Whats that song at the end? I don't have an epidemicsound account.
Gerry B
Gerry B - 8 måneder siden
wrong video
KniteWhite - 8 måneder siden
DUDE! im so glad! and im so proud of you !
Tommygunn ggg
Tommygunn ggg - 8 måneder siden
I messed up, watched one of these n that was like 6 hours ago
yougotservedyo - 6 måneder siden
man, I know the feeling
thors blot
thors blot - 8 måneder siden
Bit too much mayonnaise in these vids lately.
damiano zammit
damiano zammit - 8 måneder siden
at 10.45 mark what is that beach or bay? then again, where is this place in australia?
David Bee
David Bee - 8 måneder siden
Start at Fowlers Bay and work your way west.
dead PAUL
dead PAUL - 8 måneder siden
Bro,,i need one too hahah
Kelly Salmon
Kelly Salmon - 8 måneder siden
How’s the bird shit on the Garmin at 11:30 haha .............
Are the conditions always sooo good??? If so, why???
Love the channel 🤙🏽
Luke Price
Luke Price - 8 måneder siden
Love how you're listening to stormzy 👊👌😝
GaryLordsWayMinistry - 8 måneder siden
Clean up your filthy language. I will not subscribe to a filthy mouth and help them support a filthy life style to promote to others.
Wonder World
Wonder World - 8 måneder siden
does anyone know the area these beaches are located? I am going to guess Queensland / Cairns
Wonder World
Wonder World - 8 måneder siden
@Blair Johns ah I see, thanks.
Blair Johns
Blair Johns - 8 måneder siden
Exmouth.. W.A.
Mel Porteous
Mel Porteous - 8 måneder siden
Look at all the flys on his head at 10:57
Bailey Pickles
Bailey Pickles - 8 måneder siden
“This just ‘esculated”
john johnson
john johnson - 8 måneder siden
Would like to see more overnight catch and cook on the boat seems like its been a while
Angus Elliott
Angus Elliott - 8 måneder siden
Much love....Hero, when are you going to sell tours with Strada and bwois???
Dan W.
Dan W. - 8 måneder siden
Just buying everyone jetskis... while you're at it, you can donate me your older one :D
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts - 8 måneder siden
Sad day when you start to use ur family as click bait
Life2dmax1 - 8 måneder siden
This is such a cool channel - where in western Australia are they?
Geoffrey Underwood
Geoffrey Underwood - 8 måneder siden
Your method for putting fish out of their misery is similar to what the Japanese call "Ikejime"
shumateluvskiz - 8 måneder siden
it would be so hard to do this especially as guy (because the men are expected to work jobs 9-5 no hate to women) but i respect u so much and i wanna do what ur doing and goodluck for the future love ur vids ❤️
SmileyHighly - 8 måneder siden
I love how stryda and u have such a bond and he or she listen to u so well
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast - 8 måneder siden
https://supersoldiertalk.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/harrp-complex-in-australia/?fbclid=IwAR0B0TvWJOTJNavLuu50U3iaEu5Yh4UsAEoLPtKyeHcBT_wCcW_noPQl664 what u think about this weather control in your back yard
Kotti Skander
Kotti Skander - 8 måneder siden
Beautiful video, where does the city and country live?
Intrepid 55
Intrepid 55 - 8 måneder siden
Not razor sharp.....
Steve Fredricks
Steve Fredricks - 8 måneder siden
Love what your doing bub, much love from the boys in Maine USA!!
JC Customize
JC Customize - 8 måneder siden
Can you re-stock the knife on your website please
Dan Fitz
Dan Fitz - 8 måneder siden
More vids please
Ly Korng
Ly Korng - 8 måneder siden
So beautiful I never seen this before
RAPTA EKA - 8 måneder siden
Beautiful 🤩
Hugh Smith
Hugh Smith - 8 måneder siden
Hey Brodie u should make YBS in the water with the three skies and film it with the drone