I BOUGHT A BRAND NEW CAR Deep Sea Fishing On The JetSki Catch & Cook - Ep 221

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Brodie Moss bought a brand new 2020 Toyota 79 series dual cab ute and its on the way to get custom built into an absolute beast 4WD! He goes deep sea fishing with his Brother & Dad for giant goldfish. Finished the day off on his motorbike down the beach at his new property cooking up some fresh fish wraps with his dog!
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Shavakadoo Customs, LLC
Shavakadoo Customs, LLC - 2 dager siden
Your such a goof I love it.
N M - 4 dager siden
Its easy to do what he is doing without the multiple cars, boats, jetskis, motorbikes, buggies etc... I prefer minimalism myself
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards - 5 dager siden
Brodie you and Strydamake me smile and lately have really needed it..so happy for you guys and having this land and life...those flies were making me crazy buzzing around and then landed on the green shit n then ya put it on the wrap... plz wear helmet and shoes while on the bike, yes I know uncomfortable and blah blah but an accident can happen at anytime or anywhere even when going slow on your own land(as you pound the gears..haha)... we want to keep You & Ed around for a long time to come.. also get a new life vest that fits and wear zipped up plz, it won't do any good not being zipped up will come right off if you do fall into the water believe this is bashing or any kind of hate..I genuinely worry and love you and Stryda so want you to be safe, I know it a pain in ass but God forbid if something were to ever happen you be protected... 💙💚💗
Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture
It's indeed a great content!! beautiful!!
Shane-0 Gaming
Shane-0 Gaming - 5 dager siden
It's sad, because they dump off their trash in the river.
Bonnies Tuber Kids
Bonnies Tuber Kids - 10 dager siden
Omg you guys are amazing.u taking my breath away!!! Jersey girl USA...love this
Kolt Garber
Kolt Garber - 11 dager siden
Your videos are so wholesome my man. You guys never fail to put a smile on my face. Happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared. Much love and appreciation from the states.
Simon Glenn
Simon Glenn - 11 dager siden
Just absolute lazy filth who disregard their shite into the water. But absolute amazing video as always so glad I stumbled upon your videos subbed and liked everyone so far..this is the way I want to live my life you've given me positivity to endeavour to make this happen for my family and I thks brother!!
Christian Dault
Christian Dault - 13 dager siden
Is there someplace that posts the songs in each video? Always trying to look up the lyrics.
Logan Moray
Logan Moray - 13 dager siden
Thanks for the pleasant surprise!
George Watson
George Watson - 14 dager siden
What does he coat his fish with before he fry’s them ip
Alfoja Fam
Alfoja Fam - 15 dager siden
Brodie wishes i could live like this..😊from phillipines
B adams
B adams - 20 dager siden
Wow That looks a beauty , where about is that in AUS?
x Stony.-
x Stony.- - 22 dager siden
We got fire babyyyy
Crispy Wombat
Crispy Wombat - 23 dager siden
Get a Moke or a beach buggy car they r fun as
Fleming Baptist Georgia
Fleming Baptist Georgia - 26 dager siden
Dude the Drone footage is awesome ! That water, oh that water. GOD is a Craftsman!
Enrique Barge
Enrique Barge - 27 dager siden
love your videos bro. Best wishes from Mexico ! cuando vienes a pescar en mex kbron👍👍👍 ?!
Mahmoud Ayoub
Mahmoud Ayoub - 28 dager siden
In what city do you live in
Nathan - Måned siden
great job mate, rightio
Robert Hall
Robert Hall - Måned siden
How large is Mossland?
Sam Connolly
Sam Connolly - Måned siden
Electric rod is cheating 😂😂
Felix Henriksen
Felix Henriksen - Måned siden
what happend to the ford?
Dan Mihai
Dan Mihai - Måned siden
luke braden
luke braden - Måned siden
Mate why couldn't have you bought a patrol instead haha
Kodos Fishing
Kodos Fishing - Måned siden
U should put a 5 poster on it ahah that’ll be sick🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🇦🇺🇦🇺
that 1 poster
that 1 poster - Måned siden
He sent his car to Losantos customs
Bro Videos
Bro Videos - Måned siden
I remember when he said he was going to quit his job supported him right then love to see someone chase their dreams!! ❤️🔥🙏🏼
DEAN robert
DEAN robert - Måned siden
14:00 everones impressed by the fish (and so am I ). BUT HOW THE HELL does he start his bike with no shoes
my 450 kills me when i kick it with no shoes jeez iron foot
sakkki87 - Måned siden
donnecheli 27
donnecheli 27 - Måned siden
Brodie: I will just go slow
Seconds later Brodie hooooning 🤔😂😂😂😂 great video as usual
afterglöw - Måned siden
Hello Brodie! big fan from sweden! how do u know ur not gonna hit one of those reefs when u jetski in shallow water?
James Reynolds
James Reynolds - Måned siden
Nice car
Todd Baldwin
Todd Baldwin - Måned siden
One of the few that are genuinely humble and enjoys what he does and loves his viewers. Deserve everything you have built Brodie ❤️
Seemat - Måned siden
Can’t wait to see the car!!
Stu Nielsen
Stu Nielsen - Måned siden
Can you drop a GoPro down on those deep drops? Is there any light down there?... Would you be willing to risk it? :)
Liam Tonks
Liam Tonks - Måned siden
💯% better then kfc
Bao Bao
Bao Bao - Måned siden
1:49 lol
Big Dog
Big Dog - Måned siden
Get a filthy Can Am bro, they are fkn weapons
Jett Williams
Jett Williams - Måned siden
Next merch drop?
boosh1121 - Måned siden
What a shame thought you were going to make the switch to daiwa they are so much better than shimano in my opinion
L Mac
L Mac - Måned siden
You want a Island? I heard a rumor that across from your new place is available. Im sure you know who Im talking about 😁
Oh and the sand fleis were horrid the last few days..
riley fishing
riley fishing - Måned siden
did u get an auto conversion to
Pic4le - Måned siden
Been away a while, what happened to the Ford?
Rose Reber
Rose Reber - Måned siden
Been on vacation Washington lake Roosevelt beautiful. Catching up on Videos..🤗
Sam Basnett
Sam Basnett - Måned siden
brodie says that he doesn’t have the best bike in the world but if i lived like he did right on the beach that would be the best bike i could ever want because it’s not to fast and it’s not really nice that you don’t want to get anything wrong so just an old bike like that would be everything to me.
Kristian Kjaer
Kristian Kjaer - Måned siden
You guys rock!!! Awesome and so good energy... can't believe the the colors and the simple happy life style. Fresh Fish for lunch and dinner.... Im f.... envious of your happiness and freedom!!! Welldone Bro! keep sharing!
Jay Arjun
Jay Arjun - Måned siden
Hi Brodie,
Love ya, you have almost 2 million subscribers! Set up a place for fundraising; maybe @fundme (fund me ) and I will be your first donor! That way you won’t need Genesis! Please do urgently!
Paul BroXo
Paul BroXo - Måned siden
take somethin with ya for ya dogg to drink 15:52
Liven life with Robin
Liven life with Robin - Måned siden
Your making me hungry Brodie
Kealan Pritchard
Kealan Pritchard - Måned siden
You should send a gopro down on another rod one time... try to get some footage (probably need a light to haha)
Travis B
Travis B - Måned siden
what’s that song
Mark Johns
Mark Johns - Måned siden
Fork yer
Jpgundarun - Måned siden
I made poor mans wraps today for Lunch. Instead of punching out to an island and getting some fresh fish, I drove down the supermarket and bought some frozen crumb fillets (lol). Some wraps, green shit, secret sauce (the actual stuff), avocado, cheese and some fillets out of the oven. They were bloody good, will have to make again with some fresh fish next time.
Grant Harmon
Grant Harmon - Måned siden
Awesome Episode! Loved it!
Frozenblitzalphagaming - Måned siden
god damn that car is gona be an absolute beast! plus if its similar colour to your beast of a boat that'll be sick too!
Kelly McKinnon
Kelly McKinnon - Måned siden
It's going to be badass!
Luis Cocolan
Luis Cocolan - Måned siden
Where you from?
demomax94 - Måned siden
That WR250 didnt come from SA before you bought it did it?
Looks damn close to the one I sold a couple of years ago!
Rebar421 - Måned siden
right on Brodie living the dream !!!!!! good for you fella from Vancouver Island Canada
TJ Newberry
TJ Newberry - Måned siden
Where exactly is this? I catch these videos every so often, and I never see any info on where he lives in Australia.