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YBS marine biologist and crew member Jarrad Oxley sent away studies he did to determine the age of a recently caught Mangrove Jack. Join Brodie Moss as he shares the findings, hand feeds some fish, eats fresh oysters from the reef in amazing weather and spends an insane sunset at the beach with his dog!
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 7 måneder siden
See you legends in 2020! Cheers for all the support this year, beyond grateful. WE HAVE FIRE BABYY!!
brian morris
brian morris - 6 måneder siden
I live in Naples, Florida USA. I am huge fan. The mangrove jack you showed look like our mangrove snapper. Then the big mangrove jack your brother caught looks like what we call American Red Snapper.
Brendon Egge
Brendon Egge - 6 måneder siden
YBS Youngbloods I love your mangrove episodes
Taxi Dispatch
Taxi Dispatch - 6 måneder siden
My favorite part of my day is watching these videos, i absolutely live for this type of content! Thank you so much for sharing
Teo aravena castro
Teo aravena castro - 7 måneder siden
What a vid
SMV Shawn Mey #Vlogs
SMV Shawn Mey #Vlogs - 7 måneder siden
Yo Brodie Check my insta for the biggest Oyster you have ever seen guaranteed... :) You should come and catch/tag and release big sharks with us... all data gets shared with marine institutes who monitor overall shark health... it is an incredible experience... we are from Mosselbay in South Africa where the Air Jaws stuff was shot... We don't catch great whites obviously but you can also come and do some cage diving with great whites and we will get you up close and personal with them... It would be really good to get some attention on the plight of sharks and the devastating effects of the sharkfin industry... Still its great to witness your love for nature... have an incredible 2020
Christina Myers
Christina Myers - 6 dager siden
We need more Science!!!!!
Itz_yo_boy _Nick
Itz_yo_boy _Nick - Måned siden
Love how he is listening to juice wrld and lil peep rip
Mommie Minnesota
Mommie Minnesota - Måned siden
Love that not only I get to learn but I get to watch you guys forge for stuff, I'm in the states(Midwest)no ocean around so I enjoy the content very much.
Jean Warren
Jean Warren - 2 måneder siden
rip juice world
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 2 måneder siden
You should tag one
Jenna A
Jenna A - 2 måneder siden
his happiness makes me so happy 😭
Connor Harrell
Connor Harrell - 2 måneder siden
It blows my mind that there’s never any other people where he goes. It’s like every beach you go to is a remote place. So rad.
taranicole_ - 2 måneder siden
so wholesome. love ybs.
newmatic29 - 2 måneder siden
I love your videos! My team is looking for sponsors and feel your brand would be a great fit! message me if youd be interested!
John landeen
John landeen - 2 måneder siden
PLEASE please please stay hard with the science / biologist aspects!!
Ryder - 2 måneder siden
you get me so pumped
Connor Goodchild
Connor Goodchild - 2 måneder siden
Ybs bumping juice wrld??? Yesss please
COO of Chinese Egghead
COO of Chinese Egghead - 2 måneder siden
1:20look at the fish looking at the camera. Fish: Wtf is that.... Nvm
chonger Ly
chonger Ly - 2 måneder siden
you have the most happiest videos ever. you're hands down my favorite youtuber and i can't express how happy i am for you to be doing what you love everyday.
Indeegold S.
Indeegold S. - 3 måneder siden
What are those y’all things in the background at 9:39 ? They look trippie
killerswitch621 - 3 måneder siden
Brodie at his best,heads out with the number one lady dog,,and cant help having a chew on a oyster an having a chat to the only birds on the find stunning mermaids,amazing tidy fresh oyster, tastiest thong fish an sweetest scollops ,priceless little deep oysters ....coming to a cinema or on a screen is a great guy sharing the picturesque ocean an life on the water with the most stunning views an awesome friends,family,babes an aqua dog Shrouda Brodie Bond_ in Octopussy, (the man with 8vaginas an a young bloods crew, lol keep it up ,your caring makes great sharing
Dave Fahlgren
Dave Fahlgren - 3 måneder siden
Drone footage is epic.....🤙
Ana Kuhn
Ana Kuhn - 3 måneder siden
nah that was come and get your love.
Guz - 3 måneder siden
Can anyone tell me what kind of shark that was????
Qossil - 3 måneder siden
He calls them friend
But kills and eats them
Kenne_th - 3 måneder siden
Man was bumpin to some bandit😂
Alien vasian
Alien vasian - 3 måneder siden
am i the only one that noticed he went skinny dipping @13:16
Nicholas Peters
Nicholas Peters - 4 måneder siden
thumbs up for science
Omar Maldonado
Omar Maldonado - 4 måneder siden
This guy hold his breath so long 🤿 snorkeling u would think he uses a mini mouth breathing tank STRONG 🦾LUNGS 🦾🔥keep that fire 🔥 burning
Martin Tabs
Martin Tabs - 4 måneder siden
How do you breath that long underwater?
James Shadle
James Shadle - 4 måneder siden
Lukas Wood
Lukas Wood - 4 måneder siden
9:05 he’s jamming but has to turn it off for the video
Efrem Yohannes
Efrem Yohannes - 4 måneder siden
1:12 The second you get the email notification that YBS and Brodie just dropped a new vid! Keep up the killer vids brotha!
Citizens Rights
Citizens Rights - 4 måneder siden
😷🔬 Science 🧬 with Jarrod 🔬😷
shaun colbert
shaun colbert - 4 måneder siden
Amazing episode
Well done Brodie
GAMER BEAST - 4 måneder siden
I heard bad bitch
J Kam
J Kam - 4 måneder siden
i wish u could try a hawaii Opihi. u would blow your mind and forget what a oyster or abalone is. well once the damn corona virus passes over
BG_ XxBaMexX
BG_ XxBaMexX - 4 måneder siden
This is the most underrated man out there
He is so genuine and he isnt fake or different on camera to real life
Keep up the amazing work
Firtz - 4 måneder siden
Fish:hi youtube!!
NPFLS ID - 4 måneder siden
How did u train strider so well, I have a dog and I want her to be more obedient
BOM4R-YT - 4 måneder siden
I like he was listening to bandit
Zilk FNM
Zilk FNM - 4 måneder siden
Nice song R.I.P juice WRLD🕊 and R.I.P lil peep🦢
Scxfed AU
Scxfed AU - 5 måneder siden
Life it how he is listening to bandit
Drinkify - 5 måneder siden
6:55 he’s just vibing 😂
mike last
mike last - 5 måneder siden
there is no doubt that education is the key.....a marine ciologist enriches a programe like this with factual information about the key subject....the fish
Müslimois - 5 måneder siden
dai ca from tha hood
dai ca from tha hood - 5 måneder siden
the fish probably think hes some god that comes and goes that gifts them with food lol
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson - 5 måneder siden
Does anyone know where in Australia this is filmed? Just wondering, its beautiful and seems a bit remote, even better. Great content, thanks.
Eon Kounalakis
Eon Kounalakis - 5 måneder siden
That one fish at 1:22 just hopped in front of the camera like “tf are you” lmao
Xon fnm
Xon fnm - 5 måneder siden
You livin your life to the fullest
Thomas Manders
Thomas Manders - 5 måneder siden
Is there box jellyfish around Exmouth?
BigBoy Gains
BigBoy Gains - 6 måneder siden
These are beautiful sights my guy
Alika Harrison
Alika Harrison - 6 måneder siden
I don’t like the oysters mouth feel
casulo BRASIL
casulo BRASIL - 6 måneder siden
Irado! Venha conhecer o Brasil, beautiful sea... Big fish
Candice Bird
Candice Bird - 6 måneder siden
U got me note dislike water thanku i used to dislike the beach so much so just thank u soooooo much i used to be scared os sharks
Casant Te
Casant Te - 6 måneder siden
i’m in love with your soul
Brad Snell
Brad Snell - 6 måneder siden
What version of Falling Down is he listening to at 9:23?
Debbie Maytom
Debbie Maytom - 6 måneder siden
1:22 the mangrove jack is like.... I see you! 👀
Your videos are Awesome!
Spirish - 6 måneder siden
1:22 that fishes face! lmao!
fazren roslan
fazren roslan - 6 måneder siden
lucky lad...keep it up
Drew Brew
Drew Brew - 6 måneder siden
People like Brodie Moss help change the world.  Keep up the great work, videos, and fish research.
mike peak
mike peak - 6 måneder siden
Everyone knew Stryda was going to eat it after .00032 seconds.
Renegade Fonoti
Renegade Fonoti - 6 måneder siden
Was dat juice world hahaha respect. RIP JUICE
Ryan Cruice
Ryan Cruice - 6 måneder siden
I’m studying abroad how far is Perth from you?