Her First Crayfish Catch And Cook On The Campfire - Ep 246

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Join Brodie Moss as he takes neighbour Vicki to catch and cook her first ever CRAYFISH on a campfire along the remote Australian coastline!!
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HighCurrent11 - 5 minutter siden
Anybody else fast-forward to the Vicky scenes?
Ante_ 1512
Ante_ 1512 - 2 timer siden
who saw that shark in the background is it just me
Kim Tilka
Kim Tilka - 6 timer siden
Maybe it’s because he can hold his breath a long time
M Rumfelt
M Rumfelt - 7 timer siden
Have you checked out the Skydio 2? Shoots in 4K.
M Rumfelt
M Rumfelt - 7 timer siden
Livin the Dream Brodie, Livin the Dream!
Chia wai quen
Chia wai quen - 10 timer siden
everytime =D We got fire baby !!!
Kai - 13 timer siden
What happened to the blonde girl?
Allen Yung
Allen Yung - 13 timer siden
which part of Australia?
Ashley Chance
Ashley Chance - Dag siden
What is the name of the song that starts at 19:21 and finishes at 20:21 ?
I can’t find the name of it anywhere ;(
Buck Snort
Buck Snort - Dag siden
great vid thanks , don't know why anyone would dislike this video great job!
Japs Arado
Japs Arado - Dag siden
Wow nice video god bless.
Emil Hiller
Emil Hiller - Dag siden
Aight i‘m jeolous as hell now
Pete Altman
Pete Altman - Dag siden
wow that place looks like paradise is that a spiney lobster like lobster in florida keys?
Landshark Fishing
Landshark Fishing - Dag siden
you should improve your cooking and add some more taste in your meals.
Dreama Jarrell
Dreama Jarrell - Dag siden
If had to go to all that trouble, I would get more that two!
Dreama Jarrell
Dreama Jarrell - Dag siden
Those are not crawfish! Why cant these Youtubers put correct name! Crawfish are not salt water. Rivers and streams. Mostly in southern regions.
FSRMTB 2020 - Dag siden
This the guy Dan Bilzerian wishes he was.
josb inyoface
josb inyoface - Dag siden
🤔 So you have a cookout with 4 Cray's after saying there were hundreds down there.🤯😂🥴🙉
Zeta Male
Zeta Male - Dag siden
No one gives a rip about your video's ... the horn toads want to look at the girl's bulbous back end
J W - 2 dager siden
Finger pie
Keith steffen
Keith steffen - 2 dager siden
I love your dog and Dang!!! I sure do love your neighbor fer sure!!!! Keith (In sunny Florida)
Pushkar Rathod
Pushkar Rathod - 2 dager siden
Who is she ? Is she Vicki or Lucky ? She looks so beautiful and much younger than Brodie. Enjoy your days !!
Mausam Sunuwar
Mausam Sunuwar - 2 dager siden
This man knows how to make her girl happy.....
Kory Smith Jr.
Kory Smith Jr. - 2 dager siden
You Need To Get With Her !!
robsycko - 3 dager siden
Nice video but your cooking skills suck.
lmao _lmao
lmao _lmao - 3 dager siden
Yo could u tell me what kind of breed stryda is
STEVEWORKS RACING - 3 dager siden
the reason why im watching of this vlog is vicky hahahhaa
Richard Christianson
Richard Christianson - 3 dager siden
So, Aussies call lobsters crayfish. Okay.
Đức Phan
Đức Phan - 3 dager siden
Hey bro, nice video, what drone are you using?
Kim Doss
Kim Doss - 3 dager siden
U got the life Bro, Kad
Malcolm Mobile
Malcolm Mobile - 3 dager siden
Mans is living my dream life right in front of my eyes
Spanish Jo
Spanish Jo - 3 dager siden
I award you the best outdoor presenter of the year 2020
J. Shelby
J. Shelby - 3 dager siden
Great video! Keep them coming!
triantafillos - 4 dager siden
Australia ... the land of abundance!!!
Andrew Rout
Andrew Rout - 4 dager siden
I'm not watching if she's going to be wearing shorts over that thong the whole time
GHL_Fearaiser - 4 dager siden
15:19 dang that sky is so nice🤤🤤🤤
Abood Khan
Abood Khan - 4 dager siden
This guys cooking is so good i would rather watch him then cooking lessons by gordan ramsey
Abood Khan
Abood Khan - 4 dager siden
This guys cooking is so good i would rather watch him the cooking lessons by gordan ramsey
Johnny John
Johnny John - 4 dager siden
Wow does YouTube really think that I would be stupid enough to watch a commercial for 1Hour & 09 minutes on learning how to become an investor? I enjoy this guy's videos & the hot women that he's always accompanied by, especially this really hot Latin girl. I don't mind watching a 1 or 2 minute commercial so that this guy gets paid. Even in a pandemic quarantine I got better things to do with my time. But to watch a commercial for over an hour? YouTube, you are really out of control with these really long commercials.
Trinster - 4 dager siden
I dunno which one is more tasty, the cray or Vicky.
HAS 1997
HAS 1997 - 4 dager siden
I like your gf very hot 😋
Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris - 4 dager siden
The man brings sooo much joy! Just wanna see him happy and with everything he wants in life ❤️
jyd59 - 4 dager siden
Those look like spiny lobsters-crayfish live in freshwater. I guess that's what you call them down under! Mate, have you ever tried setting traps for mantis shrimp? They're mean bastards but pretty tasty with butter & garlic!
Penny Arnold
Penny Arnold - 4 dager siden
Hey Brody, when u cook the crays ...add some butter and pepper onto the raw meat when they are first facing upwards as soon as u put them in the pan, trust me on this. Loving your vids, all the best 🙏
Ezra Finley
Ezra Finley - 4 dager siden
17:35 prime example why woman live longer than men😂
Michael Supple
Michael Supple - 4 dager siden
That is some seriously clear assed water! Really enjoy your videos. :)
Kanade Kochi
Kanade Kochi - 4 dager siden
is he Jeffo?
eltorocal - 5 dager siden
Vicky, were is your heritage?
Roger - 5 dager siden
Just kiss her‼️ god damnit 🤣🤣
jackson hines
jackson hines - 5 dager siden
she got the whole chariot
Dean Eng
Dean Eng - 5 dager siden
Reminds me of the movie when I saw as a kid "Blue Logoon." Beautiful ocean, beach and ahhh.... yea Vicki I just happen to notice...
Tim Rush
Tim Rush - 5 dager siden
Been watching your videos...you guys are entertaining I was wondering why you weren't burning your mouths on that sandwich you cooked on the fire. I use that gozmo at my campsite.
AMFFP - 5 dager siden
Super episode, Thanks Brodie, bon apetit.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - 5 dager siden
In So. Calif we call them Bugs.
Robs Bushcraft and Adventures
worst use of a ferro rod but if it gets a fire lit then it's all good.
Jacobus Erasmus
Jacobus Erasmus - 5 dager siden
@ybs , may I ask what coast line this is ?
Jose Aleman
Jose Aleman - 5 dager siden
Man you live in paradise....with a beautiful Goddess
Hawaii Walker
Hawaii Walker - 5 dager siden
This is amazing ...
v s
v s - 5 dager siden
i came for the thumbnail
max travelling
max travelling - 5 dager siden
Nice... Çok güzel
Sdarms111 Doug
Sdarms111 Doug - 6 dager siden
Kewpie Mayo is your secret sauce?
randolph lopez
randolph lopez - 6 dager siden
whats the girls insta
chris gilbert
chris gilbert - 6 dager siden
Brother I live in California and make 6 figures but Damm I want your life I've watched you for awhile and im so jealous brother...What an Amazing lifestyle......
Maalig - 6 dager siden
your welcome.
BxbyDxddyohh _
BxbyDxddyohh _ - 6 dager siden
My dream is to live like brodie with my gf then eventually have kids and let them live their dreams. Amazing
ramon bolmers
ramon bolmers - 6 dager siden
ramon bolmers
ramon bolmers - 6 dager siden
dave keenan
dave keenan - 6 dager siden
beautiful stretch of beach. Watch out for those sharks, guys, populations are up!
ray lowery
ray lowery - 6 dager siden
they do make a SMALL spear gun for lobster that works good............just saying.............using your glove sucks.
ray lowery
ray lowery - 6 dager siden
u suck at catching lobster...............lol.............just kidding, they are a slippery bunch...........don't want the hot put of water.........................
Red Horse
Red Horse - 6 dager siden
One suggestion: Please get change out that kinda dance music that every Youtuber plays with their drone shots. Australia has some awesome music talent and you should showcase. Aussie Pride!
ray lowery
ray lowery - 6 dager siden
Vikki is a keeper mate...................treat her nice or we will hear about it..............lol..........good '''''catch'''''.......
Sol Vicheka
Sol Vicheka - 6 dager siden
anyone know what drone is he using ?
joel james
joel james - 6 dager siden
Man, this is the life, Freedom from that corporate bondage!
shunkajun - 6 dager siden
Do you suck the heads like they do in Louisianna? The first time they told me about how much flavor is in there i laughed, I'm not laughing now, it is the best-tasting part!
CUSUKI - 6 dager siden
12:40 that was a big cray Fish mate 😳
Xlnt Eagle
Xlnt Eagle - 7 dager siden
Less dude,,,, MORE Sheila.👍😎
El Asote Asotador
El Asote Asotador - 7 dager siden
She is spanish?
El Asote Asotador
El Asote Asotador - 7 dager siden
12:39 Say no more, Fam
1sicjay - 7 dager siden
Model body...lil Sister face...she's a bro...Lol
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 7 dager siden
Wich country is this?
The Dummyblondes
The Dummyblondes - 7 dager siden
They are perfect together.
Felipe Campos
Felipe Campos - 7 dager siden
What ocean ? Where ?
dezionlion - 7 dager siden
More Vicki!
Max Gorelick
Max Gorelick - 7 dager siden
Love that fish at 7:04, so cute
Jacob Pol
Jacob Pol - 7 dager siden
damn i really want a girl that will do the random out door stupid shit i do
young11984 - 7 dager siden
Dont be a baby🤣🤣
Philly Jackson
Philly Jackson - 8 dager siden
Wtf is that 5:06
Joshua Whiston
Joshua Whiston - 8 dager siden
Cool videos,
What brand is your diving mask w/ go-pro mount??
TheNutriarat - 8 dager siden
15:25 Holy Jesus!!! Now THAT is a fire starter!!
Edwin Rivas
Edwin Rivas - 7 dager siden
Helllllllll of a view!
Txdukklr - 8 dager siden
meanwhile i'm sitting in my office looking at a parking lot eating chipotle
PapusLzc Mx
PapusLzc Mx - 8 dager siden
El mejor
Hathspider - 8 dager siden
12:26 - There you go boys
james daley
james daley - 8 dager siden
now , your life is to be enveyed ,,,thanks for sharing this amazing life u have ....
chris lomas
chris lomas - 8 dager siden
Exmouth.Been There Done that,
till - 8 dager siden
which country / beach is this?
Joseph Feinburg
Joseph Feinburg - 8 dager siden
You would get a lot more views if you videoed the lady instead of you all the time.
wayne giles
wayne giles - 8 dager siden
Man what spot, where do you live
Scadster's World
Scadster's World - 8 dager siden
Neat video. Cute little lady. The lobster cooking looked good.
riley storck
riley storck - 9 dager siden
well Im not gonna say it but where all thinking it
Spongeworthy - 9 dager siden
They serve those at Outback Steakhouse, but they call them lobster.