HELICOPTER MUD CRAB AND BARRA FISHING Catch And Cook (Almost Lost My Finger) - Ep 139

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Brodie and Jackson Moss team up with croc wrangler Matt Wright as they grab the helicopter and go in search for dinner. Things don't go so smoothly as Brodie almost loses his finger to a mud crab claw. Along a beautiful remote beach the team cook up a feed as the sun sets on another crazy day in the NT!
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Cheers Matt and Tourism NT for the best trip ever!
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 9 måneder siden
Our YBS shop has been re stocked babyy cheers for all of the support!! https://youngbloods.co
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan - 3 måneder siden
U r a real vlogger!
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan - 3 måneder siden
U r a real vlogger!
Danielle Colthup
Danielle Colthup - 9 måneder siden
Do we have fire baby
Joshua Frost
Joshua Frost - 9 måneder siden
YBS Youngbloods yo man, do u sell spearguns?
Matt Matt
Matt Matt - 9 måneder siden
and i also want to rep your wet suits
biggy484 - 29 dager siden
12:23 - 12:49 My god guys 😍😍😍
Phi Le
Phi Le - Måned siden
5:20 from then on, it just got more epic
Kazuo Para
Kazuo Para - Måned siden
I love your choice of music dude.
Paul Hill
Paul Hill - 2 måneder siden
Every night I watch Ur streams love it it's the most peaceful part of my day. Your energy is amazing
Whiskey Drifter
Whiskey Drifter - 2 måneder siden
Yo I love the videos but why fake the crab pinch in the begging its clearly staged the intro on this video and the pincher on the stick magically happens to be on your finger ?
Watch for yourself
Randy Kawaldharry
Randy Kawaldharry - 2 måneder siden
From Trinidad.... Wish we had places like dat... Amazing drone footage....
Randy Kawaldharry
Randy Kawaldharry - 2 måneder siden
Best youtube channel ever.... Keep them coming.....
elmer abainza jr
elmer abainza jr - 2 måneder siden
I wish i have all the time to watch all the episodes. I just can't get enough. It's so full of life!
Jett Downs
Jett Downs - 3 måneder siden
Stop acting like a weirdo
Roy Torres
Roy Torres - 3 måneder siden
My bucket list. I was so close to going to Australia once. Not giving up. I will make it over there one day. I don't care how old I get lol.... And when I do, I wanna spend a whole week this way.
JamesRekts - 3 måneder siden
why use a drone when u got a helicopter
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan - 3 måneder siden
From the moment I saw ur videos on You Tube channels, I just got hit to them! God bless u and all ur family around u!
Vincent Aguilar
Vincent Aguilar - 3 måneder siden
Dang he picked up a suicidal crab lol
RocketSauce - 3 måneder siden
He kinda reminds me of Jack from Lost.
Ben Kirk
Ben Kirk - 3 måneder siden
Is it ok that I have a bromance with you? Love from AKL, NZ
Corey Mullins
Corey Mullins - 3 måneder siden
First time watching.. immediately jealous! Haha big up looks amazing out there!
Matt Hurst
Matt Hurst - 3 måneder siden
Great video, who’s the song by at the end?
Bobby Portman
Bobby Portman - 3 måneder siden
Ive just discoverd this page while im in lockdown. I know what my life is gonna look down when this is all over.
Nicholas Rui
Nicholas Rui - 4 måneder siden
Just plain sick brother! Keep it on.
Mijail Pena Guzman
Mijail Pena Guzman - 4 måneder siden
Aye y’all saw how the blond girl was lookin at him the whole time tho😭 pls tell me you got her number
Terry Ishless
Terry Ishless - 4 måneder siden
Mate that’s sick & I don’t mean coronavirus sick
Ani Imastounian
Ani Imastounian - 4 måneder siden
Please someone take me to these places. most of us will live and never experience these beautiful places. Its heaven on earth
beau evans
beau evans - 4 måneder siden
Were u r isn't there big crocs?
Ettie Pau
Ettie Pau - 4 måneder siden
I have been pinched by a big Buck when I was 12 and now I got no pinkie finger😂
Lincoln Montgomery
Lincoln Montgomery - 4 måneder siden
If he approaches sex with that much enthusiasm he must be one hell of a lay
Satyajeet Dhere
Satyajeet Dhere - 4 måneder siden
world's most luckiest crab, that got helicopter ride.. 3:02
Robert Badger
Robert Badger - 5 måneder siden
Noticed a few comments I checked out and agree with. Blonde chick checking Brodie out
Big Rebel
Big Rebel - 5 måneder siden
So sick love watching your vids bro 🤙🏼
Michael Johansen
Michael Johansen - 5 måneder siden
Thats not a helicopter mud crab! Thats just a mud crab
smokeybarr - 6 måneder siden
That last shot with the boat, chopper and beach buggy was brill 👍
Oscar Carter
Oscar Carter - 6 måneder siden
the blonde chick checking u out hhahahahahahaa
Robert Badger
Robert Badger - 5 måneder siden
Lucky Brody Bastard
Robert Badger
Robert Badger - 5 måneder siden
He knows. He's editing the bloody videos
D PT29
D PT29 - 6 måneder siden
Ratings for that ending bro, so sick!
Mirak AK
Mirak AK - 6 måneder siden
How much is that heli cost? Where to get the helicopter licence?
Piat paul
Piat paul - 6 måneder siden
I don’t understand, why did you use an helicopter ? While you are always picking up trashes on the beach..
John Smith
John Smith - 7 måneder siden
Now these are real Aussies. We need to send our city slicker politicians out here to toughen them up and remind them what it means to be an Australian.
Funny how there's no climate change hoax out here and the rising sea levels are still called high tide ... strange that.
StraightDukey - 7 måneder siden
I love your choice of music
David Elias
David Elias - 7 måneder siden
What part of Aussie is this? So greeen
Marc Cristian Depedro
Marc Cristian Depedro - 7 måneder siden
What was the title of the song? Btw your videos are beautiful😍
wyatt T
wyatt T - 7 måneder siden
Man he must have so much fun
Mole Man
Mole Man - 7 måneder siden
I've crabbed with chicken necks, eel, strings and nets, but never crabbed with a helicopter! Jesus who funds these things
Bulla Davis
Bulla Davis - 7 måneder siden
Yuppie fishing at its finest
YNS tet1
YNS tet1 - 7 måneder siden
تمنيت أن أشاركك في يوم مثله يال الروعة شيئ لا يسدق
Nowhere man
Nowhere man - 7 måneder siden
Did anyone see the fish shitting on 5:05💀
donjy pascua
donjy pascua - 7 måneder siden
nice place
ItsRay YaKnow
ItsRay YaKnow - 7 måneder siden
Arm of a grab on your finger, catches same one “ as you see here this grab got into a fight “ claw still in your pocket 😂😂
Happy Hobo
Happy Hobo - 7 måneder siden
Did you catch the same crab twice
shabeer, s, s, m Gs
shabeer, s, s, m Gs - 8 måneder siden
Howard Charles
Howard Charles - 8 måneder siden
Adding a helicopter was the missing piece of YBS i didn't know i wanted 😂
Devan Garcia
Devan Garcia - 8 måneder siden
All he sees is $
JON - 8 måneder siden
A three hour episode sounds awesome!! 👌
Darrin Ramcharith
Darrin Ramcharith - 8 måneder siden
Awesome Youngbloods great content 💖it 💯%amazing cool 😎👍👌🤙.
Paul Martin
Paul Martin - 8 måneder siden
living the dream boys yew!
Q-ster - 8 måneder siden
Shot at the end with the chopper, UTV and boat all heading up the beach together is sick!
Aqua Life
Aqua Life - 8 måneder siden
Plz do Christmas discount for sweaters!!!! They'll sell out fast
Kate Neilson
Kate Neilson - 8 måneder siden
Barra are the best fish mate
Chase Maxon
Chase Maxon - 8 måneder siden
I wish I could do this everyday of my life, these are always the most relaxing and peaceful videos I watch and it’s my goal one day to be able to do this
Lucas Mendes Stolf
Lucas Mendes Stolf - 8 måneder siden
heel yeahhhh
PChris - 8 måneder siden
Badass with the chopper scenes. Cool crew to work with the production value too....land set camera circle around and land for the shot
Bubbles Dignos
Bubbles Dignos - 8 måneder siden
Hi. May I know the brand of sunblock do you use? Thank you.