Hanging With The Girls At The Jetty & This Happened (Most Venomous Fish In The Ocean) - Ep 165

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Brodie Moss was fishing at the jetty when he bumped into the girls swimming! Jumping in the bait filled water they soon discover some big angry hungry stone fish, the most venomous fish in the ocean.
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 8 måneder siden
WTF there is a fish in my snorkel at 3:15 I didn't even know! Thats why it tasted like fish hahaha
Stringy-bark creek
Stringy-bark creek - 29 dager siden
Oysters toadfish was the one in the half of pipe
LiL oiL
LiL oiL - 5 måneder siden
hes a stone fish the most venomous fish in the world
Mr ALF - 5 måneder siden
Masonovich 5991
Masonovich 5991 - 6 måneder siden
That’s to funny
Tapeworm - 7 måneder siden
snorkel snacks
Dylan and Jakeplaz
Dylan and Jakeplaz - 11 dager siden
Great video
Ian Bird
Ian Bird - 29 dager siden
Looked like a stone fish
James Sudek
James Sudek - Måned siden
That was awesome!
If you subscribe to me I’ll subscribe to you Tom
Is that a mullet or a sea gull 😂
weerasak chompoopong
weerasak chompoopong - Måned siden
Lisa Renner
Lisa Renner - Måned siden
Love the baby turtles
Donna Bowles
Donna Bowles - 2 måneder siden
I especially love all the fishing that you do and all that fish you catch I don’t eat fish but I tell you what I’m very interested in trying it now
Donna Bowles
Donna Bowles - 2 måneder siden
Your family is awesome and your friends are awesome and your dog is awesome I actually googled what does his name mean
Donna Bowles
Donna Bowles - 2 måneder siden
Congratulations on all your hard work you deserve everything you’re getting I love your free spirit
Donna Bowles
Donna Bowles - 2 måneder siden
Only one thing I’m afraid of sharks but everything else you do the snorkeling the free dives everything it just is so beautiful there
Donna Bowles
Donna Bowles - 2 måneder siden
By the way I’m texting you or coming all the way from San Antonio Texas
Donna Bowles
Donna Bowles - 2 måneder siden
I’m sure that you will never ever see my posts amongst all these other post but I just want you to know the joy that you bring to me I watch your videos every day over and over and I just can’t get enough of them. You’re an awesome person I love that you do all that you do I’m a very outdoorsy person and I wish I could do everything that you do. I love to watch your videos. Do you have an awesome awesome life
Happy Joe
Happy Joe - 3 måneder siden
Rooster2628 - 3 måneder siden
Your wildlife footage is so pure. It beats any major television content. Thank you for being respectful and kind.
Abhishek patil
Abhishek patil - 3 måneder siden
Hey dude where are you,wanna accompany you in this adventure
Life Of Usher
Life Of Usher - 3 måneder siden
That little turtle making his way down the beach was epic, sick footage man.
BSB333 - 3 måneder siden
Watching that baby turtle was epic.
Beach Bum for Life
Beach Bum for Life - 3 måneder siden
Love your content bro. You have inspired me to start my own channel, BEACH BUM FOR LIFE. Check it out. If you want to come to Okinawa to spear fish let me know.
sun shine
sun shine - 3 måneder siden
great entertainment....but you look wasted?
Jett Lewis
Jett Lewis - 4 måneder siden
Frog fish
sheep herder
sheep herder - 4 måneder siden
so special!
Tipsterbl - 4 måneder siden
I’ve never seen him fish with live bait.
faisal ahmed
faisal ahmed - 4 måneder siden
Your channel is top notch Brodie! Love watching your uploads!
Saltroy - 4 måneder siden
what do you mean by bait? like literal fish bait?
Patrick Clarke
Patrick Clarke - 4 måneder siden
This bloke is a giant big shiela.
Your Optimal Lifestyle
Your Optimal Lifestyle - 4 måneder siden
This channel is amazing.!! Keep it up bro.!
Tyson Mihajlovic
Tyson Mihajlovic - 4 måneder siden
U got a bait fish stuck in your snorkel
gvilherme leite
gvilherme leite - 4 måneder siden
How the fook a son of beach can dislike this video?
Alexander Taylor
Alexander Taylor - 4 måneder siden
Wow, such awesome footage of the baby turtle booking it for the ocean!
TheNoobkiller3000 - 4 måneder siden
Looks to be a titan scorpionfish
Dougal Gillman
Dougal Gillman - 4 måneder siden
It may be a toad fish
RRR R - 4 måneder siden
Splendide 👌
Stonesy0000 - 4 måneder siden
Its an oyster toad fish!
Jay Moore
Jay Moore - 4 måneder siden
Made me eat toast
kripto currency
kripto currency - 4 måneder siden
This guy does coke
Scuffed Plays
Scuffed Plays - 4 måneder siden
I think it was a Stone Fish
nemoszn - 5 måneder siden
10:24 cutest thing I’ve seen all dayyyyyy
Sheldon Brown
Sheldon Brown - 5 måneder siden
How long did it take you to realize you had a fish in your snorkel? 🤣
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow - 5 måneder siden
Barnowl Bespoke
Barnowl Bespoke - 5 måneder siden
This guy is like the hippie version of Steve Irwin coolest vids on you tube ✊🏻
The Rickening
The Rickening - 5 måneder siden
You're so lucky lol
In the states, especially on the east coast. There is no clear water =(
JB Blackcraft
JB Blackcraft - 5 måneder siden
Seriously seeing Brody's reaction when he saw the baby turtles and when one of them made it to the water is so amazing. He is so genuine and has such a passion for everything, its seriously heart warming to watch his videos and see all the awesome stuff he does. Keep up the amazing work buddy!!
Alex Baker
Alex Baker - 5 måneder siden
This guy is seriously living the biggest dream I ever have. I need to know how he made this dream come true because I want to live the life he’s living!
Grits And Gravy
Grits And Gravy - 5 måneder siden
Was/Is the guy in the yellow shirt (at 9:48) in the military? The coyote colored boots he's wearing look military issued
Roger mckenzie
Roger mckenzie - 5 måneder siden
Yo dude your dog always doing something behind, I in love with your dog he his crazy
Gamer Lyfe
Gamer Lyfe - 5 måneder siden
Best content on ytube hands down ftw
FoxMcScrooge - 5 måneder siden
I got stung by one of those Stonefish diving once. One painful mofo and it was only one spine.
PSPTSHT - 5 måneder siden
Love your Channel, speacially now that we are all in quarentine, It's peacefull! Can you please tell the name of your city, would like to google map it and see all the surroundings, and the islands that you actually visited
Harleking - 6 måneder siden
So innocent and wholesome, I can't anymore 🤣 imma sub now.
Reeko BzaR
Reeko BzaR - 6 måneder siden
Stroking the most venomous fish in the sea like its your pet😂 what a legend
Richard C
Richard C - 6 måneder siden
omg that turtle is so cute
jim surfnfish 808
jim surfnfish 808 - 6 måneder siden
Great stuff, the ending scene was so awesome! Go little one,go!🍻
Altum - 6 måneder siden
Thought he saw a box jellyfish after reading the title.
Sean Thomson
Sean Thomson - 6 måneder siden
Your videos are amazing! I have quite a fear of the ocean but your vids really help to change that! You're amazing!
Justjosh - 6 måneder siden
some really cool shots taken in this one. Keep it up brother
hubble2016 - 6 måneder siden
Why don't you teach your dog how to dive. Just slam him face first in the water like you do those fish.
Tomaseena Willie
Tomaseena Willie - 6 måneder siden
it looks like a salamander hhaha
John Louie Lopez
John Louie Lopez - 6 måneder siden
Most venomous but still touch it?! Man you're insane!
Michael Seery
Michael Seery - 6 måneder siden
i would have gathered as many of them baby turtles as i could and let them into the sea so them bloody gulls didn't eat them
Cory Jones Outdoors
Cory Jones Outdoors - 6 måneder siden
He did it!
Randall Boo
Randall Boo - 6 måneder siden
What breed is strider?
Raul Roy1 Man
Raul Roy1 Man - 6 måneder siden
Wonderful, under bridge,, still like Coral fish, in tanker,
damien ernest
damien ernest - 6 måneder siden
In Hawaii those bait fish are called oama and they are actually really good eating fried too
Mack Cook
Mack Cook - 6 måneder siden
So are these chicks your girls or u know your girls I’m super curious you never say if it’s a girlfriend but there all smokin hot what’s the deal Brodie!
Kate Lightfoot
Kate Lightfoot - 6 måneder siden
With everything going on in the world and so many people stressing and losing their shít it’s so refreshing to so someone like you just enjoying life I love your videos their absolutely amazing and a real breath of fresh air even if you are stalking the worlds most venomous fish and tickling it.
Jack Hart
Jack Hart - 6 måneder siden
Been binge watching your stuff dude & im so inspired and just vibing with you and your content. Your a legend man keep doing what your doing man❤️ sending love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Sanah John
Sanah John - 7 måneder siden
That's probably a stone fish it looks very similar to stone fish.
Bozo Evil
Bozo Evil - 7 måneder siden
Joe A
Joe A - 7 måneder siden
That fish was Luckia Brodiest YBSius
Edit: Aka Youtubius Famousius
Rusty 33
Rusty 33 - 7 måneder siden
i think it might of been a sardine idk tho
Brighton Robinson
Brighton Robinson - 7 måneder siden
is this Bundegi beach ?
Jay Boss
Jay Boss - 7 måneder siden
I’m coming to WA
JustBeast BG
JustBeast BG - 7 måneder siden
Shit stone fish😨
Aqua Life
Aqua Life - 7 måneder siden
12:40 wipe outttt
Hakiki Pampam
Hakiki Pampam - 7 måneder siden
Good indonesia
Hakiki Pampam
Hakiki Pampam - 7 måneder siden
Indonesia aku
Will Moore
Will Moore - 7 måneder siden
Sick dude!!
totu fernandes
totu fernandes - 7 måneder siden
Hey that cool see the turtle
al spencer
al spencer - 7 måneder siden
Oh my God you deserve your own Netflix channel or something because I would watch it also like 1 million other people would also just saying‼️
Braden Langston
Braden Langston - 7 måneder siden
The bigger ones were stone fish and the little one is a reef fish
MeTube - 8 måneder siden
One of YouTubes best!!!
tristan-turbocharger 1500
tristan-turbocharger 1500 - 8 måneder siden
3:15 there's a little Bait fish in your snorkel that's kind of funny
Elegant Rose
Elegant Rose - 8 måneder siden
Seriously everytime I see him
OMG his so cute... Shh 💛
DOMINANT1 - 8 måneder siden
I find the lack of girls disturbing
DEJARONGS Sang Penemu - 8 måneder siden
Wow..! Great video and thanks for sharing..Congrats bro ! Best regards from Indonesia
kingmasterc88 - 8 måneder siden
What are those lights around the poisonous fish?
D-Fox Web-Design
D-Fox Web-Design - 8 måneder siden
This must be one of the dopest footage i have ever seen....
No Real Plans Roberts
No Real Plans Roberts - 8 måneder siden
Hello mate that very latest video has som content from WMG apparently that’s made it blocked in the U.K. 🤔🤔🤔
Tylin Juskae
Tylin Juskae - 8 måneder siden
Song at 4:00?
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas - 8 måneder siden
How much bait ?? !!
Mees Verweij
Mees Verweij - 8 måneder siden
I have to tell you, I am from the Netherlands and you are my hero man! I didn't feel well the less months and to see you have this life makes me feel ways better. I see that it is possible to do the thing you love to do for a living. And now a want to work as hard if I can to move later to Australia so I can do the things I love. Have a wonderful day man. I love your video's! They make me feel so good. Hope that you give a reaction 😊
Dean Thomas
Dean Thomas - 8 måneder siden
Anyone know the name of the song played?
Jesse Daykin
Jesse Daykin - 8 måneder siden
At time 3:13 look in his snorkel , theres a fish in it 😹😆
Kai Sel
Kai Sel - 8 måneder siden
Bro u're living my dream
Nicolas Meyer
Nicolas Meyer - 8 måneder siden
Box says fragile
Hmm i think ill kick it
Upaginit 101
Upaginit 101 - 8 måneder siden
New subscriber here, awesome stuff, I love it, fishing, beautiful beaches, water, National Geographic all rolled into one, thanks , keep it up
Virginia, USA
What part of Australia is this?
Alex TheShrimp
Alex TheShrimp - 8 måneder siden
This is wholesome
Rockey Hoey
Rockey Hoey - 8 måneder siden
What happened to the ranger
Kelly Cross
Kelly Cross - 8 måneder siden
I have stood on a stone fish