GIVING MY FAMILY & FRIENDS A $50,000 BOAT Old Boat Gets Refurbished - Ep 135

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Just over a year ago Brodie's old boat motor seized and his boat was run down. With no money or chance of fixing it back then, Brodie was forced to push it away in the hope that one day it will come back to life! With the support from all of you, Mercury Marine and Simrad the boat returns back to life. Brodie decided to give the boat to his brother, sister and best friends. Expect to see a lot more episodes in the future from all the team! YBS is just getting started, enjoy!
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 9 måneder siden
Sea Stryda and the SEA BOB! Named after the other little dog you see. What do you think?
JandyLucho - Måned siden
i don't even know those and i can feel that positive vibe on your videos , they just make me feel to happy and miss all my friends :)
CAP’N Fish whisperer
CAP’N Fish whisperer - 4 måneder siden
Love that name!!!!
Andrew - 9 måneder siden
What a life I’m I’m fresh to your channel been watching your video over the last two days my son who’s 12 next week as got me hooked I’d love to live that life with my wife & kids your blessed brother big ❤️ from Manchester 🐝🇬🇧
Scott Hull
Scott Hull - 9 måneder siden
@Morgan Verdadeiro Kewpie [Japanese Mayonnaise is easy to make by simply adding a drizzle of Sriracha sauce to mayo]
Scott Hull
Scott Hull - 9 måneder siden
"BOB'S" not a $50,000 boat
Ire - 8 dager siden
almost 2 mill brodie!!!!
Boss Dillman
Boss Dillman - Måned siden
Yous guys got the life man. Thanks for sharing!
Aaron Rod-Von
Aaron Rod-Von - Måned siden
I bet while you’re editing you can’t help but cheese, because your videos are so wholesome and awesome
Derek Ecenarro
Derek Ecenarro - 2 måneder siden
love both boats!
عادل الشميري
عادل الشميري - 2 måneder siden
Dan Goeke
Dan Goeke - 2 måneder siden
D-Man: The Mighty Bish
Keith Evan Allison
Keith Evan Allison - 2 måneder siden
Stoked on how appreciative you are for all you are achieving and have gotten. Absolutely hooked on your channel. Keep sending it!! Yeeww 🤙
Edward Loves crypto
Edward Loves crypto - 3 måneder siden
I am totally Ignorant what type of boat do you own and also what model Sea-Doo do you own ty
William Crane
William Crane - 3 måneder siden
That Mackie got D-Manetized on YouTube.
Wade Lex Luther Moodie
Wade Lex Luther Moodie - 3 måneder siden
I’m not sure it gets any better than this
tom gust
tom gust - 3 måneder siden
Pyronious520 - 3 måneder siden
watching this while typing something, look over and just the crispest shot of that gnarly trout's mouth is full screen. Jumped a little hehe.
C L.
C L. - 3 måneder siden
can you make more explain about ur boats please?
Emma Owen
Emma Owen - 3 måneder siden
Brodie would be the best dad/uncle/cousin in the world
SaltyMarshFinAddicts - 3 måneder siden
Another amazing video!! I keep watching and having a marathon in between new episodes!! I have so many questions!! Do you filet the cheeks of the bigger reef fish other than the Mackys?
Eddie Rodriguez
Eddie Rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
Now we know whos the pot head lol great idea
J S - 3 måneder siden
Best channel on YouTube
jack chiang
jack chiang - 4 måneder siden
Premier productions Liverpool
Premier productions Liverpool - 4 måneder siden
Love the boat mate, I have got one myself a6.5 meter rib, and cannot wait for my YoungBloodZ sticker to come and put it across the windscreen. Keep it up mate you are amazing
Stuart Lang
Stuart Lang - 4 måneder siden
50 grand? Boats must be crazy expensive there.
Daniel Rieth
Daniel Rieth - 5 måneder siden
It cracks me up everytime they're making food and they pull out lettuce and say "green shit"
The Dog Tutor
The Dog Tutor - 5 måneder siden
how'd you get so much money in a yr and a 1.2 ?
Austin Beck
Austin Beck - 5 måneder siden
Man, idk if you see all these. But you are just so damn genuine and humble. I swear, the world should strive to be more on your level. Great work man, keep grinding. Positive vibes moving forward!
Kaotik_ Attak24
Kaotik_ Attak24 - 6 måneder siden
Watching use catch big fish and eat it makes me jealous! Big chunks of seasoned fish with salad and special sauce in a wrap😭😭
gen lama
gen lama - 6 måneder siden
Is it safe to eat RAW fish ??????🤔🤔👀👀🤔🤔🤔
Ethan von Landkammer
Ethan von Landkammer - 6 måneder siden
how big is ur new boat?
Brett Beilke
Brett Beilke - 6 måneder siden
What size boat is the Voyager? I know the 750 is about a 24fter
john hall
john hall - 7 måneder siden
fuck me how much money do you make on this utube
Marcus Olsen
Marcus Olsen - 7 måneder siden
at 5:16 brodie forgets the safety on the speargun
at 10:50 D-man forgets the safety on the secret sauce
Zadl Gaming
Zadl Gaming - 7 måneder siden
What gender is strider I don’t know because I’m new to this channel
Jim Fife
Jim Fife - 7 måneder siden
So glad you share your blessings with your brother and friends, good on you mate!!!
Steven Foreman
Steven Foreman - 7 måneder siden
It's a Little pice of Heaven ya all got there... Congrads
Steven Foreman
Steven Foreman - 7 måneder siden
Sea Styda, afta ya pooch, brill, a family member being passed down to grace your top cruser.....And Sea Bob, it's a little piece of class, same characters yip......🐶🐕😆😊😁
Steven Foreman
Steven Foreman - 7 måneder siden
Excellent Episode, the old boat reapers. The Donk boat, haha crusin n boolin...... 😃😄😅😂
Gimmy Sola
Gimmy Sola - 7 måneder siden
Kayne - 8 måneder siden
man I love watching your youtube channel you live the dream :) im hoping one day to live like this just went around arily beach last week an caught some coral trout for the first time got my self a boat an all because of you an your channel man. keep up the great work!!! love it sick best youtube channel ez !
Hayden Turnage
Hayden Turnage - 8 måneder siden
Whats the secret sauce called
kova 27
kova 27 - 8 måneder siden
So happy for you I can see your Appreciation for what you have in your face it’s really fun to watch and God bless you world love to come chill In Australia one day
Dwane Ortuno
Dwane Ortuno - 8 måneder siden
So cool to say “well my boat cost more than my house”
Youth Vibe
Youth Vibe - 8 måneder siden
More ppl need to click like on your videos it’s ridiculous. You have so much great content you inspire me to wanna fish and stuff and I’ve never even had a passion for that.
Whatandwhen2 - 9 måneder siden
Very Cool! Someday I'm going to get a boat! I'm always diving from someone else's!
June Twentyone
June Twentyone - 9 måneder siden
hillary clinton
hillary clinton - 9 måneder siden
boats out there are expensive. In the U.S. boats are much bigger and less expensive.
David Baker
David Baker - 9 måneder siden
I sent you emails plus on line stuff if my company help you but no reply and its been all year. You asked for finance help but guess you only need the help when you want it.... you lost a major business to support you...bottom line
Paul Burke
Paul Burke - 9 måneder siden
Isn't that the boat you gave your sister in Feb. How can you take credit. A lot of me, I and mine considering you call yourselves a group. More from other members please.
Jason Orderly
Jason Orderly - 9 måneder siden
But did you give them the boat or did you just ckickbait us?
Caner Durmus
Caner Durmus - 9 måneder siden
hı from turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷❤️❤️
Spearfast - 9 måneder siden
Yeah living large Brodie, Bikini pics on your Icons got you 75% of both boats and you give sweet FA back to us who are providing you this lifestyle.
Lex Remillard
Lex Remillard - 9 måneder siden
Are you guys in Australia? What part? Never been down under and the ocean is amazing!
Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston - 9 måneder siden
How long do we have to wait to find out what is in the secret sauce??!?
David Bee
David Bee - 9 måneder siden
secret ingredient is vegemite though
eleni cleanthous
eleni cleanthous - 9 måneder siden
Andrew Johnston secret sauce, is kewpie Japanese mayonnaise
Huy Lê
Huy Lê - 9 måneder siden
I live in Vietnam . I was excited to see your clips about the sea. You must have had a very happy life, I want to take trips like you.
ZMF2017 - 9 måneder siden
It was better with the girlfriend in a bikini, than all the blokes & family, but you will find your way
Acadian Adventures
Acadian Adventures - 9 måneder siden
Surprised to see you guys running Mercury, here on the Gulf Coast (gulf of Mexico) Yamaha is typically the go to for a saltwater outboard... not that there is anything wrong with Mercury, it's typically a freshwater outboard here in the states.

Jerrod David
adictopescador - 9 måneder siden
Que pena me das...solo tienes dinero
Steve's Goodtime Beats Emporium.
D-Man is basically Steve-O from Jackass.
Shane - 9 måneder siden
as an American watching this I was like heck yeah bacon and fish thats cool, and then I was disappointed when it was sliced ham because Australia doesn't know what ham is
Jarno Saarinen
Jarno Saarinen - 9 måneder siden
I've really only just discovered you guys, i like what you guys are doing and love seeing you'z succeed! Congrat's
Isaiah Brown
Isaiah Brown - 9 måneder siden
where is aberliegh at
penjelajah aroma
penjelajah aroma - 9 måneder siden
hahahaha you are crazy damn .. like it