GIANT HAMMERHEAD SHARK Exploring Remote Islands CAMPING With My Brother (Part 2) - Ep 186

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Brodie & Jackson Moss go out camping in the boat, the conditions are perfect and a Giant hammerhead sharks comes in to say hello to the boys. Then its time to explore a remote island and do some deep sea fishing for dinner! Part 3 dropping soon.
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YBS Youngbloods
YBS Youngbloods - 6 måneder siden
Thanks for all the support YBS fam, part 3 drops in a few days just editing it now!
Matt Merrick Videography 'Walking Them Up'
Sven Roerdink which qn?
Sven Roerdink
Sven Roerdink - 5 måneder siden
@Matt Merrick Videography 'Walking Them Up' can anyone answer this question??
RM 1985
RM 1985 - 6 måneder siden
Some underwater footage of the sharks would be ace. Great channel, promoting sustainability too. Good luck to ya mate, living the dream.
JMoney Entertainment
JMoney Entertainment - 6 måneder siden
Salty Dog889 I understand thank you for telling me. Yeah I've been fishing many times out in Mexico waters near the Coronado Islands. I've also been fishing out in the Colorado Rockies, San Francisco Bay, & Canada. But when I went fishing we kept all the fresh unless they were under a certain length or under a certain weight by law. Mahi-mahi, yellowtail tuna, albacore tuna, barracuda, halibut, and Marlin
Salty Dog889
Salty Dog889 - 6 måneder siden
JMoney Entertainment Take what you need mate. The rest is sport. That’s why Oz is not overfished it’s our culture. At least for most of us.
Wesley Robinson
Wesley Robinson - 18 dager siden
Amazing channel really interesting liked way feed the shark, 100 respect for that.
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson - Måned siden
Sean Binns
Sean Binns - Måned siden
Dadbodes a beast
SPS fishing Adventures
SPS fishing Adventures - Måned siden
Charlie Atkinson
Charlie Atkinson - 2 måneder siden
i wish i was this close with my brother
James Crites
James Crites - 3 måneder siden
First of all dude I've binged all your videos from your first uploads great content and definitely enjoyable to watch thank you for all your efforts Brodie.
I have to ask though are the trevally good eating. Howdy from New Mexico, USA
Casey Calloway
Casey Calloway - 4 måneder siden
I love trap rap intros straight into the atmospheric calm music. Excellent.
Vu Tran
Vu Tran - 4 måneder siden
Đẹp quá
Josm 4934
Josm 4934 - 4 måneder siden
13:21 song name please
Ainul Ashraff
Ainul Ashraff - 4 måneder siden
0:05 what song? Anyone?
Isaac Twigg
Isaac Twigg - 4 måneder siden
I wanna come swim with you man so bad
Xplor - 4 måneder siden
Watching these videos I realized I was born in the fu**ing wrong country
Simply Sam
Simply Sam - 4 måneder siden
this guy is so underrated
꧁CHIHANI GAMER ꧂ _ - 5 måneder siden
please don't laugh like the becanof the vedios i don't like it
Niclas Böhmig
Niclas Böhmig - 5 måneder siden
Why is his Face so white?
Shawn Murdoch
Shawn Murdoch - 5 måneder siden
Boys! you guys are the best. Your content has kept me sane and positive. Thanks Brodie! Been with you guys from day 1 and I am so proud to be part of the "remote" YBS family / Team. Cheers boys and girls!
Wise and Free
Wise and Free - 5 måneder siden
Where in Australia are they?
KC Horwitz
KC Horwitz - 5 måneder siden
you are AWESOME, dude that shark was sick man! good little feed for the boy awesome! glad to find your channel!
Vincent Wilson
Vincent Wilson - 5 måneder siden
Is your hot water shower your deck water pump ?
BADR ' S - 5 måneder siden
رضاك والجنه يارب
Rick Amonett
Rick Amonett - 6 måneder siden
I love your channel. I can't believe they are considering closing boat ramps because that makes zero sense.
SmittyRock - 6 måneder siden
Dream life! Greetings from Michigan!
Nick Reeping
Nick Reeping - 6 måneder siden
YBS you are great what is your favorite part of the day
Lauren Cosby
Lauren Cosby - 6 måneder siden
I’m a travel nurse working in New York City (1100 miles from home) and watching your videos is what’s getting me through!
Alex Lind
Alex Lind - 6 måneder siden
@ 6:20-6:24 UFO?
Влад из группы 6ass0vit.
Я русский
robbin smeekes
robbin smeekes - 6 måneder siden
6:22 ufo on the right side? Looks like a bird but is dissapears in the sky
FallattheDiscotwentyonetimes BTS
My favorite sharks are hammerheads and tiger. I've always loved hammerheads. They seem peaceful
Stone Stone
Stone Stone - 6 måneder siden
Found your videos a few days ago and been "hooked". Gorgeous waters down there. Envious of your life. The food and views look utterly amazing. Wont find that where I live.
Dragon_ Balls72
Dragon_ Balls72 - 6 måneder siden
My man actually put on a sweater xD
Nico Cua
Nico Cua - 6 måneder siden
Jesus Christ loves you so much!!! Nice vid!!!
Khevz Muana
Khevz Muana - 6 måneder siden
In our country those fish that you released would have feed 2-3 families with lunch and dinner. kinda waste and i feel like your just playing with the fish but yeah we're all a free man so do ehat your heart tells you, love the vids.
Property Club
Property Club - 6 måneder siden
Beautiful Beast that Hammerhead.
bjjzs - 6 måneder siden
Respect from Brazil bro
sughanthan s
sughanthan s - 6 måneder siden
Why were they throwing the fish back in ?
Varvarin YT
Varvarin YT - 6 måneder siden
Normal Shark has left the chat!!
Caden Gingg
Caden Gingg - 6 måneder siden
Have u gotten ur dream house yet
Andrew Schofield
Andrew Schofield - 6 måneder siden
Why his face so white
Pyronious520 - 6 måneder siden
Oh hey man i bet you could get a slick sliding GoPro thing for the rails on the top of your boat! Tho i just realized you have mouth piece goPros and that's hilariously awesome!
Jack Moules
Jack Moules - 6 måneder siden
Haha, i love these videos brodie, keep em coming!
NrT Ember
NrT Ember - 6 måneder siden
Guys, guys, guys, at 12:18 tell me he doesn’t look like dipper from gravity falls
TonyGums - 6 måneder siden
Amazing quality, what camera is he using
-Blue-Doodles- - 6 måneder siden
You know your doing something right when your side catch is sharks 😆
Josh Bancroft
Josh Bancroft - 6 måneder siden
I’m a new subscriber but I have been binge watching ever since! I can only dream of doing what you do, I’d love to spend a day doing this sort of thing 😍
B Wrathchild
B Wrathchild - 6 måneder siden
you're amazing, you're content is amazing ! keep it up.. hopefully someday ill be doing what you're doing.. its my dream in life too you know..
jdshhhfhf ccnnndncn
jdshhhfhf ccnnndncn - 6 måneder siden
I’m not even that interested in fishing but your passion for it makes these videos great
Garry Smith
Garry Smith - 6 måneder siden
What an absolute stunning place you guys hangout in..... top guys thanks for sharing it means a lot in these dark days we will in at the moment....
Rob Fifa
Rob Fifa - 6 måneder siden
Would love to see you stay on an island for 3 or so days and just live off the sea in the middle of nowhere!
Kyrah’s World
Kyrah’s World - 6 måneder siden
Are you eryks dad
Daniel - 6 måneder siden
Love the videos. Love your personality. Love the beautiful ocean. But damn, I could never free dive out there knowing the kind of sharks in those waters
Иван Паламарчук
Иван Паламарчук - 6 måneder siden
I don't understand, why part of his face more whiter than another?
Dominate - 6 måneder siden
what was the song name in the beginning of the vid?
Cyde - 6 måneder siden
Bruv point in in the direction of your playlist lol
Will - 6 måneder siden
Damn dude, that looked like 20 meals of cod. Can't you throw them a bonita or something?
Sperm Water
Sperm Water - 6 måneder siden
Wait why is his face so white?
Mark Blakey
Mark Blakey - 6 måneder siden
Watching in Glasgow Scotland. Keep doing your thing, love the content !!
AkoDestroyer - 6 måneder siden
What is the song in the beginning called?
Nikø Stark
Nikø Stark - 6 måneder siden
Stay safe brother!
JRawlings14 - 6 måneder siden
I feel like being Australian just makes you an expert on all animals
Philly Jackson
Philly Jackson - 4 måneder siden
A Fav
A Fav - 6 måneder siden
What's that song at the beginning?
michael adams
michael adams - 6 måneder siden
Is that your twin?
kayak con Marcelo Sammito
kayak con Marcelo Sammito - 6 måneder siden
What face white?....bye
XeroxZR - 6 måneder siden
ayy Rev Run was at the start
BandGang Weaux
BandGang Weaux - 6 måneder siden
Intro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
vas afferens
vas afferens - 6 måneder siden
11:15 he caught a shark. with a fishing rod. wth.
CardzRC - 6 måneder siden
Right? I couldn't believe how big that shark was! I know you can fish for them just wasn't expecting that. Freaking guy just casually reels in a shark lol
Joshua Lebrun
Joshua Lebrun - 6 måneder siden
How else you gonna catch it
Crimson - 6 måneder siden
vas afferens happens pretty often, especially with smaller sharks. Quite annoying for most fishermen.
Moto Moto
Moto Moto - 6 måneder siden
vas afferens yeah that’s very possible. shark fishing is also a sport.
Jack Alderman
Jack Alderman - 6 måneder siden
I used to be scared if the ocean and I use to be scared of swimming near boats and next to them but now I’m not, well not scared of swimming next to small ones like yours
Kaioken 99
Kaioken 99 - 6 måneder siden
Intro music sucks but damn good content bro! Keep it up and stay safe bro! 👊
Detective Mike Varnado
Detective Mike Varnado - 6 måneder siden
A perfect show for sheltering down because of this f ing virus. I cannot believe this is happening. Thanks to you pumping out the content, it makes everything a little easier. Thanks boys. Keep up the fun. I wish I was fishing with you guys. It's wild in the states. Everybody is getting tired and hungry. This has got to end soon! I'll still be watching for a while.
Tim Ha
Tim Ha - 6 måneder siden
Song at the very start??
Wessel lyrics
Wessel lyrics - 6 måneder siden
Why is his head so white in comparison to his body?
Adam - 6 måneder siden
I love fish curry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Peter Giammanco
Peter Giammanco - 6 måneder siden
Just found the channel today man, your such good vibes. Appreciate the content you create, keep living your dream👌🏼
Daha Monsif
Daha Monsif - 6 måneder siden
Surprised no vegans in the comments 😂
Wise and Free
Wise and Free - 5 måneder siden
@Julia Azul if every human hunted their food, how would they be vegans?
Daha Monsif
Daha Monsif - 6 måneder siden
Julia Abib yeh i agree ☝️
Josh Hilton
Josh Hilton - 6 måneder siden
Julia Abib spot on 👌
Julia Azul
Julia Azul - 6 måneder siden
His way of living is waaaay better than buying meat at the grocery store, if every human hunted their food like this man 1. there would be way more vegans (vegetables don’t run or bite), 2. the ecosystem wouldn’t suffer as much as it does, 3. there would be so much less wasted food. Eating meat is not the big issue but the way that the meat is gathered, how much goes to waste, the amount of resources it needs to be done and how the animals are treated is, he seems to be really respectful with his food!
Milanzeeman - 6 måneder siden
Im a vegetarian but who cares
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez - 6 måneder siden
I respect you so much for loving sharks and not having hate towards them.
Its Punkin
Its Punkin - 6 måneder siden
Shutting down the beaches is good because it gives the ocean a break from people throwing garbage in it
ThunderBoltProject - 6 måneder siden
How is his face so white?
Hunter Stickno
Hunter Stickno - 6 måneder siden
You've convinced me I'm going to Australia
A Dude And His Dog
A Dude And His Dog - 6 måneder siden
Big dog you’re a legend
Steven Candler
Steven Candler - 6 måneder siden
What was the song in the beginning ?
Logan Miller
Logan Miller - 6 måneder siden
What I don’t understand is that you can’t get any further away from people when you and your friend are 60 miles from land
Fishing Kian
Fishing Kian - 6 måneder siden
Hi I got a question guys will the fish survive with The Eye pop out like that due to the water pressure? @12:08 if so I will start releasing fishes next time even if their eyes are pop out
Clinton Whoo
Clinton Whoo - 6 måneder siden
Living the dream!!! Great content, thanks YBS.
AnThOnYbAtS7 - 6 måneder siden
Such an awesome video, what’s the name of the song you were playing while feeding the hammerhead. So relaxing during this time of crisis.
Jessy Bonsai
Jessy Bonsai - 6 måneder siden
I wanna know what song that is at the start of the video tho.
Vladimir Pasko
Vladimir Pasko - 6 måneder siden
Are you guys are funny and that’s great
MadScientist - 6 måneder siden
Why dont I live in Australia? I want this life.
Sleepingdesk - 6 måneder siden
I love people like you, that take care of animals and it's just so relaxing watching you're channel. Keep on doing what you love and what makes you happy:)
И V Λ N - 6 måneder siden
What him smears on the face ??👀
Matt Foley
Matt Foley - 6 måneder siden
What’s the white stuff on his face? Is it just tons of sun cream or sum?
Filipe santos
Filipe santos - 6 måneder siden
Loved that intro! Whaaaaat
David Cool
David Cool - 6 måneder siden
Literally impossible not to love this guy.. literally just living his best life with a smile on his face. Beautiful
Friday is Highday
Friday is Highday - 6 måneder siden
Been to Australia for a year and if all people would be like most Australians are this world would be a way better place. So helpful, nice and uncomplicated I miss it a lot.
Simp FCFN - 6 måneder siden
David Cool Fr
Phil Harris
Phil Harris - 6 måneder siden
Badass good living. You've got some pretty wicked shots there
Jay B
Jay B - 6 måneder siden
SWITCH your handles for the reels to the other side............I will keep saying this til you try it !!
Eugene The Doc Jeffries
Eugene The Doc Jeffries - 6 måneder siden
I’m a new subscriber... I’m on bed rest so I’ve been watching your channel a lot I really enjoy your stuff thank you
Matthew Zadrov
Matthew Zadrov - 6 måneder siden
Ahh yes, becuz we need to do this without a shirt rofl
MouldyMilo - 6 måneder siden
One of these days he has gonna catch a protection 1 book or a saddle
Syxen - 4 måneder siden
Bow with infinity and power V mate
Frieza so icy
Frieza so icy - 6 måneder siden
@MouldyMilo probably because this is not a gaming channel mate
MouldyMilo - 6 måneder siden
@Oliver_B bruh how do you not know
alexdg • 5 years ago
alexdg • 5 years ago - 6 måneder siden
@Oliver_B minecraft
Oliver_B - 6 måneder siden
What’s that??
Coloma - 6 måneder siden
01:46 *me when a bee comes in*
McSprite - 6 måneder siden
Can someone explain to me why you have to swim some fish but you can just chuck others back in?
Lucas Oliveira
Lucas Oliveira - 6 måneder siden